The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 Mysterious Mountain

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Accidentally selectedyoure saying? Only then did the South Mansion Mistress recall what her niece said. He was the one who succeeded in passing four assessments, becoming the first choice of a fiance!

He had even attained the status now, so whether he was willing or not, he was now the son-in-law-to-be of the Great Oriental Family!

As she thought of that, the South Mansion Mistress was beside herself with joy. She stared at Su Yu from head to toe with a measuring look, and the more she looked at him, the more she liked him. At such a young age, he had achieved such matchless competency.

The Great Oriental Family hadnt come across many of such all-rounded elites in ten thousand years, Yue-er was blessed.

Su Yu felt chills cascading down his spine as the South Mansion Mistress looked him up and down.

Mansion Mistresses, you should get going if youre preoccupied, Ill leave. Ill visit again if I have the chance. Su Yu had an ominous feeling, so he quickly took off.

However, the North Mansion Mistress put a hand on his shoulder with an amiable smile. My dear son-in-law, youre here already, where else are you going?

Deardear son-in-law? Su Yu couldnt quite register the transition from dear nephew to dear son-in-law. His mind was muddled.

Haha, you came here from a million miles away for Yue-er, it must have been tough for you. The North and South Mansion Mistresses advised benevolently, standing on both sides of Su Yu and trapping him in between.

Both of them were looking at him as if he was a valuable treasure, examining every single inch of him.

How could Su Yu have known that the Great Oriental Family had the idea of making Su Yu their son-in-law from way earlier on? He was silly to have run headlong into the Great Oriental Family, and even more coincidentally, rising as the first among the candidates.

He was like a fat pig that had run into the butchers house, becoming the piece of meat that went knocking on their door.

How would Su Yu be sloppy about the major event of his life? Hurriedly, he explained in a somber manner, Mansion Mistresses, this is a misunderstanding. I have taken part in the fiance selection uninformed, and I have no intention of holding up your daughters marriage.

I urge Mansion Mistresses to take your daughters happiness as the priority, and not to make hasty decisions.

The two Mansion Mistresses exchanged a glance and smiled. The North Mansion Mistress was cordial beyond words, as if she couldnt wait to become Su Yus mother-in-law.

Hehe, Su Yu, the moment you emerged as the best candidate and became the only one to pass all the assessments, you are announcing to the world that you will soon become the fiance of Dongfang Yue.

This matter is decided. Yue-ers reputation and integrity depend upon you now, and she cant marry anyone else. But now youre evasive, are you trying to land my Yue-er in a predicament?

Su Yu got anxious. He hurriedly explained, I only took the challenge for the fourth assessment because I heard that Miss did not want to match-make. And I have promised her that even if I passed the challenge, I would not force her into marriage. Many people can prove this.

The North Mansion Mistress was like a cat that had just caught a fresh, delicious mouse, that even her smile was sly and covetous. You said that Yue-er didnt want to be match-made? Yea, who said that? Did Yue-er say that herself?

No Su Yu felt bitterness in his mouth.

The North Mansion Mistress said again, You said you promised not to force Yue-er into marriage even if you won, words dont count, have you any documents to prove yourself? Did you sign with your essence blood? Do you have witnesses?

No Bitterness was oozing out from Su Yus face.

The North Mansion Mistress said again, So you have nothing, and you chose to take the challenge, werent you prepared to take Yue-er as your wife then?

Su Yu felt so wronged and helpless. He glanced around and saw Dongfang Yue, who was hanging her head low in silence. His eyes gleamed with hope, and he called out hurriedly, My lady, you can justify for me.

She was reluctant to get married. This was a certain fact.

As long as she shook her head, this matter would be put to an end.

However, for some reason, Dongfang Yue hung her head low all the while and did not say a word.

Su Yu got anxious. My lady, you cant be reckless with your marriage. I hope you can make your decision as soon as possible.

Seeing how Su Yu was seeking help from Dongfang Yue as if holding on to his last lifeline, the South and the North Mansion Mistresses both flashed a teasing smile of sympathyThis fellow, he doesnt seem to know Yue-ers heart.

