The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Forever buried in the sea

Blood-Hands sneered, "As a pirate, I've cultivated water-based cultivation techniques for years and I'm proficient in water battles. By choosing to enter the water, you've chosen your own doom! Dragon of the Four Seas!" Blood-Hands bellowed.

After diving into the water, Blood-Hands swam with both his legs intersecting and moving like a weaving dragon's tail, churning the sea.


Crashing waves surrounded Blood-Hands. The torrential currents surged violently. His speed soaredhe was even faster than he had been in the air!

"Choosing to fight in the water was your biggest mistake!" Blood-Hands' speed was astounding, he overtook Su Yu in an instant.


He attacked with his palm, sweeping along a massive current and bombarding Su Yu!


Just as he attacked, Blood-Hands' face morphed in shock; the sea water behind Su Yu had unexpectedly solidified into an iceberg!

Blood-Hands was caught off guard and his palm struck the iceberg like it was striking an impenetrable steel wall. His fingers shattered!

The power from the rebound force severely jolted his blood circulation and internal organs. He violently spurted a mouthful of fresh blood and his body flew several feet backward.

"It's... the divine artifact of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom! You... you can actually use it!" Blood-Hands was horrified. He'd immediately recognized the divine artifact.

Without Blood-Hands' knowing, Su Yu had turned around while he was fleeing and slipped on the Divine Ice Ring.

The waves now looked particularly chilly silhouetted against Su Yu's cold form. With a faint smile teasing the corners of his mouth, he was as cold and cruel as the sea.

"Water is my world! From the moment you choose to enter the sea, you were doomed!" Su Yu smiled, his expression calm and confident. His flowing silver hair refracted the faint silvery light from the clear seawater. His purple clothes drifted with the current, giving him a heroic appearance.

Blood-Hands felt like he was looking at a Divine Ice King! He needed to flee! With Divine Ice Threads, Su Yu practically had all the power in the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom!

The waters belonged to the Divine Ice World, And Su Yu was the Divine Ice King!



Blood-Hands frantically retreated, about to rush out of the water surface as he glimpsed a strand of transparent, sparkling thread which had drifted with the waves and brushed past him.

No! Not just one strand it was a thousand strands! These threads, dense and thick, surrounded him like a vast net! The threads and seawater blended together, making them indistinguishable from one another.

He hadn't expected Su Yu to set a trap! Now, he was unexpectedly caught in Su Yu's vast net!

"Worldly Ice Seal!" As Su Yu's silver hair flowed and his purple clothes danced, he looked like an ancient divine king declaring the end of the world!


The seawater turned ice cold and froze!


Blood-Hands roared as all the surrounding threads were injected with the ice-cold air. Together with the sea water, he was sealed in the frozen world! His face, frozen with fear, was sealed within the iceberg!

From far away, it only looked like an iceberg had floated up from the seabed with a man frozen inside. But, a faint layer of spiritual energy still circulated around the body of the frozen man.

He was not dead!


Su Yu dashed out of the sea and darted into the air. With his eyes flashing, Su Yu's palms clenched as he shouted, "Break!"


The countless strands of the Divine Ice Threads hauled the gigantic iceberg out of the water with a loud burst. They spiked into the iceberg strand by strand and tightened together like a net under the force from Su Yu's hand!


The Divine Ice Threads carved through the iceberg from inside out!

Fear began to deeply form in Blood-Hands' eyeSu Yu was the last thing he would ever see!

Pop, pop

The iceberg shattered into countless small shards and turned into crystal dust, along with Blood-Hands' corpse.


Su Yu retrieved his jade token using the Divine Ice Threads. And so, generation's First Level Peak Holy King was thus frozen and destroyed!

Su Yu's ability was, at most, equivalent to a First Level Upper Tier Holy King. However, with the help of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom's divine artifact, here at the sea, he was like a fish in water.

He then counted the jade tokens; ten tokens of Half Holy Kings, a total of ten points. Five tokens of First Level Lower Tier Holy King, a total of fifty points. One token of First Level Upper Tier Holy King, a total of twenty points. One token of First Level Peak Holy King, a total of thirty points!

A total score of one hundred and ten points!

He had already exceeded the stipulated one hundred points!

Su Yu could not only enter the Inner Sanctum, but he also could obtain a rare and precious medium grade marrow cleansing elixir. Furthermore, he could seek the guidance of an esteemed Elder!

Master Li had previously said that a century ago, Li Guang was lucky to have escaped death because the Second Elder had interceded. Su Yu could use this opportunity to meet with the Second Elder. If he clearly explained the actual situation, the Second Elder should be able to take him under her wing.

He may finally gain some footing in the Liuxian Faction.

With a delighted heart, Su Yu carefully put the jade token away.

