The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089 Deprivation Of The Soul

Chapter 1089: Deprivation of the Soul
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The master of the Heavenly Knife region felt something stir in his heart. This feeling was familiar. It was a kind of deja vu. He instinctively turned his gaze up towards the sky.

A pair of incomparably large eyes spanned the width of the vast sky.

The people standing under the pair of large eyes saw there was no end in sight. The eyes were as boundless as the horizon.

This Is it his divine will? Su Yu was being hunted by the Heavenly Knife Region. He had been forced into a situation that led to a moment of strange and deep meaning. On that day, he had sat within the city, not knowing how far away he was from it, yet still sensing the presence of the pair of large eyes.

Later, he was surprised to hear that several of the Regional Masters who had escaped from the war had spoken of a similar story.

Seeing it today with his own eyes, Su Yu was in shock and awe at the tremendous feeling he got from it.

Its the ultimate purgatory, and yet it seems to mix with the rest. Have you ever seen anything like it? The three old domain masters were surprised that it was really a God-level skill, and that it had reached the peak level of cultivation!

Amongst the people of the present days young generation, Su Yu was the only one who could get rid of Gu Taixu.

You are not mistaken. It is indeed the spirit of returning to the truth at its peak, and it has merged with other methods. Its weird and unpredictable, even though its not as good as Gu Taixu. Ive seen it with my own eyes. It has a very strong power of devouring space, and it can transfer people to a faraway area, but it doesnt the power to inflict much harm. The impact that it could have on us is close to zero. The master of the heavenly knife region held his hands in his sleeves and a smile emerged from the corners of his mouth.

From the looks of the situation that had just played out, he seemed to have already run out of oil, light, and card tricks.

It is rare to find someone as talented at the divine methods as he is, but its a pity that he is of a foreign race. Well, death is not a pity, the three old domain masters muttered.

Out of fear of Su Yu, even they did not start their plan at once. Instead, they had planned to wait for Su Yu to be exhausted and be drained of the power to fight back. Only then would they would use thunder to kill him.

The skys huge eyes gradually formed. The Central City was filled with gasps of surprise, and every pair of eyes turned to watch the skys eyes.

The only people who did not were the martial artists in the House of Masters. They wore calm looks on their faces, and their eyes were ablaze with the visions of destruction that they saw.

The Master of the Heavenly Knife Region, who was waiting for the last strike, suddenly knitted his brows in a frown. This pair of eyes, and the pair that he had seen the other day, bore a strong resemblance to the descriptions that those who had escaped had brought back.

The pair of eyes that had the terrible space vortex were huge wine-red eyes. In front of him, were pale eyes that reverberated with the ripples of samsara.

Three old domain masters, there seems to be something suspiciously wrong. The master of Heavenly Knife Region leisurely pulled out his hand from his sleeve. There was a dignified look on his face.

He was hesitating as to whether he should alert the people of Central City on the ground below to escape. The huge eyes in the sky were already activated.

The eyes were full of ripples and gyrations. Shaped like an eye of samsara, they exuded breath of the soul.

All of a sudden, the ripples in his eyes started turning into themselves. They were shrinking in circles, like an abyss that kept sinking.


An old man, who was only a ninth level flying immortal, suddenly fell to the ground.

His complexion was pale and completely lacking in color.

Soon after, with some disturbances in the sky, more ninth level flying immortals from amongst the strong masters fell to the ground.

Next, it was the turn of the first level God, then the second level God, the third level God, the fourth level

Like an invisible pestilence, people in the House of Masters successively fell to the ground according to their grades.

Standing at the angle of the four Vientiane monsters were a large number of Central City people. Like wheat fields that have been squashed flat, one by one they fell down.

And a soul invisible to the naked eye, struggling, frightened and roaring, was forcibly dragged from their bodies and inhaled by the great reincarnation eyes of the sky.

The faces of the four changed dramatically!

Their souls had been swallowed by this huge eye!

In todays world, there was no magic power that could forcibly strip the soul from the body unless the body takes the initiative.

But the eyes of reincarnation were extremely domineering, and were actually able to directly drain their souls away, leaving just the body behind!

Everyone, quit immediately, no, its 30000 feet away! the old domain leader yelled loudly, waking up the dazed Central City people with a loud and clear voice.

The three masters of the Old Kingdom could not believe it. It turned out to be as the Ghost Race had said. The House of Masters was completely wiped out!

It was horrific to see the people around you, one by one, falling down, losing their energy and control of their bodies, and then to see their transparent souls struggling in fear as they were being drawn into the huge eyes in the sky.

The boundless fear finally subdued their greed. As though it had been covered by a huge shadow, their bodies were all stiff as they tried to retreat.

But it was too late to leave now.

The power of the huge eyes in the sky slowly reached their limit and exploded!

In an instant, not only the souls of the Gods but also the souls of all things were swallowed up.

Ah! No! A bunch of Vientiane old masters hesitated for a while, and then they were shocked to find that, as Vientiane people, their souls were also swallowed by an invisible force and pulled recklessly out of its bodies.

