The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 A Hopeless Situation

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This palm attack was powerful enough to smash Jian Wushengs body and soul.

At this critical moment, Jian Wusheng spat out a mouthful of blood on her sword. Then, she shouted in a low voice, Shifting Shadows!

The next moment, the demonic palm descended. However, only a sword which was stained with blood was smashed by the palm.

In a position not far away, Jian Wusheng, who was quite pale and staggering, reappeared.

It was impossible to rival the Central Prefectures King with ordinary strength.

We are counting on you, Demonic Palace Master!

Another demonic palm landed on the body of Mo Tianxuan. The Central Prefectures King sneered disdainfully, What a ragtag group of good-for-nothings! It is impossible for you to kill me!

However, he changed his expression slightly when he saw the demonic palm which landed on Mo Tianxuan.

He hit Mo Tianxuan but failed to smash her body.

After giving her a closer look, the Central Prefectures King found Mo Tianxuan had poked a small green sword into that demonic palm in the center.

Her movement was quite casual. But the demonic palm was stopped by that small green sword completely.

Ragtag? I dont like this word! Mo Tianxuan said as she turned her palm. Then, the small green sword cut through the demonic palm airily.

The next moment, the entire demonic palm was cut into two halves. The two fracture surfaces were very smooth.

Is she also good at swordplay? All the people in this area were shocked by her attack except Su Yu.

Mo Tianxuan used to use the Undying Sword Body in front of Su Yu in the Martial Art Tower. So, he knew she was a hidden expert in swordplay.

Master someone said in a very low voice. However, the words were heard by Su Yu.

Su Yu was shocked. Then, he turned around and was surprised by what he saw.

Jian Wusheng, who was beside Su Yu, was looking at Mo Tianxuan reverently from afar.

Does it mean Jian Wusheng, who was a renowned expert of swordplay in this world, acquired the skills of swordplay from Mo Tianxuan?

If so, the swordplay of Mo Tianxuan must be extraordinary!

The Central Prefectures King was also stunned a bit. Then, he changed his expression abruptly. The small green sword in Mo Tianxuans hand was just a low-grade fairy artifact. How could it be more powerful than the Universe of Swordplay, which was the 3rd realm of the swordplay?

A sense of danger appeared in the heart of Central Prefectures King.

Suddenly, the Central Prefectures King said in disbelief, Does it mean you are a descendant of the Swordmaster who was born with the essence of the legendary sword ambiance?

The legendary sword ambiance was just a general concept. However, the sword ambiance of the Swordmaster was far more powerful than the three realms of the swordplay.

Mo Tianxuan replied indifferently, You dont need to know that!


She attacked with the sword again. Then, a gigantic arm of the Central Prefectures King, which was over 160 meters long, was cut off from his body.

A strand of fluster appeared in the face of the Central Prefectures King, who shouted angrily, I dont care whether you are the descendant of the Swordmaster or not! Anyone who stands in my way will be killed!

Heaven Burning Holy Demon! Central Prefectures King shouted loudly. Then, his body was wrapped up by a layer of golden flames. Yes! It was the horrible fire of divine tribulation, which could scare away a peak Mortal Fairy!

As expected, Mo Tianxuan frowned and was scared away by those powerful divine flames.

However, Mo Tianxuan, who never give in easily, snorted as she attacked with her sword again, Godly State of Swordplay!


A strand of divine sword ambiance gushed out from her sword rapidly.

The next moment, the demonic body of the Central Prefectures King was cut through by her and her sword, who flew through the divine flames.

Central Prefectures King roared painfully. Many green swords popped out from inside his body.

The sword which popped out from his chest penetrated his heart directly.

Also, the more swords popped out from his body, the more vital energy of the Central Prefectures King was consumed.

After a while, the body of the Central Prefectures King had been covered by hundreds of thousands of green swords. People couldnt see his body anymore.

The vital force of the Central Prefectures King disappeared together with his soul.

The entire area was in dead silence.

The mighty Central Prefectures King, who was the No. 1 powerful expert, was killed by her sword in this way!

People watched Mo Tianxuan reverently as if they were looking at a horrible Goddess of War.

Nobody in this world could stop her sword!


The small green sword in Mo Tianxuans hand was dropped to the ground. Her hand, which gripped the sword just now, was trembling as blood gushed out from her arm.

Seeing this, people were totally shocked. Then, they found a big hole that appeared in the chest of Mo Tianxuan, where divine flames could still be seen.

She killed the Central Prefectures King, but she was also seriously wounded by his divine fire, which seriously burnt her body and even wounded her soul.

At this moment, she was so frail that she was not able to hold the sword anymore, let alone attack again with it.

Master! Jian Wusheng rushed up and supported Mo Tianxuan, who was about to fall. Then, she said anxiously, Master, why did you choose to use that technique forcibly? This technique could only cause destruction to both sides!

What she said was correct. Mo Tianxuan almost lost her life during this attack.

Even she was not wounded by the divine fire, and all her energy had been used up during this attack.

Humph! It is not up to you to make decisions for your master! Mo Tianxuan snorted feebly.

After a while, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor broke the silence by saying as he looked at the miserable body of the Central Prefectures King in relief, You managed to kill the big demon after a hundred-year effort, Sacred Kylin! Congratulations!

Sacred Kylins face was full of complicated expressions, including relief and pity.

How could such a rare genius be a member of the World of Divine Remnant? What a pity!

