The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Reconnecting Internal Blood Energy Channels

"Arrogant as always! You're practically disabled from those injuries! If only you weren't around! During the Fight of the Century, I would have been the undisputed strongest person on Shenyue island If you weren't around, Xianer would have been my woman! This is my life's greatest regret! But now, sending you to your death can at least ease some of my regrets! So, Su Yu, die! This is your fate!" Liu Guang shouted angrily, "Claw of the Divine Eagle!"

Infused with spiritual energy, the claw appeared to be that of the Ninth Heaven Eagle. As it rushed downwards, it seemed powerful enough to shred earth and sea.

Su Yu was heavily injured. Thus, his current strength was not even thirty percent of his peak strength! Such a powerful claw would be difficult to take on!

However, Su Yu had his own tricks up his sleeves!

"Divine Ice Thread!" Su Yu raised his finger as the Divine Ice Ring emitted extremely cold air.

Liu Guang, who was charging forward, momentarily felt a chill run down his spine. His face instantly stiffened, "When did you obtain such a horrifying ring?"

A bad premonition enveloped his heart.

"There's no need for you to know!" Su Yu flicked his finger!


A long, thin thread of crystal clear shot forward alongside a horrifying cold air!


Wherever the thin silk passed, be it the skies, the earth, the rocks, or the river streams... anything that possessed a form was turned into cold ice.


Liu Guang shrieked in pain!

He had realized that things were not going as planned and had barely dodged the attack. However, he still could not avoid being hit by a residual wave of cold air which splashed onto his arm!

He watched, terrified, as the cold air crystallized and froze his arm on the spot! It still spread to the other parts of his body like a wildfire.

"Ah! Su Yu! Quick! Quick, retract your cold air!" Liu Guang shrieked in shock. His fear of death clouded his ability to think.


A delicate and cold thin silk had wrapped around his waist.


The remaining half of his body was instantaneously turned into cold ice!

"Su Yu! No! We are both from Shenyue island! Why is there a need for us to kill each other?" Liu Guang's suave face was filled with fright as he pleaded.

Su Yu's eyes remained indifferent as he lightly hooked his finger, "Die!"

Had Liu Guang possessed even a sliver of consideration toward their shared roots, he would not have appeared in that place and tried to kill Su Yu while he was severely injured.


The Divine Ice Threads, with a tug, shattered the frozen sculpture of Liu Guang, reducing it to countless pieces of crushed ice.

Retracting the Divine Ice Threads, Su Yu disposed all of the crushed ice into the ocean and immediately left.

Half a day later, in a faraway place, Wu Pangyun was extremely gloomy as he laughed coldly, "What a brazen guy! Under the pretext of investigating the situation, he escaped and hid from us?"

Princess Yun Yan was extremely worried. Hunting and killing the Sea Wolves Pirates was already dangerous. With Liu Guang's escape, their team's strength was further reduced.

"Why don't we go back and invite Junior Su Yu to join our team?" Princess Yun Yan deeply admired Su Yu from the bottom of her heart.

"Him? He will merely burden us! What benefits can he bring to us? Once we encounter danger, he will definitely become dead weight!" Wu Pangyun chided coldly.

Five days later, in a certain faraway island, Su Yu emerged from the cave, stretching his body as he faced the sunlight.

"Princess Yun Yan's elixirs are extremely effective in treating my wounds. The injuries were supposed to have taken ten days to heal, but they've healed in merely five days. I will definitely repay this kindness," Su Yu muttered to himself.

Suddenly, Su Yu reached towards his chest compartment and took out a jade pendant.

That jade pendant was distributed by the External Affairs Division in order to accurately determine their location,

After contemplating for a short while, Su Yu entered the ocean and stuffed the jade pendant into one of the fishes' bellies.

Looking at the frightened fish from afar, Su Yu smiled, "My specific whereabouts are better off unknown."

Flying into the clouds, Su Yu resumed the search for Sea Wolves Pirates.

A thousand miles was not considered a big space to cover. With enough altitude, it was possible for Su Yu to scan across the entire area and gain a general understanding of what was happening.

Suddenly, Su Yu's eyebrows twitched vigorously!

Within his sight, there was actually an entire group of people floating in midair. Two of them were surrounded and being attacked by the remaining group of people.

Su Yu stealthily approached and, from a distance of twenty miles away, he watched.

Two First Level Upper Tier Holy Kings and four First Level Lower Tier Holy Kings were dressed in robes. Their faces looked extremely fierce and ruthless. They were encircling two people; Wu Pangyun and Princess Yun Yan!

Wu Pangyun's face was pale. His viciously suave looks had been replaced by one of desperation and fear. A few traces of blood could be seen on his extremely pale face.

His robe had been torn in multiple areas, and he had sustained injuries all over his body. His whole body was bleeding profusely!

Princess Yun Yan's body slightly trembled, as she appeared to have expended all of her stamina. Her forehead was full of sweat which damped her silky hair.

Her elegant face was filled with bitterness and despair.

