The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor

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Su Yu can even hear it, because of the restlessness he felt in his heart. His heart beats wildly.

Central Prefectures King is very close to here!

He bites hard on his teeth. Su Yu resorted to relying on the power of the evil god to make the final blow.

Fortunately, his current realm is skyrocketing and is quickly reaching the critical point of the third realm of the dust fairy, and heading towards the last Mortal Fairy realm.

Once you reach that state, one can use the Celestial Destroying Arrow!

However, at this very moment, two shadows suddenly appeared from the dark underground chamber!

One man and one woman, all entangled with ghostly spirits, walked towards Su Yu with their palms facing away from him.

When they showed him their faces, Su Yus pupils shrank fiercely.

Tian Renyao, Tian Yu! If it isnt the both of you? Su Yu was horrified. The two of them could appear silently here and without fluctuations in the air. What kind of cultivation is necessary to reach a level like this?

Tian Renyao was handsome and replied with a slight smile.

Tian Yu, on the other hand, was slightly unhappy, glaring at Su Yu.

Brother Su, how have you been. Tian Renyao still smiled as he said whilst reminiscing about the past. After we left the Heavenly Knife Region, do you remember what I said?

He remembers, of course. Meet again, and they will be enemies.

Su Yu suddenly had a sinking feeling in his heart. How could he forget that the Central Prefecture is now part of the ghost clan?

The Ghost Clan is the alliance partner of The Central Prefectures King!

Hundreds of years ago, they secretly plotted against Shen Yichen.

A hundred years later, a comeback was made again against the lands of Jiuzhou.

You didnt even say hello to me in advance and decided to practice your skill at my site. Brother Su, are you looking down on me? Tian Renyao smiled slightly, but his eyes gradually grew dangerous.

Tian Yu is getting colder and colder, and killing intentions frequently erupted from her spirit.

To get your hands on Brother Su Yu, you will have to pass me first. Qin Xianer said softly and stood in front of Su Yu.

At the most critical moment, two powerful enemies actually appeared.

The aura emitting from their bodies was one that can send a shiver down ones spine.

It was not the Domain of All Creations, but something more powerful.

Xianer, just let it go, you are not their opponent. Su Yu sighed. If he was given a little more time, he should be able to refine the last half of the cultivation of the blood of the gods and increase his own cultivation to the Mortal Fairy fourth realm.

Alas, as things stand, he will now have to stop.

Because they are are the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor himself! Su Yu said coldly.

Tian Yu was taken aback, his gaze quickly turning to that of wanting to kill.

Tian Renyao, on the other hand, seems to be more stable. His eyes merely showed surprise. So Brother Su already guessed it?

Xianers eyes, who was standing at the side, suddenly opened, and she took a cool breath, Ghost Prisons Great Emperor?

She has been in Jiuzhou for so long, how could she not know the name of the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor? In that year, second only to Shen Yichen, will absurd forces of power and is the one that unified the ghost clan.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor!

Tian Renyao and Tian Yu smiled at the same time, and the two gradually approached, their bodies merged into one.

The front is Tian Renyao, and the back is Tian Yu.

The two have merged into a single body!

Im curious, how did you guess my true identity? Tian Renyao and Tian Yu spoke at the same time, their voices were mixed, and he couldnt tell whether they were male or female.

While seizing the time to refine and practice his skills, Su Yu said, Is it that difficult to guess? People like Bi Qintian listen to you. The entire army of ghosts in Jiuzhou obeys your orders. Besides being the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor, who else can you be? Second, you are a man, but you like men. Tian Yu is a woman, but you like women. The yin and yang coming out of the both of you are chaotic, and there is no distinction between men and women. I happen to read many ancient books from ancient times and learned that the Emperor speaks in both male and female voices at the same time. Therefore, my guess as such.

Now that you can simply come here without me knowing it, your strength is extraordinary and out of this world. What you have done simply confirmed my guess.


There was a sound of space fragmenting, which suddenly sounded through the dense room.

A body of dazzling golden light, like the emperors robe figure, emerged instantly.

You ant, I have to admit that you are very clever. Central Prefectures King is here!

Su Yu merely left the last step, yet alas, he still manages to arrive.

He still lost.

Even his identity can be guessed by you. I really dont know what else do you not know. The Central Prefectures King seemed to applaud Su Yu, though it sounded more like a snarky remark.

The more a dying person knows, the more ironic it is.

He glanced at The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor, and the Central Prefectures King said: Well done, otherwise, if he breaks through the peak of the dust fairy, it will be troublesome.

It doesnt matter to the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor: If you die, its not good for me.

Staring at Su Yu, hr smiled: You might as well guess, what do you think I will do to you next?

With the flash of a cold beam, The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor instantly moved next to Su Yu. Then, a palm containing the power of the immortal dust fairy was thrown toward Su Yus forehead.

The Central Prefectures Kings frown frowned, but he didnt stop. After all, Su Yu was about to die. It didnt matter who killed him, as long as the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine was not exposed.

However, he suddenly found that not only did Su Yu not resist, but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: I guess you will help me.

Hahaha you got it right! The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor changed his murderous intent and laughed for a long time. The power of the dust fairy in the palm suddenly transformed into a group of divine power and entered Su Yus body. This is my bloodline after I ascended to my status, enjoy!

He is a descendant of not only gods but also a descendant of ghosts!


With the bloodline of The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor, Su Yu s refining speed has soared unprecedentedly, and it is repaired like a flood that opens the gate. It keeps on flowing.

