The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 Death And Suffering

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Return of Ten Thousand Swords! Su Yu took a deep breath, as dull sounds resonated in his Dantian. Boundless silver sword energy covered all corners of the world like a thousand rays of brilliance.

The sword feathers came striking, colliding with each other and destroying all, while the silver sword energy surged towards the hideous middle-aged woman.

She gritted her teeth and retrieved a gourd bottle despite the excruciating pain. Once it was opened, the eerie sounds of ghosts wailing and howling were unleashed.

Numerous ghastly skeletons swooped out. They shrieked insanely, forming a layer of blood clouds that shielded her body. They engulfed the endless silver sword energy that came charging toward her.

The remnant blood clouds closed in with an imposing force as the bloodthirsty skeletons flailed their claws and fangs in the air. They were extremely monstrous and ferocious.

Su Yu was fearless. He raised his right hand with an icy look on his face. The silver long sword condensed from sword energy in his palm forcefully struck forth, cutting the clouds in half.

The all-destroying sword energy thoroughly eliminated the blood clouds.

However, behind the blood clouds, a palm that was covered in a pitch-black glove stretched out and slammed down onto the silver long sword.


The palm shattered as it slammed down on to the ground, but the pitch-black gleam on the glove had contaminated the silver long sword. It spread along the sword body, creeping up Su Yus arm.

And the sword that was condensed out of the sword energy was continuously being corroded!

It was such a powerful toxin!

Su Yu acted decisively. He let go of the sword and stepped back.

The time is now! a voice bellowed loudly. The ugly middle-aged woman who was the owner of the black palm then teleported to just a foot away from Su Yu. Her black palm pressed rapidly and brutally onto Su Yus chest.

At such close distance, Su Yu was extremely vulnerable. Having lost his weapon, the blow was now inevitable.

Dauntless savage, you should kneel and prepare yourself for death! the ugly woman yelled stridently. Ruthlessly, she pressed her hand into Su Yus chest.

However, at the critical moment, wine-red brilliance flickered in Su Yus eyes, and a space vortex appeared out of nowhere.

The blow from the ugly womans palm was aimed at Su Yus chest, but she ended up slamming it into the vortex.

With a deafening sucking sound, her entire body was drawn into the vortex. Her face turned pale with terror as she growled and strove to escape the force which was drawing her in.

For a moment, her body was actually frozen in front of the vortex.

But this brief moment of freezing was enough!

With a lift and a wave of his hand, a streak of silver sword energy condensed at the tip of Su Yus fingers and sliced across the ugly womans neck.

All of a sudden, her shot skywards, and blood splattered everywhere. In the meantime, a transparent spirit escaped her headless body. The spirit carried a sense of bitter, poisonous vengeance.

As Su Yu was finishing off the ugly woman with one strike of his sword, he felt an extremely cold air behind his back.

Su Yus heart was pounding. He did not hesitate and dodged the attack with a flash of his figure.

An icy pricking pain suddenly began to throb in his back.

He turned to look. A dwarfish martial artist with a dark face and a cunning smile on his face was toying with a pitch-black dagger in his hands. Hehe, you do respond quickly!

As he heard the voice, an icy shine glinted in Su Yus eyes. Youre the one who was instigating the crowd!

The voice belonged to the person who had repeatedly encouraged the crowd to act.

They had joined hands to besiege Su Yu, but he hadnt expected someone to assault him so stealthily.

No no no, you are a man of extreme evil, and everyone loathes you. People would gladly kill sly people like you, so why would they need my instigation? the dwarfish martial artist sneered nonchalantly.

Su Yu wiped the dark-colored blood from the corner of his mouth. The sword was obviously embedded with acute poison. He stared at the dwarf coldly and shot cold glances at the numerous people before him who seemed like the waves of the ocean.

Sly person? I, Su Yu, admit that Im not a kind person, but have I ever killed an innocent? Have I ever brought any bit of harm to Jiuzhou? Su Yu asked coldly. His voice wasnt loud. but it thundered in everyones ears.

He had never slaughtered any innocent people and had never endangered Jiuzhou in any way.

He had stopped the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy from re-seizing her demonic body, delaying the catastrophe of Jiuzhous downfall, and he had even revealed the evidence of the Heavenly Knife Regions collusion with the Ghost Race.

Nothing he had done should lead him to being called a sly person.