Dongfang Yue was hanging her low because her gorgeous face was written all over with shyness and nervousness.

Her usual placid self was nowhere to be found. Stammering, she said, I, IIll comply with my mothers arrangements.

After saying that, she ran away with brisk steps, leaving Su Yu alone at the scene, perplexed and dumbfounded.

Su Yu was stunned. He felt as though he had fallen victim to a premeditated scam.

The North Mansion Mistress burst into laughter, and said, My dear son-in-law, just put your mind at ease and stay, your wedding ceremony will be held a few days from now.

To prevent matters from confounding further, the Mansion Mistresses exchanged a glance, and ruthlessly arranged the wedding ceremony on short notice.

Feeling the severity of the situation, Su Yu uttered sternly, No way! I have two things, and it seems like I have no choice but to spill them now.

Firstly, I have a family. Hence I will absolutely not marry the lady!

What he didnt expect was, both Mansion Mistresses were calm and composed as if they had predicted it earlier. So what? Youre a man of excellence. Wed be surprised if you dont already have a family.

This was an era where the world worshiped power, what was so strange for a heaven ruler like Su Yu to marry a few women at the same time?

This, this doesnt matter? Su Yu gritted his teeth. Fine. Secondly, I cannot stay in the Great Oriental Family! Otherwise, I will invite tremendous disasters to your family!

How tremendous are the disasters? Tell us. The two of them said with amusement, as they kept glancing at Su Yu with the look of assessing a son-in-law. It seemed like they couldnt care less about the disasters that Su Yu mentioned.

The Central Prefectures King is hunting me down. Hell be here in seven days, at the latest!

The faces of the Mansion Mistresses froze suddenly. The North Mansion Mistress questioned in a low voice, Is this true? Is it not just a pretext to reject us?

Su Yu shook his head. To be honest, Im going through the Three-Nine Ordeals. The next is the ordeal of people. This ordeal will be manifesting on the Central Prefecture, and is extremely dangerous.

I only came here because I received a clue to look for things related to phoenix in order to resolve the crisis, that is why I came to meet the second lady, but it is a pity that she isnt the one Im looking for.

Due to the time constraint, please forgive me for not being able to stay any longer. I will excuse myself here.

Seeing how Su Yu was speaking sincerely and did not seem to be lying, the North and the South Mansion Mistresses began hesitating but dared not detain Su Yu.

The matter concerned the Central Prefectures King. If he was drawn here, the Great Oriental Family had to carefully consider if it was worthwhile to resist the Central Prefectures King for a young member of the family.

Su Yu secretly heaved a long sigh of relief. He had finally convinced them.

However, right after Su Yu walked out of the yard, he was blocked by an intangible force out of nowhere and was catapulted back.

So what if its the Central Prefectures King? Who can steal the son-in-law that the Great Oriental Family has its eyes on? The hoarse voice of an old lady floated from the Void.

The Mansion Mistresses felt reassured, their faces beaming with joy. Yes, we will adhere to your command, Ancestor.

The voice in the bleakness disappeared. The identity of its owner was clear without saying. She was one of the two great Mortal Fairies of the Great Oriental Family.

Dear son-in-law, let us have a talk. The North Mansion Mistress flashed a smile.

Su Yu wanted to leave, but with the intense, predating looks of the two Mansion Mistresses, getting away was a great challenge, let alone the Mortal Fairy keeping an eye on him secretly.

He did not understand what was so valuable about him, that made the Great Oriental Family willing to take the risk to go against the Central Prefectures King for him.

It would be way too risky if they were just keeping him to be their son-in-law.

Su Yu laughed bitterly, pretending to be helpless, but gleams of indistinct shrewdness were shining in the depths of his eyes.

In the dead of night, Su Yu took out the wooden bird and started it surreptitiously.

However, right when the Void was torn open, the North Mansion Mistresss leisurely voice sounded from within, Dear son-in-law, where are you going?

