The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 Visitors From Another World

Chapter 1092: Visitors from Another World

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy fixed her eyes on Su Yu. She would never allow him to run away! She laughed coldly as her Divine Lakshana Power descended like a collapsing sky. It was about to crush the Demonic God of Withered Bones into pieces.

The Legendary Transportation Portal would also be crushed by the Divine Lakshana Power of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

Seeing this, Yun Yazi became quite serious. He waved the sleeves of his robe and covered the transportation portal with a mysterious force.

As the Divine Lakshana Power descended, several clicking sounds could be heard from the transportation portal. Then, thickly-dotted cracks could be seen.

Nobody knew what method Yun Yazi was using. He used his divine power in the portal but didnt hinder the running of the portal at all.

At last, the transportation portal was activated successfully. Along with a flashing of a beam of light, Su Yu disappeared in the portal.

Before being taken away, Su Yu managed to extract the three drops of divine blood which had been left on the ground into his hands.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones roared as the Divine Lakshana fell down. His skin was covered by the golden liquid flowing out from his body. The next moment, he had become a golden figure which was doing its best to resist the falling Divine Lakshana Power.

However, the divine blood on his skin was evaporating continuously, and he was suffering from heavy blood loss. It seemed that he would not be able to resist the attack for long.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy couldnt help but laugh loudly. Hah! Hah! Hah! Withered Bones, I will take away your Celestial Energy Sphere today to vent my hatred!

Then, she prepared to crush the Demonic God of Withered Bones completely with the Divine Lakshana.

Just at this moment, a majestic divine force descended from the sky and became an enormous divine sword. It quickly flew towards the two Demonic Gods.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones expression changed drastically. Oh, no, they have arrived!

The smile on the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys face was frozen. She who shouted in surprise, They are really here!

The next moment, the divine sword lacerated the Void above the Central City and created a horrible vibration. It seemed that the space where the entire Jiuzhou Continent was located was almost smashed by this divine sword.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy gave up her attempts to kill the Demonic God of Withered Bones. She did her best to overcome the fear in her heart by clenching her teeth. Then, she tried to resist the divine sword using the Divine Lakshana power.

The Divine Lakshana Power roared angrily as it attacked the divine sword with both of its tremendous hands.

However, the Divine Lakshana was not able to rival the mighty power of the divine sword. The next moment, the powerful Divine Lakshana was cut into two halves by the divine sword.

When the Divine Lakshana was destroyed, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy turned pale as she spat out a mouthful of golden blood. Then, her body was blasted into small pieces!

After the explosion of her body, a small Demonic God, who was only half as tall as Su Yu, ran away by tearing the Void open. She carried a lump of golden blood in her arms.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones also ran away when the Divine Lakshana resisted the divine sword.


After a short while, two beams of divine light descended from the sky. Then, two young Soul Bodies appeared.

Their Soul Bodies were very substantial, which meant they had at least reached the level of Mortal Fairy.

What a pity! The Red Dust Swordmaster failed to kill the Demonic God of Withered Bones who managed to run away! The tanned young man on the left was quite arrogant and intractable.

With a small golden fan in his hand, the young man on the right was quite handsome and graceful. With a gentle smile, he said, If the Red Dust Swordmaster attacked him personally, Withered Bones would have been killed. It is a pity that he can not come here. He had to send his clone to attack them. Also, another Demonic God was hiding here just now. If she hadnt sacrificed her Divine Lakshana Power, the two Demonic Gods would have already been killed!

Right! That she-devil was also seriously wounded. Now, both of them are on the run. Lets split up to hunt them down! the arrogant young man said.

The gentle young man nodded his head. OK! I will continue to chase Withered Bones. That she-devil is yours!

Instead of starting their chase immediately, they looked around the area.

Lets find a body for our Soul first. Alas! We cant enforce the law with our bodies when we come across to another world. And we have to take possession of other peoples bodies every time! The gentle young man sighed with embarrassment as he glanced at the Central City.

Their attack just now had ruined the bustling Central City completely. Luckily, most people in this city had been frightened away, so, their attack hadnt caused serious casualties.

Is nobody here? The gentle young man frowned. Then, his eyes lit up because he spotted a figure who was frantically running away millions of kilometers in the distance. With a faint smile, he said with, Let me borrow your body temporarily!

He simply waved the small golden fan in his hand slightly. Then, the Heavenly Knife Region Master, who was running in the Void millions of kilometers away, was devoured by an invisible space force. The next moment, a gap appeared in the Void in front of the gentle young man, and the Heavenly Knife Region Master fell out.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master was totally shocked by this young man who could bring him, a peak All Creation expert, to this place easily. So, he asked in terror, Who are you?

The gentle young man smiled but said nothing. Then, he flew into the body of the Heavenly Knife Region Master like a beam of light.

The next moment, a Soul Body who was terrified and angry was forcibly pushed out from the body of the Heavenly Knife Region Master.

His body had been possessed! His body had been possessed by someone forcibly.

The Heavenly Knife Region Master was so terrified that he ran away immediately because he didnt have the guts to get his body back.

At the same time, the arrogant young man also captured a man who was one of the old Region Masters. Then, he took possession of the old Region Masters body in the same way.

When the Soul Body of the old Region Master was pushed out, he kept yelling in terror and was about to run away.

The arrogant young man punched his Soul Body with a disdainful smile. In this way, the Soul of a mighty peak All Creations expert was smashed.

