The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 Mistakes And Misunderstanding

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Upon hearing that, the female servant dared not to keep provoking. The females of the Great Oriental Family had a short lifespan because of the spell cast on them.

Hence, to ensure the proliferation of their family, they often recruited young, talented men to marry the young women in the family and give birth to new members to the family.

If this matter was made a big deal, it would be a disadvantage to the women of other families to recruit candidates for marriage.

My lady has gone to rest. If you pass the challenge successfully, she will come out and meet you, the female servant said. She muttered inwardlyshe really has gone to rest, because no one can possibly pass this challenge.

Alright, three breaths time, you can start choosing, the servant added, If the two of you waive your rights of competition, you can choose one of the four ladies from the second assessment to be your fianc.

They are all unmarried, pristine women, despite having lower statuses than the two ladies in the Great Oriental Family, they are more than enough to be a match for you.

Upon hearing that, Zheng Kuan and Wang Shuo were tempted. The four breathtaking beauties were a rare sight to behold. It wouldnt be a great loss to them after all.

If it were them, they would certainly choose to waive their rights of competition.

Humph! How could Liu Chen bear with the resentment? Hed rather be the head of the chicken but not the tail of the phoenix. Even if he lost to Su Yus virtual shadow hand, he would never settle for anything less than that.

Miss Dongfang, I, Liu Chen, will remember this! Liu Chen remarked with great animosity as he held the sword and charged forward, heading for Su Yu.

He had given all his might to this sword attack, bracing himself for an undoubted loss, hence the attack was simple and forthright.

Su Yus virtual shadow was exactly the same as it was in the martial tower, closely imitating his performance in the martial tower. He started off with the Meteor Light Stream Great Formation, followed by the Five Elements Heaven Distinguishing Formation, and a blow of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword.

With a miserable scream, Liu Chen did not manage to resist even three attacks before he threw up blood and flew backward, collapsing onto the ground on his back.

He was disheartened and indignant at the same time, the people of the Great Oriental Family were bullies!

Right at that moment, a plaintive sigh sounded, Let me give it a try, but Ill inform you upfront: I just want to meet your lady once, as for the marriage arrangement, I can see that your lady is rather reluctant. If I pass the challenge, I will not force her.

The servant was surprised. Hadnt this fellow come to become the ladys fianc? Then what was he here for?

But it was alright. It suited the ladys wish.

Haha, thanks for your consideration towards my lady, I thank you on her behalf. The servant bowed and went on to watch Su Yus challenge leisurely. Anyway, she never expected any other outcomes.

Su Yu stepped forward, laughing bitterly inside.

He was actually going to challenge his own virtual shadow, how ridiculous and absurd.

Looking at the virtual shadow, Su Yu walked up to it, totally unprepared.

Is he looking for death? Su Yus several strikes comprise both attack and defense. If one doesnt initiate the fight, there is no way one will stand a chance. Zheng Kuans mouth hung open, his face full of bafflement.

Wang Shuo chortled scornfully. Its not easy that he has muddled his way to this stage, of course, hes not willing to expose his inferior capabilities, so if he gets defeated by Su Yu, he can find himself a reasonable excuse to avoid humiliation.

Even the female servant was full of doubt. She had heard the lady say, to withstand at least three strikes from Su Yu, one had to master three essentials- speed, accuracy, and brutality.

They had to defeat Su Yu before the third strike, where the sword energy would come surging. Otherwise, they stood zero chances of winning.

She didnt understand what Su Yu was planning. Thus all she did was sit back and relax, with a hand cupping her chin, watching the challenge with amusement.

However, in the next moment, a petrifying scene unraveled before their very eyes.

Su Yu had walked up to the shadow, but Su Yus shadow did not move at all. Precisely speaking, it wanted to move, but could not budge.

The Meteor Light Stream Formation could be faintly seen- it was vibrating in an attempt to operate, but seemed to be frozen by some unknown force, and rendered immobile.

And just like that, Su Yu walked up to it as though nothing happened, and gently slammed his palm on Su Yus virtual shadow, completely shattering it.

On the summit of the mountain, only the soft, whizzing sounds of wind could be heard, and everything else was in dead silence.

Su Yu was the only one that wasnt bothered at all. It was no wonder that he knew himself best.

Of course, Su Yu understood the ways to contend with the techniques, enabling him to tame the opponent with a single Time Freezing trick.

