The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 Revisit Xianer

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It is a Stage Three All Creation Expert. His strength improvement couldnt catch up with my progress now. OK! From now on, you will stay in Zhenlong City and act as the guardian of this city! Su Yu said calmly.

The silvery puppet replied, As you wish, Master!

It was more satisfied with this decision. Without the restraint of Su Yu, it would have every reason to devour anyone who dared to invade the Zhenlong City to enhance its strength.

Stage ThreeAll Creation Expert? The King of Darkness and Old Wine were dumbfounded after hearing that.

OK! Just get your job done and come back to this place immediately. I wont stay here for a long time! Su Yu waved his robe. Then, Sheng Ge and the silvery puppet left by jumping into the void together with the King of Darkness.

Old Wine, who was totally shocked, widened his mouth when he saw the pitch-dark gap in the void, which was disappearing slowly. Then, Su Yus words came into his ears, Take me to my old friends!

The next moment, Old Wine came to himself. Then, he said carefully as he looked at Su Yu reverently, EhOK!

The entire Zhenlong City was pleasantly surprised by the news that Su Yu had returned.

This time, Old Wine guaranteed that Su Yu was really back. All people in this city, who were filled with wild joy, were attracted to this place by Su Yus reputation.

With Su Yus help, they managed to survive and move to the Jiuzhou Continent from the Zhenlong Continent. Also, they realized remarkable progress in their cultivation in this vast world.

Now, the king of the Zhenlong Continent, who was the emotional support of all these people, had come back. How could they stay calm?

However, Su Yu left after a short meeting with these people, which made these people quite regretful.

In a cozy tea room, Su Yu was sitting together with several old friends.

Beside him, Qin Jiuyang, Wu Aoyue, Princess Yun Yan, and the Duke of Xianyu were also sitting.

All of them were Su Yus old friends. Among them, the two ladies used to spend an unforgettable night with Su Yu, respectively.

Past events had faded like a puff of smoke. After so many changes, Qin Jiuyang had become more mature. As a Stage Eight Fairy, he was almost as powerful as Old Wine. Now, he could be considered as one of the most powerful experts among young people from the Zhenlong Continent.

At this moment, he was consulting Su Yu about the approaches of training modestly.

Su Yu gave instructions to him patiently. Meanwhile, Wu Aoyue and Princess Yun Yan were looking at Su Yu carefully.

Su Yu, who also became more mature after these years, was no longer a young man.

The sorrow of separation was the hardest part of these years.

Now, the two ladies, who were not shy young girls anymore, were looking at the man they loved in a quiet and graceful way.

People in this room were chatting warmly in a harmonious atmosphere.

My lord, are you going to stay in Zhenlong City this time? Wu Aoyue asked with concern. She tried to go with Su Yu so that she could realize bigger progress in her training. She made this decision when she saw the change of Sheng Ge.

She realized Sheng Ge had been thoroughly re-molded!

Now, she regretted not escaping from the Central Prefectures King together with Su Yu.

I wont stay here for a long time! Su Yu had seen through her plan. So, he refused her politely, Ive left plenty of resources here. If you could make good use of them, the talented ones among you could reach the level of Divine Master easily!

Even 1% of the resources in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland could realize a tremendous change in Zhenlong City. Now, Su Yu had left 1/10 of the resources he found in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, which was more than the resources obtained by any region masters on this continent.

Are you going to leave soon? Princess Yun Yan, who had become an elegant and poised lady from a young girl, asked at this moment. Then, she said gently, Please take care of yourself!

Then, she stood up gracefully and left like a beautiful butterfly.

Wu Aoyue, who knew how to behave in a delicate situation, also left after Prince Yun Yan. Now, only Su Yu, Old Wine, and the Duke of Xianyu were left in the room.

Old Wine, I stayed in the Blessed and Heavenly Land in these years and was not able to come back. I am sorry for the hardship you suffered! Su Yu said apologetically. If he couldnt come back in time, the Zhenlong City would have been wiped out by other factions in this place.

Dont say that. We know you asked someone to deliver the resources to us. We know you are anxious about us. It is a pity that the one you sent here was also killed during a siege launched by the Baiming City! Old Wine sighed.

Su Yu was surprised by what he said. It turned out that Elder Liao was also killed. No wonder he hadnt received any message from Elder Liao yet.

Elder Liao managed to find the Zhenlong City and deliver Su Yus resources into this city, which should be considered as extraordinary service. Su Yu decided to revive Elder Liao if he could find anything with the aura of Elder Liao on it.

The revival technique could only be used once each day, which meant he couldnt revive Elder Liao immediately.

Frankly speaking, the hardship of our people is caused by my selfishness. The Jiuzhou Continent is so large. We can find a better place to settle down easily! I have been to this place before. So, I suggested that we should settle down in this place. If we established the city in other places, the hardship of our people could have been avoided!

Hearing this, Su Yu asked in surprise, Have you been to this place before?

Old Wine replied, Yes! When I was a guard in the Central Prefecture, I came to this place to carry out a task. In these ruins, I found a baby. Then, I adopted him out of sympathy. I thought this place is the hometown of this baby. So, I brought forth my suggestion of settling down here. I didnt expect our people could be bullied by the evil local factions here!

A baby? It should be Gang Dalei! Su Yu didnt expect the Zhenlong City was also the hometown of Gang Dalei.

Alas! I wont bother your reunion anymore. I am going to collect the belongings of those deceased ones! Old Wine sighed.

After walking Old Wine out, Su Yu went back into the room and sat down in front of the Duke of Xianyu.