Su Yus heart skipped a beat. Embarrassed, he said, Hehe, Im just going for a walk, what a coincidence that youre here too, Mansion Mistress.

Really? How about going on a walk with me? Before Su Yu could keep it, the wooden bird was confiscated with a whooshing sound, and peals of soft laughter sounded from the Void.

Su Yu wasnt discouraged. Not long after he left, he walked out of the house stealthily, heading outside the mansion.

However, before he could leave the yard, an elegant figure appeared at the entrance of the yard, leaning against the gate.

Hey there, strolling in the middle of the night? The South Mansion Mistress asked with half a smile.

Su Yu replied, Yes, the weather is so wonderful, and the scenery is beautiful, how could I miss out on it?

Oh, but only ghosts come out in the middle of the night, you have to be careful, the South Mansion Mistress said smilingly and turned to leave.

What? So she let me go? But right at the moment, the Void behind Su Yu was torn open, and the South Mansion Mistress hand stuck out from within, gently tapping an imprint on Su Yus back.

All of a sudden, Su Yu felt the presence of an imprint inside his body. He couldnt help but exclaim, What is this for?

The Dongfang Mansion is too big. Im afraid youll lose your way. Thus I have left an imprint on you. Hehe, now go for a walk.

The green veins on Su Yus forehead leaped. Su Yu tried to remove the imprint with his Vital Energy, only to find that it was embedded deep inside his body as if ironed into it and would not budge an inch.

Ordinary methods were unable to remove the imprint.

This, this woman! Su Yu wasnt sure if he felt angry or hilarious. It was like spying on him, no matter where Su Yu went, it would not escape their radar.

Was he getting a bride now? This was, obviously, a forced marriage!

Upon returning to the house, Su Yu took his time to layout plans.

After today, the nine-day term had passed by three days, and the oppression of the ordeal of people was more profound now.

But still, he couldnt seem to comprehend the word phoenix. Who was it referring to, or was it an object?

He couldnt stay any longer at the Great Oriental Family. He had to leave as soon as he could manage.

As for the imprint on him, was there really an impurity in this world that could hold back the Milky Way Star Sand?

A small smile danced on Su Yus lips.

The next morning, upon daybreak, the servants of the mansion had begun getting busy with embellishing the mansion.

Because the Great Oriental Family was about to welcome a new son-in-law.

Standing at the door, Su Yus face was full of hopelessness.

Sir, the beauty in a white dress sauntered gracefully towards him, her face was gorgeous like the snow, her cheeks were flushed slightly red, and her watery eyes were looking at him with shyness.

Su Yu sighed, My lady, have you really decided to marry me? If you insist not to marry me, the ceremony can be canceled.

Judging from the way she had designed the fourth assessment that was impossible to succeed, Dongfang Yue certainly wasnt a weak woman without opinions of her own. Instead, she was a decisive, independent woman.

Marriage is an important matter, and I will listen to my mother. Dongfang Yues eyes were glimmering like crystals, serenely, she asked, Sir, do you dislike me?

Looking at the breathtaking fairy in white before him, Su Yu smiled with bitterness. My lady, your looks and personality are impeccable, youre absolutely outstanding among all the rest.

However, I dont wish to get the Great Oriental Family involved in my affairs, and I certainly dont wish to invite disasters for your people. If possible, please convince your mother.

Upon hearing Su Yus compliments, Dongfang Yues qualms were eased. With reddened cheeks, she said, Please rest assured, Mister Su, with the two Ancestors around, the Central Prefectures King wont necessarily have the courage to offend.

The Central Prefectures King had unrivaled power, he was the strongest among the Mortal Fairies, but if two Mortal Fairies joined hands in battling him, he wouldnt necessarily triumph.

But Su Yu knew better than anyone else, that the ordeal of people was impossible to avoid, a fight was bound to happen six days from now.

Su Yu gave a silent sigh and did not say another word. All he could think of were his plans to escape the Great Oriental Family.

Should you need anything in this mansion, sir, you can tell me. It is the Ancestors wish to fulfill all of Mister Sus requests as best as we can, Dongfang Yue said.

