The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109 The Death Dagger

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Brother Su Yu! When Su Yu was wondering whether this cottage had been abandoned, ringing laughter came in from behind him. Then, his waist was hugged by a pair of slim arms from behind.

Su Yu was surprised by what he heard. This voice should absolutely come from Xianer!

Then, he turned around and found Qin Xianer, who was wearing colorful clothes, was looking up at Su Yu carefully. Her beautiful eyes were full of tears of excitement and joy.

Xianer Su Yu choked with sobs and was not able to utter more words.

He turned around and embraced the dainty girl in front of him into his arms deeply.

After several years, she was a little bit taller than before. Now, her head could touch Su Yus chin.

Her cute and pretty little face became more exquisite, like a beautiful sculpture. At first sight, she looked like an innocent little fairy fox.

However, a doubt appeared in Su Yus heart.

Since when she is so powerful that she could hug me from behind without being detected by me?

Now, Su Yus sense of perception was extraordinary, which could detect anything within ten meters from him. Only Mortal Fairies could reach a position that was ten meters away from Su Yu without being detected by him.

However, this idea went in a flash. Xianer had the dead phoenix body. Even Yun Yazi wanted to take her as his disciple. So, it was quite reasonable for her to realize such significant progress. Su Yu was quite happy to see that.

After turning away his doubts, Su Yu started to enjoy the long-lost good feeling of hugging Xianer in his arms.

Brother Su Yu, I miss you so much! Xianer also hugged Su Yus body tightly as if she was about to merge into his body. She worried Su Yu might run away again the next moment.

Su Yu didnt know what to say, and his heart was full of guilty when the words of the Duke of Xianyu and the Alluring Cabinet Mistress came into his mind.

He knew he had to make decisions for some issues.

Xianer, about Jingyu, I Su Yu said by gathering his courage as he looked at Qin Xianer earnestly.

Xianer placed her finger on Su Yus lips and said gently, This moment belongs to you and me. I dont want anything else to ruin this moment!

Su Yu sighed and swallowed the words he wanted to utter. Then, he hugged the slim body of Xianer in his arms tightly.

Under the setting sun, they clung to each other on the mountaintop quietly, allowed the breeze and clouds to drift away from their side.

It seemed they decided to keep this stance till the end of time!

Su Yu didnt know when Xianer closed her eyes in his arms. After a short while, she started to snore like a little kitty.

It seemed she hadnt enjoyed such a peaceful sleep for a long time.

Without waking her up, Su Yu took her into the cottage. Then, he stood in the cottage with Xianer in his arms for the whole night till the first light of the early morning sun landed on his body.

Su Yu put Xianer, who was still sleeping deeply in his arms on her bed gently. Then, he looked up at the sky.

It was the 8th day of the Human Tribulation of The Tribulation of Three Nines. Central Prefectures King would be here soon.

After putting Xianer down on her bed gently, Su Yu kissed her forehead and said in an affectionate and apologetic way, Sorry, Xianer, Im afraid I cant stay with you in future. So, I want to finish the words I didnt finish yesterday when you are sleeping!

Xianer, I love you just like the way I love Jingyu! Su Yu confided his idea by gathering his courage.

Could one love two persons at the same time? Yes! But is it fair for those two persons? No!

When Su Yu tried to persuade himself that he only loved Xia Jingyu, he realized it was impossible for him to forget this delicate and cute little girl who always needed his protection.

He knew he would never forget her for the rest of his life.

He knew he loved Xia Jingyu. However, this little girl, who had been accepted as his responsibility, had also occupied his heart and love.

However, in order to safeguard the so-called fairness, he didnt want to accept this idea.

Now, the Tribulation of humans was just around the corner. It seemed he was quite doomed this time.

Before his death, he managed to straighten out his thinking after hearing the Duke of Xianyus advice.

Life is short! Dont leave regrets to yourself and others!

So, Su Yu decided to tell Xianer that he had already divided his love into two halves selfishly.

Buthe didnt have the courage to say it.

Just let Xianer sleep! Let yesterdays reunion become her dream! Let his death happen in her dream!

After confiding his idea, Su Yu walked to the door of the cottage. Then, he turned around and looked at Xianer for the last time. Now, the regret in his heart had been resolved. He walked out of the cottage and looked at the sky.

The aura of the Central Prefectures King was so close.

It is time to leave here now.

Su Yu took a step forward without turning around again. Then, he rushed out and tried to stay away from Xianer.

Two hours later

Su Yu appeared in a barren wasteland.

Standing in front of a long river, Su Yu was prepared to meet the challenge by wrapping the Celestial Destroying Arrow with the Vital Energy in his right hand.

It seemed he was about to wage a life-and-death fight with the Central Prefectures King, although his winning percentage was very low.


A deafening sound of void laceration came into Su Yus ears at this moment. It was so loud as if the entire heaven and earth had been torn open.

From the gap in the void, the aura of a king gushed out like surging waves.

Lets end this boring chasing here! The Central Prefectures King stepped out of the void gap and stared at Su Yu from above coldly.

