The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Dawn Of A Catastrophe

Su Yu's clear eyes inspected her wounds and her wounds alone.

Extending his hands, Su Yu placed them on Princess Yun Yan's chest and fully concentrated on infusing his weak spiritual energy into her body.

An hour passed before the internal blood energy channels had finally reconnected.

Su Yu's face was pale from the over-exhaustion of his spiritual energy. It had placed a considerable burden on his body.

Princess Yun Yan's trembling eyebrows slightly moved, revealing a pair of embarrassed, teary eyes. She peeked at him through the slit between her eyelids.

What greeted her eyes was a clear gaze, free of any distracting thoughts and fully focused on accomplishing the task at hand.

She had expected to open her eyes to see Su Yu flushed with embarrassment and lust, but this did not happen.

Her uneasy heart calmed.

"Alright, after two more treatments, you may be able to channel spiritual energy on your own to heal your injuries." Su Yu retracted his palm and turned his head around.

Princess Yun Yan tugged her clothes back into places. Filled with gratitude and deep embarrassment, she thanked Su Yu. Her head was slightly lowered, her posture elegant and beautiful.

Su Yu waved his hand, "I am indebted to you, Princess. Don't mention it."

"Yun Yan will do," Princess Yun Yan said softly, biting her lips.

Su Yu smiled easily in reply, "Then, Yun Yan, call me Su Yu."

"Su Yu..." Princess Yun Yan chanted the name once in her heart. She would never forget that day nor the accompanying embarrassment. After all, he was the first man to touch her!

For the next half of the day, the two of the rested on the same spot.

Su Yu had caught multiple fish but did not roast them over a fire. Instead, he instantly put out the fire after heating up the floor. Using the residual heat from the ground, he roasted the fish.

"Su Yu, why did you put out the fire? Out here, it is very cold at night. Without a fire to keep us warm, it will be hard for us to survive the night." Princess Yun Yan was puzzled. She was slightly apprehensive about Su Yu's actions. Had her spiritual energy been present, she could have used it to protect her body from the cold. However, at that moment, she was no different than an ordinary mortal woman. As such, it would be difficult for her to survive the cold at night.

"If we light a fire, others may see the smoke," Su Yu said.

Princess Yun Yan was momentarily shocked. Luckily Su Yu was there to remind her, or else such a fatal, common error would have been made.

After satisfying their hunger with the fish, the cold night breeze arrived as expected.


Yun Yan's face turned ghastly pale as she knelt on the ground. Grabbing her arms, her body trembled.

"Come down, Yun Yan."

Looking over, she saw a small hole that Su Yu had dug into the island reef. It could accommodate two people if they squeezed, and provided cover from the cold wind.

Yun Yan's face lit up as she jumped for joy. It was indeed a shelter from the sea breeze. In addition, Su Yu had taken one piece of the reef to cover the hole with, effectively preventing any sea breeze from entering.

Relieved, both of them sat down cross-legged. Their knees were in contact which each other's, and they could hear the sound of each other's breaths.

Yun Yan's face flushed with embarrassment, but she would endure the close contact in order to keep out of the terrible cold. Though, the night chill still managed to seep into their safe haven.

Yun Yan's body temperature gradually decreased. Hugging her own body tightly, she could not help but shiver.

Su Yu was well-versed in ice-based cultivation techniques and was therefore unaffected by the cold.

Seeing Yun Yan's state, Su Yu began to worry about her. She was injured and frail, the stark cold air could seriously jeopardize her chances for survival.

"Yun Yan... come to my side. I will use vital energy to help you stay warm, so that you may survive the night. I promise I'll be very professionalI just want to keep you safe."

Yun Yan freaked out! To spend the night at Su Yu's side, cuddling till daybreak?

It was just too embarrassing for her to consider! "No need, I" before she could even finish her sentence, she coughed, the sound coming from deep within her chest.


Not giving her the opportunity to resist, a big hand pulled her into his arms and her seated beside Su Yu. Waves of vital energy surged forth from within Su Yu's body, dispelling the surrounding cold.

"No need..." Yun Yan was flustered and shivered.

Su Yu sighed, "Sorry, I can't bear to see you freeze to death at night."

Yun Yan stopped struggling and she turned to stare at Su Yu, an odd expression on her face.

It was the first time a guy had made her heart flutter All from one simple act of kindness.

Su Yu sat with his eyes closed. His expression was sincere, quiet and free from any distracting thoughts. Seeing that, Yun Yan's heart was eased.

I was a knave who used my own yardstick to measure the motives of an upright man. Su Yu is a righteous man. If he had wanted to take advantage of me, he would have done so already. Yun Yan laughed at herself.

She was like an ordinary mortal. If Su Yu intended to take advantage of her, she would not even have the strength to resist. Moreover, they were entirely alone; he had no need to hide poor intentions if he had any.

With heartfelt gratitude, Yun Yan's body gradually eased into Su Yu's arms. She indulged herself in the warmth brought about by the vital energy. Not only was the cold in her body dispelled, the warmth spreading through her made her feel at home.