They wailed in panic, but there was nothing they could do to save the situation. With a whoosh, their souls practically materialized. Lifelike, they were frightened as they roared and struggled.

Next, there were two stacks of Vientiane.

Next, there were three stacks of Vientiane.

The face of the dwarfish martial artist changed dramatically. He was standing on the edge of the House of Masters and was about to escape. However, his soul was shackled by the swallowing power from the sky and seemed about to be separated from the body.

He only stayed attached to his body by his strong and determined will. Otherwise, he would have been swallowed up by the terrible eyes like the others.

At this moment, there was not a strand of humanity on his face. He was filled with a look of horror and desire. Let go, let go of me! he said. Do you want to make another mistake?

Su Yu didnt speak and went straight to the center of the ruins. He kicked away the ruins and exposed the transition portal.

No wonder it was a divine-level transmission portal. Even in the midst of such a destructive battle, it had not been damaged at all.

Squatting down, Su Yu used the crystal stone to restart it. Isnt this the result that you wanted? he said. Its not natural for me to think that Im of a different race. As a different race, its not natural for me to do something to kill people.

It was wrong for me to have tried to save you. You dont hurt when you are killed.

Ah!! Stop at once, or the people of the Central City wont let you go! The dwarfish warrior was fierce, but his face was no longer treacherous. He felt panic and anxiety because his soul was threatening to leave him.

Su Yu slowly closed his eyes and said without expression, Even if I stop, you people wont let me go.


With a scream, the soul of the dwarfish warrior was suddenly stripped from his body, and he was drawn in the Void with a panicked shriek.

Looking at it, the House of Masters was indeed completely wiped out. No one was alive, and no one had escaped!

Even the famous murderer, Black Seven Knives, was not spared.

Black Seven Knives was in fact as fierce as the true blood emperor, and their strength was very similar.

Unexpectedly, today, he was killed as easily as a frail plant.

The people of the Central City people standing outside the House of Masters were breathing quickly in panic, especially the three people who had left the place cautiously at first. Their backs were chilled and sweaty, and their legs could not help shivering.

Everyone in the House of Masters was dead.

Everyone outside was alive.

How dare the people of the Central City who were standing outside, with their teeth chattering and feet freezing in the winters air, take even one step in?

Even a few old masters with four stacks of Vientiane cultivation were hiding in the crowd, not daring to come forward.

So, under the gaze of 100,000 eyes, Su Yu stood in the area of the dead and opened the transmission portal.

When the space vibration was activated again, he could be transported far away from Jiuzhou with only five breaths.

At the moment, everyone was silent, and no one dared to stop him.

They did not dare to. There was no one who dared to.

Kill my people, and just like this you think you can leave? The three old domain masters faces were as cold as ice.

Su Yu slowly straightened up and gazed at them as they hid deep in the clouds. It was inconvenient for them to show themselves in public. Indifferently, Su Yu said, You can try to stop me if you are not afraid of death.

Time was fixed to cooperate with the big sun to kill the immortals and kill the top Vientiane. Even if the cooperation was good and the timings were right, it might not succeed.

If the three old domain masters had the courage to fight, they would have already started. How could they still threaten him with words now?

What really put them in a spot was that if they didnt show up, they would be blamed by the Central Prefectures King.

Hes evil! Can we let it go? Sure enough, they just yelled at each other, but they didnt dare to get too close. They were awed by the nine deadly experiences of the Master of the Heavenly Knife Region, especially the new corpse lying on the ground.

They didnt want to fight with Su Yu, but they had to pretend. In fact, they were the ones who were eager for Su Yu to leave immediately.

There were still four breaths left.

Su Yu was counting silently. So were the three old domain masters.

The Master of the Heavenly Knife Region was stunned. He could not help but scold the others. You three old people are greedy for life and afraid of death!

The old domain masters who had lived for thousands of years could see more clearly than the Master of the Heavenly Knife Region. What was the most important thing in the world: skill, elixir, or opportunity?

No, it wass life!

Now, they had reached the peak of Vientiane. The Central Prefectures King himself was just a fairy, and he couldnt give them the chance to be a fairy.

So, why were they using their lives as an exchange for the reward of the Central Prefectures King?

Looking at this scene, the master of Heaven Dao Domain was very upset. He had known this before. He really shouldnt tell the truth.

So, a very strange scene appeared.

Three venerable old domain masters of Central City stood in front of Su Yu and threatened him with indignation. Su Yus ears seemed to close the gate halfway, but he closed his eyes and said nothing.

Three more breaths were left.

Two breaths!

The three old domain masters were all nervous. They wished they could help to speed up the operation of the transportation portal.

One breath!

The three men were secretly relieved. They looked at each other and tacitly smiled. Who wanted to kill who?


A muffled sound was heard.

However, it was not the successful operation of the transportation portal, but the sudden destruction of it!

The faces of the three men were stiff. They stared at Su Yu in disbelief.

Su Yu had broken the transportation portal!

With his finger pointing at the portal, some Qi could make it stop working.

Well, youre here at last. Su Yu closed his eyes, then slowly opened the, and looked into the Void above his head.