The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 The Ultimate Hunt

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He surmised someone sold him out secretly.

You told me about that! Su Yu said as he looked at the Black-Green Water Dragon with a sarcastic smile, How could an Artifact Spirit ask someone else to refine its treasure item? There could be only two possible answers, either that the owner of this item is dead or the Artifact Spirit is the owner of that item!

Ive refined 100 Demon Clan Inscriptions, but I havent received any message sent from the Five Elements Divine Prison, which means its owner is not dead. Apparently, you are the real owner of this Five Elements Divine Prison!

As for the Devil God, heh, heh, the Great Oriental Family used to find a corpse of a Devil God under the Five Elements Mountain. According to the interaction between the Five Elements Divine Prison and the Five Elements Mountain, I surmise that the corpse might be your original form!

The Black-Green Water Dragon stared at Su Yu thoughtfully because he had been fully surprised by Su Yus perception.

Even Su Yus speculation was absolutely correct!

In those years, the Black-Green Water Dragon was defeated by a powerful enemy who even crushed his body with the Five Elements Mountain. Now, he only had the soul, and the Celestial Energy Sphere left. Then, he managed to survive by fleeing into the Five Elements Divine Prison.

However, the Five Elements Divine Prison could only be opened by an external force. Although his soul survived, it was not able to leave this prison.

In this way, the Five Elements Divine Prison changed several owners and was obtained by Su Yu at last. The Black-Green Water Dragon had been locked in this prison for 100,000 years till now.

The Black-Green Water Dragon managed to delude Su Yu to refine part of the Five Elements Divine Prison. If Su Yu activated the Five Elements Divine Prison, the Black-Green Water Dragon would take the opportunity to leave the prison.

However, he didnt expect Su Yu, who was so detail-minded, had seen through his trick.

When did you start to suspect me? The Black-Green Water Dragon, who knew his plan had been ruined, asked resentfully.

Su Yu replied with a shrug, Who told you I used to trust you?

Su Yu had never trusted even a word uttered by the Black-Green Water Dragon.

Hearing this, the Black-Green Water Dragon was stunned a bit. Then, he laughed wildly with deep self-mockery, Hah! Hah! Hah! As a mighty Devil God, I didnt expect I could be locked up by a trivial human being! What a sheer irony!

When he was almost driven mad by anger, Su Yus calm voice came into his ears.

It wont be very difficult for you to leave this prison!

What? The Black-Green Water Dragon didnt believe what he heard, Do you mean you will let me go?

I can certainly do that! Su Yu said without hesitation, Do you have a grudge against me?

The Black-Green Water Dragon replied by shaking his head after pondering it for a while, No!

Have I offended you before? Su Yu asked again.


Then, why do I have to lock you here? Su Yu said.

After a short silence, a strand of cunning light flashed in the eyes of the Black-Green Water Dragon, We are not enemies. It is useless for you to lock me up here. So, are you going to let me go?

No! Su Yu replied without any hesitation.

Hearing this, the Black-Green Water Dragon was stunned again. Then, he asked seriously, Are you playing a joke on me?

No! Su Yu said by reaching out two fingers, First, it is useless for me to lock you here, as you said. But I will gain nothing if I let you go! Second, Ive refined part of the Five Elements Divine Prison. As the owner of the Five Elements Divine Prison, I believe you will definitely kill me after leaving this prison. Now, I am not powerful enough to rival a deity like you!

Hearing this, the Black-Green Water Dragon was lost in thought for a while. Then, he said slowly, For the second point, I can sign a Divine Agreement with you. Through this agreement, I will give you my word that I will never kill you. Nobody could breach a Divine Agreement. You could definitely put your heart at rest! As for the first point, what do you want if you could let me go?

He knew Su Yu was negotiating with him.

First, I know nothing about the Divine Agreement. So, I wont believe anything you said! Second, the thing I want is quite simple. You should help me to overcome my difficulties before I am more powerful than you! Su Yu named his conditions, which he had prepared for a long time.

