The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Five Elements Divine Mountain

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At this moment, the maid who left earlier came back, Five young masters, please follow me to the Five Elements Mountain. The final test will be carried out in the mountain.

The Five Elements Mountain was the five-colored mountain that caused the tremor in the Five Elements Divine Prison.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, the Five Elements Divine Prisons sensitivity was even more intense. If Su Yu did not keep the Five Elements Divine Prison within the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl in time, it would have been blown out of his sleeves.

The third test is to climb the mountain. This time you will climb the mountain for real. The young lady blinked playfully, If you can reach the top of the mountain, then youll get to see the young mistress. Whether the young mistress is picked, in the end, would depend on whether youre able to win her favor.

Looking up at the Five Elements Mountain, Su Yus heart was filled with curiosity as he took a step up the mountain.

As the sole of his feet touched the Five Elements Mountain, Su Yu just felt his whole body become a little heavier, nothing unusual. He then began to make his way up the mountain nonchalantly.

Among the other four, Liu Chen was still doing well. He furrowed his brows and began to climb the mountain.

However, the color on the faces of the other three changed. The moment they stepped on the Five Elements Mountain, they felt that their bodies were ten times heavier, causing them to walk with extreme difficulty.

Moreover, there was a restriction on the Five Elements Mountain. Flying was not allowed, only climbing on feet was allowed.

The three of them just started to take a few steps, and they were already struggling to walk, their foreheads were full of sweat.

Zheng Kuan spoke with strenuous effort, There is something weird about this mountain. It seems like you need to practice the Strength of Five Elements to go up.

Wang Shuo, whose face slowly began to turn pale, nodded his head and forced a smile, Also, you probably have to be at the middle stage of the Strength of Five Elements, or carry the All Creation Realm, to be able to walk up.

Sigh, it seems like only Liu Chen can win. I am just here to act as a foil to him. Zheng Kuan summoned a peal of forced laughter. The words earlier were coming true. The person who would eventually return with the beauty would be Liu Chen.

He subconsciously raised his head, but his face suddenly froze in shock, Wait, he, how is it possible?

Wang Shuo followed the directions of his gaze and gasped.

Su Yu seemed relaxed, with both arms behind his back, climbing up the mountain as if he was walking on flat ground, without any pressure exerted on his body.

Most importantly, he was walking in front of Liu Chen.

Liu Chens face seemed like he wanted to catch up, but the distance between them was gradually growing apart!

This, this did he discover some kind of trick to this? Wang Shuo felt embarrassed immediately. If a miserable mere nine-stage fairy country bumpkin could even climb the Five Elements Mountain to meet the beauty, how could he, as a Heaven Ruler of the Eastern Continent, admit defeat?

Gritting his teeth, Wang Shuos neck turned red as he growled, and forced himself to climb the mountain.

However, the more he traveled, the stronger the Strength of Five Elements became. After six steps, the great Strength of Five Elements came crashing down on Wang Shuo, causing him to turn over on the steps. He rolled over a few times and eventually rolled down to the feet of the mountain and vomited blood. It was a pathetic sight.

After Zheng Kuan tried to take five steps, he realized that he could no longer force himself to continue, so he retreated with a wry smile.

Looking up at Su Yu, who was halfway up, feelings of regret filled his heart. If he had known that this person was going to excel in this test, why did he distance from him from the beginning?

I cant accept this! Wang Shuos gritted teeth were filled with blood.

Liu Chen was an extremely young All Creation strong martial artist who was incomparably gifted. So, he would be able to accept wholeheartedly if Liu Chen were to reach the top of the mountain and win the beautys heart.

But Su Yu? A mere stage nine fairy, an untamed brat from the barren area, how could he accept this?

On the mountain, Su Yu walked with his eyes closed. The higher he went, the stronger the Strength of Five Elements. Not only did he not feel any pressure, but his eyes were also filled with joy.

