The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103 Nowhere To Hide

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The Central Prefectures Kings eyes coldly swept across, and he stepped into the cave with one step.

However, he soon came out again, with a cold face. How dare you lie to me!

The black and white dust fairies face slightly changed, and they said in unison. He is in it, how can it be fake?

Hehe, could he have gone into the deepest part? There, I cant even get in! Say it, where did you hide him? The Central Prefectures King asked again.

The black and white dust fairies were taken aback, glanced at the Eastern family, and finally locked their eyes on a disturbed woman.

Yueer, where is Su Yu? Didnt we make you stay outside to guard the cave house? Black Dust Fairy asked hurriedly.

Dongfang Yue looked at the king as she looked down on the world, looking down at the Central Prefectures King and the entire family of the East. Her face was pale. He, he has gone.

What? Gone? White Dust Fairys face changed drastically. The Five Elements Mountain had only one exit, and Dongfang Yue was kept at the entrance. She had no intention of monitoring Su Yu.

As a result, he went away without making a single sound?

No, Dongfang Yue, let him go!

You this Black Dust Fairy was furious. She, she has implicated the Eastern family!

Enough. The Central Prefectures King looked indifferent. No need to pretend anymore. The opportunity has been given to you.

There was a trace of golden light that was continuously emitted from his body, but that was only part of the entire leak.

The true golden light is brewing in his body, brewing into an extremely horrible mass.

Wait, we really did not keep Su Yu in private. He has already left White Dust Fairy busied replied, staring at the ever-expanding golden light, her heart beating fast.

The Central Prefectures King indifferently interrupted: I know!

Ah? The black and white dust fairies said. Since you know that we are not in possession of Su Yu, why do you have to do this? Please Central Prefectures King, please quickly stop

Hmph, I shall give the people in Jiuzhou a little lesson in blood, so no one will dare to protect Su Yu! The Central Prefectures King said coldly.

Then, at this moment, The Central Prefectures King seemed to have a huge sunburst that exploded from his body.

An endless fire of flames spread over the sky, covering both the north and the south.

When touched by the Cosmos Divine Flame, everything turned into ruins.

The black and white dust fairies eyes are dying, and when they are in crisis mode, they will start yelling, Wake the Five Elements Mountain!

The two fairies flew down the Five Elements Mountain, shattered the ground with one foot, and exposed the power of the five elements under the Five Elements Mountain.

They instilled the power of the devil into the Isolation Spell, and the Isolation Spell was activated, which automatically release all the five elements of the Five Elements Mountain.

The majestic power of the five elements thrust against the sky, barely blocking the fire that fell from the sky.

However, the Cosmos Divine Flame is still slowly falling towards them. Once it has completely fallen, the central city of the eastern continent, the two black and white dust immortals, down to the trafficker and betrayers, billions of souls will be wiped out and turned into ashes.

Eastern people obey your orders! All descendants of the blood of the demon god, burn your blood, and direct the power of the devil in you to the Isolation Spell! Only by the power of the devil from the two of them will not able to compete with the overwhelming fire.

A very reliable Easterner immediately started channeling the power of the devil.

Compared to the Isolation Spell, his strength is too weak. When he touched the Isolation Spell just a little, he was drained of his blood and turned into a dead body and died on the spot.

Soon after, the second, the third, the fourth

The Easterners have been cursed and troubled for thousands of years, and they have common enemies. Therefore, they are extremely united. At this moment, no one is backing out. One after another, the Eastern peoples are like moths throwing themselves directly into the fire, one after another.

The Central Prefectures King was surprised. He wanted to create a bloody scene in one swoop and shock people the people of Jiuzhou.

This is all right too. The Central Prefectures King turned around his thinking. Let them pass away a little bit by bit and die slowly. It is even more impactful to the living people.

With a sneer, The Central Prefectures King blew out a breath of air under him.

The radon currents rolled and formed mirages in some of the extremely remote areas.

Although it is far away from the rest of the continent, he can also see the bloody scenes of the eastern continent at this moment.

