The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Demonic God Of Withered Bones

Chapter 1091: Demonic God of Withered Bones

The lights flickered and transformed into the blood-red mass of a dwarfish human figure the mere size of a palm.

The dwarfs face was clearly discernible. He had a pair of pitch-black, sharp horns on top of his head and sharp fangs protruding from the corners of his mouth. His extremely hideous blood-red eyes resembled the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys.

At that moment, the dwarfish elder had his hands behind his back and was looking the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy up and down with great interest, half-smiling.

Linlangs gorgeous face changed. Youre the Demonic God of Withered Bones?

Hehe, it seems like you still remember me, the Demonic God of Withered Bones said with a smirk.

Upon hearing that, the crowd was stupefied!

This person was also a demonic God? The faces of the people of the Central Prefecture who were confined within the nearest hundred thousand miles turned pale with fright.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys eyes were full of complicated emotions. Slightly clutching her dainty fists, she questioned in a low voice, Why are you here in Jiuzhou? And why are you left with only your soul and godly spirit?

Her crystal-like eyes were gleaming, and they were filled with suspicion and doubt.

You dont need to know about that, the Demonic God of Withered Bones sneered in a mocking way.

The two of them exchanged remarks that no one else understood. They did not seem to have a relationship of acquaintances of the same race, but more of an intimate one that no outsiders could understand or intervene in.

Do you need any help? After all, weve known each other for a long time. Linlang was twirling a strand of hair that fell in front of her chest with half a smile on her face.

A soundless, dangerous look crept into Linlangs eyes. It was rather unsettling.

Hehe, its not like youre in good shape now. With your physical body missing, all you can do is attach your godly spirit to this strange body. My suggestion is that you just take care of yourself, the Demonic God of Withered Bones said with nonchalance.

They stared at each other, and even the outsiders could feel the murderous vibes erupting between them.

And just like that, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy abandoned Su Yu. Her cold stare was fixed on the Demonic God of Withered Bones as a hesitant look filled her eyes.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones merely sneered, as though he wasnt bothered in the least bit.

Seeing the two of them with daggers drawn and on the brink of a fight, the Demonic God of Withered Bones seemed to have sensed something. He shot a furtive glance at the edge of the sky, and a worried look flashed across his eyes.

Somberly, he said, Let me be honest with you, I have come here as I run away from my killers. They have arrived just outside of Jiuzhou now, and I need to use the divine-level transmission port to leave this place very soon and find a place to hide. If you dont want them to find you, youd better leave as soon as possible too.

When he finished speaking, he stepped back and flew over to the transmission portal by flight. His eyes were firmly fixed on Linlang and seemed extremely tense.

Whos hunting you down? Linlangs face changed.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones looked at the edge of the sky again, his face turning more anxious this time. Who else do you think would hunt down a demonic God?

Its them? Linlang was skeptical.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones howled, Its up to you to decide whether to believe me! Im going to leave this place right now. If you wish to die, you can take your own sweet time waiting here. Just dont drag me with you!

As he spoke, he simply hurled out several crystals, preparing to activate the divine-level transmission portal.

The look on Linlangs face kept changing, indecisive. After a brief moment, she shook her head and bellowed coldly, I still cant let you go with him!


She had no second thoughts before striking. Slamming her sleeve down in midair, the attack landed close to where Su Yu was standing.

Idiot! The Demonic God of Withered Bones was vexed. With a tap of his left hand, he shattered the space lock in the perimeter of a hundred thousand miles with ease. In the meantime, he grasped Su Yus armor with his right hand, helping him to teleport to dodge the blow.

Shortly after, a blood-red tentacle shot out from the surface of his body. It was shaped like a long whip and lashed a significant portion of the Void of the Central Prefecture City into smithereens.

The Void emerged suddenly. Not only was the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys blow engulfed, but even half of the Central Prefecture City couldnt escape the calamity as it was taken into the Space Vortex, leading to a great number of deaths and injuries.

Before the Demonic God of Withered Bones could power up another blow, Linlang snorted coldly, her silver teeth glinting with a wild icy light.

It seems like youre weaker than I expected, I suppose even your Godly Dharma Portrayal has perished! Haha, luck is on my side! I cant believe youll meet with such a fate!


In the cracked sky, an extremely humongous figure suddenly appeared. It was ten thousand feet in height, with a clear physical form. It was an entirely red demonic God.