Thats impossible! The Black-Green Water Dragon refused without any hesitation.

As a mighty deity, he would never serve a humble human being like a slave!

Su Yus reply was also quite simple, Then, you will continue to stay in this Five Elements Divine Prison. I just wish you could encounter another person who could comprehend 100 Demon Clan Inscriptions like me soon!

The Black-Green Water Dragon darkened his face immediately after hearing this. He wouldnt have stayed in this prison for 100,000 years if a genius like Su Yu could be found easily.

Moreover, Su Yu wouldnt allow others to find the Five Elements Divine Prison easily! It was very easy for him to hide the Five Elements Divine Prison in a desolate and uninhabited place!

After careful pondering, the Black-Green Water Dragon found he had no bargaining chip in the negotiation with Su Yu.

So, how could I help you to overcome your difficulties? The Black-Green Water Dragon asked.

Su Yu replied with a smile, Its quite simple! You should keep me alive! There are two approaches to keep me alive. First, you could help me to enhance my strength continuously! Second, you should help me to solve my crisis. For example, I am facing a crisis now

The Black-Green Water Dragon got a feeling of being fooled when he saw Su Yus smiling face. It seemed this guy had prepared everything for a long time!

However, the Black-Green Water Dragon had no options at this moment.

So, what is the crisis? I am being locked in this prison and could only control 30% of it. But it is enough for me to suppress anyone who was less powerful than Mortal Fairies in this prison easily! The Black-Green Water Dragon said proudly.

Su Yu replied thoughtfully, It is a pity that the one I am facing this time is not only a Mortal Fairy but also the most powerful one among the Mortal Fairies!

The Black-Green Water Dragon changed his expression after hearing this. Then, he asked angrily, How could you, a weak human being, offended such a powerful enemy?

Just tell me whether you could help me. If you cant, I will hide the Five Elements Divine Prison in a place where nobody could find it in another 1,000,000 years when I still have time now! Su Yu replied calmly.

The Black-Green Water Dragon was rolling his eyes as if he was planning something.

I suggest you could stop your plan now. Do you think you can escape from a Mortal Fairy like him easily? I guess it is highly possible that you will be used to refine some treasure items by him! Anyway, the soul of a Devil God is quite precious!

Hearing this, the Black-Green Water Dragon snorted. Apparently, his plan had been dismissed by Su Yus words.

The Five Elements Divine Prison is not powerful enough to suppress a peak Mortal Fairy forever. But it is powerful enough to suppress him for 1 to 2 days!

1 to 2 days? Su Yu lit up his eyes! Thats enough!

After reaching an agreement with the Black-Green Water Dragon, Su Yu walked out of the cave.

When he reached the entrance of the cave, he saw Dongfang Yue was standing there and looking at the cave nervously.

My lady! Su Yu walked up and said at this moment.

Dongfang Yue looked at Su Yu as if he was reluctant to part with him. Then, two items flew out from her snow-white sleeves. One was the wooden bird taken away by the South Mansion Mistress. The other was a set of elaborated formation flags.

You could fly in the void with your flying artifact. But you will definitely be caught back by my mother and my aunt! These are the space formation flags which were refined by two ancestors for me. They are designed to save my life so that I could escape with them in emergencies. Although they are not as effective as the legendary transportation portals, they could rival the super transportation portal, which could transport you to other prefectures easily!

Miss Dongfang, you Su Yu was totally surprised because he knew how precious these Formation Flags were.

Even a Mortal Fairy would need a lot of time and effort to refine these Formation Flags, which couldnt be bought from any store or market.

Dongfang Yue said apologetically, Sorry, Lord Su! Please accept my apology to you for what the Great Oriental Family did in recent days to you. Now, when the two ancestors are still in secluded training, just leave here immediately!

Su Yu received the wooden bird and the Formation Flags as he said gratefully, Lady Yueer, you are so sensible and considerate! I owe you one!

