The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 The Fight Between Su Yu And The Demon

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It seemed this unstoppable divine fire of tribulation would kill all of them soon.

Suddenly, people sensed the intensive strength of Five Elements, which gushed out from a giant void crack in the sky.

Then, a colorful mountain flew out from the void crack and rushed towards this place rapidly.

Before the arrival of the mountain, the strength of Five Elements blew away the divine fire, which was about to hit Sacred Kylin and the rest of people here like a tornado.

The Central Prefectures King turned around as he sneered disdainfully, I didnt expect somebody still tries to stop me recklessly!

When people watched the mountain closely, they found one person in a white robe and one person in a black robe who used all their strength of Mortal Fairy as they walked through the void by taking with the Five Elements Mountain above their head.


The next moment, they stopped in front of Sacred Kylin. Then, they started to activate the formation under the mountain after putting the mountain down.

They were activating the formation by pouring the remaining strength of Mortal Fairy in their body into it.

The formation, which was activated, started to protect Sacred Kylin and the rest of people by absorbing the strength of Five Elements from the mountain.

The Black and White Mortal Fairies? Mo Tianxuan was surprised by what she saw. How could the mysterious Eastern Continent, which was always at peace with all people, choose to step into the troubled water of the conflict between them and the Central Prefectures King? Cant they figure out the current situation? Even they chose to help them, and they were not able to stop Central Prefectures King for a long time.

The Black and White Mortal Fairies didnt turn around but said as they stared at the Central Prefectures King determinedly, As the King of the Jiuzhou Continent, how could you act in collusion with the Demon Clan?

After settling down members of the Great Oriental Family, they decided to help Su Yu. After a short discussion, they decided to go back to the Great Oriental Family first, so that they could take the Five Elements Mountain with them. When they arrived at the Central Prefecture, they found Sacred Kylin and Su Yu were in great danger.

Alas! You shouldnt come here! Sacred Kylin sighed gloomily.

His elaborate plan, which had been prepared for one hundred years, failed. Now, the arrival of the Black and White Mortal Fairies could only increase the casualties.

The current situation is hopeless

We have died once. Death cant scare us away! We will take the Central Prefectures King with us even we are going to die! The two mortal fairies said as they continued to release the strength of the Five Elements by running the formation.

The strength of the Five Elements became more and more powerful. The entire Eastern Continent could sense the inexplicable pressure from it.

The Central Prefectures King, who was so close, could sense the strength of the Five Elements clearly.

After having eye contact, the black and white mortal fairies shouted as they lifted up the Five Elements Mountain and threw it at the Central Prefectures King.

It seemed they threw out the mountain casually. Actually, they had used up all their strength of mortal fairy. Then, they collapsed to the ground and almost passed out because all their strength of mortal fairy was exhausted.

Apparently, their attack was no trivial matter.

After many years of study, we can only throw out the Five Elements Mountain as a weapon. I hope it could be useful!


Dazzling colorful light gushed out from the bottom of the Five Elements Mountain as it flew out. Then, Central Prefectures King was covered in the colorful light.

The Central Prefectures King tried to dodge the attack. However, he was slowed down by the magnificent strength of Five Elements in the colorful light. At last, the Five Elements Mountain landed on his head directly.

Together with the mountain, the magnificent and horrible strength of Five Elements also descended.

The Black and White Mortal Fairies lit up their eyes together with Sacred Kylin. Does it mean this attack is effective?

This was a mountain that used to kill deities. If this attack was effective, it must be horribly powerful.

However, all of them were frustrated by what they saw the next moment.

The Central Prefectures King supported the Five Elements Mountain with one hand!

Then, he said with a disdainful smile, If you reach the second stage of the mortal fairy, I have to pay attention to your attack. What a pity! The strength of two mortal fairies at the first stage is even less than 1/10 of a mortal fairy at stage two!

After saying that, he put down the Five Elements Mountain and sneered, Its time to finish this meaningless fight. Who should I kill first?

He said as he glanced at these wounded mortal fairies sarcastically.

The Ghost Clans Great Emperor, who didnt want to suffer the disgrace, shouted coldly, Just kill us, and we will never ask for mercy from you!

Because the Ghost Clans Great Emperor knew the Central Prefectures King wouldnt show mercy even, they asked for mercy from him.

The Central Prefectures King fixed his eyes on the Ghost Clans Great Emperor as he said coldly, Since you ask for death, I will satisfy your request first!


A strand of divine fire gushed out abruptly.

However, the target of the divine fire was not the Ghost Clans Great Emperor, butSu Yu!

Little bastard, I prefer to kill you first, so that I can put my heart at rest! The Central Prefectures King said with a ferocious smile.

Hearing this, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor changed his expression abruptly. Then, he stepped forward to stand in front of Su Yu without any hesitation, so that he could stop the divine fire for Su Yu.


Along with a dull sound, the body of the Ghost Clans Great Emperor was burnt to ashes. Then, his soul, which was surrounded by ghost energy, ran away from the divine fire.

Even so, the soul of the Ghost Clans Great Emperor still chose to stand in front of Su Yu and tried to protect Su Yu till the last moment.

Seeing this, the Central Prefectures King sneered disdainfully, This is really touching! However, as a traitor, you deserve to die without a burial place!


The next moment, he threw out a giant spear formed by divine fire.


Be careful!

Seeing this, Mo Tianxuan, Jian Wusheng, and the Black and White Mortal Fairies widened their eyes in desperation.