Requests? Su Yu cast a look at the faintly discernible Five Elements Mountain in the distance, and said, I wish to train with the help of the Power of Five Elements of that mountain, is it possible?

Training Dongfang Yues eyes turned dark. Was he trying to get away from her with the excuse of training?

Nonetheless, she did not express her disappointment, she got up quickly and said, Of course, that mountain was discovered by the two Ancestors in the Westernmost region, and serves great benefits to the people training the Power of Five Elements.

Hence, they moved it back to the family. The insides of the mountain have been developed into a training site, is Mister Su wishes to train, there shouldnt be a problem.

Seeing that Su Yu was interested in the Five Elements Mountain, Dongfang Yue said while walking, The Five Elements Mountain contained the Power of Five Elements.

The closer you get to the belly of the mountain, the stronger the Power of Five Elements. Even our two Ancestors have never been to the core of the mountains belly.

Su Yu was surprised. Even Mortal Fairies cant penetrate this mountain?

Not just them. Our Ancestor said this mountain has mysterious origins. When they discovered it, the skeletal remains of a demon was oppressed underneath it. Dongfang Yues face grew slightly somber.

The Ancestors brought it back for identification, and found that the bones are the remains of a God!

The remains of a God? Su Yu was stunned. He stared at the Five Elements Mountain, feeling fascinated.

Could this mountain kill a deity?

But it was too long ago, with at least several hundred thousand years of history. The remains of the devil God have lost their divinity. Otherwise, it would be a precious treasure. Dongfang Yue said regrettably.

Having heard such an exclusive tale, Su Yu was even more interested in the Five Elements Mountain. He was also curious about the mysterious westernmost region. There seemed to be filled with exotic items that Jiuzhou never had.

A straight passageway was dug in the Five Elements Mountain, leading directly to its belly.

From the marks and traces on the mountain wall, it definitely wasnt excavated in a short while, but a very long time ago.

As he caressed the stony wall, Su Yu immediately felt the sturdiness of the Five Elements Mountain, as the tips of his fingers were secretly emanating small whiffs of silver sword energy.

Much to Su Yus surprise, the unassailable sword energy of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo gave off a trail of sparks when it slashed on the stony wall, but not a single trace was left on the wall.

Noticing Su Yus move, Dongfang Yue smiled gently. The material of the Five Elements Mountain is extremely sturdy. The Ancestors have not been able to identify its constituents even until now.

All that is known is, it does not belong to Jiuzhou. The two of them cant even extract bits of stone from the mountain, despite extensive efforts.

Dongfang Yue did not know that Su Yu was using the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo that was crowned the greatest divine bamboo of Jiuzhou. Theoretically, it could sever even fairy artifacts, but it did not leave a single trace here

The sturdy material alone could be considered an extremely precious treasure of the world!

The Great Oriental Family had really found a treasure of great worth from the westernmost region.

My Power of Five Elements is rather shallow. Ill send you up to here. If you feel that you cant withstand the Power of Five Elements any longer, remember not to venture any further, Dongfang Yue said, as she slowly retreated.

Su Yu headed for the depths of the cavern all by himself. Slowly closing his eyes, he tried to break through his final level of comprehension with the aid of the increasingly dense Power of Five Elements.

In the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, inside the Five Elements Divine Prison.

In the endless dimness, a green-black water dragon was continuously extracting the glory emitted from the demonic words, morbid excitement shimmering in its eyes. Almost there, just a little bit more, that brat is about to comprehend a hundred levels! Finally, success is here!

I was really fortunate to come across a substitute with a nature-defying tendency to enlightenment. Im finally going to be free! Brat, please dont ever let me down! The greenish-black water dragon snickered with slyness.

But right at that moment, as Su Yu entered the Five Elements Mountain, the water dragons face changed slightly. This feeling isis that thing?

Fear crept into the dragons eyes. Impossible, wasnt that mountain taken into the land of divine relics already? How, how could it have come to Jiuzhou, with the Five Elements Divine Prison?