The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 The One Hundred Year Plan

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The Sacred Kylin twisted his mouth. Now, he only got a strand of Celestial Energy Sphere left like a newly-born infant. He was even less powerful than an ordinary monster at this moment. How could it withstand the Demonic Origin Ripple?

In front of such an attack, it could do nothing. However, somebody else stepped out at this time.


Suddenly, a strand of chilly sword light flew out from that cave.

The aggressive sword ambiance was composed of a will to crush everything.


The Demonic Origin Ripple, which was cut into two halves by the sword light, flew over the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor from both sides.

Inside the cave, a beautiful woman in a white robe appeared. At first glance, she looked quite like Bing Wuxin.

However, compared to Bing Wuxin, she was more mature, beautiful, elegant, and graceful!

Her name was Jian Wusheng, who was the King of the Lifeless Sword Prefecture!

The soaring light pillar appeared just now contained her sword energy.

Greet you, Lord Kylin, my name is Jian Wusheng. I used to get your instruction one hundred years ago. Today, I am going to get rid of the filthy demons for you, my lord! Jian Wusheng said as she bowed to the Sacred Kylin.

The Sacred Kylin nodded its head satisfactorily after hearing that, I am glad that you still remember your promise, which was made a hundred years ago!

One hundred years ago, the mighty Sword Prime realized remarkable progress in her cultivation and reached the level of Mortal Fairy after coming back from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. Till now, it was still a legend on this continent.

Someone said she reached the level of Mortal Fairy by finding a precious opportunity in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. However, nobody knew what kind of opportunity she found was.

Only Jian Wusheng knew she could achieve todays accomplishment because of the instruction from the black dog, who was actually the Sacred Kylin.

Another prefecture king? The Central Prefectures King snorted as he glanced at Jian Wusheng disdainfully. Then, he turned to the Sacred Kylin and squinted his eyes, I sensed something familiar in you!

Hearing this, the Sacred Kylin looked up and said with a sarcastic smile, My good disciple, how could you forget your Master in such a short time?

Along with a stand of dazzling purple light, the Sacred Kylin turned itself into a man.

It was an old man with an ordinary appearance who would be forgotten soon if he was in a crowd.

However, his appearance still startled many people here.

Lord Shen Yichen?

No! Its impossible! Is he Shen Yichen, the King of the Jiuzhou Continent?

How could this be? I remember Lord Shen Yichen has already passed away!

Only Su Yu let out a sigh of relief after hearing that. Then, he uttered a name that had almost been forgotten by him.

Long time no see, old housekeeper! Su Yu exclaimed.

This old man was Fan Haisheng, who was the old housekeeper in the Yinyu Manor. He was formed by the remnant soul of Shen Yichen.

Now, he appeared on the Jiuzhou Continent again.

Hearing that, the eye pupils of the Central Prefectures King constricted abruptly. Then, he said in surprise and puzzlement, So, it is you, Shen Yichen!

Does it mean the Sacred Kylin used to turn itself into Shen Yichen?

No, Shen Yichen was already dead!

The one who turned itself into Shen Yichen should be another strand of the Sacred Kylins Celestial Energy Sphere.

Shen Yichen, the black dog, and this small Kylin were incarnations of the Sacred Kylin!

Heh! Heh! After my death, a lot of otherworldly organizations tried to seize this world. Luckily, I made a lot of friends who helped me to stop those invaders for many years. Several hundred years ago, a friend told me a member of the World of Divine Remnant sneaked into this place and tried to seize this world. So, I turned myself into Shen Yichen and tried to find out that mole!

Anyone who tried to sell the Jiuzhou Continent had to unify the nine prefectures first.

Apparently, if Shen Yichen unified the Jiuzhou Continent, that member of the World of Divine Remnant would definitely make trouble secretly.

I expected the underminer should be that mysterious Duanxian Cliff Master. So, I always took precautions against him. I never expected the traitor could be you, my disciple! The Sacred Kylin exclaimed with mixed feelings, You were so good at hiding yourself! Also, you are so talented that I even planned to give the Jiuzhou Continent to you if you didnt expose yourself in advance! What a pity! I didnt expect the talented disciple could be that member of the World of Divine Remnant!

Actually, the speculation of the Sacred Kylin was not wrong. Those who tried to seize this world must be very powerful. The Duanxian Cliff Master, who had just arrived at the Jiuzhou Continent, was very powerful. Therefore, he became the number one suspect of the Sacred Kylin.

Hearing this, the Central Prefectures King said after taking a deep breath, Does it mean the great combat between humans and ghosts was arranged by you?

Right! The Sacred Kylin replied, If I didnt create that opportunity for you, would you still attack me?

After pondering it carefully, the Central Prefectures King replied by shaking his head, No!

The King of the Jiuzhou Continent was very powerful then. He would never do it unless he was utterly sure.

The great combat between humans and ghosts gave him a perfect chance to attack Shen Yichen.

You are really good at scheming! The Central Prefectures King took a breath and felt he had been totally convinced. Nobody expected the bloody combat between humans and ghosts was arranged by Shen Yichen, who tried to lure the traitor out.

The Sacred Kylin replied with a smile, I always got this compliment from others!

Then, you planned all of these in the last hundred years, right? Central Prefectures King asked.

