The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105 The Arrow That Disspates Fairies

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Time freezes. Su Yu spat out the two words lightly.

The invisible purple spirit dragon entangled the Central Prefectures King.

Alas, the Central Prefectures King was able to unwrap himself with the flick of a finger without any hindrance and threw out a trace of Cosmic Divine Fire. He said indifferently with a hint of pity. Of the nine swordplays of the Nine Dragons Cauldron carved in the Divine, you have only learned a fraction of it.

The palm of his hand was turned over, and the purple dragon that entangled the Central Prefectures King was forcibly broken away and bounced back to him.

Time freezes, invalidated.

Space Vortex, Su Yu said again.

The Central Prefectures King shook his head and did not even look at it. A backhand shot wiped out the space vortex with a strong throughput behind him: I said, you only have learned a fraction of it. What a waste to have you hold the nine Dragons Cauldron carved in the Divine. It is equivalent to a violation of the heavens.

Facing the imminent Cosmic Divine Fire, Su Yus face has no color in it, and his left and right eyes rotated three colors at the same time.

Red, purple, white.

So, what about this? Su Yus eyes were blurred, shaped like a rainbow, and it was extraordinarily magnificent: Adjust Space and Time!

Time, space, soul. The three powers merged into a three-color chain, much like the laws of heaven and earth. They then surrounded the Central Prefectures King.

On the indifferent look of the Central Prefectures King face, a trace of shock finally appeared, and a faint rush of anxiety appeared on his face.

This technique was created on the day of Su Yus imitation when the nine Dragons Cauldron carved in the Divine came and sealed the evil God away.

This seal, at the same time, seals time, space, and soul. It is equivalent to an exile in space and time, and even ones thinking is banished.

Break! The Central Prefectures King gave a low growl, trying to break open the Adjust Space and Time spell, but only created a crack.

Even so, the power of the Dust Fairy released from the fissures also caused Su Yu, who was close at hand, to crack at the flesh, and there were various fissures, which almost destroyed his physical body.

Between both of them, they were clearly not on the same level.

As the adjusted space and time descended, even though the Central Prefectures King was so powerful, he couldnt break free from it after all. He fell into the adjusted space and time and couldnt move.

There is only one short moment. Su Yu secretly controlled three powers at the same time, which was very difficult for Su Yu. He only has a short window of opportunity to seal him away!

Tri-Solar Sword Formation! Without a second thought, he shouted, and the three-handed Silver Bamboo Sword, which had already been prepared, pierced through the void and appeared.

The three-handed sword turned into three streams of light, and in a short period of time, it went through the Central Prefecture Kings body several times.

On his body, it left behind six bloody and bleeding holes.

The power of the adjusted time and space dissipated. The Central Prefectures King lost his breath and his time. On his previous breath, he only saw that he was sealed. In the latter breath, he had six more bloody holes on his body.

The silver sword was indomitable and quickly submerged into the body.

However, the first reaction of the Central Prefectures King was not to get rid of the sword but to shoot at Su Yu without thinking.

His palm contains the power of the dust fairy. In this current world, there is no one who can stop it except the dust fairies.

He was fast, but someone was faster than him.

Five Elements Divine Prison! Su Yu drew a small colored tower from his chest, teleporting it to the top of the Central Prefecture Kings head.

From the bottom of the tower, a multi-colored brilliance is set up, containing the extremely powerful five elements.

Its strength is very similar to the isolation barrier behind Su Yu, both of which are the ultimate strength of the Five Elements.

The Central Prefectures King had to retract his palm and pat his head through the void, and said coldly: Whats this?

He wanted to break the shackles of the power of the five elements, but the power of the five elements was extraordinary.

The Central Prefectures King felt that his body was pressed by something, and he gradually lost his resistance.

At the same time, the five elements of divine prison kept zooming in towards him until they were about three feet in size. It slowly came down and rest on top of the head of the Central Prefectures King.

With the power of the Five Elements Divine Prison, the enemy should have been pressed to the ground and unable to move.

However, The Central Prefectures King didnt frown, and his body remained motionless. Despite the power of the Five Elements, it couldnt hold down the Central Prefectures King for even half a minute.

A black-green water dragon poked its head out of the Five Elements Divine Prison, its face suddenly changed and said, Boy, he is weird, the Five Elements Divine Prison, Im afraid, cant hold him back for too long. He cant move now, so you can try to get rid of him.

Su Yus eyes were bright, and he replied softly. Then, a dark sun appeared on each palm, exuding the powers of the Tribulation of Thunderous Feather.

His palms were like dragons, and he severely imprinted them on the chest of the Central Prefectures King. His royal robe was looted and turned into ashes.

Alas, what was revealed, the body of the Central Prefectures King, surprised Su Yu.

Where is the human under the neck of the Central Prefectures King? Obviously, the body belongs to that of the demon clan!

You, you are not human! Su Yu was surprised.

This is not a human that transformed into the demons, but it seemed like he was born as so.

The secret that Shen Yichen and Lin Lang didnt know has finally been discovered. The Central Prefectures King said, I am the descendant of the human God and the demon god and therefore still the descendant of the gods. The mere Tribulation of Thunderous Feather is unable to kill me.


Su Yus Tribulation of Thunderous Feathers printed on his chest really couldnt shake his body up in any way.

The Descendant of Gods Su Yu was shocked in his heart. How could he not know that if the descendants of God become a god, he must undergo the true thirty-nine calamity and receive the baptism of the divine calamity?

He stared at the faint fire of the Cosmic Divine Fire, and Su Yu had a thought that he could not believe.

Couldnt he try to break through the realm of gods?

Even if I break through the gods and fail, you still cant kill me. The Central Prefectures King calmly revealed more amazing news.

