The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Using The Enemys Strategy Against Them

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Outside the temple, within a restaurant, sat a handsome young man. His presence shone like the full moon on a clear night. Confidence adorned every aspect of him.

Wen Yiqing is likely to show his face soon. Is he in conflict with those that fell for the trap?

Su Yu looked coldly on. He did not suspect Wen Yiqings position as the Heavenly Knife Regions Great Deputy Region Master nor did he doubt what had befallen the previous Great Deputy Region Master. What he feared was Wen Yiqings motive.

At first, it had sounded logical. But as one thought deeper, things began to unravel.

First, it was too coincidental. Just when they needed to use the Transportation Spell Divine Level, they had run into Wen Yiqing, the terribly distressed victim of Glittering Jewel Demonic God? Su Yu believed in coincidences, but his experience told him that this was too circumstantial.

Su Yu had another reason to distrust the situation. He had firsthand knowledge of the terrors of fighting with the Glittering Jewel Demonic God. Su Yu could not understand how the Great Deputy Region Master, while facing imminent death, could still use his soul to return the message. This might have fooled the others, but not Su Yu.

And so, Su Yu felt that Wen Yiqing was hiding something. After a night of contemplation, he decided to let go of this opportunity.

Sure enough, from within the spell Elder You used, Su Yu had found a hidden simple transportation spell which confirmed Su Yus suspicions.

Su Yu had good reason not to let everyone know of his doubts.

This whole matter was still guesswork without a shred of evidence. Would they even believe him if he told them this was a trap?

Also, Su Yu risked alerting the enemy. Wen Yiqing was aware of Su Yu and if his identity was revealed, it would put him in danger.

So, Su Yu chose to use illusory techniques to monitor the situation.

I hope they can get themselves out of danger. I should also get moving. If Wen Yiqing were to harm them, Su Yu would use Wen Yiqings own move against him. He could take advantage of Wen Yiqings strategy and leave by using the Transportation Spell Divine Level.

Su Yus eyes flickered in the strange waves of light as he used the illusory techniques of the Illusionary Soul Realm.

Now everyone would see him as Wen Yiqing!

At the temples door, Su Yu ran up and smiling, said, Elder You.

Elder You lifted his head and saw Wen Yiqing. His face brightened as he spoke expectantly, Ah, my nephew how are things?

Su Yu promptly responded, Thanks to Elder You, I was able to fool them. The Master is extremely happy.

To make the Master happy, my little effort is not important. I only hope that the Master does not forget me.

Haha, do not worry, Masters Primordial Qi has recovered greatly. With several more people, she will recover peak condition and will be able to guide you in your practice. It will not be a problem to break through to the Mortal Fairy Realm. I, as your junior, am sincerely envious!

The words invigorated Elder You. His face was flushed red and his eyes revealed his great excitement. Hahaha who is junior? Who is senior? Have I not said earlier, just call me Elder sigh, my dear nephew, I still hope you speak well of me in front of the Master.

As he spoke, Elder You took out some gemstones and with a beaming smile, stuffed them into Su Yus palm.

Su Yu accepted the gemstones with a smile. His expression showing a guarded understanding of the situation.

Thats right. Elder You, the Master has ordered me to go to Eastern Continent. I have to take care of a certain matter, Su Yu said matter-of-factly.

Elder You was taken aback by this news. The Eastern Continent?

However, without suspicion, Elder You hurriedly responded, You cannot be slow with Masters orders. I will not keep you. Quickly, borrow the Transportation Spell.

As he spoke, Elder You helped Su Yu begin the Transportation Spell.

Thank you for your help, Elder You, Su Yu clasped his fist in his palm, then took his leave and jumped into the portal.

Accompanied by the spells motion, the Voids power enveloped Su Yu and transported him.

Su Yu inconspicuously wiped his brow. Fortunately, he had made it through.

Normally, Su Yus illusory technique would not fool a Fifth Level All Creation Old Monster. The highest being his technique could successfully fool was at the Third Level.