"Hehe, you have a pretty good bounty." A soft chuckle gently sounded near his ear.


Su Yu, as if struck by lightning, stiffened. The palms of his hands shook and he nearly dropped the jade pendants.

To his surprise, he was unaware that someone had snuck up behind him!

He looked back and saw a twenty-year-old young man with a mocking expression, standing with his hands behind his back. He looked like he was full of vigor and betrayed no emotionsjust an ordinary man.

But a dreadful feeling made Su Yu shudder, and it surrounded him like an enormous shadow. Su Yu got the feeling that this person could obliterate him with one finger!

It was the Sea Wolves Pirate Chief! Rumor had it that he was a powerful Second Level Holy King!

Every time a holy king advanced to another rank, his ability would greatly increase by another level. The ability of a Second Level Holy King far surpassed that of a First Level Holy King.

"Why aren't you killing me?" Su Yu softly muttered.

Although he was the pirate chief, his face held no distinctive pirate-like savagery. Instead, he laughed breezily, "I can't be compared to those filthy pirates."

Huh? Why would he belittle his own subordinates?

With a close-lipped smile, the pirate chief smiled, "Your Liuxian Faction released a few talents in these territorial waters, are you trying to draw me out like luring a snake out of its hole? It's a pity... you lost your portable tracking jade pendant. It will be hard for the people from the Liuxian Faction to track down your position.

"It's funny, they thought of Wu Pangyun as the most outstanding disciple and put their focus on secretly monitoring his situation. But little did they know, the real talent was not him, but... you!" The pirate chief's face showed deep admiration.

Examining Su Yu, the pirate chief continued to smile, "Only fourteen years old and you could comprehend Legacy level cultivation technique. Furthermore, you're resourceful, courageous, and already a Half Holy King. Plus, you exterminated a First Level Peak Holy King. It's truly a pity for such a talent to be wrongly placed in the Liuxian Faction."

Su Yu was startled, "What do you exactly mean?"

The pirate chief smiled, "I only recaptured the small crew of Sea Wolves Pirates while I was passing through. Being a pirate chief was just a cover for my identity. My true identity is... a silver robed guard of the Empire of Darkness!

"Being stationed at the territorial waters near the Liuxian Faction, my assignment for the Empire of Darkness is to seek outstanding disciples and to bring them back with me to the Empire of Darkness. Of course, any Liuxian Faction's disciples with potential also fall within my scope!

"The Liuxian Faction has become aware of my existence. Unfortunately, unable to determine my position, they used your group of disciples with dispensable skills to lure me out and left you marooned in my active territory. Then, they dispatched an expert to secretly track the key target, Wu Pangyun. If I had shown up, they would have taken Wu Pangyun away and the expert, hidden in the dark, would have appeared to subdue me."

Su Yu was relieved to hear that this was the case!

According to Yun Yan, the faction had concealed a secret purpose for this trip's recruitment assessment.The real talent had long been protected by the Liuxian Faction in advance.

The useful, but not too precious disciples, like Wu Pangyun and Su Yu, were treated as bait to lure the pirate chiefwho had forcibly taken Liuxian Faction disciplesout.

"Fortunately, I am not keen on Wu Pangyun. But you, I've observed you for a long time. You're the true talent! Your powerful insight, mind, and nature are the best!" The pirate chief thought very highly of Su Yu, "Follow me, the Empire of Darkness is your oyster!"

Su Yu looked solemn, "What if I say no?"

Xianer and Xia Jingyu were both at the Liuxian Faction. He was about to reunite with them, how could he leave?

The pirate chief was still smiling, "Considering you may possibly become my Junior Brother, I'll give you two choices; the first choice is immediate death! If the Empire of Darkness can't have you, then no one else can either! The second choice is, I'll give you a chance to escape. If you can escape from my hands in half a day, then I'll take the blame for your escape!"


Su Yu was unusually decisive. Without another word, he broke free into the sky and fled!

The pirate chief was slightly stumped, but his smile deepened, "Very well, he acted decisively!"

After a while, Su Yu had used up much of his vital energy. He'd flown over a hundred miles in an escape. In two more hours, he managed five hundred more.

"Your speed is a little slow... hehe..." A soft chuckle came from in front of Su Yu!

It was the pirate chief, standing with his hands behind his back among the clouds and mist. With a smile on his face, he looked at easeseemingly waiting for Su Yu.

He was so fast!

Su Yu's heart was pounding!


Su Yu immediately changed direction and flew away without stopping! At the summit of an island ahead, the pirate chief was seen leisurely sitting cross-legged and holding a flask of wine. He slowly sipped as Su Yu approached, "You must cultivate some movement techniques."

Su Yu's movement technique, the Floating Light Shadow, had become obsolete.