Ah! The female servant was the first one to come out of the trance. She exclaimed in stupefaction but accidentally bit her tongue.

She clasped a hand over her mouth, her eyes full of shock and terror, and the tears of pain. She tried to speak, but she was faltering incoherently because of the bitten tongue.

She stomped her feet and ran down from the mountain frenziedly. Her face was so pale one would have thought it was the end of the world.

And the rest of the people on the mountain summit had their eyes wide and mouths hanging open in disbelief.

Su Yus virtual shadow was simply shattered by this old fellow that was unheard of?

If Su Yu had discovered secret techniques that they hadnt been able to discover in time for the three previous levels, then there was no way any secret techniques could have been employed to fight against this worldly renowned Su Yu in the fourth assessment.

I refuse to accept this! Wang Shuo was in total disbelief. He refused to believe that this peasant whom he looked down on had defeated Su Yus shadow.

Take my blow, Dragonfly on the Water! With agile footsteps, Wang Shuo dashed to Su Yus front in a stream of continuous remnant shadows and pointed to his chest with a finger.

His finger moved as fast as a bolt of lightning, with all of his Vital Energy gathered on it.

This technique was precious for causing great damage with its minimal surface area, by gathering all his Vital Energy onto a single point, inflicting enormous impact.

As an eighth-grade Almighty, not even most of the ninth-grade Almighty dared resolve this technique by force.

However, Su Yu did not move at all. He simply allowed his finger to touch his chest.

Wang Shuo flashed a cold sneer of contempt. Thats all to your power

However, before he could finish his sentence, Wang Shuos face changed suddenly.

With a deafening screech, accompanied by the inward surging of an excruciating pain that tore at his heart and lungs, the finger that was placed on Su Yus chest was brutally snapped, as if it had landed on a sturdy fairy artifact!

Causing great damage with minimal effort surely was a plausible technique, as if destroying a thousand kilos with meager strength, but what if it was more than a thousand kilos?

Su Yus Dantian was 80 times larger than an ordinary ninth-grade fairys, the Vital Energy contained within would terrify even a ninth-grade Almighty, how could the Vital Energy of a mere eighth-grade Almighty possibly move him?

Ah! My hand! You, you played dirty! Wang Shuo was furious. He still thought that Su Yu was playing some dirty tricks.

Get lost! With a slight frown, Su Yu swept at him with his sleeves, feeling disgusted.

It was just a slight touch of his sleeve, but when it landed on Wang Shuo, it was like a hundred thousand giant mountains had crumbled on him, sending him flying all the way into the clouds. Along the way, blood splattered everywhere, and no one knew if he was dead or alive.

An eighth-grade Almighty, sent flying to the heavens by a touch of a sleeve? This, this was

Zheng Kuans teeth were chattering. He was in extreme dread. At this moment, how could he still believe that Su Yu, whose cultivation couldnt be deciphered, was only a ninth-grade fairy?

Not even a ninth-grade Almighty had the power of sending someone flying out of this world with just a sweep of their sleeve.

Could he, could he really be an All Creations Old Monster?

When Su Yu looked his way, Zheng Kuan was apprehensive and bashful. He bent slightly and flashed an apologetic smile. Senior, Senior Su, please forgive me for offending you earlier.

Su Yu nodded dispassionately and walked to the pavilion while ignoring everyone around him, waiting in silence.

That female servant had run off in haste. She must have gone to inform Dongfang Tianfeng.

My lady! My lady, bad news! The female servant scurried all the way through, losing one of her shoes on her way. But she didnt have time to care, with one of her feet bare, she hurried to the ladys chamber.

The lady in the white dress was leaning against the bed, with a book of techniques in hand, studying intently.

Upon hearing it, she did not even raise her head. Indifferent, she inquired, What happened? What made you so anxious?

My lady, something bad happened to the fourth assessment! The servant was so anxious she was puffing out smoke.

The lady in white was calm and serene. They must be causing trouble because they cant accept the results? Let them be, if it gets out of hand, inform the people to chase them out, do you need my advice on such a small matter?

No, its not that The servant was panting heavily. She gasped deeply before saying in great urgency, Someone has passed the fourth assessment that you designed, my lady!


With a dull thud, the ladys hands trembled, and the book in her hands dropped onto the floor. She looked towards the servant with gleaming eyes, and her willowy body got up abruptly. The calmness on her face was replaced by shock and surprise.