The sudden happenings were not predicted. Not only did Xianer never react, but the Central Prefectures King also took a moment to come to terms with what happened.

When he calmed down, the Central Prefectures King moved over and slapped Su Yus head with one palm while yelling at the same time. Ghost Prisons Great Emperor! Youre crazy!

Qin Xianer betrayed him, he can understand.

However, with the Ghost Prisons Great Emperors subsequent betrayal, he couldnt understand it at all.

What good is it to help Su Yu destroy him? No, its only bad things for him!

As a ghost clan that ravaged Jiuzhou a century ago, after Su Yu killed the Central Prefectures King, would Su Yu even let him the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor go?

No matter what, he couldnt figure out the motive of the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor.

Hahaha The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor smiled, raised his hand, and eight yellow beads lined up in front of his chest, forming a ring.

Ah, if it isnt the Underworld Pearl! What the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor is famed for!

The Central Prefectures King shot at them with one palm, and the pearls turned like a string of shooting stars. Under the rapid speed, not only was the power of the Central Prefectures King massively reduced, but also his flesh was rubbed away by the high-speed rotation, exposing bloody arm bones.

This scene stunned Su Yu. Can the Underworld Pearl be used like this?

Brother Su, when I learned that you had thrown my famous magic weapon as if it was stone, do you know my mood? The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor laughed while continuing to rotate the Underworld Pearl.

Su Yu blushed, rolled his eyes, ignored the taunt, and hurry up to refine the bloodline and finally his training.

The Central Prefectures Kings arm trembled though his injuries recovered quickly.

His face was full of indignation. Ghost Prisons Great Emperor! Are you really going to spoil the big things for me?

Big things? Hahaha, occupying the Jiuzhou continent, refining it and selling it to a certain god in exchange for a god-like god source? The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor poked fun at him, revealing his true intention.

To became the emperor of Jiuzhou, the Central Prefectures King has done it. As early as a hundred years ago, after the fall of Shen Yichen, he was invincible.

What about being a king? He has a deeper purpose for that, and that is to sell the Jiuzhou mainland!

It sounds incredible and rather unbelievable.

A completely empty world without the Divine Protection of the gods is indeed a piece of fat meat that everyones eyes will wander to. The Ghost Prisoner Great Emperor didnt care much about The Central Prefectures Kings complex look on his face.

You are looking for death! Central Prefectures King was so upset and yelled, Get lost!

He exerted himself with all his strength, concentrating his whole body on releasing the dust fairys punch, and attempted to destroy The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor and Su Yu together.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperors face turned serious. As he controlled the Underworld Pearl, the constant deflection of the power from the Central Prefectures King allowed him to feel the heightened release of power. It made him more stressed.

Fortunately, The Central Prefectures King was injured and failed to exert his full strength.

Coupled with the Underworld Pearls great power, he was able to block the blow.

This is so. With the re-surfacing of the Underworld pearls, severe faultlines have re-appeared, causing a regret within the Ghost Prisons Great Emperors heart. He sighed. Hundred years ago, you concealed the strength comparable to that of Shen Yichen. A hundred years later, the same strength has risen again.

The Central Prefectures King had no time to pay attention to the nonsense of The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor. If Su Yu was not removed from here as soon as possible, he was afraid that he would be the one removed instead.

It was you who forced me. For the sake of our cooperation from a hundred years ago, I didnt want to kill you, but now hum, even if the Devil God blames me, I am not afraid! The face of the Central Prefectures King gained a faint color. He took a deep breath, and the power of the demon surged in his body.

Finally, Ghost Prisons Great Emperor changed his facial expression and was surprised. The power of the demon god you, are you not human?

Even if they had a century of cooperation, he had no idea. As the king of the human race, Central Prefectures King is not from the human race. No, it should be said that he is not from a pure human race.

Be careful! He is the descendant of the human god and the demon god, and is performing the Human-Demon transformation! Su Yu is also mortified by what is happening.

Just judging by power cultivation, The Central Prefectures King was invincible in the world. Coupled with the Human-Demon transformation, he was even more terrifying than the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

Even if they gather the eight state kings, he is afraid they are not his opponents at all.

Human-Demon transformation? The experience of the Emperor Ghost Prison is of no laughing matter. However, how could he not know of this incredible attack stance?

Descendants of the human and demon is a unique style. One can change between man and demon, so as to gain a higher level of strength.

The current Central Prefectures King is already at the pinnacle of the Dust Fairy. If he goes on further to the next level, wouldnt one have reached the level of gods?

Die! The Central Prefectures King, who transformed into a hundred-inch demon body, blew magic air out from his mouth, roared, and shot it towards them.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor gritted his teeth and was unwilling to lose. His body also swelled a hundredfold in an instant, reaching a hundred feet.

The Underworld Pearl also followed the expansion, and each turned into a size of ten feet and quickly rotated against the palm of the Central Prefectures King.

With this strike, the Underworld Pearls were scattered, and the remaining magic palm force slammed into the body of The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor gritted his teeth, exhaled a breath of horror, and his palms transformed into a ten-foot-sized ghost claw, trying hard to grasp the remaining residual power.

The two collided, and the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor had to repeatedly beat a retreat. His huge body shattered the secret underground room, and the ruins on the ground were overturned by the two behemoths of over a hundred feet tall.

The various mainland people who were cleaning up the ruins were taken aback by this, and they retreated to the distance, staring at the scene in shock