The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Sealing The Portal

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Lady Hua rushed out to follow Su Yu, but there was no sign of him.

Within the crowd, an elder with the air of otherworldliness suddenly turned his head towards the temple. He had seen the woman out of the corner of his eye as she raced out.

Have the criminals wanted by the Central Prefectures King come to Jiuzhou? Su Yu thought to himself. Fortunately, he had been quick to use the Power of Time to change his entire appearance. He would have been in trouble if he had attracted an All Creation Peaks Level Old Monster.

While looking for a place to stay, Su Yu quietly waited for Yun Yazi.

If Yun Yazi was unharmed then he should find Su Yus aura and follow it here within a day. But if harm had come to him

Shaking his head, Su Yu turned his palm to take out the three golden drops of blood, the Demonic God of Withered Bones divine blood.

Staring at the blood, Su Yus expression brightened as he lifted the drops to his forehead.

All of a sudden, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron deep within his spirit absorbed the drops of blood into the cauldron. It was as if it were conscious.

Only a thin layer of red liquid remained, and then a little more came out.

Su Yu furrowed his brows. Before, a single drop of Divine Dragon Blood had allowed the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron to leave behind a layer of divine blood equal to about ten percent of the cauldrons capacity.

How was it that three drops of divine blood produced the same result?

Remembering the Evil Gods words about a particularly strong Divine Dragon, Su Yu reasoned that perhaps divine blood also had different levels of strength.

Staring earnestly at the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, he felt satisfied that the cauldron had delivered on its promise. It shook for a moment as a bit more divine blood flowed out.

When it flowed over the Emerald Dragon, it again allowed a third of the dragon body to crystallize. Including the last time, two-thirds of the body had now been crystallized.

Its heart was beating with waves of warmth as the Emerald Dragon in his left palm became even more bright and clear, shining with crystal light.

At the same time, a strange message entered his mind.

Everlasting heart Su Yu felt confused. Surprise gradually appeared in his eyes, and they widened in a deep glow.

Su Yus heart was a jade-green crystal, and it was beating non-stop. It was incredibly full of life power.

If this was Lord Yinmus life source, it would still not compare to the richness of Su Yus life power.

Moreover, even if spent entirely, it could still continuously reproduce until the heart shattered.

With this heart to support him, anytime Su Yu used time retrogradation, he would not need to be concerned.

The Dragon of Life Crystallization formed in such a short time! It was due to the divine blood. I took the right step! Su Yu was pleased.

Continuing to search within himself, Su Yu discovered two other kinds of energy.

He was familiar with one of them. It was dragon energy. The other energy was foreign to him.

The dragon energy must have come from the dragon blood which had entered Su Yus veins.

The foreign energy was the Demonic Gods blood, and it contained the Demonic Gods energy.

Out of the two kinds of energy, the dragon energy was clearly superior to the ordinary Demonic God energy. But even the lesser energy was far beyond a humans power.

Also, this time with the divine blood, a tremendous amount of power had rushed into his Dantian.

After his power expanded with Divine Dragon Blood last time, Su Yus Dantian had become enormous. It was eighty times the size of a Stage Nine Fairys. This time, however, the power that came into him was easily absorbed, and it did not explode like before.

I will forever sacrifice everything in search of Divine Blood. Revealing the potential of the Nine-Dragon Divine Cauldron is the right path. Su Yus hand rested on his chin as he reflected deeply.

After the brief rest, Su Yu turned his hand over and took out the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art and Five Elements Divine Prison.

Before the divine ordeal, he had learned to break through on the spot. But sometimes his will would get in the way and he would not be able to do so. Often, he would waste the effects of the Honey of a Hundred Flowers.

However, the training for both was very similar with only a hairs difference between the two.

Slowing his heart, Su Yu made time accelerate. He was striving to complete the training for both within a day.

Dusk was growing near. Demonic energy surrounded Su Yus body, with wispy tendrils of it materializing in thin air.

Fortunately, the strange forms quickly disappeared and did not leave a mark.

After a long while, Su Yus eyes fluttered as a dark mass of demonic energy spewed out. At first glance, it seemed as if the Demon Clan was training.

Looking down at his chest, Su Yu felt strange. Previously, when training a Demonic Dragon entirely, there would be a dragon howl. But today, despite my success, there is only silence?

Situated on a busy street, the inns Isolation Spell was not advanced. Su Yu did not want to reveal his powers in the public space.

Yun Yazi was very impressed by this cultivation technique. I wonder how it has changed since the training was completed, Su Yu thought to himself. Yun Yazi had told him before that this cultivation technique was not simply a legendary demonic technique and that Su Yu must complete the entire training.

Holding off his eagerness to use the technique, Su Yu calmed his heart to practice Five Elements Divine Prison.

He had one hundred Demon Clan inscriptions to comprehend and was able to use ten percent of Five Elements Divine Prisons power to do so. He now understood ninety-nine. The last inscription still escaped him.

Looking at the last of the inscriptions, Su Yus mind melded into the words, making sense of the mysteries within them.

Time raced by.

The next afternoon, Su Yu abruptly opened his eyes and raised his hand to grab at the air in front of him.

A ray of gray light shined from a crack in the void. Su Yu grasped it in one hand.

Surprise attack? the Evil God, who was vigilantly watching the outside world, asked.

Su Yu shook his head. No, it has the aura of the master.

Spreading open his palm, he saw a soul transforming spot of light bearing a message.

His heart and face reflected concern as Yu Yazis voice entered his mind. Otherworldly incredible sword shattered Jiuzhou. Something mysterious has landed outside of Jiuzhou. I will go to investigate. Do not worry about me.

