The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 A Flood Dragon Who Is Also A Devil God

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The golden skeleton was composed of the skull of a flood dragon and the bones of a human being.

The skeleton stared at Su Yu with his blank eyes full of green flames. It seemed he was wondering whether he had met Su Yu before.

Gang Gang Dalei! Su Yu was totally surprised.

He wouldnt have been surprised even if the skeleton of a deity was hidden in the Five Elements Mountain. But this skeleton was from his old friend!

Among the people Su Yu knew, the only one who had the head of the flood dragon and the body of a human being was Gang Dalei!

He was the disciple of the Old Wine who was the guardian in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.

How could he be here, in this ancient mountain with a history of hundreds of thousands of years?

Also, why is only his skeleton left?

Gang Dalei scratched his head and stared at Su Yu for a while. It seemed he was still puzzled. At last, he crawled back into the cave which was flickering as if something was running.

Su Yu, who was still surprised and puzzled, looked at Gang Dalei as he crawled into the dark cave.

Heh! Heh! The combination of a flood dragon and a human being is really very rare! The Evil Gods voice came in from Su Yus mind. You know him, right?

Su Yu nodded his head slightly. Yes! He is a friend of mine. He is from

Then, he paused for a moment. Gang Daleis life experience was always mysterious. He was brought up by Old Wine who was from the Central Prefecture.

It is a pity that he is already dead. Otherwise, we could capture him and study him carefully. It is very difficult for the combination of flood dragon and human being to survive. I believe the flood dragon that gave birth to him must be an extraordinary dragon! the Evil God exclaimed.

Dead Su Yu was surprised by the Evil Gods words.

Gang Dalei had come to the Jiuzhou Continent by following the creatures from the Zhenlong Continent.

How did Gang Dalei die? Where were the other people? Where is Xia Jingyu? Where is Qin Xianer?

In combination with Elder Liaos disappearance, Su Yu got a bad feeling and became very anxious.

However, Su Yus rational mind told him it was not a good time to panic.

The Central Prefectures King would be here soon.

In order to figure out the current situation of the creatures from the Zhenlong Continent, he had to get through this ordeal first.

Forcibly suppressing the anxiety in his heart, Su Yu sat down on the ground with his legs crossed. Then, he started to take his time to comprehend the Demon Clan Inscriptions.

As time went by, Su Yus comprehension of the last Demon Clan Inscription became more and more thorough.

The meaning of the obscure inscription was clearer under the intense strength of the Five Elements here.

He believed he could finish the comprehension within half a day.


Somewhere in the Central Prefecture

Hanxuan was very angry because her feet were firmly fastened onto a strange iron bar by a long chain.

The iron bar, which was thrust deep into the ground, was wrapped in a gruesome aura.

The material of this bar was also quite extraordinary. Hanxuan tried to break away, but she found the chain and the iron bar were too strong for her.

She stared at the little girl in front of her and said angrily, Third Junior Sister, does our master know you have locked me up in here?

No! the little girl replied expressionlessly.

Hanxuan sighed. What are you going to do? I have been in this place for several days. You asked me to comprehend the Jade Maiden Heavenly Frost Art and provided me with all kinds of rare spirit elixirs so that I could comprehend the last stage of this technique!

She was so curious as to why her master and her third junior sister wanted her to obtain the top class of the Jade Maiden Heavenly Frost Art.

She had learned this technique from her master. She didnt know the function of this technique because she didnt want to know it. Anyway, she would learn anything required by her master.

Now, she had figured out this technique was quite special, even though she was a fool.

Dont you know? Just continue your training! the third junior sister said emotionlessly. She sat beside Hanxuan with complicated feelings in her crystal-clear eyes.

Then, she looked up and murmured, I guess you could finish your training in three and a half days!

In three and a half days, the Ordeal of People would happen.

An unexpected visitor appeared at the edge of the Eastern Continent.

An enormous crack appeared in the Void. and a majestic figure who was wearing an imperial robe stepped out.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth became silent. All creatures in this place held their breath as if they had been terrified by the mighty king of the Jiuzhou Continent.

He looked through thousands of mountains and rivers. Then, he fixed his deep eyes on the city at the center of the Eastern Continent.

A smile appeared on his lips.

Ant, here I am! Now, nobody in this world could save your life!

In the city at the center of the Eastern Continent, two old women were sitting in a secret chamber.

One old woman was wearing a black robe while the other one was wearing a white robe.

The old woman in a black robe looked quite serious. She opened her eyes slowly. Have you sensed him?

The old woman in the white robe also opened her eyes as she nodded her head. The Central Prefectures King is coming!

What should we do? Is it really necessary for us to stop the Ordeal of People for Su Yu? the old woman in the black robe asked hesitantly.

The old woman in the white robe replied firmly, Of course!

The Central Prefectures King is ambitious! He murdered the Jiuzhou King Shen Yichen and fell to his knees in front of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy. I dont know how powerful he is after 100 years! the old black-robed woman said.

As the most time-honored family on this continent, the Great Oriental Familys history was even longer than the history of this continent.

In front of this family, this continent had no secrets at all.

No matter how powerful he is, we have to confront him. It is possible for that young man to obtain a ticket that would be worth all the efforts of the Great Oriental Family. Moreover, I believe both of us could definitely stop a Mortal Fairy! the old woman in the white robe said.