Heavily injured and exhausted, she closed her eyes not long after. Unknowingly, she had fallen asleep in Su Yu's arms. Just like a small cat, she snuggled up deeper into Su Yu's arms, revealing a simple yet beautiful smile.

The next day, as she opened her eyes joyfully, she discovered that Su Yu's expression was serious. He looked through the gap in the cover and surveyed the surroundings cautiously.

"What happened..." Yun Yan whispered.


A big hand covered her red lips. Su Yu gestured to keep quiet while pointing upward softly, a serious expression on his face.

Yun Yan's heart was pounding madly. Upon straining her ears to listen, she heard some screaming and shouting! There were currently people flying above their heads!

"We have thoroughly searched the surrounding eighteen islands, but to no avail." A Half Holy King stood on the island and reported to a black-robed, one-eyed, burly man.

The one-eyed man had a terrifying cultivation base, he was a First Level Peak Tier Holy King! He was the only First Level Peak Tier Holy King among the Sea Wolves Pirates.

His strength was so great that, even if Su Yu had teamed up with Wu Pangyun, Yun Yan, and Liu Guang, it would be difficult for them to even block a single move from him.

"Split up and continue searching! That woman is severely injured and she'll need to recuperate in a dry place. It is highly possible they're hiding. Even if you have to dig, you must find them! To have killed four of my First Level Lower Tier men, and one First Level Upper Tier... Unless I skin them and feed them to the dogs, I will not be satisfied!"

"Roger, Lord Blood-Hands!" The Half Holy King said respectfully, before suddenly asking again, "Then, what about that First Level Upper Tier Holy King who escaped?"

"Of course search for him as well, you must definitely find him!" The one-eyed, burly man's name was Blood-Hands.


A large group of shadows suddenly flew off in all directions.

There were Half Holy Kings stationed all around within a five hundred mile radius. As soon as any figure appeared in the open, they would instantly be notified.

Not only had Su Yu snatched the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom's precious treasure, he had also killed several Holy Kings. This had completely roused the anger and madness of the Sea Wolves Pirates, who were currently searching for him with full force.

Even after a long time had passed, Yun Yan's heart still pounded madly.

"Looks like before your injuries are completely healed, we can only hide here and refrain from going outside," Su Yu lightly sighed, as his eyes turned serious.

Yun Yan snapped out of it, her face flushed red with embarrassment. Did she have to stay within Su Yu's arms for the entire time?

"Mhmm..." Yun Yan replied in a soft-spoken manner, secretly comforting herself in her mind.

Although this was not advantageous to her unblemished reputation, it was far better than falling into the hands of the pirates and being insulted by a group of men. Still, the atmosphere remained awkward. In order to ease the awkwardness, Yun Yan tried to look for conversation topics.

She suddenly recalled something and slowly asked, "Su Yu, don't you think that the Liuxian Faction entrance examination this time around, was extremely unusual?"

Su Yu nodded his head, as he indeed had his doubts regarding the examination, "I can feel it as well. And the suicide mission this time, it definitely doesn't seem right."

"The problematic part isn't just the suicide mission." Yun Yan was from the Hundred Vassal Clans, and therefore was well-informed and resourceful. She knew a bit more than Su Yu, "From what I gather, the ranked first and second geniuses from the Hundred Vassal Clans already entered the Liuxian Faction. Aside from them, through use of some other methods, there were also some exceptional talents who managed to obtain early access to Liuxian Faction. They are the true geniuses. Compared to them, we are far more common."

Su Yu frowned, "What you are saying is, the real geniuses have long since been taken in by Liuxian Faction, while we were sent to accomplish a suicide mission?"

Yun Yan nodded her head, "That's right! That's why I suspect, it's very possible that we are merely bait sent by the Faction. Perhaps the Faction wants to use us, the less talented disciples, to lure out a certain person or force. This mission of hunting and killing pirates is definitely bizarre and unusual."

After thinking for a while, Su Yu gradually came to believe her.

However, the more he thought about it, the more Su Yu wanted to survive and return!

He definitely had to kill Xi Ruolan and Han Zhi!

After taking in a deep breath Su Yu muttered, "Thus, we should begin treating your injuries as it's not suitable for us to stay in this place for much longer."

Yun Yan's body trembled as she bit her lip. With her trembling soft white hands, she undid her top, yet again completely revealing her perfect curves to Su Yu.

Five days later, after the last treatment had ended, Yun Yan's blushed as she put on her top.

In the five days, she had been and Su Yu had been closeshe had become desensitized to his touch.

"Alright, we should prepare to leave here." Su Yu softly said.

Leave? Yun Yan felt a slight joy in her heart. Yet, she also felt a tinge of disappointment. Five days of being along with each othernot only was it a tough experience, it was an unforgettable one.

"Alright." Yun Yan smiled, dispelling the irrational feelings in her heart. Suddenly though, there was a shout from nearby.

"Haha! Little rascal! You're something alright, to be able to hide from me for five days!" A voice filled with hatred could be heard coming from above their heads.

Yun Yan was momentarily shocked, "We've been discovered?"

