The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086 Identity Debunked

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Ah! Su Yu!! Elder You was greatly surprised. Now, he had realized that he had been tricked by an Illusionary Technique!

He was shocked and totally annoyed. An important criminal had almost escaped on his watch!

On second thoughts, he was pleasantly surprised.

Since the Central Prefectures King had ascended the throne 100 years ago, he had seldom bothered about trifling matters. However, he offered a great reward for this person, which meant that this person had attracted the attention of the King.

If I could kill him, I guess the King will definitely think highly of me! Maybe I will be appointed as the Master of a Region!

Little rascal, youve fallen into my hands today! You will never be able to get away! Elder You shouted as he immediately ran over. Then, he viciously attacked the transportation portal which he had activated

He had made up his mind to knock down Su Yu ahead of the Heavenly Knife Region Master to scramble for credit and make amends for what he did before.

The attack of a Stage Five All Creations Old Monster was horrible! His powerful attack shocked the transportation portal which was still running. Then, the transportation was interrupted.

Su Yu sighed in his heart. It seems I have to defeat him quickly. Otherwise, I will be held up by the experts who will come to this place later, he thought.

With an aggressive light flashing in his eyes, Su Yu waved his palm. Three silvery swords started to fly around in the sky behind his back. Then, the swords disappeared into the Void and started to prepare something under the control of Su Yu.

Be careful of that sword formation! the Heavenly Knife Region Master reminded Elder You as he started to attack Su Yu from the other side.

Humph! You Xin snorted. He thought that the Heavenly Knife Region Master was trying to create fear deliberately so that he could get the credit for killing Su Yu.

He didnt believe Su Yu could be very powerful!

Being attacked by two people at the same time, Su Yu managed to defend himself and even fight back without hurry or bustle.

The Great Sun Punishes Fairy! A black blazing sun appeared in Su Yus two palms. It looked like Han Feis Heavenly Demon Black Sun. However, it was much more powerful!

Seeing this, Elder Yous expression changed abruptly. The Heavenly Knife Region Master also stepped back immediately in terror.

Whats this? Both of them were shocked.

They sensed great danger from those blazing suns as if they would be evaporated after being touched by the flames.

Apparently, those suns were formed by the thunderous fiber in the Tribulation of Thunderous Feather left from the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

Yesterday, Su Yu had tried to perform this technique in training. Maybe the Thunderous Fibers he stored were very powerful, and the progress of his training was pretty good. He had reached Stage one successfully. Now, he was able to use a little of the Thunderous Fibers in it.

Therefore, his attack could not only terrify the All Creation experts but also force Mortal Fairies to take evasive action.

Su Yu had planned to use it as his secret weapon to surprise his opponents. However, Su Yu had to use it now to avoid a prolonged fight.

This can kill both of you! Su Yu shouted coldly. Now, he just wanted to kill his two opponents with magnificent strength. Then, he would leave by using the Legendary Transportation Portal.

Oh, no! Just ask Zhan Wushuang to come here! Elder You shouted as his expression once again changed abruptly. He prepared to leave in terror.

Those horrible black suns had terrified Elder You completely. His instinct told him that those things were extremely dangerous and could even kill Mortal Fairies!

Now, the most powerful expert in the city was Zhan Wushuang, who was an unprecedentedly powerful king.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master felt his eyelids twitch rapidly. He couldnt help but curse secretly in his heart. He hadnt expected this guy to obtain such a dangerous and powerful weapon after a few days!

After a short hesitation, the Heavenly Knife Region Master stepped back and shouted, You go back and inform the experts in the Imperial Palace. I will cover you!

He knew the black sun was very dangerous. However, if he could stay away from Su Yu, the black sun was harmless.

All in all, Su Yus strength was not powerful enough. Otherwise, he could catch up with the Heavenly Knife Region Master, who could never keep a distance from him.

Elder You stepped back and was about to leave without any hesitation. He tore the Void open and was about to leave the transportation hall so that he could find reinforcements from the Imperial Palace to kill Su Yu.

Do you think you can leave here? Su Yu said calmly as a purple light flashed in his left eye.

Time Freeze! Su Yu shouted in a low voice. Then, You Xin and the Heavenly Knife Region Master were covered in the purple light.

Their bodies were frozen at the same time. Now, they were not able to move their limbs at all. The only part of their bodies that were still functional were their brains.

Compared to You Xin, the Heavenly Knife Region Master could break away from the restraint of the Time Passage. He shouted in surprise, Time Passage! How how could you

The Heavenly Knife Region Master was totally shocked when he saw Su Yus palms which were flying towards him rapidly. He knew he had to dodge the attack immediately. So, he tore the Void open and escaped by jumping into it.

However, the Time Freeze managed to slow the Heavenly Knife Region Master down. His movements were very slow.

Humph! The Heavenly Knife Region Master heard a cold snort from Su Yu as he tried to hit his back with a black blazing sun.

Instantly, the Heavenly Knife Region Master sensed the smell of death.

However, his survival instinct was activated at this crucial moment. The Heavenly Knife Region Master let out a powerful roar as he placed a cone that was full of spiritual pressure behind his back to stop the black blazing sun in Su Yus hand.

Apparently, it was a rare fairy artifact!

Chi! Chi! The blazing sun landed on the fairy artifact and made some noises as if it was corroding the artifact. Then, the fairy artifact was burnt to ashes by the black blazing sun bit by bit.

At the same time, the black blazing sun was also being weakened gradually.

When the fairy artifact was half-ruined, the black blazing sun disappeared completely.

However, there was another black blazing sun in Su Yus left hand.

After using up the black sun in his right hand, Su Yu attacked with his left hand without hesitation.

After a short while, the half-ruined fairy artifact was turned to ashes completely.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master took this opportunity to jump into the Void and escape successfully.

Elder You, who had witnessed the destruction of the fairy artifact, was totally shocked. What the hell was that thing?

Just at this moment, Su Yu stared at Elder You and coldly said, I didnt want to kill you and I just wanted to leave the Central Prefecture. You forced me to fight my way out! So, dont blame my cruelty!


With a dull sound, the remaining power of Thunderous Fibers in Su Yus left palm flew towards the Elder Yous back rapidly.

At this crucial moment, You Xins survival instinct was also activated. He managed to break away from the restraint of the Time Freeze and tried to jump into the Void like the Heavenly Knife Region Master.

However, he was too slow. The next moment, Su Yus palm landed on his back heavily.


Along with a dull sound, the remaining power of the Thunderous Fibers, which had failed to turn Elder You into ashes, penetrated his heart and destroyed his soul directly.

Elder You rolled his eyes and died. His body fell out of the Void and landed in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu removed his Space Ring and jumped onto the Legendary Transportation Portal immediately. Then, he activated the portal and prepared to leave.

The noise in the area startled the experts in the city. Now, a lot of experts were rushing towards the transportation hall.

When they rushed into the hall, they saw Su Yu who was about to be transported.

Most of them didnt know Su Yus young face. However, one of them managed to recognize Su Yu.

Its him! Su Yu! He is an important criminal wanted by our King! Anyone who can kill or capture Su Yu will be received by the King and can request the King to grant a wish! The King might even agree to accept this guy as his apprentice Someone who recognized Su Yu shouted in surprise. However, when he realized he shouldnt share this precious information, it was too late!

The next moment, all the people in the hall started to stare at Su Yu greedily.