There was a moment of silence in the crowd, but the dwarfish martial artist sneered immediately as he taunted Su Yu. What a joke! Do you mean that Jiuzhou is hopeless without you?

Even without you, there would have been masters and experts to contend with the advent of the Glittering Jewel Demonic God!

As for being a sly person, humph! Your background is unknown, and rumor has it that you arent a resident of Jiuzhou at all!, Anyone who isnt one of us certainly has a treacherous heart. What more do you have to say?

If only he had taken the time to ask himself honestly, he would have known that without Su Yus intervention, Jiuzhou really would have been hopeless when faced with the Glittering Jewel Demonic God.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy had thoroughly defeated the alliance of the Prefectures Kings. if the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy had re-seized her demonic body and came to them as a demonic God

Anyone who isnt us has a treacherous heart? Su Yus heart turned cold. He glanced at the people present at the scene. As he saw the countless pairs of unfair, bloodthirsty eyes, all he could feel was a profound coldness inside.

Haha Su Yu looked up at the heavens and laughed. His laughter was deep, desolate and cold. His starry eyes were filled with profound disappointment. So, I am just an outsider in your eyes.

He couldnt help but think of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy and Bi Lingtian. They had both invited Su Yu to join them, but he had rejected them because he belonged to the human race.

Humph, what are you laughing about? Anyone who isnt a citizen of Jiuzhou is an outsider. That is exactly the reason our King has ordered your arrest. Once you are killed, the loyalty of people will return! the dwarfish, black-faced martial artist interrupted him with a cold bellow.

Thats right! I heard that he came from a foreign continent, and Ive long suspected that hes an outsider! He surely has something up his sleeve to wreak havoc in Jiuzhou!

Whatever they said about him battling the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy and exposing the collusion with the Ghost Race are all made-up fantasies and tricks to fool people!

People were indignant and righteous, and they all voiced their own opinions, as though Su Yu, whose background was unknown, had become their common enemy. It seemed that they were absolutely irreconcilable.

Most of them were finding excuses for their behavior, but many were speaking out of their jealousy for this prodigy of the era who had emerged from nowhere like a shooting star.

If he were an outsider, they would have no qualms about killing him, and they could face Su Yus excellence with a clear conscience.

The mentality of believing their own lies had led them into a morbid state of willfulness.

Su Yu had never ever expected that the reveal of his origins would attract such a crowd of people.

Seeing the crowd speaking in unison, Su Yu shut his eyes gently, and the look on his face was gradually replaced by tranquility. When he opened his eyes again, he was cold and detached. Yes, I am an outsider, so I guess Ill do what an outsider does.

Su Yus body trembled, and black blood mingling with acute poison oozed out from his hair follicles, soaking his white, pristine robe.

His starry eyes were filled with solemnity. Those who intend to kill me, come within a hundred thousand feet of me! Otherwise, step a hundred thousand feet away from me!

His sudden tirade incited peals of clamorous laughter from the crowd.

Has he gone mad from fear? Hes like a dog drowning in the water, yet hes still so insane

Before the heckler could finish, his words were cut off.

In three breaths time, those within a hundred thousand feet will die, and no trace of them will be left behind! Those a hundred thousand feet away get to live!

When he finished speaking, Su Yu slowly closed his eyes and began counting down.

In an instant, the entire scene fell silent.

As they stared at Su Yu, who was trapped by a heavy siege and seemingly at a dead-end, for some reason, many of them felt slightly insecure.

After all, he was a powerful individual who had fought the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy!

One breath had passed. No one moved.

Two breaths had passed. Still, no one moved.

Only when the third breath had taken place did a couple of cautious individuals retreat a hundred thousand feet back surreptitiously. They stood right at the border a hundred thousand feet away.

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes. He glanced at the hundreds of thousands of motionless martial artists. Some of them had even crept in closer. He heaved a silent sigh deep inside as his heart went cold.

I acquired this technique a long time ago, but I have never been willing to put it into use because I didnt want to hurt innocents even when my own survival was at stake, Su Yu sighed quietly. This is your own choice.

When he finished, he looked up at the bleak heavens. A magnificent, spectacular divine aura was bearing down like a painting, blanketing the skies and lands of a hundred thousand feet.

An atmosphere that shook peoples souls soundlessly reverberated between the sky and the earth.