The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094 Mass Blind Date

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A figure emerged from the Void. The elegant woman looked Su Yu up and down with a measuring glance. She had ascertained that Su Yu was the real manipulator behind the scenes, whereas the two before had only been covering up for him.

When she heard Su Yus words, she chortled. Shouldnt you be the one to feel guilty, now that your trick has been exposed?

Indeed, she was curious that he was daring enough to stand before her so brazenly after being exposed, instead of running away.

Im helping the Great Oriental Family to test the security of your divine-level portal. Why should I feel guilty?

The woman was speechless.

The reason he gave was too

The elegant woman was amused and embarrassed at the same time. She hid the surprise on her face and scrutinized Su Yu calmly.

Youre quite an interesting person, she said. Forget it, Ill let you live today, and send you to the Great Oriental Family for interrogation. Then, my people can deal with you.

As she spoke, she assumed a stance that indicated she was about to captivate Su Yu with the Power of Space.

But Su Yu was calm and unhurried. Standing near to her, he suddenly activated Time Freezing and froze her on the spot.

Despite being a Peak All Creations, she was influenced by the Power of Time, and her moves became slow and stagnant.

Hehe, you are fooled, auntie! Shengge, who had obviously run away, appeared from beneath the formation all of a sudden and brutally slammed the Space Nail in her hand into the portal.

In a flash, the talisman on the divine-level transmission port turned dull and died out immediately. It was now unable to operate.

The woman attempted to stop it but it was too late, and the realization struck her all of a sudden. This was their last ace!

They caused her to let her guard down after seizing Su Yu, the real manipulator behind the scenes, and took the opportunity to hammer in the Space Nail.

Staring at the smug Shengge, the woman ground her silver teeth. She was extremely vexed and frustrated. Who did you call auntie? Im only 200 years old!

Shengges eyes went saucer wide.

Alright, lets get out of here! Su Yu rolled his big sleeves up and took Shengge into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl again. He transformed himself into a sharp arrow and shot towards the crowd outside the palace.

After the passing of ten breaths and the effects of Time Freezing disappeared, the woman regained her mobility.

She turned to glance at the divine-level transmission portal that had gone completely still and dysfunctional. There was no hope it could be repaired in less than a fortnight.

Jerk! The woman was exasperated. She glowered in the direction in which Su Yu had escaped and immediately chased after him.

But as she moved in the direction Su Yu had gone, all she found was a garment with remnants of Su Yus scent at an inn.

God da*n it! Deeply resentful, the woman burnt the garment to ashes in and weaved signs to create imprints before vanishing into the Void.

Not long after, nine figures of Stage Three All Creations broke the Void apart and arrived.

Greetings, South Mansion Mistress, the nine of them said with great respect.

The woman raised a hand and pointed, and a drawing of Su Yu was copied in the Void. An elderly man with an air of holiness and long white hair floated on the paper.

Remember what he looks like and command the South Mansion to search the whole city and arrest him! This person destroyed the divine-level transmission portal and has malicious intentions. Once he is found, seize him and bring him to trial right away!

The nine figures were startled. They exchanged glances of awe and shock.

If he had actually managed to destroy the transmission portal right under the South Mansion Mistresss nose, just how powerful was he?

The womans face was flushed red. How could she say that she had been tricked?

He He is proficient in the magical power of Time. His power is terrifying so dont be careless! Whoever lets him get away due to carelessness will be punished by the law of the House!

The nine figures shuddered. It turned out that he had the legendary magical Power of Time, so it was no wonder that even the South Mansion Mistress slipped up.

Dare I ask, South Mansion Mistress, do we need to inform the North Mansion so that they get involved too?

The woman stared at him. Do you want to invite them to watch the joke? Keep it from them for now. Lets wait till we seize that evil thief! BesidesI need to head for the North Mansion now. Theres a matter that I need to discuss with them, and this can be saved for later.

The figures disappeared one after another, joining the arrest team.