The gentle young man furrowed his eyebrows and said, Why did you insist on killing him? Anyway, he was a person of the Jiuzhou Continent!

Casually, the arrogant young man replied, Anyway, the deity in this world is dead. Without the protection of a deity, I can kill anyone in this place! Also, our identity remains secret. We cant let others know we are here!

Hearing this, the gentle young man sighed as he left by jumping into the Void.

The arrogant young man snorted disdainfully when he saw the gentle young man leave. Then, he also jumped into the Void and started to hunt down the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

The Central City was ruined within a day. Two Demonic Gods had started a fierce fight, which attracted the mysterious experts to come to the Jiuzhou Continent. The news spread across Jiuzhou like wildfire.

In a bustling city on the Eastern Continent, the Legendary Transportation Portal which had been silent for several days was lit up in the transportation hall.

The All Creations Old Monster who was guarding this place was a Stage six All Creations woman. This elegant and poised woman was wearing a purple waistcoat and a long silk dress. Now, she was performing training with her eyes closed and her legs crossed.

Suddenly, the transportation portal started to glow and tremble slightly.

The woman opened her eyes as she said in surprise, Oh? From the Central Prefecture? Nobody from the Central Prefecture arrived in the Eastern Continent in the last few days!

She was slightly surprised. Then, she closed her eyes and continued to train as she ignored the person who had just arrived through transportation.

In the halo, Su Yu showed up. Then, he felt the long-lost dizziness.

This extra-long transportation had lasted for one hour and had really made him feel terrible.

However, Su Yu didnt have time to pay attention to his pale face at this moment.

Shortly after his transportation, the space of the entire Jiuzhou Continent vibrated violently. The transportation passage of the Legendary Transportation Portal was cut off by a magnificent divine force.

Then, horrible space vortexes started to sweep across the Void. The situation was extremely urgent.

Yun Yazi stopped the space vortexes in the passage and had bought enough time for Su Yu to leave successfully.

He managed to arrive on the Eastern Continent. But Yun Yazi was still trapped in the Void and nobody knew he was alive or dead.

What happened? What caused such a serious space disorder? Su Yu felt an upsurge of emotion. Now, his mind was full of concern about the safety of Yun Yazi.

If Yun Yazi had been killed by the space vortexes, Su Yu would live with the regret for the rest of his life.

Young man, stop making blind and disorderly conjectures. Your old master is an extraordinary expert who will never die in the space vortexes! The Evil Gods ridicule came into his mind.

The Evil Gods firm tone influenced Su Yu, whose heart was put at rest when he thought of Yun Yazis mysterious strength.

I will stay here for one more day. If he could arrive here in time, he will find me easily! Su Yu thought to himself.

The Evil God didnt care about the time at all. Then, he said with a smile, Young man, thank you for the feast you prepared. Over 10,000 Souls! Tsk! Tsk! They look so delicious!

Helplessness and worry appeared on Su Yus face.

Su Yu didnt want to feed the Evil God with these Souls because it would definitely strengthen the Evil God remarkably.

The Soul Space was very strong, but Su Yu was not sure whether the Soul Space could restrain the Evil God when he finished devouring these souls.

Why do frail deities like you enjoy devouring the Souls of creatures so much? Su Yu said in disgust.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, the Demonic God of Withered Bones and the Evil God recovered their Primordial Qi by devouring Souls. The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy and the Demonic God of Withered Bones even had to devour hearts for that.

Is it very difficult to understand? The Souls of creatures in the living world were created by the Deities with Celestial Energy Sphere. So, their Souls are very pure and clean. Therefore, we can resupply Celestial Energy Sphere by devouring the Souls of creatures. Although their Soul only has a little Celestial Energy Sphere, every little makes a mickle. Otherwise, how could the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy become stronger in such a short time? She absorbed a lot of Celestial Energy Sphere by devouring the Souls of all creatures in the Royal Beast State! the Evil God said casually. He took it all for granted.

A strand of anger flashed in Su Yus eyes. He said seriously, What are the Souls of creatures for deities like you?

Eh, I guess they are nourishments the Evil God said with a smile. Calm down! When you are able to create life, your attitude towards life will be changed. For most deities, lives are just small Celestial Energy Spheres! They could create and recycle them at any time!

The Sacred Kylin of the Jiuzhou Continent also thinks in this way. For him, life is also a Celestial Energy Sphere. So, they killed the geniuses on the Jiuzhou Continent with an easy conscience!

Hearing this, Su Yu felt powerless!

The creators of life, including the Sacred Kylin, treated life with indifference.

The Sacred Kylin used to say the death of the geniuses on the Jiuzhou Continent was for their own good. Su Yu could never forget his words.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy also agreed that their death was for their own good.

Now, Su Yu had got a broad understanding of the meaning of these words.

What are you waiting for? You cant stay around the Legendary Transportation Portal for a long time! the well-dressed woman said calmly without even opening her eyes.

Her words surprised Su Yu who jumped out of the portal. He folded his hands at the woman. I will leave here immediately! he said.

When he walked out of the transportation hall, Su Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at the transportation portal. The next moment, a Space Nail in his sleeve disappeared.

When Su Yu left the hall, the well-dressed woman glanced at him from behind casually. Then, her eyes lit up. Is this guy

The woman was radiant with joy. She stood up and ran out of the hall as she murmured delightedly, Its him! I didnt expect he would come to the Eastern Continent! He really saved me a lot of time!La