"For the last time, I'm asking you this. Did you two kill a Sea Wolves Pirate named Bai Gu, alongside ten other Half Holy Kings from the Sea Wolves Pirates? Their boat was carrying a rare treasure from the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom. Did you snatch it away as well?" Among the two First Level Holy King Upper Tier pirates, one was plump like a round ball, but his eyes were fierce and malicious. The other one was lean and short. His skin was tanned, and his face was sinister.

The remaining four First Level Lower Tier Holy Kings each had a fierce expression as well.

Wu Pangyun swallowed the blood in his mouth, "We have never seen them before! It must have been someone else!"

Both Wu Pangyun and Princess Yun Yan were able to guess that the eleven people Su Yu had killed were most likely the group of pirates they were looking for. Moreover, the precious treasure of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom was likely in Su Yu's possession.

But, no matter how they tried to explain, the pirates would never forgive them.

"Such stubbornness and foolishness! We'll take you down first!" The plump Holy King grunted.


The plump Holy King and the tan midget attacked Wu Pangyun at the same time!

The remaining four First Level Lower Tier Holy Kings surrounded Princess Yun Yan!

"The four of you! Go easy on her and don't injure her too badly. I will personally interrogate her later!" The tan midget turned his head around and smiled. His malicious eyes gave off a lustful gaze as he assessed Princess Yun Yan from head to toe.

Exuding an elegant and noble aura, she was like a celestial fairybanished to the mortal realm! Such elegance, superb looks, and curvaceous figure combined into a splendid lady was indeed a rare sight!

A group of Sea Wolves Pirates also lustfully assessed her body from head to toe. She was quite the sight to behold!

Princess Yun Yan's face was filled with shame and anger, as she gritted her teeth, "Don't you dare!"

Wu Pangyun would get a quick death, but she would be humiliated to death by countless men!


They all exchanged blows in an instant!

With the two First Level Upper Tier Holy Kings joining hands, Wu Pangyun suffered a crushing defeat and spewed blood from his mouth. With a single palm, he had been pushed back thirty feet, crashing into Princess Yun Yan.

"If Junior Su Yu were around, our situation would not be so dire," Princess Yun Yan grumbled. Su Yu's strength rivaled a First Level Upper Tier Holy Kingwith him, they would have had a sliver of hope.

Hearing that, Wu Pangyun was extremely irritated and coldly chided her in response, "You still dare to mention him? Had he not snatched away the precious treasure of the Sea Wolves Pirates, they would not have assembled to search for him. Moreover! With his level of ability, how could he be anything but dead weight to us?"

Princess Yun Yan was unable to refute him. Feeling the various unscrupulous gazes of the Sea Wolves Pirates, Princess Yun Yan resolved to die before falling into their hands, "Let's break out of the encirclement and leave this up to luck!"

Although together, the two First Level Upper Tier Holy Kings were still some distance away from them. If they seized the opportunity, they could try to rush past them an escape!

"Okay!" Wu Pangyun agreed, but a vicious look flickered in his eyes!



Right as Princess Yun Yan was preparing to break through the encirclement, a palm struck her from behind! That palm strike had struck her heart, cutting off her internal blood energy channels!

It was a severe injury!

"I can't afford to die, Princess Yun Yan, sorry!" Wu Pangyun's eyes were vicious. Absolutely cold and ruthless, that palm had pushed Princess Yun Yan toward the two First Level Upper Tier Holy Kings!

Using her as a distraction, Wu Pangyun seized the opportunity to fend off the attacks from the four Lower Tier Holy Kings and fled toward the horizon.

"Hehe, such ruthlessness and cruelty!" The tanned midget laughed coldly as he looked at Wu Pangyun's fleeing figure. He caught the severely injured Princess Yun Yan.

The plump pirate sniggered, "I'll chase after him!"

The tanned midget laughed sinisterly, "Alright, perhaps when you return from capturing him, I will be done too!"

Grabbing the extremely pale Princess Yun Yan, the tanned midget descended into a small island beneath their feet and entered a dark cave.

"The four of you, keep a lookout on the surroundings, and don't let anyone come near!" the tanned midget ordered.


Immediately, the surroundings of the cave became heavily guarded. No one could interfere with the tanned midget's plans.

Princess Yun Yan was filled with fear and hatred, "I must have been blind, to have chosen Wu Pangyun's group!"

He was so ruthless and cruel at such a crucial moment, sacrificing her for a chance to escape alive! Princess Yun Yan's heart was filled with despair!

As her meridians had been severed by Wu Pangyun's blow, the flow of her spiritual energy was disrupted. At that moment, she was no different from any other ordinary mortal woman. Her life and death were no longer controlled by her. Even if she wanted to, she could not die.

Tears of fear, hatred, and regret rolled down her cheeks.

She was afraid of was her impending, miserable fate. She hated and regretted choosing Wu Pangyun.

To be reduced to such a fate She only had herself to blame.

She waited for his awful hands to grab her, but they did not come.

Instead, alongside a crack sound, a wave of cold made her heart shudder as it filled the cave.

Looking over, a crystal-clear silk thread was wrapped around the tanned midget's neck!

A terrifying cold emanated from within the silk thread!

