The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 A Bloodthirsty Devil

Chapter 1080: A Bloodthirsty Devil
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Seniors, I hope you will allow me to use this transmission portal! Su Yu said tentatively as he increased his vigilance.

The All Creation Old Monster who was standing in front of Su Yu stepped aside as he said with an unnatural smile, Please dont call me senior! Please go ahead If you dont have any intermediate crystals, I can give some to you!

Su Yu widened his eyes. That was really very kind of him! Was he going to give Su Yu some crystals for free?

Eh Su Yu was about to refuse the All Creation Old Monster when he realized that he had lost his wealth in the Heavenly Disaster. Now, he was penniless and did not own any crystals! After a short hesitation, Su Yu said with embarrassment, Senior, it would be impolite for me to refuse your kindness. Could you please tell me your name?

His humble reply surprised the All Creation Old Monster who hurriedly said, Mr. Su, I didnt expect you to be so modest! These crystals are nothing but a sign of my respect and admiration. Just take them! I am Mu Yuebai from the Eastern Continent, and it is my great honor to meet you, Mr. Su!

Su Yu was puzzled by his reply. Since when had he become so popular? Even if he had established some prestige, an All Creation Old Monster from the Eastern Continent shouldnt be treating him in such a reverent way!

Then, thank you, Senior Mu! It was not the time for Su Yu to reject such an offer.

Mr. Su, this way please! Mu Yuebai respectfully ushered Su Yu into the teleportation portal.

The master of the Ouyang Family couldnt keep still when he saw Su Yu was about to leave.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master had betrayed them by colluding with the Ghost Race. So, an Investigation Alliance had been established by powerful experts from different places to arrest those traitors.

As a result, the Heaven Knife Region Master had escaped with his underlings when he found the situation was unfavorable.

After being settled in the Heavenly Knife City for so many years, the Ouyang Family was just like a deep-rooted big tree that had a complicated relationship with different sects and families. The relationship between the Ouyang Family and the management level of the Heavenly Knife Region was exceptionally close.

Therefore, with good reason, members of the Ouyang Family had been arrested by the Investigation Alliance.

Now, the rest of his family were being interrogated about the collusion with the Ghost Race and cruelly tortured.

The master of the family had been detained here to point out his brethren for the Investigation Alliance!

The Ouyang Family had no idea about the betrayal of the Heaven Knife Region Master. Now, the entire Ouyang Family had been unfairly implicated.

When Su Yu walked up, these All Creation Old Monsters from the Eastern Continent showed him their respect. It seemed all of them held him in awe and veneration.

Lord Su, could you save the members of my family, please? the master of the Ouyang Family said sadly in shame as he lowered his head. He even called Su Yu Lord instead of Master at this moment.

Su Yu rolled his eyes. How could a man who had previously sold him out ask for mercy from him now?

I am the one who sold you out, but the members of my family are innocent! They didnt offend you or collude with the Ghost Race!

Hearing this, Mu Yuebai turned to Su Yu and asked tentatively, Mr. Su, are these people your friends?

Actually, the Investigation Alliance clearly knew that the management level of the Heaven Knife Region had already run away. Those who had been arrested by them were members of irrelevant or useless sects or families.

The Ouyang Family had been interrogated, and its members had said they had no idea about the betrayal and had nothing to do with this issue.

They continued their investigation in a big way because they didnt want to lose face.

It would be so shameful if the experts from other continents failed to find one traitor through their joint investigation. So, they decided to continue the investigation in order to finish the job.

The Ouyang Family could be released if they really knew the legendary Su Yu. The master of the Ouyang Family might even bear a debt of gratitude for their kindness!

Now, the master of the Ouyang Family was urgently imploring Su Yu as he looked at him entreatingly.

Although Su Yu was annoyed by the action of the Ouyang Familys master, he didnt hate the family. Therefore, he indifferently replied, Yes, sort of!