At the same time, a majestic sound radiated from all directions in Jiuzhou.

Those who protect Su Yu, anyone that gets in the way, will be killed!

After doing all of this, The Central Prefectures King left the Eastern tribe behind who was slowly but surely tortured to death. His figure flickered into the void, and he propelled himself to where Su Yu was.

At this moment, Su Yu is taking a break.

Suddenly, a shocking wave came from the distant central city.

Amongst the rolling airwaves, the sound of The Central Prefecture Kings killing was echoed over.

Those who protect Su Yu, anyone that gets in the way, will be killed!

Su Yus heart fluttered, and he felt a sense of uneasiness in his heart.

Hes here! Su Yu did not hesitate to take out the banner from Dongfang Yue, put it firmly on the ground, and immediately urged.

The banner flag is extremely effective, and it only takes a few breaths to kick start it.

With a force of space rolling in, Su Yu was teleported away.

Almost immediately after his teleportation, a void crack running through the sky appeared near him.

The Central Prefecture Kings figure suddenly appeared at the scene.

Staring at the shattered faint array of flags on the ground, The Central Prefecture King looked around coldly. I will see how long you can escape from me!


An hour later, Su Yu appeared in Tianniu Zhou and appeared just above the Divine Nautical God-level teleportation team. This should be the intention of the two dust fairies.

Huge fluctuations in the waves have aroused the attention of the strong.

Within the city, a force of dust immortal came, covering Su Yu.

At the same time, a middle-aged and strong man with horned armor above his head teleported towards Su Yu.

Are you Su Yu? This person actually could recognize Su Yus face and showing him a sense of appreciation.

Xu Suyu said busily. Yes, I am. I will like to ask, may I borrow a transmission port?

The King of Tianniu Zhou smiled and said: Why the rush? There is something important I want to discuss with you.

However, just as he said those words, a strong gust of airwaves rolled from the sky, filled with the sound of The Central Prefecture Kings murderous voice.

Those who protect Su Yu, anyone that gets in the way, will be killed!

King of Tianniu Zhou froze and sneered. The Central Prefectures King is indeed bold. How dare he come forward here and give me orders?

At this moment, an individual from down the peak that looked very strong flew up with a very pale face and handed a piece of influential jade to King Tianniu.

King Tianniu glanced at one of them, and his anger was swept away, replaced by a look of horror and fear.

On the jade pendant, a mirage appeared in the mist, mapping the scene of the distant eastern continent city center.

He saw that the entire city was engulfed in Cosmic Divine Fire.

The famous black and white dust fairies, even both of them, are unable to stop the terrible fire!

The families of the Dongfang tribe rushed forward one after another, exhausted their blood, and were sucked dry, falling, one after another.

Alas, after all, that they have done, the Cosmic Divine Fire still continued moving forward. In less then two days, the entire Eastern tribe will be completely destroyed!

The oldest family on this continent will definitely, by then, be removed from the world.

At the same time, billions of souls will be buried along with it!

Such overbearing, bloody, and powerful means made the King Tianniu turned blue with sickness.

The Central Prefecture Kings power was beyond expectations, beyond his own power.

He didnt want to, and he hopes his own Tianniuzhou will not end up like the Eastern family!

Turned his head, King Tiannius face kept staring at Su Yu, half biting his teeth, and then pushed him away. He shouted, Leave Tianniu state immediately! And, you must not use the Transportation Spell Divine Level!

Su Yu was surprised, what was written within the jade pendant?

Suddenly, with the uneasiness in Su Yus heart, he felt sorrow for a while.

It was very fast, but the Central Prefectures King has caught up so quickly!

Su Yu did not hesitate to use the Formation Flag and teleported again.

Soon after he left, The Central Prefectures King came, and he glanced coldly at the King of Tianniu Zhou: Well, at least you knew what to do!

After that, he disappeared into the void.

The King of Tianniu didnt even dare to refute. When he approached the Central Prefectures King, he felt a deep fear of death.

