The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 Sacred Kylins Remnant Soul

Chapter 1113: Sacred Kylins Remnant Soul
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Demon clan, Ghost Clan, they are, they are fighting! The same thought flashed through everyones mind.

Both are terrible and vicious clans in the impression of the Jiuzhou people.

But they suddenly appeared in Zhongzhou, fighting each other!

Just from observing the results, the ghost clan is obviously falling behind.

Die! The Central Prefectures King growled and blasted again.

This power that is near that of a God, how can the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor, who has lost his Underworld Pearl, defend against? He immediately yelled, Where is the army of the Ghost clan?


Suddenly, from below the ruins, a huge black cloud suddenly emerged, and there were ghostly screams amongst the clouds, and ghostly figures were faintly visible.

Kill! Among the ghost clouds, Bi Lingtian pointed at the Central Prefectures King.

Suddenly, the huge ghost cloud was like a sky falling, and one needs to cover ones head.

At the same time, each ghost in the cloud held a piece of black chain, and all of them are tightly linked.

The haunting ghost cloud shrouded the area, accompanied by a sound of chains colliding.

They were surrounding Central Prefectures King. Watching their actions, it looks like they intend to lock up the Central Prefectures King.

These chains are made from special materials sourced from the ghost world. They are known as from the first god tree in the ghost world, and they are solid and unbreakable.

Upon noticing the existence of the chain, the Central Prefectures King was furious. Ghost! Prison! Great! Emperor! These chains are made solely for me!

This chain is clearly prepared to lock up the dust fairy.

To put it this way, he has secretly helped the ghost army for hundreds of years, and in the end, all his help has turned around to bite him instead.

After thinking about it, Central Prefectures King became angry. To think that he was betrayed for hundreds of years without knowing it, and he willingly, in a way, helped the other party.

All are to die! The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor roared, slamming the sky with both palms.

Suddenly, a whole cloud of ghosts was blown away, and the ghost clan suffered numerous casualties.

With this blow, more than half of the ghost army was killed.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor felt a lot of pain. These are all the elite of the Ghost clan, and they died under the hands of the Central Prefectures King.

Fortunately, those chains were successfully put around Central Prefectures King, and his hands were tied.

Kill! In the remaining ghost cloud, the voice of Bi Lingtian commanded again.

Suddenly, the ghostly lances condensed in the ghost cloud, filled with an extremely strong ghostly spirit.

Su Yu recognized this at a glance, wasnt this the evil spirit in Mo Tianxuans body?

This ghostly spirit is owned by the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor. In other words, these ghostly spirits are all made by the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor, one by one, which can take up to several decades.

In order to kill the Central Prefectures King, the Ghost Clan will indeed spare no effort.


With a terrifying roar, thousands of spooky spirits pierced into his body.

Once pierced into his body, the spirits turned extremely evil, rushing into every part of the body of the Central Prefectures King and raging inside it.

Even the Central Prefectures King, who has transformed, could not bear the pain.

Because of the pain, it angered the Central Prefectures King even more. His pair of pupils became bloody, red, and fierce. He looked at the sky, fiercely, shouted loudly with a voice that boomed all over Jiuzhou, You all deserve to die!


The shocking explosion sounded suddenly.

His arms were constantly colliding into things, his face was twisted, and after struggling to break free for a few tries, the chains broke and turned into numerous chain fragments and shot throughout the sky.


Suddenly, countless screams echoed. All the ghosts were attacked by the chains that were smashed. It penetrated their flesh at such rapid speeds that even their souls had no time to escape.

With just a few breaths, the ghosts left in the sky are less than one-tenth of the original strength!

A full 90% or about tens of thousands of ghosts are now, ironically, dead.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor had no time to be distressed. Without a word, he turned around and grabbed Su Yu and Qin Xianer, and immediately chose to escape.

His plan did not work out.

No one had known that the Central Prefectures King had concealed his identity of being the descendants of human and demon gods that well. It had caused decades of preparation to go to waste.

However, the Central Prefectures King hated the betrayal from the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor. Will he give him a chance to escape?

Demonic Origin Ripple! The Central Prefectures King gave a violent shout, stretched his palm forward, and pointed at the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor.

From the palm of his hand, a dark aperture appeared, and a layer of runes appeared on the surface of the aperture.

In his roar, the aperture hit the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor with a transient movement.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor was appalled. He could perceive that this aperture was enough to wipe him out.

Mo Tianxuan, what are you waiting for? At the critical moment, the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor cried out loudly.

Su Yu heard it. he was not surprised, and sighed, This woman really has a profound and well thought out plan.


Suddenly, from the ground floor of the Royal Palace of Zhongzhou, a very bright beam of light sprayed out. It was hundreds of feet thick!

The beam was just at the foot of where the Central Prefectures King is!

Within the beam of light, there is a strong power of the dust fairy, and there is more than one power of the dust fairy.

If it is under guard, even if it is a collection of all the Jiuzhou dust immortals, it may not be enough against the Central Prefectures King.

Suddenly caught off guard, the Central Prefectures King was bombarded with a strike.

His body was smashed immediately.

His huge demon body shattered everywhere, and flesh, blood, legs, leg bones, chest cracks appeared everywhere. His internal organs were clearly visible.

Half of his skull was smashed. Half of his face went with the other half of his skull.

