The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Waves Of Enemies

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The silence was broken by a weapon that hit the spell heavily.

Instantly, the running spell was once again stopped by it.

Even if it was a Legendary Transportation Spell, it still couldnt stand any interference by an external force.

The transportation had failed again, which greatly disappointed Su Yu.

As expected, his worst fears were being realized!

He had played his trump card, but the noise he had made had startled the powerful enemies in the city and attracted them to this place.

Killing intent was raging in Su Yus eyes. He didnt want to resort to force to solve his problems. However, at the moment, things were tending to turn out just the opposite of what he wished.

You are seeking your death! Su Yu shouted coldly as he looked at the person dashing towards him. He weaved signs with his hands to summon a vast lake full of Demonic Energy under his feet. Then, a gigantic Demonic Dragon jumped out from the lake with a deafening roar.

The person running towards Su Yu was just a Stage One All Creation Old Monster. In an instant, he was crushed by the sudden attack of the Demonic Dragon. It was all over before he could even scream.

Su Yus attack shocked most of the martial artists here. However, some famous All Creation Old Monsters were still itching to try their luck against him.

Humph! Let me knock you down! a Stage Two All Creation Old Monster shouted as he shot out ten strands of light, which looked quite substantial, from his index finger. These light beams penetrated the gigantic Demonic Dragons body like sword energy.

The Demonic Dragon struggled but failed to free itself from the sword energy light beams. The Demonic Energy began to dissipate, and the Demonic Dragon let out one more angry roar before exploding. The explosion ruined the entire transportation hall.

Su Yu was quite calm. He lifted his right hand as a strand of long and silvery sword energy appeared in his palm. Then, he started to wave the sword energy in the air.

The Stage Two All Creation Old Monster who had just destroyed the Demonic Dragon sensed a strand of silvery light was rapidly flying towards him before he had time to celebrate his victory.

Get lost! The Stage Two All Creation Old Monster, who didnt know what he was facing, crossed his index fingers to weave a fine net. It was made from ten strands of substantial light and the warrior tried to use it to rebound the strand of silvery light.

However, when the silvery light touched the net, the ten light beams were splintered like bubbles.

His body was also penetrated by the silvery light, and he was cut into two halves across his waist!

A mighty Stage Two All Creation Old Monster was killed in such an unconventional way. It seemed that even his soul had been eliminated.

After killing two enemies, Su Yu managed to intimidate the first batch of powerful opponents who had arrived from outside the hall.

Finally, these people remembered Su Yu was that powerful person who had fought the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy and had killed the talented Demon Devouring Emperor from the Second Starry Sky!

Nobody could underestimate his strength!

All at once, all those people were terrified and nobody dared to step forward!

What a group of cowards! Will he be able to defeat all the powerful martial artists in the Central Prefecture of the continent alone? Someone in the crowd tried to instigate people to act.

A greedy light appeared in those frightened eyes again.

Anyone who could kill Su Yu could present himself before the Central Prefectures King and have all his requests satisfied! Indeed, this was an unprecedented opportunity for everyone here.

Su Yu was extremely dangerous, but it was impossible for him to defeat everyone in this area.

If all of them attacked Su Yu at the same time, he would definitely run out of physical strength soon.

And the luckiest one among them would strike a deadly blow.

Compared to the risk, the rewards would be extraordinarily high!

Man proposes, God disposes! Whether we will rise in this world or not will be decided today! Lets attack him together! The same sinister voice tried to instigate the crowd again.

The martial artists of the Central Prefecture who had already been stirred up started to walk towards Su Yu with their teeth clenched and their eyes fiery.

One, two, three

At last, several hundred people were all dashing towards Su Yu, including a Divine Master and dozens of All Creation powerful experts.

In their eyes, Su Yu was a big bounty.

At this moment, numerous powerful experts were also heading straight for the transportation hall. They encircled Su Yu in a number of rings.

Among these people, Su Yu sensed many horrible auras.

Standing in the ruins of the transportation hall, Su Yu glanced at the innumerable martial artists who were staring at him with knife-like eyes.