Su Yu opened his eyes, slightly bewildered. Something mysterious has happened outside of Jiuzhou. What could it be that the master had to go investigate himself?

However, he relaxed knowing that his master was safe.

Holding the Five Elements Divine Prison in his hand, Su Yu furrowed his brow and took a deep breath. I am still blocked by a layer. I cannot comprehend this last bit. What am I missing?

He had failed to understand the final inscription several times. Su Yu began to think that perhaps he required more than his own insight. He needed help from somewhere else.

Boy, did you say that your master is alright? What will you do next? Go directly to the Great Oriental Family? To find that two-faced girl? the Evil God said, teasingly.

Su Yu shook his head. A space nail slid out from his sleeve.

I still have to seal the Transportation Spell Divine Level. The space nail was saved specifically to handle this moment.

The Evil Gods eyes focused on Su Yu. Is this to stop the Central Prefectures King from attacking?

Su Yus eyes gleamed. Yes, judging from the current situation, my tribulation is already in the hands of the Central Prefectures King.

And it is now two days since the Heavenly Disaster. According to the Tribulation of Three Nines, the pattern is one tribulation per nine days. The tribulation will take place in seven days. We might meet face to face then.

The Evil God responded, What is your strategy? From what I know, it doesnt matter whether the Tribulation of Three Nines is real or fake. It cannot be avoided. You had urged the Duanxian Cliffmaster to help you hinder the Central Prefecture King for nine days. I think that will be difficult.

I did not expect him to. Su Yu sighed knowingly. The Central Prefectures King has a lot of resources hidden away. Despite having superior power, the Duanxian Cliffmaster cannot hold the Continents Eleven Mortal Fairies off for nine days. But it will buy me several days time and that should be enough.

And I have this space nail, it can prevent the Central Prefectures King from going to Jiuzhou for a short while. This will give me a couple more days. Even for Mortal Fairies, it would take a day to cross a continent. It would take at least two days to travel from the Central Prefecture to the Eastern Continent.

The Evil God snickered. And so, your remaining faith is in the hands of the girl of the Great Oriental Family?

No! Su Yu vehemently shook his head. I draw faith from myself!

Touching the space ring, Su Yus face turned cold. If the tribulation is not from him then all is well. But if it is, I have a gift for him!

Outside the Divine Level Transportation Temple, Lady Hua kept careful watch over the portal, remaining steadfast in her post. Her eyes showed regret. What a pity that I have not found Su Yu, however

As she speculated, a youth in a silver mask stepped into the portal.

Lady Hua glanced up then without any reaction then turned her eyes away.

The silver masked youth ran up to the Divine Level Transportation Portal then positioned several pieces of gemstones as he prepared to operate it.

Unexpectedly, the silver-masked youth reached out his hand, shooting a space nail into the portal from his palm into the.

Even though Lady Hua did not look over, she secretly took notice of the person using the portal. She realized that he was using the space nail, a forbidden item. Within her calm expression was a hint of annoyance as she said, Why are there always nonsensical people? They keep trying in vain to seal the Divine Level Transportation Portal.

She felt numb to these actions since it had happened before.

Her wide sleeves and light gown moved, and a light wind blew across, enveloping the silver-masked youth in the Voids power. He could not move. The space nail in his palm noiselessly flew to the womans hand.

Her bright eyes quietly looked at the youth. Gently shaking her head, she said, Who directed you

And then, a divine harmony trickled out as a giant hand suddenly brushed over the land, freeing the silver-masked youth from the Voids power.

The youth used this opportunity to take out the second space nail from his sleeves and shoot it into the portal.

Lady Huas face began to show anger. How dare you!

She suddenly got up, her face a cold, ghastly color. It was better to keep some distance between them.

All of a sudden, the intimidating All Creations Power tossed away the silver masked youth and the space nail.

As she prepared to intervene a second time, a kind of void energy appeared that enveloped the silver masked youth and the space nail. It appeared suddenly and then disappeared.

Huh! Lady Huas face was cold. A single hand tore at the void, chasing the youth doggedly.

She did not know that right after she left her post, the ground expelled bursts of ghost energy. They were caused by an adorable little girl who belonged to the Ghost Clan.

The girl felt around cautiously, and a wisp of smoke stuck onto the portal. Smiling, she took out a space nail and shot it into the portal.

At the same moment, the color of her face changed. She lifted her head to look over and saw a face, close to hers, that looked neither happy nor unhappy

With all my years guarding this temple, how can a lure the tiger out of the mountains distraction tactic fool me? Her face was cold. If this was not Lady Hua, then who was she?

You are the one pulling the strings? Ghost Clan, huh A veil drew down across Lady Huas face, and her eyes stared out intently. Sheng Ge sighed as if she had been knocked upside down by a heavy hammer.

Her response was extremely fast. She changed into a cloud of ghost energy and seeped into the deep ground.

Lady Hua stared down coldly as if she could see deep into the ground. Her sight went from within the temple to outside.

Sighing indifferently, Lady Hua stepped into the Void to chase Sheng Ge.

Upon her departure, an otherworldly elder walked importantly into the temple, a slight smile on his lips. Luring the tiger away from the mountain is not worth a mention but what if its used in succession?

Within his palm was another space nail. His eyes narrowing, Su Yu shot it into the portal.

However, as the space nail was about to enter the portal, a pale, smooth palm suddenly reached out of the Void and easily caught it. A voice said, That distraction tactic does not even work when used successively!

Su Yus face froze. Staring hard at the pale, smooth palm, he softly replied, Are you not afraid of scaring people when you suddenly reach out your hand,?

There was silence in the Void. Lady Hua had never thought that Su Yu would say such a thing.