"No! Shh!" Su Yu said sternly.

Outside, Wu Pangyun was trying to escape, as his face revealed fright and desperation.

That day, he had escaped by the skin of his teeth from the hands of the plump pirate, and then he found a discreet place to recuperate his injuries. However, who would have known that the Sea Wolves Pirates would be so mad that they would mobilize their entire force?!

The underground cave in which he was hiding in had been dug up!

"This time, no one else can take the fall for you! Die!" The plump First Level Upper Tier Holy King shouted angrily.

Wu Pangyun was unwilling to take his death lying down. How could he die in a place like this?

"Ah!" After letting out an angry battle cry, Wu Pangyun became determined. He stopped trying to escape and turned around, ready to fight.

The fight took place right above Su Yu and Yun Yan.


A residual wave struck the island reef. The small island reef shook immensely and the coral reef above Su Yu's head suddenly exploded into pieces.

They had been discovered! Su Yu's face became serious!

Although Wu Pangyun and the pirate were in the midst of the battle, they could vaguely see in the corner of their eyes that, there was actually a secret hole underneath their feet. Inside it was one male and female, hugging each other tightly!

The female was extremely beautiful, though her face rapidly turned bright red. Her clothes were in a mess, as she was buried deep within the arms of the male.

It was not hard to imagine what the couple had been doing just now!

"Su Yu! Princess Yun Yan!" Wu Pangyun was immensely shocked and surprised, "Quick! The three of us can team up and quickly kill him!"

Swoosh, swoosh

The two figures flew out from the island reef, but they did not intend to help Wu Pangyun. While the plump First Level Upper Tier Holy King was preoccupied with Wu Pangyun, they seized the opportunity and fled.

"Su Yu!" Wu Pangyun shouted angrily.

The plump First Level Upper Tier Holy King snorted, "Little rascal, surrender immediately, I still need to capture them!"

"Scram! Moon Cracking Palm!" Wu Pangyun turned vicious and attacked in a near-suicidal manner.

The sharp offensive stance of the plump Holy King was actually suppressed! He was momentarily paralyzed against Wu Pangyun!

"Scram! Or else you and I will perish together!" Wu Pangyun shouted angrily, trying to figure out how to escape.

At that moment, an indifferent voice could be heard from above his head.

"Perish together? You?"

Wu Pangyun squinted his eyes, his heart thumped madly! There was actually someone above his head, and yet he did not notice at all!

Raising his head, a black-robed, burly, one-eyed person stood with his arms folded. As he looked down on Wu Pangyun, he had a condescending glare.

"Kneel!" The one-eyed person lightly tapped his foot at Wu Pangyun's head


Wu Pangyun's face momentarily turned red and he spewed a mouth of blood!

A blow akin to a mountainous strike descended from the sky and suppressed the island reef.

Both of Wu Pangyun's knees hit the ground with a thud as his body trembled immensely. He had actually been suppressed without any chance to retaliate, all with a mere foot from the opponent!

"Useless! To be unable to defeat this child!" The one-eyed person glared at the plump Holy King.

As a First Level Upper Tier Holy King, he was sweating profusely, "Lord Blood-Hands, please pardon my offense."

"Bring him away, I will chase after the other two little rascals." Blood-Hands' eyes revealed a cold look, as he looked at the black figures in the distant. He grinned, "I've finally found you!"


Blood-Hands charged over at a lightning speed.

Su Yu turned around to look, and his face turned paper-white. He gasped in astonishment, "First Level Peak Tier Holy King!"

Yun Yan's heart trembled immensely and her face flushed, "Su Yu, I will join hands with you. Even if we die, we die in battle!"

Unexpectedly, Su Yu shook his head and sighed lightly, "Yun Yan, he's after me. You should immediately flee; should you be lucky enough to make it back to Liuxian Faction... please find Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu, who have just entered the Faction, and tell them that, I, Su Yu, once stepped foot onto Zhenlong continent!"

In his heart, the people he missed the most were Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu. One was his fianc, while the other one was his truest friend.

Should he die during this journey he wanted someone to tell them that he, Su Yu, had managed to get onto Zhenlong continent, and he had done so for them!

Su Yu fled in the opposite direction, leaving her with his request and a parting smile.

" Su... Yu..." Yun Yan muttered tearfully.

Looking distantly at Su Yu's figure, headed toward death, Yun Yan recalled that parting smile which shook her heart.

In order to not implicate her, Su Yu would rather fight the First Level Peak Tier Holy King alone? Never had a man done such things for her!

"Su Yu! You must return alive!" Memories from the past five days flashed before her eyes. Thinking about Su Yu's death turned her heart souralready deeply in grief.

Wiping away her tears, Yun Yan quickly fled in the direction of Liuxian Faction.

As expected, Blood-Hands chose to chase after Su Yu without any hesitation! After two hours, he finally caught up!

"Youngster, for me to personally chase after you you should die with pride!" Blood-Hands' gaze was murderous.

Su Yu's expression remained calm, as he revealed a sliver of confidence, "Hmph! Don't be so cocky!"


Su Yu dived head-first into the sea!