The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100 Deep Within Five Elements Mountain

Chapter 1100: Deep within Five Elements Mountain
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Su Yu was not aware that each step took him deeper into the mountain.

The Five Elements Power became increasingly stronger as Su Yus mind worked to decipher the one hundred Demon Clan inscriptions. His comprehension clearer and clearer as he went through the inscriptions.

He continued walking until he reached the center of the cave, where the strength of the Five Elements Power was strongest and close to reaching the limits of Su Yus capability. He stopped and sat down cross-legged in quiet contemplation.

Very quickly, Su Yu entered into a carefree state of mind. He felt the same way before when he walked up the mountain. He could feel it, the one hundred Demon Clan inscriptions, his breakthrough would happen here.

A day passed. He was five days away from the Tribulation of Human.

Yueer, is he still training in isolation? frowning slightly, North Mansion Mistress inquired at the cave.

At the entrance, Dongfang Yue had stood guard for a day. Her delicate beauty slightly marred by the dismal look on her face as she replied, Mother, I think it better to stop. I can see that he has no feelings for me.

After a day of reflection, Dongfang Yue had calmed her previous fury.

She definitely admired Su Yu as a dragon among men. Her hearts desire was to marry him. But by such means, would it be proper?

Yueer.., North Mansion Mistress lightly sighed, I know you have a kind heart and doing this would be difficult. However, our ancestors already knows of this matter. We can no longer end this here. Whether or not you are willing, the Great Oriental Family must have this dragon among men in their pocket.

Ancestor? Dongfang Yues heart tightened.

His will, the Great Oriental Family cannot defy it.

With regret, Dongfang Yues sorrowful eyes searched deep within the mountain cave.

Two days passed. Four days left until the Tribulation of Human.

Blessed and Heavenly Land had almost half of its districts in ruins. All due to the unending battle of two Mortal Fairy warriors.

The battle between the two was a never before seen sight on Heaven and Earth. Easily destroying the mountain village, cutting off the earth energy channel. Wherever they passed, it would take at least a century to recover.

Equally wretched was Duanxian Cliffmaster, having maintained his foothold for a painful five days.

Compared to his previous boldness, his current spirit was crushed and devastated.

At his chest was a bowl-sized hole, it ran frighteningly through his chest and opening at the back.

His soul was barely there, trying in vain to stay with his physical body.

The Mortal Fairy power within him was entirely depleted.

At his side was a cluster of shattered magical treasures.

Despite all of this, his eyes coldly looked upon the imperially robed youth, he did not retreat a single step.

Central Prefecture King had also spent much of his energy but he was not injured. He was incredulous as he spoke, Unbelievable! What has he promised you that you do not care about your life? Battling me for five days!

Dunxian Cliffmaster solemnly replied, You do not need to know.

As he spoke, his palm turned splitting the void behind him, he slipped into it.

He sighed, thinking to himself, Central Prefecture Kings ability is stronger than I expected. I had hoped to last six days. I have used everything and could only hold on for five days. Kid, this Cliffmaster has done what I could, what follows is up to you.

Glancing at all the magical treasures around him, Dunxian Cliffmasters gaze showed his distress. But the thought of his promise with Su Yu, brought hope back to his eyes. If that kid could stay alive, this trade was not a loss.

Upon Dunxian Cliffmasters retreat, Central Prefecture King did not stop him.

Even as a Peak Mortal Fairy, he was not capable of taking Dunxian Cliffmasters life. Once in the Mortal Fairy realm, to kill him would not be easy.

Besides, he had more important matters at hand.

His cold glare swept in front of him and his heart thumped, What? Eastern Continent? When did he escape to there?


Half an hour, above Central City, appeared the shadows of imperial robes.

Staring at the rubble of Central City, its destruction by a single sword stroke, Central Prefecture Kings face was dark with anger, his pulsing pale veins interspersed under his skin.

Icily sweeping his gaze forward, Central Prefecture Kings eyes looked down at the ruins, shouting, Come out!

After a moment, a cloud of dank ghost energy rose up through the rubble. Splitting into two, it formed the blurry outlines of a man and a woman.

Do not misunderstand, I am looking at all the corpses. What a waste! Using the Ghost Clan army, this is not what I would do. The man and woman opened their mouths at the same time. Their footsteps were in sync. Even their tone of voice was exactly the same, as if only one person were speaking.

Central Prefecture Kings frowned, How did you get here?

Oh oh with the plan exposed, we had to figure out how to convene with you, replied the man and the woman.

He had known about Ghost Clans exposure. Coldly, he replied, I had ordered Zhan Wushuang to receive you, where is he?

The man and the woman were intricately in sync with their movements. Both shrugging their shoulders, they replied, This was all like this when we arrived. Your man is likely underneath this rubble.

Despite hearing this, Central Prefecture King felt no anxiety. Firmly shaking his head, he said, A powerful divine being can only be killed by the heavens. A commoner of this world is unable to kill him. He must have left Central Prefecture. Sigh speaking of which, do you know who is responsible for this?

The man and the woman shook their heads simultaneously, We dont know.

When this place was destroyed, they had not yet arrived.

Central Prefecture King, hiding his anger, said, Forget it! Jiuzhou is in my pocket anyway, it is just one Central City!

The remaining light revealed a slight sense of worry on his face. Where was Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy?

This woman, whom he called Master, was his greatest fear.

Now with her disappearance, this would not be a bad thing.