After taking a deep breath, Su Yu lifted up his head and ran fearlessly towards his enemies!

A gigantic Demonic Dragon was flying behind him. The sword energy in his right hand started to sweep across the area.

A large number of martial artists from the Central Prefecture who were rushing towards Su Yu were killed like moths darting into a flame.

However, as their casualties grew heavier, the greedy flames in these peoples eyes became more rampant.

This nefarious murderer, who has killed too many martial artists from the Central Prefecture, is unforgivable. Anyone has the right to kill him! What are we waiting for? Kill him!

The one who is wanted by our unparalleled King is definitely a villain! As righteous men of the Central Prefecture, we shall kill him to coincide with Gods will and save the people of the world!

Su Yus attack didnt intimidate these people but stirred up their murderous desires. They continued to run towards Su Yu as their ridiculous reasoning echoed through the air.

This group of corrupt and unprincipled guys considered themselves as righteous men!

Su Yus eyes were icy. He was not influenced by the craziness of these people but just continued to kill them.

The Divine Master and many All Creation powerful experts were killed by Su Yus sword energy. Some of them even lost their souls when they were killed.

In a short while, the ruins of the teleportation hall were soaked in blood. Over 100 people had been killed. The entire area was full of corpses.

The people of the Central Prefecture hadnt seen such a bloody fight with such a high number of casualties for many years.

Despite this, more and more enemies were still continuing to head straight for Su Yu!

More and more people who couldnt resist the temptation participated in this bloody fight.

Like a small boat in the tempestuous waves, Su Yu was about to be devoured by his ferocious enemies.


With a deafening sound, the Void was torn open above these peoples heads. Several extremely powerful auras appeared from the gap in the Void!

One aura was from the returning Heavenly Knife Region Master. Three white-haired old men were standing beside him.

The people were surprised that these old men were also high-ranking experts who were as powerful as the region masters!

When he saw Su Yus current situation, the Heavenly Knife Region Master was pleasantly surprised.

The Black Blazing Sun used by Su Yu just now was extremely terrifying and even caused lingering fear in his heart.

When he saw Su Yu was about to run out of strength, he couldnt help but smile hideously. Su Yu, Su Yu! Why did you rush into the Central City as the Central Prefectures King expected you to do?. This time, you will definitely die without a burial place!

My fellow region masters, please calm down. Lets just enjoy his performance. When he is about to run out of strength, we will knock him down easily! the Heavenly Knife Region Master said as he spread his hands and gestured to those old men.

Apparently, the three white-haired old men used to be the master of a region in the Central Prefecture. When they stepped down, some of them chose to leave the Central Prefecture and tried to find an opportunity to break through the limitations of the Mortal Fairy. Some of them chose to stay and became guards of the Central City.

Also, the Heavenly Knife Region Master couldnt rival these old region masters at all!

Is he really as powerful as you said? the dark-skinned old region master who was standing on the left asked as he looked Su Yu up and down carefully with his tiny eyes. When he saw the number of fresh corpses, he became speechless.

Their eyes were quite sharp. The remnant aura of the thunderous feather on those fresh corpses surprised all of them slightly.

The three old men became serious as they stared at the fight below them quietly.

Just let these reckless people attack Su Yu! It will be much safer to attack Su Yu when he has run out of strength.

Just hold on! He is already exhausted! the person who had been instigated others shouted loudly again.

At this time, Su Yu, who was as pale as a ghost, had already killed over 300 people.

However, Su Yu had almost used up all his strength in doing so. Now, people could see the exhaustion on his face.

Murderer, just die! An ugly Stage Three All Creation woman attacked Su Yu as he killed a Stage Two Old Monster.

She took out the hairpin from her hair and rubbed it with her hand. An instant later, many sharp sword feathers flew out from the hairpin.

Each sword feather was full of terrifying energy at the level of Stage Four All Creations. Now, over 100 sword feathers like this were flying towards Su Yu who had nowhere to hide.

At this key moment, everyone here was doing their best to fight desperately!