The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Reunion Of Old Friends

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Gradually, the mans anxiety was changed to wild joy. Then, he landed on the ground and said in a pleasant surprise, Su Yu! Youyou are back!

Old Wine was shocked after hearing that. Then, he said suspiciously, King of Darkness, dont be fooled by him! The City Master of Baiming City is good at changing his appearance. He could even simulate the aura of his target. It is almost impossible to guard against him!

The man in a black robe was the King of Darkness. At this moment, he said as he stared at Su Yu excitedly, No! Maybe his aura could be simulated. But the Celestial Destroying Arrow he received from Lord Shen Yichen couldnt be counterfeited!

He is Su Yu! Su Yu is back!

Old Wine was stunned at this time. He stared at Su Yu with widened eyes and said as his lips trembled, Areare you Su Yu?

Su Yu said with a wry smile after letting him go, I didnt expect you could treat me as an enemy when I am back!

Wild joy appeared in Old Wines wrinkled face. Then, he hugged Su Yu into his arms and shouted in tears, Young man, you are back! I miss you so much!

You are missing my treasures, right?

Nonsense! As your old friend, I am so worried about you!

Then, where are your hands now?

Old Wine took back his hands, which were feeling about on Su Yus waist with embarrassment. He tried to find Su Yus storage bag. When his little trick was seen through by Su Yu, he smiled embarrassedly by baring his yellow teeth.

Su Yu, who knew this was a joke of Old Wine, felt his heart was full of warmth.

The long-lost sense of security was back together with those old memories.

Su Yu said as he looked at Old Wine and the King of Darkness with a faint smile, I am back!

Hearing this, the two of them smiled delightedly as the gloomy mood in their chest was swept away.

Great! It is always good to have you back! Old Wine wept as he touched Su Yus head with his old hands as if Su Yu was his son.

Su Yu, who didnt dodge Old Wines hands, asked as he raised his head, Old Wine, where is Dalei? Why cant I sense his aura?

Hearing this, Old Wine and the King of Darkness were stunned a bit. Then, the excitement in their faces was replaced by anger and grief gradually.

Dalei, he Old Wine said in tears as his hands trembled, he is dead!

Su Yu was not surprised by this reply. He is really dead!

That crafty young man, who looked quite honest, is really dead

How did he die? Su Yu asked as he clenched his fists.

Old Wine looked at Su Yu and was about to say something. At last, he said nothing. The King of Darkness also avoided eye contact with Su Yu at this time.

Because of me? Su Yu asked.

The King of Darkness sighed, Yes! Since we moved to this place, everyone realized remarkable progress in cultivation through the resources you sent here and the intense Spiritual Energy on the Jiuzhou Continent. However, when we established a city with the resources in this area, the conflicts between us and the local factions were unavoidable. Among these factions and cities, Baiming City is the most hostile one!

For many times, the Baiming City mobilized its experts to attack our Zhenlong City. Although we are weaker than them, the members of our Zhenlong City, who experienced the destruction of the Zhenlong Continent, were very cohesive. Baiming City was not able to defeat us. However, half a year ago, you came back. The entire city was cheered up by your return. Then, you led us to launch a counter-attack against Baiming City. But

That Su Yu betrayed us by luring us into a trap during that combat!

We suffered significant casualties in that combat. Many people were killed!

The Undead Phoenix Master Qiu Ningshui, the Heavenly Law Alliance Master Long Juexin, the Equipment Crafting Master Lin Yunhe, and the Phoenix Cabinets Master were killed in that combatDalei also died in that combat!

Su Yu felt his heart missed a beat after hearing it, especially when he knew the Phoenix Cabinets Master, who used to consummate with him, was also killed in that combat.

Anyone else? Su Yu asked seriously.

The King of Darkness said sadly, Zi Donglai was also killed. His daughter, Zi Yunxiang, was also killed in an ambush. Also, An Yurou and her disciple

Even they were also

Both An Yurou and Mo Wu committed themselves to Su Yu.

Su Yu didnt expect they had been separated by death after several years!

Although his heart was full of guilty, Su Yu still asked calmly, Did they leave anything with their aura?

The King of Darkness and Old Wine, who had sensed the anger in Su Yus heart, sighed in their heart. A lot of old friends from the Zhenlong Continent had been killed. Nobody could stay calm at this moment.

Yes! We left in a hurry before that combat. A lot of things were left behind. Now, all belongings of those who were killed in that combat have been buried into their empty cenotaphs! The King of Darkness said.

Su Yu said by nodding his head slightly, Please bring their belongings to me!

Death was not fearsome. The most fearsome thing was that life and aura were taken away by death together.

They didnt understand Su Yus intention but still asked someone to collect the belongings of those who were killed in that combat.

How many experts does Baiming City have? Su Yu asked calmly.

The King of Darkness said seriously, They have 80 Divine Masters. The most powerful expert in the City Master Bai Chonghuan, who is a Stage Eight Divine Master! Their overall strength could equally match our Zhenlong Cityat least it was so half a year ago!

Will someone stop us if we wipe out the Baiming City? Su Yu brought forth another question.