Under the Strength of the Five Elements, Su Yu felt some inspiration regarding his understanding of the final piece of Demon Clan inscriptions in his mind. Even though it is weak, but it is far better than trying to understand on his own.

If he was given a few days to cultivate on the mountain, he would definitely be able to reach a breakthrough and understand a hundred pieces of Demon Clan inscriptions thoroughly to gain control of the Five Elements Divine Prison.

With a happy expression, Su Yu kept moving upwards. The higher he went, the faster he walked, gradually like a horse galloping, leaving traces of afterimages on the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, the young lady stared in bewilderment. In her eyes, it seemed that he was not being pressured by the Strength of Five Elements. Rather, it seemed like Su Yu was chasing after a more powerful Strength of Five Elements.

This lads achievements in the Five Elements seem very impressive, the young lady exclaimed. In the Oriental family, there are no more than ten people who could run like this on the Five Element mountain.

Immediately, a pair of curved crescent eyes showed a mischievous expression, Hehe, seems like young mistress is going to be troubled this time.

Su Yus mind was getting clearer and the distance from the last layer of enlightenment seemed to be getting closer. His heart was filled with the indescribable feeling of ease like he was treading on air.

However, just as he was immersed in the feeling of extreme comfort, where the Strength of Five Elements disappeared, the feeling of almost reaching enlightenment was forcibly interrupted.

This feeling was like a couple was in the middle of making love and the man was suddenly impotent.

Su Yu was secretly annoyed. He opened his eyes and realized with a wry smile that he had reached the mountain summit.

It was the result of the seal on the mountain summit that was restraining the Strength of Five Elements.

If only the Strength of Five Elements were stronger. Understanding the Demon Clan inscription would yield twice the result with half of the effort, Su Yu was exceptionally disappointed.

However, he did not forget the purpose of this trip.

He scanned the surroundings, thinking of meeting Dongfang Tianfeng in person.

In the end, Dongfang Tianfeng was not in sight. Instead, a handsome young child was standing at the mountain summit.

Dressed in plain clothing, carrying a sword, handsome facial features and charismaticAt first glance, he looked like a celestial in heaven.

The sight of such a handsome and high-spirited person caused Su Yu to tremble in fear for a moment.

What the hell!

Was that not him?

The young child was none other than Su Yu himself!

With a closer look, Su Yu came to realize that it was an illusionary image that was created by a group of Strength of All Creation.

How did his own illusionary image appear here? Su Yu was feeling anxious and fearful in his heart.


A heavy panting could be heard from behind him. Liu Chen reached the summit with great difficulty.

Staring at how relaxed Su Yu looked, the look in Liu Chens eyes became fierce. He had never regarded Su Yu as competition, and he was very confident in this competition for the bride.

When he persuaded Su Yu to leave earlier, he never took him seriously.

In the end, as an All Creation strong martial artist, he struggled to climb the mountain but Su Yu did it with ease.

The sense of crisis suddenly rose in his heart.

But at the next moment, his gaze was attracted by the illusionary image. His eyes widened as his voice caught, Su Yu!

Back then at the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, he traveled with Dongfang Tianfeng. Su Yu did not recognize this insignificant number one martial artist within his region but he recognized Su Yu!

To enter the martial tower to clear the stages, he also once succumbed to Su Yus Ancient Book of Hearts Oaths.

After witnessing Su Yus various feats, he was in awe.

An outstanding talent from Jiuzhou like the Demon Devouring Emperor was still being pressed on the ground and killed, let alone him?

Even if he were to make a breakthrough in the All Creation today, Liu Chen did not think that he could fight against even the little finger of this new generation of supreme talent that could cut the starry sky of Jiuzhou.

Hence, the moment he saw Su Yu, he felt a sense of guilt and fear in his heart.

When he realized that Su Yu was an illusionary image, Liu Chen heaved a sigh of relief, and murmured to himself, It was just an illusionary image.