He really tried the transition, despite his repeated failures.

No wonder. He has the Cosmic Divine Fire and can survive from the calamity of God. Even if he fails, he can still get the corresponding benefits.

The control of the magical fire is the benefit that the Central Prefectures King gained.

Hand over the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine to me to make up for the aftereffects of the failed crossing and re-attack the throne. Also, you deserve to die. The Central Prefectures King looked at Su Yu indifferently.

Su Yus scalp was numb, and the enemy he is facing is only one step away from the throne!

With a low sigh, Su Yu consolidated everything that he had learned. However, no matter what kind of moves, whatever he throws towards the body of the Central Prefectures King, it was like throwing rocks into the sea.

For half an hour, The Central Prefectures King was unscathed, but his eyes grew colder: You still have half a day. After half a day, I will take your life and take back the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine.

After that, he closed his eyes and waited silently for the five elements to stop suppressing him.

Su Yu stopped and no longer attacked fearlessly.

The gap between the two is not something that ordinary methods can fill.

He has only one method left for today.

He took a breath, and Su Yu took out his old silver bow very solemnly. Sculpted with the flying dragon, the sun, and the moon, the material was extremely ordinary.

Even the lowest-ranked warrior in Jiuzhou will also express disdain at this silver bow.

However, with this bow, The Central Prefectures King, who closed his eyes earlier, seemed to notice something amiss and suddenly opened his eyes. There was horror in his eyes.

His pupils constantly flickered, with panic, shock, and a deeper sense of fear.

Staring at the silver bow for a long time, on the Central Prefecture Kings indifferent face, had an additional layer of gloom. He surely did gave you the Celestial Destroying Arrow! No wonder. I searched the Central Prefecture for so many years, and I never found this arrow. It was taken away by him!

Celestial Destroying Arrow? With a five-finger grip, Su Yu could not bear the huge force, and it was broken.

As the pieces peeled off, he held only the arrows feathers that shone in the palm of his hand.

The material is non-gold. Neither is it wood. The texture is smooth and gentle, and it emits a faint golden light.

There is a will to destroy within the arrow.

Su Yu merely touched it with his palm, and the destruction force rushed into the soul along the palm.

The cloak of the king was now penetrable, and he would be shattered into pieces.

It destroys the will to live until the depths of the soul, seeking to destroy the soul altogether.

When Su Yu found that something bad was about the happen, it was already late.


With a muffled sound, the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine blocked the invasion and destruction brought upon by the arrow.

Su Yu turned pale and immediately lowered the gold arrow in his palm.

Its worthy of being the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine indeed. It can easily block the destroying will of the Celestial Destroying Arrow. The Central Prefectures King said as if he had expected it.

Su Yu was shocked. The Celestial Destroying Arrow was not an arrow he could hold at all. How can he exert his power?

He can see that The Central Prefectures King is extremely afraid of this arrow, but he has no fear of Su Yu not mastering how to use this arrow at all.

Its a pity that Shen Yichen placed the hope of revenge on you. It is too early for you and me to meet. If you held the realm of the Spire Mortal Fairies, I might have to run away with the wind. As of now, you cant even hold an arrow. The Central Prefectures King said with a faint smile: You have got the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine and the Celestial Destroying Arrow. Heaven treats me like this. If I dont get these two things in my hands now, wouldnt it be going against heavens will?

Human! Demon! Change! The repressed Central Prefectures King suddenly whispered, and the entire body quickly expanded, rising from the seven-foot length of a normal human into something much bigger.

Ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet

He kept growing until he reached the ceiling of the cave and can no longer swell larger. His body is now as high as one hundred feet!!

In front of him, Su Yu is now as small as an ant.

He suppresses the Five Elements Divine Prison above his head.

No good. He has reversed the meridians, transformed into a demon body, and his strength has soared tremendously. I, I cant suppress him, run away! The black-green water dragons face changed suddenly.

As a demon god, it naturally knows the existence of human and demon descendants. It is said that the descendants of human and demon gods are born to be able to switch easily between humans and demons, and each time they did so, their power is increased.

Although it must be mentioned that the price to pay for this is not small. It will entail them sacrificing more than a third of their life, but it is the ultimate way to save lives in critical situations.

As he said this, it made Su Yu even more nervous.

Still want to leave again? Where can you go? The Central Prefectures King trembled violently, and the Five Elements Divine Prison above his head was finally shaken and dropped near to Su Yu.

At this moment, Su Yu is behind the barrier that The Central Prefectures King did not dare to cross, and in front of him is the behemoth of the demons.

To think that he was the one that brought himself into this dead end, and will likely become nothing but yet another nothingness.

The Nine Dragons, carved in the Divine, bring it to me! The Central Prefectures King was indifferent, and his huge palm shaped like a mountain came buckling down on Su Yu.

Su Yus quartet of space collapsed. He was very small in size right now in this situation and was like a small boat running through a tsunami, likely to capsize at any time and be buried in turbulent space.

Boy, you really did me in! The black-green water dragon was desperate, and when Su Yu fled here, he felt something was already amiss, and the result was as he expected.

Shut up! Stop this blow! Su Yu looked calm and did not panic. He turned and stared at the barrier behind him.

His gaze crossed the barrier, staring at the darkest part of the deepest regions.

Gang Dalei, I hope your presence is not accidental. Su Yu murmured. I also hope that my guess is not wrong!

Time accelerates! Su Yu growled suddenly, and under the effects of his own boiling blood, time accelerated, and his figure suddenly blurred and rushed towards the barrier in front of him.

It was as it looked. It is actually the deepest part of the mountain that even dust fairies are unable to set foot upon.