In great disbelief, she questioned, Youre saying that Su Yus virtual shadow has been defeated?

The servant nodded earnestly. Yes, I saw it with my own eyes, that shadow of Su Yu was like a dumb penguin, it was totally motionless, and got shattered by that man with a slam of his palm!

The lady in white had a terrified look on her face. Her eyes were filled with reluctance and grievance. Her eyes went dull and crestfallen as she sat down on the edge of the bed. With great sorrow and misery, she said, I still cant escape the misfortune of the Great Oriental Family after all!

Her snowy white hands were tightly clasped together, her nails digging into the flesh of her palms.

The servant was saddened by the sight. She tried to comfort her, My lady, why do you still pin your hopes on Su Yu? He has never seen you before and has no feelings towards you. He knows nothing about your admiration for him. This is a waste of time.

The servant knew how proud and dignified a person her lady was. She wouldnt marry anyone who wasnt a world hero.

Among the four starry sky elites, Zhan Wushuang and the Demon Devouring Emperor were the most outstanding ones.

But Zhan Wushuang was a destined monarch, the last disciple of the Central Prefectures King, someone whom she could never dream of being with.

The Demon Devouring Emperor, on the other hand, was brutal and cruel in nature and had the appearance of a beast. She would never be willing to marry him.

And then there came a distinguished heaven ruler that overpowered the starry sky elites, whom her younger sister, Dongfang Tianfeng, kept singing praises about as if he was out of this world.

It piqued her interest, with his true appearance and his many triumphant deeds, he suited all her requirements for an ideal future husband.

It was a pity that their future was doomed to be in vain.

Seeing that her lady was at the brink of tears, the servant suddenly had an idea. Oh ya, that man said hes only here to meet you, he values your wish, and said that he wouldnt force you into marriage even if he wins.

When she heard that, the lady in white lifted her gaze suddenly, surprised, she asked, Did he really say that? Were there any witnesses?

Yes, Mister Liu Chen and three other strangers could prove it. The servant nodded obediently, her face beaming with joy. How could she forget this part?

Even though the Great Oriental Family was recruiting a son-in-law, that man had given his word. Hence it didnt matter if the engagement was canceled.

Alright, Ill meet him then to fulfill his wish. The redness had returned to the ladys cheeks as she headed for the Five Elements Mountain cheerfully.

From afar, she saw an elderly man with a silver mask waiting quietly in the pavilion.

Why is it an elderly man? The lady was surprised.

The servant shrugged. Probably just the looks, the Great Oriental Family has men in their twenties looking like old men in their sixties and seventies too, isnt it?

The Great Oriental Family was cursed, thus the people aged very quickly. They were considerate towards people who looked too old for their age like Su Yu.

Yes, remember to remunerate him, dont let him come all the way here for no reason. The lady in white had made up her mind, she sauntered to the pavilion gracefully and offered her greetings, Nice to meet you, Mister Su.

Su Yu was meeting this woman for the first time. He was slightly impressed, and could not help but praise, What a fairy you are, with a dress as gorgeous as the snow.

He had seen many beautiful women before, and the one before him could be ranked in the top ten.

Hearing his compliment, the lady in white was worried. She thought to herselfI hope he wont break his promise after seeing my looks. Itll be troublesome then.

You are a man of matchless talents. I truly admire you. The lady intended to divert Su Yus attention somewhere else.

Su Yu only took one look at her and had lost all interest. He had seen way too many beautiful women. Hardly anyone could move his heart now.

I am Su Zhenlong, may I know where is Miss Dongfang? Are you her servant?

Everyone at the scene was startled by his question.

Not just Liu Chen and Zheng Kuan, even the gorgeous servant was taken aback.

The lady in white slightly froze, looking embarrassed. She couldnt help but glance at Su YuThis man really was, he really was blunt, wasnt he? How could he mistake her for a servant?

She was displeased. Even if she didnt care much about her status, still, she couldnt bear to be mistaken for a servant.

It was the pretty young girl who saved the scene for her lady. Embarrassed, she said, Mister Su, this is Miss Dongfang right here, I suppose you have not met her before. You have come here to meet her, as you wish, my lady has come to meet you in person

Su Yu was befuddled for a moment, and then he came to a realization. He shook his head and said, Its not her that I want to meet.