However, Elder You was deep within Central Prefecture, and his alert was low and vigilance was not on his mind. He also wanted to please Wen Yiqing and likely overlooked any gaps in Su Yus illusion.

Moreover, Su Yu had conversed fluently and did not make any obvious mistakes. Only with all of this combined was Su Yu able to fool the Fifth Level All Creation Old Monster.

The Transportation Spell opened and at the same moment, a person entered the temple.

The persons body shape was slightly round. His eyes were narrow and long and made him look especially wicked. It was the old Heavenly Knife Region Master!

His form drifted over as his voice roared, Has Su Yu been found?

Elder You turned his head and solemnly replied, Your underling is glad to see you, Region Master.

He smirked, unable to control a face that revealed contempt at the appearance of the diminished Region Master. Only in the present company would the Region Master have any room for arrogance. In front of the other Central Prefecture Kings, he would not have been able to even lift his head.

However, this was a serious matter. Elder You did not dare to fake his obedience and directly responded, As per my Kings orders, I have diligently watched the Transportation Spell to prevent Su Yu from using it as a means of escape.

As they hunted for Su Yu, the Central Prefectures King had been prepared.

In order to keep Su Yu from coming into Central Prefecture City and using the Transportation Spell, the King had specifically asked Transportation Spell Protectors to be vigilant in watching for Su Yu.

They had all seen Su Yus image. Even if only ash remained of Su Yu, they would recognize him.

Once Su Yu appeared, he would be caught immediately.

Hmm, if he hasnt then thats good. A message came from North City that someone looking like Su Yu had come to Central Prefecture City. I came to investigate, said the Heavenly Knife Region Master.

Elder You shook his head. He has not appeared. The transportation port never opened.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master released his breath. His cold stare once again reflected the fury he felt inside. He was a Region Master! How had it come to this? Like a dog without a home, the Region Master had hidden within the Central Prefecture City, buried in humiliation. The only way to rid himself of this shame and anger was to reduce Su Yu to bones and ash.

As to coming out to investigate, that was just a formality.

He did not believe that Su Yu would have the audacity to come alone to Central Prefecture, straight into the lions mouth.

This was the stronghold of the Central Prefectures King!

Having heard Elder Yous response, Heavenly Knife Region Master was nonchalant as his glance passed over the still moving portal. Curiously, he asked, Who has used the transportation portal? Didnt you say it was closed?

Ah, it is the Masters new assistant, Wen Yiqing, acting on orders to go to the Eastern Continent.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master did not take the sound of that name lightly. He looked over, coldly smiled and nodded his head to acknowledge the Elder.

However, his simple reaction did not show the thoughts that went through him at that moment.

The human form within the portal had long silvery hair, a tall frame, and a handsome face. Who could it be but Su Yu?

He felt himself being sucked into an illusion. Biting his tongue and staring intently, he said in shock, Su Yu!

At his side, Elder You jumped up in agitation. Su Yu? What is Master saying? Where is he?

Elder You looked all around him and not finding anything reminiscent of Su Yu, confusedly stood still.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master, in a frenzy, stared hard at Elder You and roared, You useless dog! How dare you hide a wanted criminal right under my eyes?

Annoyed at the Region Masters behavior, Elder You wondered whether the Heavenly Knife Region Masters mind was affected. How could he accuse someone with no reason?

Just as his anger at the Region Master reached boiling point, Elder You suddenly felt that something was wrong. He thought again of Su Yu.

He had not doubted Su Yus identity before because he did not realize the illusory technique that he was under.

However, when the Heavenly Knife Region Master had shown up, he began to wonder.

As a Fifth Level All Creation Old Monster, once he had doubts, the illusory technique no longer held his mind.

He looked again at Su Yu, standing within the portal. Where was Wen Yiqing? This was a stranger!

The young face was exactly the one that Central Prefectures King needed to be captured, Su Yu!

Su Yu could only sigh silently as the Heavenly Knife Region Master broke into the portal at the last moment.