The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Plotting An Escape

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Su Yu asked, Your excellency, how did you manage to get the Central Prefectures King royal order? This royal order is issued by the Central Prefectures King, and it is not transferable to anyone. Are you the Kings man? If that is the case, Im afraid I have to be worried about your excellencys intentions.

There had always only been one way to obtain the royal order from the Central Prefectures King, and that was to receive it personally!

Besides that, if it were to land in the hands of an outsider, the royal order would shatter into pieces on its own.

The eyes of the crowd all looked over. This was the burning question that they wanted to ask as well. Everyone glanced at Su Yu, impressed with him. Even though his cultivation was of an ordinary level, he had been very meticulous.

Wen Yiqing sneered. Not only am I the Central Prefectures Kings man, but I am also the person he trusts the most, the son of the Heavenly Knife Regions Chief Deputy Region Master!

Upon hearing that, everyones expression changed slightly.

Heavenly Knife Region? Isnt isnt that the region that colluded with the Ghost Clan?

The Chief Deputy Region Master was second only to the Region Master. He definitely was involved in the collusion with the Ghost Race as well!

But what about his son?

Su Yu suddenly came to a realization. This was actually the Deputy Masters son!

Among the crowd on the day that Su Yu was being hunted down, a few of the deputy region masters participated as well. Only the Chief Deputy Region Master was absent. Otherwise, it would be unpredictable who would have died that day.

This command token was given to me when my father brought me to see the Central Prefectures King a few years ago because the king acknowledged my ingenuity. Wen Yiqing kept a smile on his face, but it was a wan smile, You must be wondering why someone like me, who is closely related to the Central Prefecture, would be helping you, right?

This was what everyone was worried about.

I know that you are all from the great authorities of Jiuzhou. I will use this command token to release all of you from Central Prefecture. However, please take back a message to your respective region masters. This is the price that I ask for in return of this favor, to take back an important message. Wen Yiqings face twitched gently as if he was suppressing agony.

Just take back a message? What message could be so important?

Please convey the message to your respective authority. The Glittering Jewel Demonic God is in the Central Prefecture! Right in the royal palace!!! Fear, hatred, and sorrow flashed across Wen Yiqings eyes.

Everyone present began to stand up after they heard his words. They could feel a sudden chill down their spines.

Did did you say that she shes in this city? The old woman suddenly stood up, her aged face revealing fear.

Ever since the Royal Beast State was turned into a ghost town, who would not fear the terrifying demon race that devoured the souls and hearts of humans?

The rest of the All Creation Old Monsters turned pale.

What you said, is it true? There were some whose voices were trembling.

Wen Yiqing looked at the sky with a sorrowful smile. My father was eaten alive by this demon. Do you think Im lying or telling the truth?

Please explain in detail. This incident was too shocking. The demons race Glittering Jewel Fairy, who was severely injured by the prefecture kings joint attacks, was unexpectedly hiding in this city. Furthermore, she was hiding in the royal palace where a prefecture king was living. Just listening to this would cause them to tremble with fear.

Wen Yiqing said, My father was summoned to the royal palace with the reason that the Central Prefectures King wanted to see him. Two hours later, the life token shattered into pieces, with a message revealed that the Glittering Jewel Demonic God was in the palace!

Everyone gasped as they heard his words.

If this were true, it was truly horrifying!

They began to shudder at the thought that the Glittering Jewel Demonic God was nearby.

What was more terrifying was that this would mean that the Central Prefectures King was not only colluding with the Ghost Clan but also the Demon Clan!

They would have asked for the chance to take this piece of news back to their respective prefectures, even if Wen Yiqing did not request it!

Excuse me, did you fabricate the news of a bloodthirsty demon king that devours hearts and souls in the Central Prefecture? Su Yu tried to find out more. Could it be all a deliberate act because Wen Yiqing wanted to spread the news?

However, Wen Yiqing furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. No, that was not fabricated. It is true. Today, somewhere nearby the South City, there indeed appeared a bloodied existence with deadly aura, who seemed like it just came out from hell. It was digging out hearts, devouring hearts and souls at the sight of people. It was extremely cruel! It later escaped after being defeated by the highly skilled warriors and could not be found. This was most definitely not planned by me.

Everyone was stunned when they heard those words.

If it was the Glittering Jewel Fairy, how could it be banished by ordinary highly skilled warriors?

It must be an existence that also happened to devour hearts and souls.

For self-protection, I remained silent and pretended that I was unaware of anything. I attempted to leave the Central Prefecture to spread the news, but I have no connections or foundations on the other continents. Nobody would believe me. However, youre different because if the news were to be brought back by you, it would catch the attention of the authorities. Wen Yiqing got on his knees and bowed. This is the message from my father right before his death. Even at the brink of his death, he must be worried about the safety of the continent. Please be sure to convey this message when you return, so that my father didnt die in vain!

His words somehow touched their hearts. Besides, they had the responsibility and obligation to take the news back.

Comrade Wen please get up. We are duty-bound to get involved in this matter anyway.

Su Yu asked, Comrade Wen, I would like to know when we will be leaving?

Tomorrow, Wen Yiqing said. I will use executing missions as the reason, and the rest of you will pretend to be my followers. Everything should work out fine.

Everyone took a moment to consider this and gradually nodded their heads.

Back at the inn, Su Yu meditated with no expression on his face. He was practicing his cultivation calmly.

Hey kid, you are really composed, the evil god sniggered.

Su Yus eyes remained closed. Leaving the Central Prefecture will definitely be a success!

The evil god replied, Hopefully everything goes well.


The next morning, Su Yu woke up and went into the city to find a shop that sold two-thousand-year spiritual herbs.

The item he wanted gave the shopkeeper a shock. Spiritual herbs were not high-tier items, and they could be bought in the city.

What surprised the shopkeeper was the age of the spiritual herbs requested. They were exactly two thousand years old. They were rare items that could only be seen every several years and were of great value.

Su Yu easily got his hands on one hundred middle-grade crystals, which were equivalent to ten thousand crystals when converted to low-grade crystals. That would be enough for the consumption to activate the Transportation Spell Divine Level twice.

As agreed, Su Yu arrived at the yard to meet up with the people who had been present yesterday and Wen Yiqing. Everyone disguised themselves as the men of Wen Yiqing and arrived at the hall of the Transportation Spell Divine Level.

Stop right there. Transportation is temporarily not allowed. The guard was a short but ingenious, sharp-chinned old man. His cultivation base was abnormally terrifying.

A pair of sharp eyes scanned them, and a few of the All Creation Old Monsters trembled as they felt a tremendous amount of pressure.

Elder You, this is the royal order. Please take a look, Wen Yiqing said with a slight smile as he handed the command token over.

Elder You frowned slightly. You just came yesterday! What is your purpose for activating it again today? What mission requires you to travel twice? And also, who are these people?

These questions put everyone on tenterhooks.

Wen Yiqing smiled politely and replied smoothly, The mission is a direct order from the Prefectures king. I am currently unable to reveal it. If Elder You would like to know about it, I will personally explain it to you once the mission is over. How about that? As for these people, the reason why Im back this time is that I realized that we were lacking manpower. Thats why I came to dispatch more people from the palace.

Unexpectedly, the old man whose surname was You stood up and laughed coldly. People from the palace! What a joke! Ive been in the palace for so many years; how come Ive never seen any of them before? If you want to lie, youve got to do a better job at covering it up!

Traces of murderous intent were released from the body of Elder You!

Not good!! The color of everyones faces changed dramatically. He had seen through their plans!