This attack would definitely kill the Ghost Clans Great Emperor!

The Ghost Clans Great Emperor replied with a fearless smile, The Central Prefectures King! You will come to no good!

Hearing his fearless roars of laughter, the Central Prefectures King frowned because he didnt understand why the Ghost Clans Great Emperor was so dedicated to helping the Central Prefecture. This is not the territory of the Ghost Clan. Is it really necessary for him to lose his life here?

What a psycho! Central Prefectures King snorted and looked away. He believed nobody could stop him from burning the Ghost Clans Great Emperor and Su Yu to ashes at this moment.

Suddenly, the Central Prefectures King felt his heart missed a beat because he sensed an intense uneasy!

He hadnt sensed this kind of uneasy since he reached the level of Mortal Fairy!

One thousand years ago, when he reached the level of a peak All Creation expert, he made an exploration in a desolated world. In that place, a wild beast, which had reached the first stage of Mortal Fairy, found him and started to hunt him down. This was the last time he got such a feeling.

That wild beast kept chasing him for three days and three nights!

During those three days, he did his best to run for his life every hour and moment, because he was hotly pursued by that wild beast.

That ubiquitous uneasy and death panic accompanied him for the next several hundred years!

After so many years, this horrible memory would come into his mind from time to time.

Later, when he reached the level of Mortal Fairy, he went back to that place and killed that wild beast. Then, this uneasy, which had sustained for several hundred years, disappeared at last.

He hadnt sensed this kind of uneasy for 1,000 years since then.

However, that uneasy, which had almost been forgotten by him, came into his mind without a sign.

He got a feeling that wild beast which had been killed by him came back. Now, it was just standing behind him and looking down at him, greedily with its big mouth opened.

The Central Prefectures King trembled a bit subconsciously. He felt his heart was beating crazily. Then, he turned around in terror.

Behind him, he didnt see a wild beast but a man who was staring at him coldly.

In front of the pitch-dark eyes of this man, the Central Prefectures King felt he was being stared at by that wild beast. He felt his heart missed a beat. Then, he said as his cold hands and feet were trembling, SuYu!

Su Yu said calmly, What perfect timing! It happens on the 9th day precisely!

His Tribulation of Humans broke out at this moment.

In front of the divine fire which was gushing towards him, Su Yu stepped out calmly.

Then, nine pitch-dark suns appeared in front of Su Yus chest like armor. The surging divine fire was not able to break the protection of the nine suns.

Su Yu managed to refine the last strand of the bloodline of the Cultivation Deity at the last moment. Now, he had reached the level of the peak Mortal Fairy.

At this level, he mastered the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture, which helps him to refine the rest of the seven suns easily.

Su Yus Tribulation of Thunderous Feather and the divine fire tribulation of the Central Prefectures King could match each other in strength.

The Central Prefectures King, who had come to himself, took a breath to calm him down. Then, he threw out a cloud of divine fire, which surrounded Su Yu completely.

However, the divine fire couldnt do harm to Su Yu at all. Then, he walked out of the cloud of divine fire and said as he stood in front of the Central Prefectures King, Anything else?

Just die! The Central Prefectures King punched Su Yus small body with his fist, which was full of demonic gods strength.

The demonic fist, which was as large as a small hill, descended with horrible energy, which even created a lot of cracks in the void.


The land trembled a bit when the fist landed.

Mo Tianxuan and the rest people widened their eyes to check Su Yus situation without blinking.

When the dust and smoke dissipated, they felt relieved by what they saw.

Under the demonic fist, Su Yu was standing uprightly. The index finger of his right hand was being poked against the center of the demonic fist.

Now, Su Yus finger, which didnt look like a finger of a human being, was in a rare golden color. Golden scales could be seen on his finger indistinctly.

Then, Su Yu uttered a word calmly, Break!


It seemed his finger was full of horrible strength, which could create a world. A strand of golden light, which terrified all Mortal Fairies here, penetrated the demonic fist, the arm, and the pauldron of the Central Prefectures King and flew away beside his head.


When the golden light beam flew away, people heard an explosion. Then, they found the fist and arm of the Central Prefectures King had been smashed by the explosion.

A giant wound on the right side of the head of the Central Prefectures King. From this wound, his skull could be seen.

How could Su Yu wound the Central Prefectures King by attacking with his finger?

Even Mo Tianxuan was not able to inflict such damage to the Central Prefectures King easily!

I dont think this is the strength of an expert at the level of peak Mortal Fairy! The Ghost Clans Great Emperor shivered a bit when he saw that golden light beam which had disappeared in the sky.

Mo Tianxuan said seriously, No! I sensed the aura of a divine dragon in that golden light beam!

In the last nine days, the ten Real Spirit Dragon Veins merged into Su Yus body and realized his Nine Dragons Body.

The Central Prefectures King was shocked a bit, for he didnt expect he was at a disadvantage during the fight with Su Yu!

Its not finished yet! The Central Prefectures King yelled as he stomped his enormous demonic foot down.

Now, Central Prefectures King still got a feeling that Su Yu was an ant who could be killed by him easily.

How could he accept the situation that he was on an equal footing with an ant?

Die! Su Yu uttered a word again as he attacked the arch of the demonic foot with his fist, which was covered by golden scales calmly.

Another golden light beam gushed out from his fist, which penetrated the foot, leg, and the right side of the body of the Central Prefectures King. Then, the golden light beam flew out from the neck of the Central Prefectures King!