His dark and messy hair covered half of the face, and a blood-red demon eye penetrated the black hair, looking more gloomy and scary.

At this moment, the Central Prefectures King, in his current state, looks no part as a human from the human tribe. He is now a mere demon head.

Mo Tianxuan! With a loud roar, the Central Prefectures King fell suddenly.


Loud noises emerged from the earth, and the whole Mid-Continent felt this sudden shock.

Under his foot, Zhongzhou City turned into ruins. With this strike, the ruins were swept by powerful shock waves in all directions, centered on the Central Prefectures Kings right foot. The distance spread out to more than 100,000 miles.

The earths soil was even shaken and exposed an extremely hard crust.

Only in this way can you clearly see that there is a dark hole in the hem of the right foot on the edge of the Central Prefectures Kings right foot, which is filled with ghost auras

Any investigator who has visited the Red Blood Palace to investigate the sudden arrival of the ghost army can recognize how similar this ghost hole below Zhongzhou City is to the ghost hole below the Red Blood Palace?

To be precise, the two are connected.

All the people in the Red Blood Palace are missing, and their bones are missing too. It is not that they disappeared, but that they have entered this huge ghost hole.

Along the underground tunnel, they crossed half of the Mid-Continent, quietly lurking beneath Zhongzhou City, ready to give the Central Prefectures King a fatal blow at any time!


A woman in a long black dress ran out of the cave with a look of arrogance. Is this not Mo Tianxuan, who has been missing for a long time?

A dignified human race to think you actually colluded with the ghost race! Central Prefectures King did not know whether he should be laughing or be angry He merely used his blood-red devil eyes staring at Mo Tianxuan coldly.

Mo Tianxuan didnt care, but said, As a descendant of the Demon race who is going to sell Jiuzhou mainland, are you qualified to say this to me?

A group of humans watch the scene, dazzled.

Is the Red Blood Palace from the Blessed and Heavenly Land in collusion with the ghost clan?

Qin Xianer couldnt believe it. Im confused, when did the Red Blood Palace align with the ghosts ?

Su Yu smiled lightly: It was an alliance made one hundred years ago.

Ah? A hundred years ago? A hundred years ago, wasnt it the time when the war between humans and ghosts was at the worst? Qin Xianer was confused.

Su Yu said: It is really terrible, but because of how terrible it is, no one thought it possible. Even the Central Prefectures King would not expect the rebellion of the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor.

But, however, it is true that the Central Prefectures King formed an alliance with the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor a hundred years ago and killed the King of Jiuzhou. Is it necessary to make such a great sacrifice in order to gain the trust of the Central Prefectures King? At that time, the number of sacrifices in the human race was countless! Qin Xianer was puzzled.

Su Yu touched the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl on his arm, a dog bone with a hundred words printed on it, and a crystal ball appeared in the palm of Su Yu.

Su Yu inserted the dogs bones into the crystal ball. The crystal ball shattered in response, and a faint breath gradually flowed out from the crystal ball.

Grace, a very familiar atmosphere.

For this, let Sacred Kylin explain it to you. Su Yu smiled slightly.

Shen Yichen? Sacred Kylin? Qin Xianers mouth opened wide when she heard that. This is because the former died a hundred years ago, and the latter died about 10,000 years ago.

Ahem What scared Qin Xianer was that someone inside the crystal ball was talking: About that, Su Yu, you are so smart that it is not fun. I, Sacred Kylin, was just about to surprise you.

Just listening to the crisp sound, the crystal ball shattered like an eggshell, and a small purple Kylin broke out from the inside of the crystal ball. It was about the size of a palm, exquisite and exquisitely cute, all unlike the mighty domineering weapons in the heavenly God Pavilion.

However, the breath was indeed that of Sacred Kylin.

Su Yu stepped up the cultivation of the blood of the gods and smiled at the same time. You are indeed worthy of being the old and crafty dog of Kylin. Even when you die, you still left behind a final step, leaving a trace of the source of God, sealed in the crystal ball. You also lied to me that inside the crystal ball, a piece of weapon can be drawn at random. Really, you!

When the dead dog gave this crystal ball to Su Yu alone, Su Yu felt that it was unusual, so he hadnt opened it for a long time.

Who would know, that Sacred Kylin, who was supposed to sit on the 100th floor of the Martial Art Tower, hasnt died yet?

In the crystal ball, there is a ray of god source left behind by it.

This is a ray of Sacred Kirins avatar left in the world. If it grows up, it may resume back to its peak back in those days. In a way, it leaves behind the possibility for yourself to continue living.

Hey, is it going to be as such? If you say that this is a useless crystal ball, you wouldve thrown it into the pit. Sacred Kyrin grinned, without shame.

Su Yu rolled his eyes and said, In this way, the timing of my call to you is not wrong. Jiuzhou mainland will soon be sold. If I do not call you out now, I am afraid there is no more chance to do so in the future.

Small Sacred Kyrin squatted on the broken eggshell and stared at the Central Prefectures King with his nostrils, with a look of contempt and disdain. A hybrid of a man and a demon who also wants to sell my cave house? Having set this up for more than one hundred years, it is time to reap the rewards!

Tired from dealing with the ripples of the magic source, the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor, who was in crisis, upon seeing Sacred Kyrin, couldnt help but show great joy. Shen Yichen, no, it is the God of Sacred Kyrin, please save me!

Shen Yichen? Su Yu stared hard for a moment.