Farewell! Su Yu activated the wooden bird to leave the Great Oriental Family by tearing open the void.

Hearing this, Dongfang Yues pretty face blushed.

She was so happy that Su Yu could call her Lady Yueer. She murmured in her heart, secretly. As expected, this is the right way!

Half a day later

Along with an enormous space gap appearing in the sky, the city at the center of the Eastern Continent was startled.

Two figures rushed out from the secret chamber of the Great Oriental Family at this moment. They were the black and white Mortal Fairies of this family.

The two of them were staring at the space gap as if a formidable enemy would appear soon.

Soon, golden light flew out from the space gap.

Those who stand in my way will die! A figure in the imperial robe walked out from the space gap.

His body, which was wrapped in golden light, could only be seen by All Creation experts!

Ordinary divine masters were not even able to see his face!

His overbearing words also created thickly-dotted cracks in the void.

Mortal Fairies could create great signs between heaven and earth easily. However, he was the first one who cracked the heaven and earth with his words!

The white and black Mortal Fairies stared at him seriously. It seemed the Central Prefectures King was more formidable than the hearsays!

You could survive if you turn Su Yu in! The Central Prefectures King said as he stared at the white and black Mortal Fairies coldly by placing his hands behind his back.

You could have Su Yu if you can defeat us! The white and black Mortal Fairies had eye contact. Then, their body was wrapped by faint demonic energy as a pair of black horns appeared on their heads. Now, they looked quite like demons.

The Central Prefectures King replied with a casual smile, Ive heard you are descendants of the Demon Clan. It seems those hearsays are true!

The next moment, the golden light on his body became more dazzling and covered the entire sky.

Anyone who was hit by the golden light, which was full of horrible strength, would be crushed into ashes immediately.

The white and black Mortal Fairies changed their expression as they resisted the golden light with their strength of the Demonic God.

However, when they were doing their best to hold back the golden light, two palm prints flew out from the golden light and hit their chest heavily.

The next moment, their body was wrapped in golden flames, which burnt through their chest instantly.

The Fire of Divine Tribulation? The white and black Mortal Fairies were totally surprised and stepped back in a hurry as they used all their strength of Mortal Fairy to stop the golden flames from spreading rapidly across their bodies.

However, when they used all their strength to curb the flames, they were attacked by another two palm prints again!

They knew the attack was from the Central Prefectures King. But all their strength had been used to curb the Fire of Divine Tribulation. It was impossible for them to defend them from the new attack.

The next moment, their body was smashed into blood mist by the palm print.

However, even their blood mist was also burnt by the golden divine flames.

Their blood mist flew back rapidly and reformed the body of the white and black Mortal Fairies again in the distance.

The body of a Mortal Fairy could be reformed at any time. That was also the reason why it was always difficult to kill a Mortal Fairy!

Give Su Yu to me, and I will spare your life. I wont say it again! The Central Prefectures King walked out as he said indifferently by placing his hands behind his back.

Last time he thought highly of himself. But this time, he was definitely very confident!

The white and black Mortal Fairies had been totally terrified. They knew the strength of the Central Prefectures King had been enhanced remarkably after he knelt down in front of the Glitter Jewel Mortal Fairy.

They never expected his strength had been enhanced to such a horrible level.

They were also Mortal Fairies. But they were not able to even stop the Central Prefectures King from moving forward!

At this moment, the white and black Mortal Fairies had been totally shocked and frustrated.

It seemed it was definitely a bad idea to provide shelter for Su Yu.

They overestimated themselves and underestimated the Central Prefectures King.

After having eye contact, the white and black Mortal Fairies made up their minds immediately.

Death was nothing for them. But they had to take care of the Great Oriental Family!

For the Great Oriental Family, we have to sacrifice him! The white Mortal Fairy sighed. Then, she said by pointing at the cave on the Five Elements Mountain, He is in that cave!