The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106 The Legendary Transportation

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You are seeking death! The Strength of Five Elements in it could even suppress deities. Speed is useless there! Can you outspeed deities? The Black-Green Water Dragon said anxiously. For him, Su Yu, who was in a desperate plight, decided to try anything by rushing deep into the Five Elements Mountain.

He knew clearly the strength of this mountain. Mortal creatures would never survive in that place.

The Black-Green Water Dragon shouted anxiously as he resisted the palm, which was pressing down rapidly with the strength of the Five Elements Divine Prison.

Su Yu said calmly, Speed could win some time for me to find other approaches in the mountain!

A gigantic eye appeared in the sky, which covered a big area of which the diameter was over 50,000 kilometers!

Endless purple light rushed out from the gigantic eye and wrapped the entire Five Elements Mountain up.

Time Freeze! The gigantic eye, which was formed by the Divine Path, was able to use the Time Freeze again. This time, the target was the Five Elements Mountain.

Instantly, the Strength of Five Elements, which was flowing in the Five Elements Mountain, was frozen by the strength of time.

Su Yu lit up his eyes immediately. With the Five Elements Divine Prison in his left hand and the Celestial Destroying Arrow in his right hand, he stepped forward before that enormous palm could grasp him.

As expected, the Strength of the Five Elements, which had been frozen, failed to descend on Su Yus body when he stepped into that place.

The Black-Green Water Dragon shouted desperately, Stupid guy, you should run outside the cave. It is useless to go deep into this cave! When the strength of time disappeared, you will still be killed!

Su Yu, who was also a little bit nervous now, said calmly, I will definitely be killed if I run out of this cave because I will be captured by the Central Prefectures King immediately! Inside this cave, by my best guess, I think I can find a slim chance of survival!


Su Yu, who was moving forward at a speed which was ten times his normal speed, managed to reach the deepest area of this cave when the Strength of Five Elements was frozen.

Three breaths

Now, Su Yu was in the deepest area of this dark cave where a bright formation was dazzling in front of him.

Seeing this, the Black-Green Water Dragon couldnt help but say delightedly, A Legendary Transportation Portal? Howcould this be?

There were only nine Legendary Transportation Portals on the Jiuzhou Continent, which connected the nine prefectures on this continent.

Nobody expected the tenth Legendary Transportation Portal could be hidden in this Five Elements Mountain!

Su Yu let out a sigh of relief and said with a relieved smile, As I expected, there is a transportation portal deep in this mountain. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain how the corpse of Gang Dalei could appear deep in the Five Elements Mountain, which was inaccessible even for Mortal Fairies! A passage which connects this area and the outside world must be here!

When Su Yu saw Gang Dalei, this idea occurred to his mind. Now, it seemed this speculation was correct!

Without any hesitation, Su Yu jumped onto the Legendary Transportation Portal and activated it by placing several crystals into it.

This was a Legendary Transportation Portal with only one destination. However, Su Yu had no idea about this destination at all.

After finishing all these procedures, Su Yu still had three breaths left before the activation of the transportation portal.

Now, Su Yu was able to see the Central Prefectures King from where he was. But the Central Prefectures King couldnt see what happened inside the barrier of the Strength of Five Elements.

At this moment, the Central Prefectures King was standing in front of the barrier hesitantly. He didnt dare to cross the barrier for the fear that it was a trap set up by Su Yu.

Su Yu put his heart at rest because there were only two breaths left, which meant the Central Prefectures King had no time to capture him even he realized what happened now.

Therefore, Su Yu started to look around in this area and found something special.

In a corner, a white corpse was sitting with its legs crossed. It was from a human being but a flood dragon!

Like a human being, it sat there with its lower limbs crossed and waved a sign with its upper limbs. A long dragon tail encircled its waist.

Su Yu sensed the aura of a deity from its corpse. A glimpse of its corpse made Su Yu have the impulse to worship it.

The corpse of another Devil God? Su Yu squinted his eyes. A Devil God was killed under the Five Elements Mountain. Another Devil God also died in this mountain.

Then, he glanced at the Five Elements Divine Prison calmly and found the Black-Green Water Dragon had gone back into the prison silently.

Su Yu lit up his eyes after seeing that.

After two breaths, the Legendary Transportation Portal was activated.

Ripples of space energy gushed out from this area, which startled the Central Prefectures King, who was outside the barrier immediately. He stepped forward immediately after realizing what happened.

However, the horrible Strength of Five Elements, which started to flow again, knocked the Central Prefectures King, who had just stepped into the barrier back directly.

The Central Prefectures King groaned because he had been slightly wounded, which totally annoyed him. He didnt expect a Legendary Transportation Portal was hidden inside the Five Elements Mountain.

A cooked duck flew away in this way!

Fine! Ill find you! The Central Prefectures King said determinedly.

The Huitian Prefecture

Through random transportation, Dongfang Yue appeared in the sky above the super transportation portal of a bustling city in this prefecture.

Many experts were startled by such a big fluctuation in the void. Dongfang Yue had prepared herself for this. However, the expert who was attracted here was quite special this time.

The guy who appeared in front of her was an old man in a white robe. Dongfang Yue, who knew this guy, couldnt help but say in surprise, Are you the former Region Master of the Heavenly Knife Region?

As a direct descendant of the Great Oriental Family, Dongfang Yue had acquired more information on this continent than ordinary people. She even knew detailed information about a leader of a faction, let alone the master of a region!

She recognized the old man in front of her immediately, who was the former master of the Heavenly Knife Region.

But why did the former master from the Central Prefecture appear in the Huitian Prefecture?