He would never escape this man. He either had to die or join the unfathomable and mysterious Empire of Darkness!

He would soon finally reunite with Xianer and Xia Jingyu, how could he part with them again?

Gnashing his teeth, Su Yu quickly fled!

Finally, an hour later, Su Yu had used up all his time. Half a day had passed and he had failed to escape

In the white clouds above Su Yu's head, the pirate chief had a look of mock-pity, "Looks like you must make a choice, either die or come with me!"

There was a look of struggle in Su Yu's eyes!

It was all or nothing!


Su Yu jumped into the sea.

"Why are you resisting? It's such a pity that you chose death!" The pirate chief's smiling face gradually hardened.

Looking down at the undulating waves, the corners of his mouth revealed his cold rumination, "Want to engage me in a naval battle? Unfortunately, your grasp of the divine artifact of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom is only superficial... Since you've already had it for half a month, you must have had enough fun with it! It's time to take it back! I'll take that along with your life!"


With an icy expression, the pirate chief dived into the sea.

Su Yu's blurry figure could be seen underwater.

Smiling indifferently, the pirate chief flexed his fingers and a frightening spiritual energy was channeled into a current of air. It funneled through the seawater like a sharp arrow shooting across time and space!

Su Yu was staring into the eyes of deaththis one attack was enough to cause Su Yu's life to flash before his eyes.

"Worldly Ice Seal!" Su Yu yelled. The Divine Ice Threads that he had buried underneath the seabed simultaneously radiated a terrible cold air.


The sea, including the pirate chief in it, was frozen into a gigantic iceberg in a flash!

Even though it was the same technique as the pirate king had seen before, it would still be difficult for him to defend himself so long as he was unable to see the icy strands.

Yet, Su Yu felt his heart clench as he watched a fire grow from within the ice.

It was like a fiery red flower gently blooming in the cold ice!

A man on fire, wearing a contemptuous smile on his lips, stood with his hands behind his back. The fire actually managed to stay like under such cold, watery conditions!

"A legacy level cultivation technique!" Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air.

The pirate chief smiled with disdain, "I warned you earlier, don't compare me to those filthy pirates. You're not the only one who knows a legacy level cultivation technique!"

"Destroy!" The pirate chief roared, his entire body blazed, and a loud rumble burst out in all directions!



The iceberg was shattered with a loud crack! Countless shards of ice split and splashed in all directions!


Momentarily distracted, Su Yu was struck in the chest by a shard of broken ice.

It was like someone had taken a hammer and ruthlessly hammered him in the chest, causing him to cough up blood!

At this time the pirate chief, with his entire body engulfed in water-resistant flames, leisurely strolled over.

Su Yu's eyes were lit up with an unyielding raging fire which slightly startled the pirate chief.

"Before you die, can you tell me why you are being so obstinate? Since you're a new disciple of the Liuxian Faction, you shouldn't be so loyal. What's the difference in coming with me to the Empire of Darkness?" The pirate chief asked evenly.

Under Su Yu's fluttering silver hair, his pair of deep eyes were warm, "Because, the Liuxian Faction has the two most crucial people in my life... One is my betrothed, whom I have been separated from to this day, I owe her a lifetime of protection! And the other is my esteemed confidante, I owe her a lifetime of kindness!

"I must see them no matter what! Even if we were separated by thousands of miles of vast seas, even if we were parted by thousands of mountains, even if I have to fight nature itselfI have to go to them!" Su Yu looked firm.

The pirate chief was slightly at a loss while he listened to his vivid words. He unexpectedly felt that presently, even though Su Yu's ability was poor, he looked dazzling. After a while, he coldly asked one question, "Even if you were to die?"

Su Yu nodded. Even deep at sea, his eyes were bright and eye-catching, like deep-sea pearls.

"Yes! I have no regrets!" If he could not accompany Xianer in this life, if he was unable to repay Xia Jingyu's kindness, then there was no point in living. They were the most important women in Su Yu's life.

"Therefore, I, Su Yu, cannot go with you. But I also can't die here!" A wisp of his silver hair flew across Su Yu's forehead. Though it blocked his resolute expression, it could not obstruct the violet glint in his eyes.

Extending his two fingers, Su Yu slowly pointed them towards his eyes and removed two pieces of thin membrane.

A pair of tightly shut eyes slowly opened. A majestic and mysterious violet light radiated everywhere and illuminated the deep sea.

It was as if time and space had stopped, and heaven and earth stood still.

Only Su Yu, with his fluttering purple clothes, flowing silver hair, and his pair of noble, mysterious eyes, could step across time and space!

Su Yu was like a celestial king, sending out a desolate sigh from the depths of time and space, "You will forever be buried in the sea!"