The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104 Rivals Finally Meet

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Soon after he left, the Central Prefectures King came.

When he heard Su Yus whereabouts, he could not help showing off a little fun, teasing, Returning to the eastern continent? Oh, did you not find a way out?

Smashing the void air with one hand, the eyes of the Central Prefectures King are cold and submerged.

The eastern continent.

The Black and White dust Fairies are in a critical stage and barely supporting the formation method. He urged the use of the power of the five elements from the Five Elements Mountain to compete effectively with the Cosmos Divine Flame.

If that is the case, then the Cosmos Divine Flame will be gradually lowered, and it will not last for long.

Flower core, Centrifugal, you two lead the remaining tribe to flee this place. The spare super teleportation team in the tribe is enough to let some of the tribe flee. The white immortal looked at the tribe that had suffered heavy casualties, and in her heart, she was sad and somewhat moved.

The two government officials from the north and south laughed sternly, Your family is in distress, but both of you want to flee?

The Black Dust Fairy said bitterly. Even the might of the Cosmos Divine Flame, even the highest-ranked Dust Fairy, can not be resisted by everyone. We cant persist on for too long. We dont have to waste the lives of our clan. Let the clan flee.

With that, the Black Dust Fairy glanced across the area, reconsidered the formation, looked at the diminishing bloodline of Dongfang Yue that was about to wither away from the formation, sighed, and said. Yueer, you too should leave here.

Dongfang Yue turned pale and smiled bitterly: I killed the tribe, but my life is the only thing that can help to delays the vitality of the tribe and let the other tribe flee. I shall stay here and live or die with my tribe.

Hey, I dont blame you for this. It was the two of us who overestimated ourselves and tried to get a ticket for the boat. It only then did we find ourselves in this situation. If you let Su Yu go, the Central Prefectures King will not give up feuding with my family. The white fairy said with regrets.

They forced Su Yu to marry Dongfang Yue. Su Yus amazing qualifications were only a second reason. The real reason was that he had the possibility of getting a ticket.

Old ancestors Dongfang Yue deeply felt blame.

Dont say that you havent done anything wrong. My family has betrayed our benefactors and is an ungrateful lot. Fortunately, you let him go in advance, so you can claim to keep a little bit of your reputation here. The Black Dust Fairy shook her hands, gathered some dust, and it surrounded all the people of the Eastern ethnic tribe. They were instantly teleported to a very secret place in the tribe where a huge teleportation array was running quietly.

As the oldest family on the continent, they will naturally prepare a back door for their people.

This teleportation array performs random teleportation. They will be teleported to all corners of the continent. This will ensure that the Easterns will not be destroyed by the enemy, and no matter what happens, they will still be able to retain their own kind.

The government officials of the north and the south looked at each other with tears of grief and indignation, as they stared at the Black and White dust Immortals struggling to hold on in the distance. They drank and yelled, The people of the Eastern tribe follow us!

They live, so that they will not disappoint their two ancestors, and care not to use their lives to exchange for a short delay of time.

Under the Cosmos Divine Flame, the two of them most definitely will turn into ashes.

The remnants of the Eastern people passed through the teleportation array one after another and quickly left the Eastern family that was about to fall.

As the Cosmos Divine Flame approaches, the Easterners had more or less evacuated the area.

The Black and White Dust Fairies looked at each other with a smile. The smile was a bitter one, and the Eastern family that had stood on the mainland for a long time was considered to have fallen overnight.

It didnt fall due to its ancient enemy, Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, but it fell under the hands of the Central Prefectures King.

Our people have left, you and I can rest here now. It has been 3,000 years, and Im so tired The White Dust Fairy looked at the flames that were getting closer and closer, but inside, she was relaxed.

Black Dust Fairy nodded silently and gave up the urge to summon the strength of the Five Elements.

For the continuation of the Eastern family, to fight the curse, they are really tired.

She can be said to be now relieved of her duties by being burnt by the Cosmos Divine Flame.

The Cosmos Divine Flame came suddenly, transforming the two dust fairy figures into living persons.

Although the body of the Dust Fairy is constantly repaired, the speed of repair is not as fast as the speed of destruction caused by the Cosmos Divine Flame.

It is only a matter of time before they die.

However, at this moment, the emptiness of the sea of fire split open, and weak undulations rippled across the landscape.

Su Yus figure flashed out, and when he looked at the scene below, he was shocked, and the fire made him feel like he was back when facing the Tribulation of Thunderous Feather.

Looking at the two dust Fairies buried in the sea of fire, Su Yus heart swelled.

Thats it. Su Yu gritted his teeth and yelled, My two seniors, quickly leave the sea of fire.

Hearing Su Yus voice, the two black and white dust immortals, who were about to sit down, were shocked. He came back!

The Eastern family suffered a disaster for no reason, and it has ended because of me. We cant make up for it or stop it, and we can only save them one by one.

The black-and-white dust fairys face was dark, and the cause of the disaster was ultimately caused by their greed for boat tickets. Su Yu returned to rescue them, which made them regretful for their actions.

The Cosmos Divine Flame is invincible, and it is useless to save us, so you should hurry away whilst you can. The White Dust Fairy sighed, closed her eyes again, and waited for the fire to burn her body away completely.

Su Yu bowed his head. Since the seniors insist, then me, as the younger one would no longer persuade both of you. May I ask the two seniors, what personal things may you have that need to be passed down to your heirs?

Our heirs? The White Dust Fairy and Black Dust Fairy opened their eyes at the same time. They did not intend to leave the mantle behind to pass it on. The two leaders of the north and south were carefully instructed by them on how to grow up; they will be their heir.

After thinking about it for a while, the White Dust Fairy understood Su Yus intentions and meaning. Does he feel that it was a pity that she would be engulfed by the fire?