The tanned midget, a First Level Upper Tier Holy King, did not even have the chance to shriek before his entire head turned into ice!


Retrieving back the silk thread, the tanned midget fell to the ground, his head shattered into countless ice shards.

"Sorry, I'm late," A gentle and apologetic voice murmured.

Princess Yun Yan focused her eyes. Silhouetted against the setting sun, a gallant figure walked over concernedly.

The dim sunlight lit up the man's face as if he was a youthful deity from an old story. He was as suave as a deity, with an unparalleled charisma.

Her beautiful eyes were momentarily mesmerized.

From the voice, Princess Yun Yan knew it was Su Yu.

Yet, for some unexplainable reason, his gaze made her heart skip a beat.

In her moment of crisis, when she was down and out, the person who descended from the sky was not her fiancbut another man altogether.

Taking the tanned midget's token, Su Yu kicked away his corpse and knelt on the ground, "Princess Yun Yan, are your injuries alright? Can you walk?"

They could not stay there for long! The First Level Upper Tier Holy King was not a big issue. The big issue was that, since the Sea Wolves Pirates had re-assembled, the First Level Peak Tier and even the Second Level Holy King were not far from there!

Princess Yun Yan regained her senses after sitting, mesmerized. Holding onto the wall for support, she stood up with much difficulty.

The slightest of movements would trigger a jolt in her severed internal blood energy channels, causing her face to reveal a pained expression, "I... am fine... Ah..."

A sharp pain was felt in the area near her heart, causing her stagger.

Su Yu managed to grab her slender waist in time. Hesitantly, Su Yu offered an idea, "If... Princess Yun Yan doesn't mind, I can carry you to a safe spot for you to recover."

"No... no need." Princess Yun Yan forced out a smile and put on a brave front. She used up her remaining strength to try and support herself.

However, she did not have the strength to leave Su Yu's arms!

"Pardon my rudeness!" There was not much time left. Su Yu carried Princess Yun Yan on his back as he generated a gust of wind beneath his feet, exiting the cave.

At the entrance to the cave stood four life-like Holy King ice sculptures. They had been silently killed by Su Yu and had their tokens taken away from them.

After half a day, Su Yu and Princess Yun Yan arrived at another discreet island.

"Where is your injury? I can help you check," putting her down, Su Yu flustered in concern.

"No need, the internal blood energy channels near my heart have been severed..." Princess Yun Yan gave a bitter smile and she waved her hand. Her gloomy eyes carried a tinge of sadness...

Severed internal blood energy channels? Su Yu was astonished. He gave her a serious look, "If you don't cure it in time, as time passes, the severed internal blood energy channels will be difficult to re-attach and you won't be able to use spiritual energy for the rest of your life."

Princess Yun Yan revealed a bitter look, "I was blind, to actually believe Wu Pangyun. I only have myself to blame! Junior Su Yu, you need not care about my injuries..."

"If I remember correctly if someone else injects spiritual energy into your body, it will help re-attach your internal blood energy channels, right? If Princess Yun Yan trusts me enough, perhaps I can give it a shot," Su said calmly.

Su Yu had a sliver of weak spiritual energyThat was enough to heal her injuries.

"No!" Without any hesitation, Princess Yun Yan rejected Su Yu's offer. She was not close to Su Yuthey were practically strangers! It was simply too hard for her to easily accept Su Yu's kindness.

"If you really want to give up, I will not force you," Su Yu sighed, respecting Princess Yun Yan's intentions. He would not pressure her.

But, she was giving up on cultivation. She would live her life as a worthless person for the rest of her days...

Princess Yun Yan's heart ached. The competition in Zhenlong Continent was extremely harsh. Without any abilities...

She knew very well that, if she left the injury to worsen, her fate would be a collection of misery, starting with her giving up on martial arts for the rest of her life.

However, she was simply reluctant to receive an outsider's aid so readily.

Raising her head, Princess Yun Yan looked into Su Yu's eyes. She could not help but ask out of curiosity, "Why are you helping me so much? You have no interest in me, right? Why else would you help me so much?"

Su Yu sighed. Not only did this woman possess exceptional class and beauty, she was also very intelligent. In an instant, she had understood that Su Yu had no evil intentions. Otherwise, with her severe injuries, it would be easy for Su Yu to take advantage of her if he wanted to.

With a faint expression like the clear winds under a spring moon, Su Yu gave off an exceptionally sincere smile, "I despise being indebted to someone. That time, when I was lonely, injured, and helpless, it was you who helped me out, who gave me elixirs to aid my recovery. Since then, I have been indebted to you. Now that you are in trouble, I am bound by duty to help you."

Repay his gratitude? For a mere elixir? Princess Yun Yan was momentarily stunned. She had thought of many reasons, just not this one.

It was only an elixir. To her, it was merely helping out a fellow exam candidate, something that was naturally expected. Yet, Su Yu had saved her life in return.

"Time is scarce. Princess, don't worry too much," Su Yu said sternly.

Princess Yun Yan stared at Su Yu and revealed a wide smile, "You, Junior Su Yu, are very weird."