This city was named the Sacred Oriental City, and it was the place where the Great Oriental Family had its origins. In terms of scale, it was even grander and more magnificent than the Central Prefecture.

With the divine-level transmission portal at the center, the city was divided into two. The North Mansion was in the North, and the South Mansion in the South.

Both the North and the South Mansions belonged to the Great Oriental Family, and each was held by a Mortal Fairy strong man.

The two mansions governed the Sacred Oriental City hand in hand. Unless events of great significance took place, the two mansions would not keep in touch frequently.

A white-haired elderly man was standing at the door of the North Mansion. Despite his old age, he had a transcendental air about him, making him extremely eye-catching.

Brat, did you just come to the Great Oriental Family to look for that little girl? the Evil God asked.

Su Yu nodded. Yes, the ordeal of people is right around the corner. I can feel the suppression from the ordeal approaching.

If Dongfang Tianfeng really is the key to resolving the crisis of the ordeal of people, the suppression will naturally be relieved. I just need to meet her once to be sure if shes the one Im looking for.

If she is, then Ill figure out a way afterward; if she isnt, it will be just a visit, and Ill excuse myself.

The Evil God chuckled. Then shouldnt you beware of the woman you met just now? She shoulders the responsibility of guarding the formation, so she is certainly an important figure of the Great Oriental Family.

If you just barge into the Great Oriental Family so recklessly, arent you walking right into the trap?

Not necessarily. Since I was brave enough to come, I have investigated matters beforehand. Su Yu smiled with confidence. That aristocratic woman is the Mansion Mistress of the South Mansion, Dongfang Yu.

This place is the North Mansion. If there arent any important matters between the mansions, the important people will not be sent to visit, so you need not worry too much.

With a smile, Su Yu stepped forward to offer his greetings.

The people guarding the door were two adorable, lovely-looking teenage girls. Seeing Su Yu coming from afar, they smiled and asked, Old Senior, how can we help you?

Casting a glance at the two exquisite ladies, Su Yu felt strange. For such a great family, the guards at the door werent ferocious, robust men, but two sweet, lovely teenage girls.

Oh, Id like to visit your family. Please, could you allow me to

Before he could finish, the lively girl on the left giggled. We knew your intention from the start. Its so obvious.

Su Yu was slightly stunned. They knew he was here to visit Dongfang Tianfeng?

Old Senior, theres an age requirement for entering our Great Oriental Family. One should be below 30 years of age. The two girls were smiling strangely.

They hadnt expected such an old, worn fellow to visit the Great Oriental Family so blatantly.

Even the passers-by could not help but snicker.

Hey, look at that old fellow! Hes so old but has come here to sow his wild oats! Hes not even ashamed!

Haha, such a rare sight. Its common to see old fellows hitting on the women of the Great Oriental Family, but its rather new to see one who does it so openly. Lets see how he gets thrown out.

The street was boisterous, and there were voices everywhere. Su Yu did not pay attention to what they were saying. He touched his chin, and asked, Theres an age restriction for visitors of the Great Oriental Family?

Thats fine. Ill follow the local customs. In fact, Im not that old; Im only about 20 years of age.

Twenty? The two girls mouths hung open. Luckily, they were people of the Great Oriental Family and had rich experience of the world, so their shock quickly subsided after a brief moment.

After retrieving a round plate made of green bronze, the lively girl gestured toward Su Yu. Contribute a drop of blood, and well see.

Su Yu did not hesitate. He drew a drop of essence blood and dropped it onto the round plate.

All of a sudden, the essence blood on the plate dissipated into a few dozen blood fibers, which condensed into numerical figures on their own. They formed a 20.

No problem! You may enter. The people inside will look after you. The cheerful girl grabbed the round plate and hung it on her waist with a look of taunting interest in her eyes.

Su Yu touched his cheek. He had a strange feeling.

Upon entering, a middle-aged woman of around 40 years of age shot him an appraising glance and measured him up for a brief moment. Come with me, she said. There are two other young lords waiting.