Su Yus pupils constricted when he saw it. Wasnt it Wasnt it the original Glittering Jewel Demonic God that had been sealed in the martial tower? How had it appeared here?

But Su Yu quickly discovered that it was only a virtual shadow, a Godly Dharma Portrayal.

The demonic God was staring down at the mundane lives below it with coldness in its eyes. Its blood-red pupils were full of indifference and disdain as it shot a look at the Demonic God of Withered Bones.

The body of the Demonic God of Withered Bones that was condensed from blood light flickered nearly into non-existence. Several drops of golden blood spluttered from its mouth.

The golden blood was the divine blood that contained his godly spirit!

Su Yus eyes were filled with agitation as he stared closely as the three drops of golden blood trickling onto the ground. But he was being seized by the Demonic God of Withered Bones, so he couldnt just go over and collect them on the spot.

Linlang! Do you really want to fight me till we meet our deaths? The Demonic God of Withered Bones bellowed with ferocity as he wiped the golden blood from the corners of his mouth.

Linlangs face was icy. It was as if she resented him down to her very bones. It is thanks to you that I ended up in this condition today! I wasnt able to kill you before I became a God, and I still cant kill you even after I became a God. Now that the opportunity is right in front of me, how could I let it slip away?

Without another word, Linlang struck again. The Godly Dharma Portrayal in the sky moved along with her figure, and every move induced an uncanny phenomenon in the world. The lands in the nearest million miles were sucked dry and became a barren land.

Even the ley lines buried deep under the ground had their vitality sucked away, becoming lifeless.

The Central Prefecture City was originally a precious place rich with the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, but having sustained two blows from the Godly Dharma Portrayal, the spiritual energy dried up and withered, and the ley lines became dead.

It would take nearly a hundred years for the place to recover.

The Royal Beast State had presumably suffered the same fate as what was happening before their eyes right now.

Having taken another blow from the Godly Dharma Portrayal, the Demonic God of Withered Bones could withstand it no longer. A dull whimper escaped his throat, and another drop of golden blood oozed out, making Su Yu so excited that his eyes were shimmering.

It was too bad the Demonic God of Withered Bones hissed, and then sucked the divine blood back in, greatly disappointing Su Yu.

However, the three drops of divine blood on the ground remained uncollected!

With the benefits brought by the Divine Dragon Blood, how could Su Yu not know what a treasure divine blood was? It was worth even more than a hundred fairy artifacts!

Seeing that he wasnt a match for Linlang, the Demonic God of Withered Bones was exasperated and resentful.

He turned to glare at Su Yu instead, and quickly bellowed, Brat, were now crickets on the same rope! Linlang is too powerful, and Im no match for her. Isnt her physical body with you? Give it to me, and Ill be able to kill her.

Yun Yazi used to say that as long as it belonged to a deity, the body of the Glittering Jewel Demonic God could be manipulated by souls and godly spirits, and display power that exceeded a Mortal Fairys. It would be only slightly less powerful than a deitys.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones was left with only a remnant soul and a godly spirit. He could indeed possess the Glittering Jewel Demonic Gods body.

Dont be fooled! Linlang yelled, her heart sinking when she heard what the Demonic God of Withered Bones was saying. But then she thought of Su Yu and felt relieved. With his intelligence, Su Yu would be able to sort out the gains and losses involved?

The look on her face softened a little, and Linlang said, Su Yu, this is a battle between Withered Bones and me. I hope that you dont get involved.

How could Su Yu not make sense of it?

Since he had refused to hand the body to Linlang, he definitely wouldnt hand it to another strange demonic God.

With a small turn of his eyes, Su Yu said, My life is in his hands, and Im in no place to decide. Ill take the body out, and the two of you can fight for it.

No way!


Withered Bones and Linlang uttered at the same time. One was anxious, and the other overjoyed.

Su Yu was in Withered Bones clutches. Who had the best chance of getting the body?

Apart from that, Withered Bones was a pure soul body, and he could occupy the physical body of a demonic God with great ease.

On the other hand, Linlang already had a body, and she had united with another soul of the same origin not long ago. If she were to merge with the demonic Gods body, it would take quite a long time. How could she fight Withered Bones?

The Demonic God of Withered Bones standing in front you is one of the most ruthless demonic Gods. He has slaughtered humans! Hes ten thousand times more evil than I am.