Wipeout Baiming City? Hearing this, the King of Darkness felt his heart missed a beat. Then, he said perplexedly, It will be challenging. All cities in this place are under the control of a superfamily, which has an All Creation Old Monster. This family wont allow a city under its control to be wiped out!

Su Yu said coldly, The Baiming City has attacked us several times. And they were going to wipe us out every time, right?

Yes! Baiming Citys attacks were ignored by that family because we refuse to pay tributes to that family! The King of Darkness said with a wry smile. It was an unwritten rule that all cities which were controlled by this family in this place had to obey.

What should be paid as tributes? Su Yu asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. He knew the King of Darkness was not a reckless man. Why did he refuse to obey that rule if he could trade peace with tributes?

The King of Darkness said as he clenched his fists, They asked us to give them 1,000 young girls who are at least at the level of the Half God, 300,000 Crystals and many resources every year. We have just established our city in this place and dont have so many resources. Even we have, we will never trade peace with the lives of our people! Otherwise, we will fail those who have died for the Zhenlong Continent!

Young girls? Does it mean the Yin-Yang secret technique is this familys special skill? Su Yu asked angrily.

The King of Darkness replied, Yes! All the rest cities here pay tributes on time. Only our Zhenlong City refuses to do that. So, we got the punishment from that family, which only allows other cities to attack us. When we launch a counter-attack, we will be warned by that family immediately. Old Wine and I tried to fight it out, but they attacked us and wounded both of us seriously!

We also tried to move to other places. However, that family will stop us whenever we decided to leave this place. They even threatened us that they would wipe us out if we try to move away again!

Hearing this, Su Yu was not annoyed.

So, we should be patient. Beggars cant be choosers. We should give this matter further thought! Old Wine sighed and said earnestly.

According to their words, Su Yu knew they had no idea about what was happening on this continent. Otherwise, they wouldnt be worried by a small Baiming City and that family anymore.

Su Yu said by nodding his head, Right! I am not a reckless person. So, please dont worry!

Then, Su Yu waved his hand to summon Sheng Ge from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Seeing this, Old Wine said as he frowned, The little ghost from the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds? You are lucky because you are adopted by Su Yu. Otherwise, humph

Su Yu knew what Old Wine didnt say was Sheng Ge would have definitely been killed by him if she was not adopted by Su Yu.

Hearing this, Sheng Ge made a face as she released a strand of a Stage Nine Divine Masters aura, Otherwise what?

The King of Darkness, who was beside her, changed his expression as he stepped back by dragging the arm of Old Wine, A Stage NineDivine Master!

Hearing this, Old Wine was also totally surprised, Are you a Stage Nine Divine Master?

At the very beginning, this little ghost was just a Stage Two Fairy. How could she become so dominant in such a short time?

Su Yu, be careful! Something is wrong with this little ghost! Old Wine realized Su Yu was so close to that little ghost at this moment.

However, both of them were shocked by what they saw the next moment. Sheng Ge, who rolled her eyes, said as she folded her hands at Su Yu gracefully, Master, what can I do for you?

Su Yu replied calmly, Wipe out the Baiming City!

Sheng Ge replied without hesitation, Yes, Master!

Su Yu looked up at the King of Darkness and said, Please go together with her. Kill all those who attacked Zhenlong City and ambushed our people. As for the rest of the people in Baiming City, if they are willing to serve Zhenlong City, you can spare their life!

What if they are not willing to yield? Sheng Ge asked excitedly because she hadnt tasted human blood for a long time. Since she reached the level of Stage Nine Divine Master, she hadnt fought with all her strength yet.

Su Yu replied calmly, Eradicate them all!

Those who refused to surrender should be filled with hatred. Therefore, Su Yu preferred to kill them to ensure the long-term stability of Zhenlong City.

Meanwhile, Su Yu waved his hand again. Then, a silvery puppet appeared, Master, anything I can do for you?

Help Sheng Ge to wipe out that city. You dont need to attack them. Just ensure nobody could escape from that city! The silvery puppet, which could turn itself into billions of bloodlines, could stop people from running away from a small city easily.

As you wish, Master! The silvery puppet replied as it licked its lips. Last time, its body was cracked and hadnt been fully recovered yet. This time, it could take this opportunity to heal its wounds by devouring blood and flesh of creatures.

And Su Yu paused a bit. Then, he continued to say with chilly lights flashed in his eyes, After wiping out the city, youand the King of Darkness should eliminate that so-called family. You should leave the soul of the All Creation Old Monster in that family to me. His body is yours!

Hearing that, the silvery puppet was overjoyed. Before this, Su Yu always stopped it from devouring too much blood and flesh.

Now, it was able to devour at will.

Su Yus words totally shocked the King of Darkness and Old Wine, who had been dumbfounded.

The elimination of a city and a powerful family, which was so casual for Su Yu, was unimaginable for them.

Su Yu, what is the cultivation level of this senior? The King of Darkness asked as he stared at the silvery puppet in terror because he sensed a horrible aura from it.

He had only sensed this kind of aura from one person before. Yes, the Blood Emperor (Xue Di)!

It should be the aura of the Blood Emperor (Xue Di) who used to wipe out the entire Zhenlong Continent!