Father! Finally, Su Yu got the opportunity to talk with the Duke of Xianyu today.

The Duke of Xianyu, who kept silent, waited for Su Yu to start a conversation.

Hearing this, the Duke of Xianyu was quite relieved. Then, he said as he looked at Su Yu in tears, You are back!

After so many years, the Duke of Xianyu looked much older according to his grizzled hair and beard, as well as his stoop body.

Su Yu didnt know what to say. After a while, he asked, Where is Xianer? Why isnt she here?

The Duke of Xianyu sighed, Xianer is living outside the city alone. You can go and visit her!

Is she living alone? Does it mean she is still ashamed to face people of the Zhenlong City?

Father, I Su Yu said apologetically.

The Duke of Xianyu interrupted Su Yu and sighed, Yuer, life is short. Even Martial Artists could have a prolonged life. They could die at any moment. As a man, you should make a prompt decision to avoid leaving a lifelong regret to you and others!

Then, the Duke of Xianyu stood up and left the tea room as he sighed. Su Yu was left in the room to ponder over the words of the Duke of Xianyu.

Life is shortThe words of the Alluring Cabinet Mistress came into Su Yus mind. The Martial Artists could die easily like ants. Nobody knew what would happen the next moment.

After a short silence, Su Yu lit up his eyes. Right! I need to make decisions for some issues now.

Half a day later


A crack appeared in the void, from which Sheng Ge, the silvery puppet and the King of Darkness, walked out.

The silvery puppet and Sheng Ge were holding a head in their hand, respectively.

The head in Sheng Ges hand was from the City Master of the Baiming City. The head in the hand of the silvery puppet was from an All Creation Old Monster of that family, whose soul was being sealed in his head at this moment.

Hang the head of the master of the Baiming City on the city wall for three days. Place the soul of this All Creation Old Monster under the Zhenlong City and take good care of it. When Zhenlong City decides to move, you can release his soul!

These two moves were used to deter those reckless guys.

Anyone who dares to offend the Zhenlong City will be killed!

Including the Divine Masters and All Creation Old Monsters!

Seeing this, the King of Darkness felt his heart was full of wild joy. He was not able to find a word to describe the horrible strength of Su Yus two servants.

The silvery puppet smashed the body of the arrogant All Creation Old Monster of that family within one round. Then, the puppet also captured his soul before it could run away!

The horrible attack of the silvery puppet had totally impressed the King of Darkness.

Soon, he realized Su Yu, whose servants were so powerful, would be much more powerful.

Lord Su, if you leave here, could we deter our enemies with your reputation? The King of Darkness asked expectantly.

After a short ponder, Su Yu replied by breathing out some foul air, Of course! You could tell people in this world that Zhenlong City is Su Yus hometown. Anyone who dares to offend this city will be killed by me!

The voice of the Evil God came in at this time.

Hey! Hey! Young man, the Central Prefectures King, is still chasing you. Dont you worry that Zhenlong City could be used by him to threaten you? The Evil God reminded Su Yu inappropriately.

Su Yu asked, Doesnt the Central Prefectures King know the existence of the Zhenlong Continent? I dont think so!

The Glittering Jewel Demonic God, who was in the Blessed and Heavenly Land, could find it. As the ruler of a prefecture, the Central Prefectures King would definitely know this place!

A moment later, Old Wine brought the belongings of the deceased ones to Su Yu.

When Su Yu sensed the aura of the Phoenix Cabinets Master, Zi Donglai, and his daughter, An Yurou, Mo Wu, Lin Yunhe, and Qiu Ningshui, his heart was filled with exclamation, sadness, and relief.

With their aura, Su Yu could revive one of them every day, which was not a difficult task.

When Su Yu saw a broken armor, which belonged to Gang Dalei, a doubt appeared in his heart.

By communicating with Old Wine, Su Yu was sure that Gang Dalei had been killed. His Life Jade Pendant in the city also cracked, which meant his soul had been eliminated together with his body.

However, Su Yu saw Gang Daleis corpse was moving freely in the Five Elements Mountain, which was quite strange.

He got a vague feeling that Gang Daleis appearance was controlled by a secret hand.

After obtaining these items, Su Yu knew it was time for him to say goodbye to Zhenlong City.

The Central Prefectures King would arrive at this place within half a day.

Su Yu didnt want to attract his fury to this place.

Remember, you should live and die together with this city! Su Yu turned around and shouted at the silvery puppet.

The silvery puppet replied as it fell on one knee, Consider it done, Master!

After saying that, Su Yu turned to the King of Darkness and Old Wine, I will try to revive the deceased ones. So, dont be sad about them. Please focus your attention on the development of the Zhenlong City and the settlement of the surrendered people of the Baiming City! From now on, you are on your own!

Dont you want to stay here? The King of Darkness and Old Wine were surprised by what they heard.

Su Yu replied with a smile, I will come back if I could survive. Please take good care of people from the Zhenlong Continent. Farewell!

After taking a step forward, Su Yu disappeared in the Zhenlong City. Then, he appeared on a nameless mountain.

A thatched cottage was surrounded by many mountains and valleys.

Through investigation, Su Yu knew Qin Xianer moved to this mountain when people of the Jiuzhou Continent settled down in this place. She always performed secluded training and seldom left this place. Even the Duke of Xianyu hadnt seen much of her.

Su Yu knocked at the door of the cottage apologetically.

The door was opened quietly. Then, Su Yu saw everything inside the cottage.

All things inside the cottage, which were in chaos, were covered by a thick layer of dust. It seemed this cottage had been abandoned for a long time.