Once you release the demonic Gods body, youll lose your value to him, and hell kill you instantly. While you still have the demonic Gods body with you, he wont act recklessly or harm you just yet. You have to consider this carefully! Linlangs pristine face was full of worry.

Su Yu couldnt help but roll his eyes. Youre not ashamed to call someone else evil. I dont remember ever seeing you being kind.

Linlang was stunned for a second before saying with resentment, Have I Have I ever laid a finger on you? I only devoured the souls and hearts to replenish my energy. Hes different! He kills humans for entertainment.

Brat, I can swear to the inner demons. If you hand over the demonic Gods body, I will not put you in a difficult position. How about that? Hints of slyness were visible on Withered Bones face.

Besides, if I get killed by her, wont it be easy for me to use you as a shield?

Upon hearing that, Su Yus eyes kept flickering as if he was thinking deeply.

After a brief moment, Su Yu gritted his teeth. Ive made up my mind! I will hand over the demonic Gods body!

When he finished, Su Yu tapped his chest with a palm. An ancient bronze tower emerged on his palm, and with a move of his thoughts, the hundredth story of the ancient tower was opened abruptly.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones was on cloud nine. He could clearly sense the scent of the demonic Gods body.

Im about to release it! Su Yu bellowed. He squeezed the martial tower with both hands, and a mass of shocking demonic energy was unleashed turbulently all of a sudden.

You! Linlang was petrified, she wasnt bothered about killing Withered Bones anymore. By teleportation, she reached out to grasp the demonic Gods body that was on the verge of flying out.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones couldnt help but burst out laughing. With a pinch of his fingers, he took control of the roiling enormous demonic energy and caught it in his hand. Hahaha, Linlang, thanks for the body

Suddenly, Withered Bones whimpered as an old, weathered hand emerged from within the demonic energy and pressed down on his skull.

With a crack, Withered Bones soul body was smashed into countless fragments as he recoiled ten thousand feet away with golden blood the size of a fist. He condensed into a blood-red human figure all over again but was obviously much weaker than he had previously had been.

His hideous face was full of terror and anger. Who did that?!

An old, worn figure of a human strode out from the demonic energy with his hands behind his back, staring indifferently at the Demonic God of Withered Bones before him.

Upon closer inspection, the Demonic God of Withered Bones face fell drastically. This person was the spirit of a God that carried godly spirit.

Linlang stopped in her tracks, as an unnoticeable, taunting smirk danced at the corner of her lips. She shot Su Yu a glance of praise.

This brat had endless shady schemes up his sleeve!

When Su Yu was about to unleash the demonic Gods body, she already knew that Su Yu was playing a trick. Her anxious gestures were merely an act to keep up with Su Yus performance, to lure Withered Bones into the trap.

She had not believed that Su Yu would really release the demonic Gods body.

Another remnant soul of a demonic God, Yun Yazi remarked with boredom as he gazed at the Demonic God of Withered Bones.

Withered Bones stared at the elder before him, extremely fearful. The reason that the blow did not kill him just now was that this remnant godly soul had limited capabilities, but it was still a powerful enemy.

If this person teamed up with Linlang, Withered Bones would probably perish completely today, and his godly spirit would be killed too.

Who are you? Withered Bones asked nervously.

Yun Yazi glanced at him and Linlang and took a few steps back, keeping Su Yu behind him. Placidly, he said, It doesnt matter who I am. I dont plan to get involved in your love and hate. You can decide for yourselves.

As he spoke, he brought Su Yu onto the transmission portal and started it.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones heaved a slight sigh of relief, his eyes glancing over stealthily as he stared at the portal that had entered a state of transmission.

Linlang held back the words on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to stop Su Yu from leaving but did not do so amidst her hesitation.

If Yun Yazi was forced to stay, he would certainly join hands with the Demonic God of Withered Bones to fight against her, so she might as well deal with Withered Bones by herself, and Yun Yazi later.

After weighing up the benefits and the disadvantages, Linlang stared at the portal but did not reach out to stop them.

Three breaths were left now, and the portal was about to perform a complete transmission.

Two breaths!

One breath!

All of a sudden, the Demonic God of Withered Bones moved, suddenly transforming into a mass of blood light and dashing towards the portal. It turned out that he was attempting to flee with the help of the residual waves of the transmission port!