Hearing this, the Sacred Kylin said as he nodded his head proudly, Heh! Heh! Of course! As a dead deity, I only have a little bit Celestial Energy Sphere left. If I show up recklessly, I could be eliminated by you easily! Therefore, when I sensed your hidden strength, I pretended to escape to the Zhenlong Continent, which was the small abode world I created. In this way, I could make you believe Shen Yichen was lingering on with my last breath of life. Actually, I kept planning everything in the past hundred years on the Jiuzhou Continent, so that I could cultivate an expert who is powerful enough to kill you!

It is a pity that the Jiuzhou Continent has run out of its luck. For so long a time, I couldnt find an expert who could master the Celestial Destroying Arrow. So, I prepared another two plans for you. First, I asked the Ghost Clan to earn your trust by forming an alliance with you, so that they could strike a deadly blow upon you at the crucial moment. Second, I would find someone who could help me!

The Sacred Kylin said as he looked at Mo Tianxuan thoughtfully.

Now, it seems everything happens as I expected. After one hundred years, Jian Wusheng, a gifted sword expert, became his powerful assistant. The Ghost Clan also protected Su Yu and the Celestial Destroying Arrow at the crucial moment!

Hearing this, Su Yu and Qin Xianer became speechless for a long time.

The Zhenlong Continent they used to live on was the small abode world created by the Sacred Kylin actually.

Its destruction was caused by a conspiracy that had been planned for one hundred years.

The Sacred Kylin prepared all these things to cultivate experts and factions, which could rival the Central Prefectures King, who was a member of the World of Divine Remnant in one hundred years.

He didnt cultivate the rest prefecture kings for the fear that they would disclose this secret.

He couldnt believe anyone of them. A dead deity had no deterrence on this continent. The Sacred Kylin didnt know whether these prefecture kings would wipe out the Sacred Kylins remaining Celestial Energy Sphere in this world.

So, he had to be careful during the last hundred years.

This is the situation you expected, right? Hearing this, the Central Prefectures King sneered pitifully, What a bunch of ragtag! Do you think they can protect Su Yu and the Celestial Destroying Arrow?

After saying that, the Central Prefectures King attacked with his fist.

His punch covered all experts in this area, which meant all people here had become his target.

Of course, Su Yu was his major target.

Seeing this, the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor changed his expression. Then, he kept stepping back by dragging Su Yu and Qin Xianer with him.

The little Kylin found the situation was quite dangerous. So, he also tried to run away by jumping onto Su Yus shoulder.

Jian Wusheng didnt retreat but attacked with her sword, which smashed the punch attack easily. Her body only trembled a bit.

Mo Tianxuan, who surprised them a lot, took out the Flying guillotine casually. Then, she waved it around her body to break the punch attack easily. She just stood there motionlessly with a strand of the remaining strength of Mortal Fairy surrounding her body.

Strength of Mortal Fairy? I remember your body was poisoned by the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy. And you are searching for the solution in this world the Central Prefectures King was surprised a bit. Then, he stopped talking immediately.

Since Mo Tianxuan and the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor colluded to fool him one hundred years ago, how could he really wound Mo Tianxuan?

Maybe the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy in her body was used to confuse the Central Prefectures King so that he could let his guard down.

Everyone in this world knew Mo Tianxuan was trapped at the level of peak All Creation expert because of the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy in her body. And she was doing her best to find the solution in this world.

If they didnt use this trick, the Central Prefectures King, who was so close to her, would never let his guard down. He even didnt know Mo Tianxuan dug a cave under the imperial palace in the Central Prefecture in the past hundred years!

You are also good at scheming! You didnt want to expose your strength even you were wounded by my clone! The Central Prefectures King said coldly.

When Mo Tianxuan tried to kill those Golden Light Guards, they summoned the clone of the Central Prefectures King with the Central Prefecture Token. Mo Tianxuan didnt want to expose her strength even she was about to be killed, which was so impressive.

Hearing this, Mo Tianxuan snorted as she glanced at Su Yu.

Seeing that, Su Yu felt his forehead was covered by cold sweat because of his guilty conscience. Unintentionally, he treated her in a frivolous way. Also, he sold her Flying guillotine, which was a fairy artifact.

Luckily, she passed out at that moment

Thats enough! Lets resolve the enmity in the past hundred years here! Mo Tianxuan widened her eyes as she attacked immediately.

The Flying guillotine, which appeared above the head of the Central Prefectures King like a ghost, cut the top of his skull.

Along with a dull sound, the head of the Central Prefectures King was wounded.

At the same time, Jian Wusheng drew her sword as she shouted, Universe of Swordplay!

The three realms of sword technique included the Sword-Heart Synchronization, the Undying Sword Body, and the Universe of Swordplay, which was the highest realm.

Along with her attack, countless sword light gushed into the head of the Central Prefectures King.

Then, those sword lights started to destroy everything in the body of the Central Prefectures King.

However, Central Prefectures King snorted disdainfully as he smashed his head with his palm. Then, he took out all the sword light in his skull with his demonic claw directly.

Now, the Central Prefectures King only had half a head left. However, it seemed he was not influenced by his wound in his head. Then, he attacked with two claws, which were stained with blood.

Mo Tianxuan and Jian Wusheng were doing their best to resist the two gigantic demonic claws.

Jian Wusheng used her ultimate sword technique again to resist the attack of the demonic claws.

However, the powerful demonic claws, which crushed those sword light, landed on Jian Wushengs body at last.