The old woman in the black robe was speechless for a moment. After a while, she nodded her head and said, OK! Lets do our best for that ticket even if our life will be endangered!

Inside the Five Elements Mountain, Su Yu had sweat all over his face. He was trembling violently at this moment.

He was surrounded by five halos which were in different colors. The halos became increasingly solid and clear.

The Five Elements Divine Prison in his palm was covered in flickering colorful light.

The body of this item also varied from time to time as if it was about to explode at any moment.

A variety of signs showed that Su Yus comprehension of the Five Elements Divine Prison had reached a critical stage.

Suddenly, Su Yu opened his eyes. Then, two beams of colorful light flew out of his pupils and left the cave.

Dongfang Yue, who was waiting quietly outside the cave, changed her expression as she quickly dodged the beams of light.

Then, the two colorful light beams disappeared in the sky after creating two pitch-dark holes in the Void.

In surprise, Dongfang Yue said, His strength of the Five Elements is powerful enough to break the Void! Does it mean his achievements in the Five Elements have reached the highest level?

As far as she knew, those ancestors who had studied the strength of the Five Elements had been at the high level.

It was the upper limit for the comprehension of an ordinary person!

However, those ancestors had reached the highest level over a long period of time. How old was Su Yu now?

Dongfang Yue, who was totally surprised, became more hesitant.

Her rational mind told her that she would not be able to force Su Yu to do something.

After hesitating for a while, she turned around and left. She didnt hear Su Yus shouts of joy in the cave.

Finally, I did it after so many efforts! Su Yu watched the Five Elements Divine Prison in his palm delightedly as he wiped the sweat off his face.

The refining of this emperor-based saint artifact was incredibly difficult!

He had managed to do it successfully after several years worth of effort.

After finishing the comprehension of 100 inscriptions, he had gained some control over the Five Elements Divine Prison. Now, he was able to attack with 10% of its power.

When Su Yu was overwhelmed by joy, the Black-Green Water Dragon was also laughing wildly in a dark space inside the Five Elements Divine Prison.

Hah! Hah! Hah! He finished the comprehension successfully at last! God helps those who help themselves. This day has finally arrived! the Black-Green Water Dragon shouted with a grim smile on his face. Frost Divine Dragon, you have kept me trapped in this Five Elements Divine Prison for 100,000 years. When I leave here, I will definitely kill all your descendants!

His ferocious roar echoed in the dark space. It was ear-piercing.

I will leave this place when that man opens the Five Elements Divine Prison! The Black-Green Water Dragon was waiting eagerly for Su Yus attempt to run the Five Elements Divine Prison.

However, Su Yu didnt do anything for a long time. The Black-Green Water Dragon rolled his eyes. Then, he turned himself into a small illusory dragon and crawled out from the Five Elements Divine Prison.

Congratulations! You made it at last! the Black-Green Water Dragon said happily. His ferocious expression had long since disappeared from his face.

Su Yu, who was not surprised by his appearance at all, nodded his head calmly. Thats right! I made it, he said. How can I activate it? Should I just put Vital Energy into it like the activation of the Five Pulse Dominant Wave?

The Black-Green Water Dragon shook his head seriously. No! You have comprehended 100 Demon Clan Inscriptions. Now you can use the real power of the Five Elements Divine Prison to suppress your enemy! What you need to do is to activate the Five Elements Divine Prison with the incantation acquired from me!

OK! What is the incantation?

The Black-Green Water Dragon did his best to suppress the excitement in his heart to avoid it being sensed by Su Yu. Then, he uttered a series of strange incantations.

When he was uttering the incantation, the Five Elements Divine Prison trembled as if it had sensed something.

Have you kept it in your mind? The Black-Green Water Dragon stared at Su Yu after reciting the incantation.

Su Yu nodded.

Well, you can try it now to check its power. Believe me, you will definitely be impressed! the Black-Green Water Dragon said.

However, Su Yu just stared at the Black-Green Water Dragon without moving.

Su Yus calm gaze made the Black-Green Water Dragon quite uneasy. With a hollow smile, he said, What? Dont you want to control the Five Elements Divine Prison?

Su Yu shook his head and said calmly, To be exact, I dont want to be controlled by others!

What do you mean? The Black-Green Water Dragon felt his heart skip a beat, but his face was still full of puzzlement.

Su Yu continued to speak calmly. Isnt it quite exhausting to disguise yourself as an Artifact Spirit for such a long time?

The Black-Green Water Dragon was dumbfounded. From Su Yus deep eyes, he could tell that Su Yu knew the truth. Then, the Black-Green Water Dragon took a deep breath and said sinisterly, How do you know I am not an Artifact Spirit?

Su Yu replied calmly, Because you have never called me Master, which is impossible for an Artifact Spirit!

An Artifact Spirit should respect its Master. It was an unalterable principle.

The Black-Green Water Dragon had only called Su Yu, You or Young man, because he didnt want to call Su Yu Master at all.

Is that it? the Black-Green Water Dragon asked as he stared at Su Yu.

Su Yu replied thoughtfully, Anything else, Lord Devil God? I know you are also the real owner of the Five Elements Divine Prison!

Hearing this, the Black-Green Water Dragons eye pupils contracted. Then, he asked in terror, How do you know I am a Devil God? I havent revealed any signs of a Devil God to you!

The Black-Green Water Dragon looked around before finally fixing his eyes on the depth of the mountain. Also, who told you I am the owner of the Five Elements Divine Prison?