The black dust fairy showed unhappiness and thought that Su Yu had come back to save them, but did not expect that he was having such thoughts on obtaining precious items.

They can be angry. However, they must admit that they do have a lot of good things on their bodies. For them to be burnt off is indeed a pity.

The two of them looked at each other and made a stroke towards the void, and two cracks appeared in front of Su Yu. In the cracks was an independent space that contained the treasures accumulated in their lives.

Thank you, my two seniors, for heeding my requests. Su Yu said lightly.

The black and white dust immortal silently disappeared gradually into the sea of fire, and eventually, their flesh shattered under the flames, and their soul was turned into nothingness in flames.

Suyu did not panic. From between the two cracks that appeared out of the void, from them, he each took out an item. They were not considered to be very precious, but it was something that they always carried with them. It carried their souls.

Suyu stretched out his left palm, and the emerald dragon in the palm of his hand exuded hazy light.

Revive back to life Su Yu murmured softly.

Under the palm of his hand, a trace of soul fragments continued to condense, then a trace of flesh and blood continually re-condensed, and when the two merged, it gradually formed a human figure.

After a while, the black and white dust fairies, who were clearly burnt to ashes, miraculously reappeared in front of him.

Not only did they breathe smoothly, but their faces are rosy, and even the injuries they have accumulated have disappeared.

The hidden injury that sustained when fighting against Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, the injury left by the Central Prefectures King were all cleared away.

The two of them moved their eyelids and gradually opened their eyes, and what was in front of their eyes was a blank.

I havent died yet? White Dust Fairy muttered, but the Black Dust Fairy couldnt understand.

It was so until a gentle sound penetrated her ear.

I have done the only thing that I can do. I shall now bid my goodbyes, and the two of you should quickly catch up with your tribe.

When they looked up, they could only see the back of Su Yu.

Did you save us? The black and white dust fairies were shocked. They could vaguely feel that they seemed to have undergone a rebirth under the fire and renewed their bodies.

Looking at their storage space again, there is nothing missing except the loss of two ordinary belongings.

Suddenly, they realized that they must have misunderstood Su Yu.

Wait! The White Dust Fairy called out to Su Yu: We help you through the Tribulation of Three Nines!

Su Yu replied without turning his head. The two of you are kind, and I appreciate it. However, Su Yu do not want you to make an unnecessary sacrifice. If you really want to repay me Well, the ghost tribe is surging, and the harm is no less than that caused by the Central Prefectures King. I hope you can beware of this and take precautions.

The ghost tribes disaster, you dont need to say it, but our state king will also manage the situation. However, how can you deal with the Central Prefectures King alone? The Black Dust Fairy stared at Su Yu but actually felt that Su Yu, who was not yet in the realms of flying fairy, was extremely tall.

I have my own way. You should first catch up with your clan, soothe and settle them before we talk further. Su Yu finished his words, and slowly went into the belly of the Five Elements Mountain.

The Black and White Dust Fairy were surprised. They know that the Five Elements Mountain was a dead end behind, so why did he go through it; they dont understand.

However, the powerful and unmatched aura of the Central Prefectures King was rushing inwards, and the two exchanged their looks. Regretfully, they looked at Five Elements Mountain and walked towards it.


After they left, the Central Prefectures King appeared and was somewhat confused. It is unexpected that they could survive the Cosmos Divine Flame. Well, there must be some back door that helped them escape.

The Central Prefectures King didnt care about their life and death. He cared about Su Yus life and death.

With a cold glance, the Central Prefectures King looked towards the belly of the Five Elements Mountain, and said lightly, They really had nowhere to go. To think that they actually went there.

His royal robe floated in the air, and the Central Prefectures King soon came to the cave. He could clearly feel the breath left behind by Su Yu along the way, and even he could perceive Su Yus active vitality deep in the mountains belly.

The Central Prefectures Kings face was one of indifference as if he continued to go deep. The power of the five elements was nothing to him.

Until reaching the depths, he finally used the power of the dust fairy.

He came to the end where the dust fairy could reach, and he really indeed saw Su Yu.

Su Yus back was facing a barrier, and he was facing the young one in a royal robe in front of him.

Since Su Yu came to the Jiuzhou continent, they are doomed to an endless fight to the death.

However, this is their first face-to-face encounter.

Su Yu looked at him, and he, too, was looking at Su Yu, using his eyes to evaluate the man.

We finally met, Yin Yu, Su Yuxian, Su Yu, The Central Prefectures King said indifferently, and one could not see any emotion from his face.

Suyu said lightly, Well, we finally met, Shen Yichens good disciple.

The Central Prefectures Kings face was still indifferent, and he didnt care that he was known to deceive his teacher and destroy his ancestors.

He is stubborn and should not be cared for when he left us. Central Prefectures King shook his head indifferently, and no sense of apology was seen on his face, If I can do it again, I will not hesitate to kill him, just as I will not hesitate to kill you.

Strings of sharp light shot out from his pupil and instantly locked Su Yus quartet of space.

He didnt wait for him to take action. In the sky, a huge palm was ready to appear, and he brushed it gently, breaking Su Yus space yoke.

The summit is indeed amazing Its okay. The Central Prefectures King shook his head indifferently again. Unfortunately, you still cant change your ending.

His hair fluttered gently, and the Central Prefectures King was surrounded by a powerful aura. Then, a golden flame slowly overflowed from his body.

The Nine Dragons Dragon Cauldron, you dont deserve it at all, you can give it to the King to allow him to show off its true brilliance. The Central Prefectures King looked at Su Yu indifferently, and the Cosmos Divine Flame that emerged was turned into a genial arrow. He shot it at Su Yu.

Suyu also took action at this time!