The rest people also felt relieved at this moment. The demon had been killed. The shadow which had hung over the Jiuzhou Continent for 100 years could dissipate!

However, among all people in this area, only Su Yu was still furrowing his eyebrows.

Although the Central Prefectures King had been killed, the pressure of the Tribulation of Human, which was not alleviated at all, became even more stressing!

He couldnt help but remind people here, Guys, please be careful! This is Central Prefectures King! Before we can confirm his death, we should take care

However, before he could finish his words, dazzling golden light gushed out from the gigantic demonic body of the Central Prefectures King, which looked like a hedgehog, at this moment.

People sensed a familiar aura from the golden light.

It is the Glittering Jewel Demonic Gods Celestial Energy Sphere! Su Yu and Sacred Kylin shouted at the same time. Both of them looked ghastly at this time.

Does it mean he has signed aDivine Agreement with the Glittering Jewel Demonic God?

Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah everyone in this place was terrified by this insolent roar of laughter from that gigantic demonic body.

The Ghost Clans Great Emperor said in shock, He is revived! Does it mean he has signed a Divine Agreement?

He knew this Divine Agreement very well. So did Su Yu.

In the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, the Demon Devouring Emperor, who was willing to serve the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, signed a Divine Agreement with her.

Therefore, as long as the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy still had Celestial Energy Sphere, it was almost impossible to kill the Demon Devouring Emperor, who could revive on the spot.

As a powerful expert, the Central Prefectures King would need a lot of Celestial Energy Sphere to revive, which was even unaffordable for the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy!

Presumably, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy would never allow him to waste her Celestial Energy Sphere like this anymore!

As expected, a light circle appeared between the eyes of the Central Prefectures King, which meant the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was about to cancel the Divine Agreement.

Hah! Hah! Hah! What a stupid woman! She thought she could make use of me! Actually, I am making use of her! Half of her Celestial Energy Sphere has been used for my revival! I guess she has been driven mad now! The Central Prefectures King laughed widely as hundreds of thousands of swords were pushed out from his body.

Then, all the people were totally shocked when they saw the body of Central Prefectures King.

Central Prefectures King was revived. All his wounds were also healed by the Celestial Energy Sphere.

The deadly energy in his body had been driven out. Also, his shattered body, skull, and arm were also healed!

Now, the Central Prefectures King was standing in front of them at his peak state.

At this moment, even Su Yu also felt helpless.

Kill him! The Ghost Clans Great Emperor clenched his teeth and shouted after putting down Su Yu and Qin Xianer. Then, he took out eight Underworld Pearls and rushed towards the Central Prefectures King.

Jian Wusheng also clenched her teeth and rushed up by putting down Mo Tianxuan, who had been seriously wounded.

The remaining members of the Ghost Clan also rushed towards the Central Prefectures King as they threw out the chains and spears formed by the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy at him.

Even they knew they were not able to defeat the Central Prefectures King, and they still rushed towards him without any hesitation!

Seeing this, the Central Prefectures King sneered disdainfully as if a swarm of ants was dashing towards him.

A ragtag group of good-for-nothings! Then, he reached out his two enormous demonic palms and attacked the Ghost Clans Great Emperor and Jian Wusheng with two beams of divine fire.

Seeing this, Jian Wusheng and the Ghost Clans Great Emperor still rushed up by clenching their teeth because they knew they had no way back at this moment.

However, in front of the overwhelming strength, their skills and artifacts became useless.

A beam of divine fire landed on the eight Underworld Pearls. The pearls started to crack after stopping 10% of the divine fires horrible energy.

Then, all the Underworld Pearls cracked one after another. At last, the remaining 20% of the divine fires energy penetrated the chest of the Ghost Clans Great Emperor.

Along with a miserable shriek, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor was wrapped up by the golden flames.

Then, he did his best to drive out the divine fire from his body with the Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy. Otherwise, he would have been burnt to ashes.

Jian Wusheng also ended up miserably. She had lost her sword. So, she had to use the Universe of Swordplay with her fingers.

Instantly, countless sword light rushed towards the divine fire. The next moment, all those sword light disappeared in flames like a group of flying moths.

The remaining divine fire lit up Jian Wushengs body immediately. She had no Extreme Evil Ghostly Energy to drive out the divine fire. So, her body was burnt to ashes soon.

Fortunately, her soul escaped from her body in time.

A moment later, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor had been seriously wounded while Jian Wusheng had lost her body.

This was the real strength of the Central Prefectures King, who was at his peak state.

Now, it seemed even Mo Tianxuans Godly State of Swordplay couldnt do harm to him.

Seeing this, the Central Prefectures King sneered, So, this is your so-called plan! A plan has been prepared for one hundred years! Right? Hah! Hah! It is just a joke!

Mo Tianxuan said as she clenched her teeth, resentfully, We didnt expect he has that damned Divine Agreement.

The elaborately prepared plan failed on the verge of success!

Mo Tianxuan and the Ghost Clans Great Emperor were seriously wounded. Jian Wusheng only had her soul left!

Who else in this world could stop Central Prefectures King?

I killed Shen Yichen, who was an incarnation of you before. Now, let me kill the last strand of your Celestial Energy Sphere! Stop your futile struggling and just enjoy the death! The Central Prefectures King sneered as he stared at Sacred Kylin. Then, he threw out a divine fire arrow and tried to kill all people in this area together with Su Yu!