Oh? A descendant of the Demonic God whose bloodline purity has reached Stage Two! What an unexpected discovery! The old region master, who touched his chin, looked through Dongfang Yues bloodline immediately.

His words shocked Dongfang Yue. Some people on the Jiuzhou Continent knew members of the Great Oriental Family were descendants of the Demonic God. However, only the two ancestors knew the bloodline purity of her!

How could this old region master know that?

Senior, sorry for my abrupt visit. Farewell! Dongfang Yue, who sensed something was wrong, decided to leave here as soon as possible.

However, she was locked up by the strength of space when she was about to move.

The cold voice of the old region master came in from behind her, As a descendant of the Demonic God, you cant leave here easily! I am here to kill all of you!

Hearing this, Dongfang Yue was puzzled. Why did he say he will kill all descendants of the Demonic God? Is this a special responsibility of region masters in the Central Prefecture?

Dongfang Yue changed her expression abruptly when she sensed the killing intent from that old region master.

Tell me how many remaining evil elements like you in this world? Where are they now? Dont force me to torture you! The old region master shouted harshly.

Dongfang Yue, who was so smart, replied calmly, Senior, please calm down! All the rest members of my family have fled tothe Central Prefecture!

The Central Prefecture? The place where I come from? The old region master pondered a bit. Then, he said by nodding his head, OK! Lead the way! By capturing some descendants of the Demonic God like you, I wont come back empty-handed even I fail to capture that cunning she-devil!

Dongfang Yue decided to lure him to the Central Prefecture for two reasons.

First, the rest members of the Great Oriental Family would also be transported to this place, who would be captured by this old region master if he was still here.

Second, the Central Prefecture was being occupied by the Ghost Clan now. It would be a good idea to lure a tiger into a wolf pack!

Now, lead the way for me! The old region master shouted coldly.

After one hours dizzying transportation, Su Yu, who had flown over several prefectures, was delivered to a place by the Legendary Transportation Portal.

After checking this place with his perception, Su Yu murmured in surprise, Is thisthe Central Prefecture?

Su Yu was surprised. So, he opened his eyes and started to look around. Then, he saw a city which was not quite magnificent.

It was only a small city on the Jiuzhou Continent.

However, Su Yu sensed an exhilarating aura from this city.

A creature from the Zhenlong Continent? After taking a deep breath, Su Yu lit up his eyes excitedly.

The appearance of Gang Dalei was not by chance as expected. Does it mean he tries to lead me to this place through that transportation portal? Su Yu, who was quite excited, affirmed his speculation.

In front of this vibrant city, Su Yu felt he could put his hanging heart at rest.

It seemed the creatures on the Jiuzhou Continent hadnt been jeopardized. But why did Gang Dalei lose his body?

Su Yu was wandering around in front of the city. He believed he was not fully prepared to meet people from the Zhenlong Continent.

The closer he approached his fellowmen, the more nervous he was.

Who are you? Why do you wander around outside Zhenlong City? A strongly-built general at the Fairy Realm who was standing on the city wall shouted loudly.

Su Yu looked up and found this man, who was very unfamiliar, had the unique aura of the Zhenlong Continent.

Does it mean new experts at the Fairy Realm has appeared after several years?

I am when Su Yu was about to introduce himself, that general shouted as he changed his expression abruptly, A Stage Nine Fairy!! Oh, no! Inform the Deputy City Master immediately! I guess the Baiming City, which declines to accept its defeat, sent another expert to attack us again!

After saying that, he broke a communication pendant instantly.

Several experts at the Fairy Realm flew out from the city and stared at Su Yu vigilantly.

Su Yu was quite disappointed to see that. It seemed nobody in the city knew him because he had left for too long a time! Also, the Old Wine had become the Deputy City Master of this city. Heh! Heh! Does he still get drunk by hugging his wine gourd as usual?

Who dares to act wildly in Zhenlong City? Along with a stern shout, an old man in a Taoist robe, who was full of liquor fumes, rushed up rapidly. The liquor fumes on his body could be smelled by anyone who was several kilometers away!

However, when the old man approached, he was stunned a bit by the intruder. Then, he said with a snappy smile, Why do they use the same trick again? Does it mean people of the Baiming City believe I am a fool?

When the Old Wine saw Su Yu, he was not happy at all. On the contrary, he attacked Su Yu angrily.

Su Yu was totally embarrassed. What is going on?

However, the Old Wine had reached the peak of the Stage Nine Fairy in these years, which surprised Su Yu greatly.

In front of the Old Wines attack, Su Yu reached out his palm gently. Then, the Old Wines Vital Energy was pressed back into his body. Then, Su Yu said as he placed his hand on the shoulder of Old Wine with a wry smile, Its me, Su Yu!

The Old Wine changed his expression abruptly after hearing this. Then, he shouted loudly, Oh, no! Just inform the City Master! This guythis guy is a hidden Almighty Divine Master!

What? An Almighty Divine Master? The soldiers on the city wall turned pale after hearing that. Then, they asked for reinforcement by sending messages to the City Master immediately.

Su Yu shouted as blue veins stood out on his forehead, Old Wine, its me! Have you lost your mind?

To his surprise, Old Wine retorted in a dreamy voice, I know you! You are the City Master of the Baiming City! Why do you use the same trick again?

Use the same trick again? Su Yu was surprised by what he said. He couldnt help but look at the city. Then, he sensed a familiar aura that was flying towards him rapidly.

After a short while, a handsome middle-aged man who was wearing a black robe appeared in front of them. When he saw Su Yu, who was grasping Old Wine, he darkened his face and was about to scold Su Yu. However, he started to look at Su Yu curiously the next moment. It seemed he was trying to confirm something.