Im not here to meet any young men! Su Yu thought to himself.

Senior, I came here to look for

The woman turned to glance at him, and snorted. I know who youre looking for! Just listen to me.

Ah? Did all the women of the Great Oriental Family have the ability to predict things?

Befuddled, he was taken to a living room by the middle-aged woman. Two youthful, good-looking young men were in there, chattering and laughing secretively.

When they saw Su Yu and the woman enter, they immediately sat upright and still, and then stood up to greet the middle-aged woman with very gracious manners.

The middle-aged woman nodded indifferently. She seated herself at the masters chair and stared at each of them before discussing the matter at hand. Thank you for coming, three young lords.

I dont plan to say much about the rules of the North Mansion. The ladys chamber has three levels. Whether you get to see Miss Dongfang depends on your own performance.

Miss Dongfang, wasnt that Dongfang Tianfeng? Su Yu heaved a soft sigh of relief. He felt rather stunned inside. The people of the Great Oriental Family really could predict things. They knew he was here to look for Dongfang Tianfeng.

Having been reassured, he asked, Dare I ask, Senior, what did you mean by the three levels of the ladys chamber?

The middle-aged woman and even the two young men cast him a look of surprise.

Erm, I came from the Central Prefecture, Su Yu said.

The middle-aged woman understood right away. So that is the case. Yes, the three levels of the ladys chamber refers to three great assessments. Only if you excel in each of them will you be qualified to see Miss Dongfang.

Assessments? Su Yu was dazed again. Was it because Dongfang Tianfeng had so many visitors? Was that why they had to be assessed before they got to meet her?

You guys, follow me. The other young lords have been waiting for a long time too. The middle-aged woman stood up, passed through the back hall, and walked straight ahead.

The otheryoung lords. The corners of Su Yus mouth twitched.

He had passed through many obstacles and had come all the way here. Why would it hurt to wait patiently for a while? All he needed was to take a look at Dongfang Tianfeng from afar, and he would know if she was the one he was looking for.

When he saw the other young men, Su Yu was taken aback.

Beyond the back hall was an enormous backyard of the North Mansion, full of mountains, lakes and pavilions.

But the backyard was full of people! There were more than a hundred young men with high grades of cultivation.

Any of those young men could be considered to have valuable talents in Jiuzhou. Most of them were less than twenty years of age, but ninth-grade Almighty were everywhere! There was even a youth aged 25 or 26 who had broken through the realm of All Creations!

Nowadays, Jiuzhou was in an unprecedented state of exhaustion, so the birth of All Creations strong men was extremely difficult.

At the age of around 25 years, this person had apparently only been promoted recently.

Su Yu couldnt help but cast another look at him. He was clad in green clothing and was occupying a pavilion all by himself. His eyes were intent as he looked straight ahead. He was drinking on his own, paying no attention to the people around him.

The others dared not step forth to vie for the well-located pavilion. Although some were pacing back and forth near it, they were only trying to fake relations with him.

That is the first expert of the Heavenly Mortal Region, Liu Chen. Since the training at the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, he came across the serendipity to break through the level of All Creations.

One of the young men that came with Su Yu smiled and explained matters when he saw Su Yu staring at Liu Chen. Enviously, he continued, Now, he can even rival the four starry sky elites.

It wasnt hard to notice that they were quite curious about Su Yus background and had the intention of befriending him.

Among the five continents of Jiuzhou, the Central Prefecture was where the martial path flourished with the most glory.

Liu Chen? Su Yu couldnt quite recall, but he had probably been some insignificant ninth-grade Almighty in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

I am Su Zhenlong. Dare I ask, two brothers, what are we doing here? Su Yu looked at the numerous young elites. Even for someone truly foolish, they would have known that this wasnt just a meeting with Dongfang Tianfeng.

Im Zheng Kuan from the Southern City. The one who had initiated the conversation with Su Yu was Zheng Kuan. This is my brother, Wang Shuo from the Northern City.

Wang Shuo greeted him with cupped fists and forced himself to smile thinly in greeting.

