The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 Race Against Time

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Su Yu glanced at the Central Prefectures King coldly. Then, in front of his eyes, which were full of hatred, Su Yu swallowed the heart into his stomach directly.

Ant! What a pathetic ant! The Central Prefectures King yelled angrily. The bloodline of the Cultivation Deity, which he had cultivated for over ten years, was taken away in front of his eyes!

However, Central Prefectures King had to stop yelling immediately. During that short distraction, two Death Daggers continued to move deeper into his body. So, he had to focus his strength to suppress the daggers at this moment.

Su Yu also closed his eyes and started to absorb the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity.

Time went on slowly.

The Central Prefectures King was seizing every minute and second to wipe off the deadly energy in his body. At the same time, Su Yu was doing his best to absorb the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity.

The one who was faster would be the winner of this fight!

Qin Xianer became more and more nervous. Xia Jingyu could only forecast the situation that Su Yu was led to this place. The Tribulation of Three Nines caused interference to her divination. So, she was not able to see the future clearly.

It was impossible for her to forecast the fate of Su Yu.

The two girls made a desperate attempt to wage a life-and-death fight with the Central Prefectures King in this place. But they didnt know what the result would be.

Half a day later

The Central Prefectures King had suppressed the surging deadly energy in this body and was expelling it from his body slowly at this moment.

The bloodline of the Cultivation Deity also started to merge with the body of Su Yu.

Both of them were equally matched. Nobody knew who would take the initiative at last.

Qin Xianer, who was leaning close to Su Yu, placed her little hands on her chest and stared at Su Yu staunchly as she opened and closed her little mouth nervously.

Another half a day passed.

It was the 9th day of the Tribulation of Human, which was also the last day.

Now, Central Prefectures King had expelled 30% of the deadly energy in his body. If he could expel another 30%, he could suppress the rest 40% of the deadly energy with his strength and started to attack Su Yu.

Su Yu had absorbed 30% of the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity, which started to take effect in his body.

His cultivation base, which was at Stage Nine Fairy, started to grow rapidly. Within one day, he had broken the bottleneck of Divine Master and reached Stage Six Divine Master. But it was still far from enough.

Su Yu might need another half a day to reach the level he needed.

Finally, half a day passed.

Su Yu only had half a day left before the outbreak of his Tribulation of Human.

At this moment, Central Prefectures King was able to move slowly. 60% of the deadly energy had been expelled from his body.

Soon, he would be able to kill Su Yu with a strand of the strength of the Mortal Fairy before Su Yu could absorb the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity completely.

Su Yu was already an All Creation expert now. But the gap between his current cultivation base and the peak Mortal Fairy was a realm!

In front of this certain defeat, Qin Xianer clenched her teeth and jumped up into the sky by hugging Su Yu in her arms. Meanwhile, she talked with Su Yu through telepathy, Brother Su Yu, dont stop your absorption. Let me handle the rest issues! We still have a Plan B!

One hour later, in front of the cottage of Qin Xianer

Qin Xianer smashed the cottage with her palm. Then, a ready-made Transportation Portal appeared. It was a rare Super Transportation Portal that could send them to another prefecture immediately.

Although Su Yu was still absorbing the bloodline, he could still sense the things around him. Now, he was surprised.

How could the two girls set up a Super Transportation Portal?

Such a Super Transportation Portal would not only need a Space Formation Master who was good at space calculation, but also countless resources. Only a prefecture king could provide enough resources to set up such a portal.

Sister Jingyu and I have talked about the possibility of the failure of our plan. So, we decided to prepare a Plan B. Sister Jingyu set up this transportation portal. After reading so many books related to space formation in this world in half a year, she has become a master in space formations! Qin Xianer said admiringly.

I see. Su Yu was not puzzled anymore. Maybe nothing in this world which needs comprehension could baffle her!

But you still needed a lot of resources to set up this portal, right? How did she obtain so many resources? Su Yu asked in surprise. Even Zhenlong City was not able to find enough resources to sustain its development. Where did she find so many resources?

Qin Xianer replied, Its quite simple! We obtained enough resources by dismantling that Legendary Transportation Portal!

We decided to settle down in this place after finding the ruins here. Later, we found the ruins were actually an abandoned Legendary Transportation Portal. Sister Jingyu managed to recover some functions of it. Now, it could be used for several times. The remaining resources were used to set up this Super Transportation Portal by sister Jingyu!

Su Yu was surprised again. Who set up the Legendary Transportation Portals in the Five Elements Mountain and this place? Why did he do that?

Then, the corpse of the Frost Divine Dragon, which had stayed inside the Five Elements Mountain for numerous years, came into Su Yus mind again, which puzzled him greatly.

Brother Su Yu, lets leave here. I guess Central Prefectures King will be here soon! Qin Xianer took Su Yu into the transportation portal and left this place immediately.

One hour later, Central Prefectures King arrived at the portal slowly. In front of the dim portal, he was so angry because he knew the portal at the destination of Su Yus transportation had been ruined.

Su Yu escaped again!

Pathetic ant! Despicable traitor! You will beg for a quick death when I capture you! The Central Prefectures King turned around and rushed towards the Royal Beast Prefecture.

This place had become an uninhabited wasteland. Because of the sudden appearance of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, most factions here escaped before taking away their properties.

Therefore, many transportation portals in this place were remained undamaged.