Thinking for a moment, Central Prefecture King said, You will keep the Ghost Clan army here. I have to take care of an urgent matter. If resolved quickly, it will be a couple days. If not, it will be half a month.

After he spoke, he came to the Transportation Spell Divine Level, its surroundings completely destroyed leaving only the Transportation Spell still intact.

He stood within the Transportation Spell, his pupils hardening to a cold stare, You dirty ants, you have lived long enough.

Right before he activated the spell, he noticed that the spell was quiet and his face froze, Another part of the spell has been sealed?

Anger flitted to his eyes but he immediately cooled down, I will allow you to exist for another day!

He ripped into the void and hastened to Eastern Continent.

Su Yu, deep in thought, felt his heart jump and awoke from his training.

A chill came upon him without warning.

He breathed lightly to calm his emotions, the chill surrounded him and would not dissipate.

Only managed a short five days? Su Yus eyes narrowed. This chill had to be from Central Prefecture King. His arrival was unexpectedly fast and early.

He could not stay in the Eastern Continent.

Staring hard at the Five Elements Divine Prison, Su Yus eyes showed the struggle he was under.

After two days of comprehension, the last Demon Clan inscription was almost broken. If Su Yu had two more days time, he would have had his breakthrough. But time is not his friend, its too late!

Looking into the recesses of the cave, his only strategy for now was to go deeper within, use a stronger Five Elements power and break through the inscription.

If Five Elements Divine Prison was an emperor-based saint artifact, using its power to wipe out the Tribulation of Human had to have its benefits.

Activating his chi, Su Yu took a step deeper into the mountain.


A sound rang out. Exceeding the pressure that he could handle, Su Yu was crushed by the power of Five Elements. A stream of blood spurted out of his mouth as the immense pressure bombarded his body.

Difficult to exceed the limits, no wonder the Mortal Fairy was also blocked, Su Yu said through gritted teeth. He could not simply use brute force to continue.

If it was possible to force ones way past their limit, then the Great Oriental Familys two Mortal Fairy Old Monsters would have already entered the deep recesses of Five Elements Mountain and found the hidden secrets within it.

After pondering for a while, Su Yus eyes flashed as he took another step.

At the same time, his skin shone with gold and black light, the two lights interlaced as they danced. The two lights split on the right and left side of Su Yu, making his body appear strangely.

Divine Dragon Power, Demonic God Power, both flowing to Su Yus legs.

Five Elements Mountain erupted with a powerful repulsion force of the Five Elements Power.

And yet, this did not push Su Yu back.

Using the two kinds of strength, Su Yu quickly took nine steps and went into a space that few people have entered. This ground was only accessible by Spire Mortal Fairies, it required ten times as much Five Elements Power.

Under such great pressure, Su Yus mind was able to comprehend at an incalculable rate.

Still not enough. Su Yu shook his head, under this pressure, he may be able to finish his training within a day.

But, in one day, Central Prefecture King would arrive.

Looking deeper into the dark cave, Su Yu quickly thought.

If he continued forward, he would reach the place of the Mortal Fairy Warriors. At this level of pressure, the Five Elements Power would kill.

Many Mansion Mistresses have tried the same, they would enter the front area and immediately suffer tremendous harm. Their lives in danger, they had no choice but to quickly leave.

Su Yu touched his chest. He held his stern gaze ahead as he took another step forward.

In an instant, his body was filled with a sense of imminent destruction. From outside to inside, it was like his entire being was pulverized.

Streams of blood flowed out of cuts all over Su Yus body. His physical body had reached its limit. This was a sign that his body was about to be obliterated and it kept getting worse.

However, at the moment of approaching danger, within Su Yus chest, an emerald colored heart began to quicken its pulse, releasing an incomparably pure life energy.

The blood stained cuts all over his body immediately healed.

Gritting his teeth, anticipating the pain, Su Yu walked forward several steps, coming to the dark recesses of the cave.

On the ground, Su Yu felt energy leftover from a Mortal Fairy and saw the claw prints along the stone wall.

A Mortal Fairy had gripped the stone wall in order to overcome the Five Elements Power from pressing her back.

Here! Here was where the Mortal Fairy Old Monsters could not surpass!

Su Yus heart beat rapidly. His heart leapt up as if it wanted to rip itself out of his chest. This was very uncomfortable.

The Five Elements Power here can allow me to finish in half a days time, Su Yu was satisfied.

Ignoring the pain in his heart, Su Yu sat down cross-legged as he prepared to go through the one hundred Ghost Clan inscriptions.

He glanced even deeper into the cave, even Mortal Fairy warriors could not enter this space, the real center of the cave.

This was not how he had imagined it, the center of the cave was not pitch dark, instead it emitted rays of gold light, like a fog, it was blurry and could not be seen clearly.

It was only supposed to be a glance but suddenly, Su Yu spied something in the brief light. Su Yu gaped at it and looked in the same direction but there was nothing inside.

Is it my eyes? Su Yu did not want to doubt himself, maybe his heart was beating too fast and he was seeing things.

However, when Su Yu recovered his sight, he again saw a faint light moving about.

Su Yu was stunned. Rising suddenly, he went towards the caves deep recesses to look.

After looking carefully, Su Yu discovered the reason for the movement. It was a golden colored skeleton!

At the same moment, the skeleton turned its head, a pair of jade green flames looked straight at Su Yu.

The shape of the skeleton made Su Yu draw breath, Its youhow, how can this be?

We have reached the end today, we will make up for it tomorrow.