Brother Su, didnt you come here to meet Miss Dongfang? Zheng Kuan stared at Su Yu with surprise.

In a daze, Su Yu nodded. Yes. Are all these people here just to take a look at Miss Dongfangs gorgeous face?

Upon hearing that, Zheng Kuan and Wang Shuo exchanged glances and couldnt help but smile. Zheng Kuan laughed. This is a selection of Miss Dongfangs possible fiancs. Could Brother Su have come here accidentally without knowing anything?

Ah? Dongfang Tianfeng was looking for a fiance?

It was no wonder that the girls at the door and the woman in the mansion could predict the purpose of Su Yus visit.

Could any of the young elites have come here for reasons other than participating in the selection of Dongfang Tianfengs fianc?

Su Yu opened his mouth, feeling speechless.

Since he was here, the imperative thing was to find a way to approach Dongfang Tianfeng.

Oh, I understand now. Su Yu smiled.

Zheng Kuan rolled his eyes. May I know which part of the Central Prefecture Brother Su comes from? I suppose you are from the Central Prefecture City?

I heard that the Central Prefecture is full of outstanding people. There was the destined absolute ruler Zhan Wushuang, and then theres the treasure fairy boy Su Yuxian. Tsk tsk, I yearn to be there just thinking of it! Brother Su must be the elite of a region as well, right?

The treasure fairy boy? Su Yu couldnt help but chuckle. He hadnt expected to gain such a nickname after the great war in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

However, the ordeal of destiny had destroyed almost all of Su Yus treasures, leaving only two or three behind. That was even worse than an ordinary martial artist, so wasnt it more appropriate to call him the broke fairy boy now?

I came from the northern part of the Central Prefecture, the Blessed and Heavenly Lands. It is a remote area. How dare I address myself as an elite? Su Yu remarked humbly.

Zheng Kuan laughed. Brother Su, youre being too humble. I cant even identify your cultivation, but you must be at least an eighth-grade Almighty, I guess?

Upon hearing that, Wang Shuo also looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

Su Yus mind was as clear as a mirror. So the two of them had mistaken Su Yu for some masterful, extraordinary elite in the Central Prefecture, and they were trying to get a grasp on Su Yus background.

Haha, I just became a ninth-grade Fairy not long ago, Im not even an Almighty, so how can I compare to the two of you? Su Yu revealed his meager capacity with honesty.

Zheng Kuans face became stiff. Initially, he hadnt been able to determine Su Yus cultivation so had mistaken him for some prominent figure.

But it turned out

Forcing a smile, Zheng Kuan greeted him with cupped fists. So that is it. Erm, since you are here, Brother Su might like to stroll around the backyard. Brother Wang and I mustnt disturb you anymore. Goodbye.

When he finished, he left hurriedly without turning back again.

Wang Shuo was stunned for a second. He looked at Su Yu and sneered scornfully as he flicked his sleeves and left.

Looking at their backs, Su Yu shrugged nonchalantly. He then began intently scrutinizing his surroundings, only to find that the backyard was full of prohibitions.

With his ability, it wouldnt be impossible for Su Yu to barge in. But to do that without alarming the masters of the Great Oriental Family would be absolutely impossible.

He had come to meet Dongfang Tianfeng. There was no need to cause such a commotion.

As Su Yu glanced around leisurely, his face changed slightly all of a sudden, and he covered the Five Elements Divine Prison in his sleeve.

Hints of shock and suspicion filled his eyes as he stared in a particular direction with fascination. He was looking at the summit of a mountain of five colors, situated in the depths of the North Mansion. It was entirely sleek and shiny and free of any weeds.

And at that moment, the Five Elements Divine Prison in Su Yus sleeve was trembling slightly, as if it were resonating with the penta-colored summit.

When he moved further away from the mountain, the Five Elements Divine Prison returned to its peaceful state.

What kind of place is that? Su Yus eyes flickered, as shrewd brilliance shone in them.