Behind his back, a cold sweat has already started to appear.

When Su Yu appeared again, he appeared in the neighboring state, White Sand State.

He had just appeared, when the king of White Sand was stunned by the astonishing void fluctuations and teleported over.

When he saw clearly that it was Su Yu, his face changed drastically, and a look of fear appeared in his eyes. His face was cold, and he shouted. Leave White Sand State!

He dare not even allow Su Yu to stay for a while longer!

Su Yu never intended to stop, and immediately sent himself away with a flag.

Just as his foot left the place, the Central Prefectures King arrived immediately behind him and stepped on the same spot.

In this way, Su Yu constantly teleported from one state to another.

They both chased and fled, shaking the whole of Jiuzhou.

The Central Prefectures King had endured for hundreds of years, and the strength that emerged from him will not be weaker than the Black and White fairies, who was fierce and supposedly invincible, and no one could rival them.

However, regardless of which state Su Yu went, it made the various state kings highly uneasy.

This news spread quickly across the land of Jiuzhou in just half a day through various channels.

Everyone knows that Su Yu has become the target of The Central Prefectures Kings pursuit. Those who aid him will be killed!

Along the way, those who do not know tried to take in Su Yu and help him. The end was exactly the same as the mirage in the Eastern tribe. They were all killed with the Cosmic Divine Fire!

Such bloody methods have deterred all forces in Jiuzhou mainland to react accordingly.

After nine consecutive pursuits, The Central Prefectures King chased him to the Lifeless Sword Prefecture. He looked at the broken formation flag left by Su Yu, his mouth full of a sneer. I need to let this ant know that although the world is big, there is no room for you! I just want to see how many of these flags you have left!

Su Yus feet landed on land, and this time, he teleported to Huitian Prefecture, the state that many had died aiding the battle of the Black and White fairies.

This state had lost its state king, so no one came out to drive Su Yu away.

However, Su Yu did not intend to stay.

In fact, the state kings in several states did not show up midway to aid him, but Su Yu did not want to implicate them and took the initiative to leave. He did so in the Lifeless Sword Prefecture.

Looking at the last Formation Flag in his hand, Su Yus mouth was once of bitterness.

He has fled all over Jiuzhou, but there is no place for him to stay.

This is what Central Prefectures King wants to see.

With this last Formation Flag, where can he run?

As Su Yu smiled bitterly, suddenly, his eyes caught on something.

Just as when the sky turned foggy, the clouds and mist reflect the scenes of the eastern city center.

In the endless stream of Cosmic Divine Fire, the black and white dust fairy supported hard and stood hard against the Cosmic Divine Fire nearing them. One by one, the Easterns were like moths, plunged into the flames, willingly let everything be sucked from them, and be reduced to a dead body.

There are hundreds of thousands of families in the Eastern tribe, but now there are less than 20,000 or 30,000!

From the start till now, it was only a short period of time of less than half a day.

Looking at the billions of souls and the Eastern family that was about to be destroyed, Su Yu was shocked.

They were all implicated because of himself!

Suddenly, Su Yu caught a glance of a shadow in the crowd, and she was walking silently to the Isolation spell.

Under the glare of the Cosmic Divine Fire, the immortal posture shined red, like a lotus flower, white and red, and infinitely delicate.

However, at this moment, her face was resolute, as she embarked on the Isolation spell and offered her blood power to the Isolation Spell.

Su Yus mind roared with realization.

No wonder, no wonder all the state kings have avoided him!

Staring at the tragic and bloody picture, staring at the gradually unsteady scene in front of him, Su Yus thoughts were twitching hard.

During his lifetime, he never wanted to owe anyone that showed kindness to him, and he did not want to affect others.

However, the Great Oriental Family, DongFang Yue

Since there is nowhere to hide, why hide again? Su Yu looked back at the endless void, staring coldly: The eastern continent is waiting for you!


The next moment, Su Yu used the Formation Flag to teleport back to the Eastern continent. Once back, he intends to collide head-on with his enemy!