He recognized the image of the old man Su Yu and the real appearance of Su Yu that he heard from the Central Prefecture that he had also seen before.

Not only him, but as a supreme talent of his generation that shocked Jiuzhou overnight, second only to the great existence of the destined emperor, the information of him was disseminated in extraordinary speed.

Especially the younger generation, whoever took part in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, the challengers who had witnessed Su Yus powers all inquired about Su Yus real identity with feelings of admiration.

It was no doubt that he was the ruthless man who killed the blood emperor.

And also, the present Su Yu was far more powerful than in the past.


The seals in the mountain were all activated. The Strength of Five Elements was being restrained, and the maid flew up to the mountain and announced happily, Congratulations to both of you for passing the third test. Now for the fourth test

Hold on! Liu Chen spoked strenuously, Why is there a fourth test? Shouldnt it be three?

The maid rolled her eyes at him, There are two of you. We cant possibly split young mistress into two, and let you each own half of her, right?

This Liu Chen hesitated for a moment, gently took in a breath, and calmly looked over at Su Yu, Seems like a showdown is inevitable, bring it on!

Before Su Yu could answer, the maid spoke as she glared at them, Who said that your opponent is each other?

Liu Chen pointed at Su Yu and said, There are only the two of us around here if I dont pick him, who else should I pick

However, once his eyes met the gaze of the young lady who seemed to be smiling, Liu Chen seemed to realize something. He turned his neck with extreme difficulty, like a rusty metal puppet, towards Su Yu and sighed, Could it be that the fourth test is actually a challenge, to challenge the Treasure boy, Su Yu?

What he received was a harmless smile from the young lady, Yes, the people that young mistress admired the most were the two great heroes of the current world, Zhan Wushuang, and Su Yuxian, oh, now its been changed to Su Yu. Only by winning their illusionary image will you be acknowledged by the young mistress.

Liu Chens face turned pale like he was just thrown into an ice stellar. His face turned blue, and his body became stiff. After a while, he became annoyed and questioned, Are you joking? How could I possibly win him? He, hes an elite of the Starry Sky that was on par with the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy?

The maid shrugged her shoulders, Im not asking you to challenge the real person, but an illusionary image. The illusionary image only has half the ability of the real person.

Who knew that Liu Chens brains were rocking like a rattle-drum, No, no, even if its only fifty percent, its still not possible for me to fight against!

His mind took a turn as he suddenly came upon a realization, became annoyed, and asked, Wait, your young mistress wasnt looking for a groom, right? Coming up with such a difficult fourth test, may I know who else besides the real Zhan Wushuang and Su Yu would be able to pass the test?

The maid pursed her lips and giggled. He was right. The young mistress never intended to get married. However, under the pressure of the clan, she had to take it upon herself and come up with a fourth test that no one would be able to pass.

In this world, among the younger generation, besides Zhan Wushuang, it seemed that only the real Su Yu would be able to pass the test.

At the thought of this, the maid couldnt hold back anymore and chuckled as she covered her mouth, Young mistress method is superb. All these young men who worked hard to pass the test, it would be a surprise if theyre not mad.

Wheres your young mistress? I want to ask her in person. Despite my sincerity, I was still fooled! Im unable to accept this! Liu Chen shouted, obviously unwilling and feeling very annoyed.

The commotion at the mountain summit caught the attention of the people at the bottom of the mountain. They all began to climb and when they reached the summit and understood the situation, they were all furious as well.

Even though they were unable to take part in the final test, they still felt like they were cheated.

The maid who was still laughing earlier, her face turned cold suddenly, I dont accept it? This is the Oriental family, if youre not satisfied, you can report about me. Both of you only have one choice, either you take up the challenge, or you give up. You have to answer within three breaths. Otherwise, wed treat it as surrender!

I want to see the young mistress! Liu Chen shouted angrily, I dont believe that you actually thought youre not in any wrong? In the future, who else would still have the courage to compete for the bride from the Oriental family?