In a valley near the Holy Royal Beast Faction, an abandoned transportation portal lit up, from which Qin Xianer walked out.

By supporting Su Yus body and grabbing his arms, Qin Xianer managed to help Su Yu to walk out of the portal.

Brother Su Yu, dont worry and continue your absorption. I wont leave you behind unless I am killed! Qin Xianer said as she wiped away the sweat on her forehead. Then, she supported Su Yu into the gate of the Holy Royal Beast Faction.

When the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy arrived, all members of the Holy Royal Beast Faction escaped. Now, nobody would come to this place.

Qin Xianer supported Su Yu to the transportation portal of this faction. Then, she said delightedly, As expected, it is still not seriously damaged as it was half a year ago!

Half a year ago, when the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was rampant in the Royal Beast Prefecture, Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu came to this place and set up a transportation portal in that valley

Hearing this, Su Yu became speechless, and his heart was full of warmth.

Because of their careful plan, it was so convenient to use the transportation portal in this place. And nobody would stand in their way to stop them.

If they were in other prefectures, nobody dared to offend the Central Prefectures King by allowing them to use the transportation portal.

Qin Xianer put down Su Yu carefully. Then, she bent down to check the transportation portal as she said worriedly, Theoretically, this Super Transportation Portal could send us to any Super Transportation Portal on this continent. However, people in the other places worried the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy might go to their place through this portal. So, they sealed their portal. Now, there is only one destination left for this portal. But I dont know what it is!

After the inspection, Qin Xianer came back to Su Yu and started to look around like a vigilant little rabbit.

Suddenly, Su Yu was distracted by a strand of uneasy in his heart, He is coming!

The Central Prefectures King, who could cover this distance with one hour, spent four hours to arrive at this place, which meant his strength was still suppressed by the deadly energy seriously.

Hearing this, Qin Xianer, who was fully prepared, supported Su Yu to stand up and placed crystals into the portal. Then, the portal was activated.

When the Central Prefectures King arrived at this place, they had disappeared in the portal.

However, when the Central Prefectures King looked at the transportation portal in the Holy Royal Beast Faction, he sneered disdainfully, Dont you know how the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy who was attacked by the five prefecture kings disappeared instantly half a year ago?


He stepped into the void and started to move forward at a speed, which was ten times faster than before. His strength was being recovered rapidly.


Along with a dull sound, Su Yu and Qin Xianer appeared in a dark underground secret chamber.

When they just stepped out of the portal, they were overwhelmed by the unpleasant smell in this place. Then, they found they had been surrounded by countless corpses, of which the heart and soul had disappeared.

After the first glance, Su Yu said seriously, We areunder the imperial palace of the Central Prefecture now!

The place where the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was hiding should be like this! The corpses on the ground had told them everything.

Hearing this, Qin Xianer was also surprised, What? The imperial palace of the Central Prefecture? How could we arrive at this place?

My mistake! Su Yu said seriously. Only the Central Prefectures King dared to usher the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy to his place by leaving the transportation portal open.

So, the only destination of that portal must be the imperial palace of the Central Prefecture!

Lets leave here immediately. This is the lair of Central Prefectures King. I dont know how many experts are still here! Qin Xianer said hurriedly. She was ready to die, but she didnt want to implicate Su Yu.

Su Yu said by waving his hand, Its too late. Lets try our luck here! If I dont miss my guess, we still have a stream of opportunity in this place!

After saying that, Su Yu continued the absorption of the bloodline in his body immediately.

Now, 80% of the bloodline had been absorbed by him. Also, he had reached the level of Mortal Fairy. But he still needed some time to reach the peak Mortal Fairy.

He knew he would still need another four hours.

At this moment, he only had five hours left before the outbreak of his Tribulation of Human.

Therefore, the last four hours were key to him.

Maybe the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron had also sensed Su Yus urgent situation. It started to provide Su Yu with a small number of Divine Blood. With the help of the Divine Blood, the absorption speed of Su Yu was increased by 10%.

Su Yu was quite happy to see that because it would save some time for him.

After two hours, Su Yu, who had absorbed 90% of the bloodline, had reached the Stage Two Mortal Fairy.

He had to cover another two stages to reach the peak.

Another two hours passed. Su Yus absorption had reached 95%. Also, he had reached Stage Three Mortal Fairy.

After absorbing the remaining 5%, he could merge the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity with his body completely.

However, it was too late. He still needed another 20 minutes to finish this process. Even the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron kept providing Divine Blood to him.

Su Yu had sensed the uneasiness in his heart now.

The Central Prefectures King will be here immediately.

Does it mean I will fail on the verge of success? I am so close to success now!

When Su Yu was quite anxious, a giggle came into his mind, Heh! Heh! Young guy, I didnt expect you could fall into such a desperate situation! You will die soon! Should I celebrate it? Oh, no! As a ruthless guy, you wont let me go even if you are killed. In this way, I will also be buried together with you! No! No! I cant die in such a noiseless way!

Then, ripples appeared in Su Yus eyes. Magnificent divine energy, which flows out from his eyes, gushed into Su Yus body.

Instantly, the absorption speed was ten times faster than it was before.

Is this the divine strength of the Evil God? Su Yu was surprised. Since when the Evil God becomes so powerful that he could even penetrate the Soul Space with his divine strength?

In other words, the Soul Space is not able to lock this Evil God anymore!

However, Su Yu had no time to consider it at this moment because the Central Prefectures King would be here soon.