After being stopped for five days, he spent three days to arrive at this place. Finally, he caught up with Su Yu after eight days!

Really? If you want to kill me, you would have done it a long time ago. You are afraid of the Celestial Destroying Arrow in my hands, right? Su Yu said as he created a longbow with the Vital Energy in his left hand. Then, he fitted the Celestial Destroying Arrow to the string with his right hand and aimed it at the Central Prefectures King.

The expressionless face of Central Prefectures King changed a bit. His lips were twitching slightly. Even his eye pupils also constricted a bit.

Apparently, even Su Yu was not able to attack with the full strength of the Celestial Destroying Arrow, his attack would still be quite destructive.

I will kill you even I could be wounded by your attack! The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron is the key factor for me to become a deity. It has been obtained by you for too long a time! The Central Prefectures King was determined to obtain the cauldron even he could be wounded by the Celestial Destroying Arrow.

Now, Su Yu was in a confrontation with the Central Prefectures King, and the situation was quite unfavorable for him.

However, Central Prefectures King didnt attack immediately because of the deterrence of the Celestial Destroying Arrow.

Suddenly, Su Yu frowned, and his face turned gray. Blue veins could be seen on his skin as his face was filled with a painful expression.

His hand, which was holding the Celestial Destroying Arrow, started to tremble slightly.

Then, he looked down and found a lump of gray air on his chest, which started to diffuse towards his limbs slowly.

Am I poisoned? Su Yu asked in pain. However, no surprise could be seen in his eyes. A relieving smile even appeared on his lips.

He knew he had been poisoned but pretended he didnt know that. There was only one reason that he didnt use the Milky Way Star Sand to detoxify the toxin. He didnt want to do that!

Because he was willing to be killed by the one who poisoned him.

A strand of approbation appeared in the cold face of the Central Prefectures King. Then, he said to someone beside him, Nicely done!


A gap appeared in the void. Then, a delicate figure who was wearing colorful clothes stepped out. What a pretty and cute little fox fairy!

Isnt she Qin Xianer?

However, compared to her sweetness yesterday, Xianer was expressionless at this moment. Her eyes were dim and hollow.

Qin Xianer walked out of the void gap and stood behind the Central Prefectures King reverently. Then, she said calmly, Master, thanks to your wonderful foresight, we got him!

A strand of a faint smile appeared on the lips of the Central Prefectures King. Then, he said, In this world, there is a kind of person who is willing to be killed by the beloved one. You are one of them! Being sentimental is merit and also a fatal flaw for a person! I took her as my disciple, just in case you attack me with the Celestial Destroying Arrow!

Su Yu was losing control of the Celestial Destroying Arrow gradually. Seeing that, Central Prefectures King started to smile arrogantly.

He didnt wipe out the Zhenlong City because he knew Su Yu would come to this place sooner or later.

The Central Prefectures King took Qin Xianer as a disciple because he knew Su Yu was a man who owed a lot to Qin Xianer and was willing to be killed by Qin Xianer even when he knew it was her plan.

When the Central Prefectures King found Qin Xianer, he found deep hatred in her eyes, which reassured him that this girl would become a sharp knife to kill Su Yu.

Now, she did what she wanted to do as expected.

At this moment, Su Yus energy was about to be exhausted by the toxin. Seeing this, Qin Xianer, whose eyes were still full of deep hatred, asked coldly, Do you regret? Do you regret making the decision to choose Xia Jingyu by abandoning me?

A strand of blood appeared on Su Yus lips, which meant the toxin had taken effect.

He knew clearly that Qin Xianer poisoned him when he hugged her in his arms yesterday.

Since he was about to die soon, he would rather die in her hands. Maybe her hatred could be diluted a bit in this way.

I regret Su Yus voice became shaky because of the toxin. However, he still said firmly, I regret that I fell in love with two girls at the right time. But I dont have the courage to undertake your love at the same time. I am more regretful that I hurt both you and Jingyu!

Qin Xianer was not swayed by his words. She stepped out and shouted coldly, Then, do you know you deserve to die?

Su Yu didnt reply because the toxin in his body was the best answer. So, he would rather die in the hands of Qin Xianer.

OK! Xianer, take his Celestial Destroying Arrow away and let me clean up the mess the Central Prefectures King said calmly as if he was in front of a corpse.

He didnt dare to touch the Celestial Destroying Arrow before he was sure that Su Yu had been killed.

However, before he could finish his words, he turned around and shouted abruptly, What are you doing?

He saw a pitch-dark dagger that had been stabbed into his waist.

The one who stabbed him was his disciple Qin Xianer!

Qin Xianer replied calmly, Kill you and solve the Tribulation of Human for my brother Su Yu!

You! Traitor the Central Prefectures King was totally annoyed because he didnt expect Qin Xianer could betray him at this moment.

Hearing this, Qin Xianer retorted calmly, Like Master, like disciple! I acquired this skill from you, Master!

The Central Prefectures King betrayed his Master Shen Yichen. Now, he was betrayed by his disciple Qin Xianer!