Su Yu didnt want to vindicate them. However, he didnt want to see all these powerful experts wasting their time here. He really hoped these people could be used to deal with the upcoming crisis.

I have something to tell you. My seniors, please inform your continent to take precautionary measures as soon as possible! Su Yu said.

Mu Yuebai said with a smile, Mr. Su, what is it?

The Ghost Clan has come back, and their army has arrived! Please inform your superiors immediately! Su Yu said seriously.

Although he had asked Xiao Han to inform those continents, Su Yu didnt want to go to the trouble of informing the Red Blood Palace which was in the same region as him. The other continents, which were many kilometers away, would need much more time to get the alarm.

Maybe people outside the Blessed and Heavenly Lands hadnt received the message yet.

Su Yu decided to take this opportunity to spread the message so that all the powerful experts on the Jiuzhou Continent would get the warning. People who had been sent here must have a way of informing their headquarters efficiently.

After a good while, the smile on Mu Yuebais face disappeared. Then, he asked seriously, Mr. Su, do you have tangible evidence for that?

Su Yu nodded his head as he replied, This issue is very serious, and I dont dare hide anything from you. I hope you can send people to perform an investigation in the Blessed and Heavenly Land. In addition, according to the line of the Ghost Clans march, Central City might be their target. My seniors, I hope you can deliver this message to people in your continent and sound the alarm in all the continents immediately!

Hearing this, all the All Creation Old Monsters in the hall were shocked.

The Ghost Race They had just got news about the Ghost Race. However, they didnt expect the army of the Ghost Race to be coming back to the Jiuzhou Continent!

The sudden attack of the Ghost Clan caught all of them off-guard.

Now, it was meaningless to stay here any longer. They had to check the authenticity of Su Yus words before alarming the people of their continents.

These All Creation Old Monsters shivered when they remembered the fierce fight between humans and ghosts 100 years ago.

It was a crisis that could lead to extinction!

After 100 years, this crisis would again sweep across on the Jiuzhou Continent soon!

Mr. Su, thank you for providing this information! We will collect evidence and warn our continents and regions immediately! Farewell, Mr. Su! Mu Yuebai said seriously as he waved his hand towards Su Yu. Meanwhile, the rest of the All Creation Old Monsters from the Eastern Continent also left and followed Mu Yuebai.

Before long, the rest of the All Creation Old Monsters in the city also left. It seemed as though they had received an order at the same time.

After a while, the native residents of the city in the hall ran away in every direction after they confirmed the All Creation Old Monsters wouldnt be coming back.

The master of the Ouyang Family hadnt left yet. He made a bow with his hands folded in front of him as he awkwardly said, I represent my family in hereby expressing our appreciation for your help, Mr. Su!

Su Yu looked at him but said nothing. Then, he placed the crystals into the transportation portal and prepared to activate it.

Seeing this, the master of the Ouyang Family hurriedly asked, Mr. Su, are you going to leave for Central City?

The only destination of this transportation portal was Central City which was adjacent to this place.

Yes! Why did you ask about my destination? Su Yu was fairly surprised when he saw the expression on the face of the master of the Ouyang Family.

He was even more surprised when the master of the Ouyang Family waved his hands and said, Just dont go to Central City! It has become a place which is too dangerous for a human being!

Su Yu was shocked by this answer. Did it mean that the army of the Ghost Race had reached Central City?

If what he was true, how could he know it while those All Creation Old Monsters had no idea about?

You cant go there! Just now, a martial artist who fled to this place from the Central City said a bloodthirsty devil had appeared there. It is devouring the soul and heart of the martial artists wantonly. It will devour anyone who appears in front of it! An All Creation Old Monster from the Eastern Continent has been sent to Central City to investigate. However, four hours have passed, and we havent received any updates from him yet!

A bloodthirsty devil? Could it be the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy?

I didnt expect her to be hiding in Central City! Su Yu thought to himself. This is impossible! Why is she choosing to devour people instead of keeping a low profile?