The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 The Law Enforcer

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Hmm! I am the law enforcer of the Eastern Gods Alliance. I am under orders to destroy the demon, and I will take him back for questioning. You are not to kill him! The old mans physical body fell down and a soul flew out. It had a dark complexion and the appearance of a young man with rather dark but strong eyes.

The young man was holding his hands in front of his chest and looked rather proud. It was as if he was trying to say that the heavens were first but he was just behind in second place.

Su Yu felt a deep contempt coming from the young mans eyes. The contempt seemed to come from his bones. It was just like rich city-dwellers coming to the countryside to flaunt their wealth and was very condescending.

The Central Prefectures King was stunned for a moment but then felt a sense of joy. He bowed down and worshiped the young man. This little demon will obey your laws and will willingly follow you back to be investigated.

The proud young man showed a hint of coldness as he stared at Su Yu. Do you want me to repeat it? Drop your weapon now!

Su Yu slowly lowered his bow and arrow and said, A creature like him intended to sell off Jiuzhou! What crime is he charged with?

Shut up! How we enforce the law is confidential and must not be queried! The proud young man raised his hand and pointed at the Central Prefectures King. Come here!

The Central Prefectures King was thrilled beyond words. The so-called alliance law enforcer was a special existence and was in charge of maintaining a large area of the world order. Its main task was to destroy evil magic.

However, the young man in front of him didnt kill him on the spot, instead choosing to take him back for investigation. That said a lot.

The Central Prefectures King secretly looked at the young man and saw that he quietly nodded and lowered his chin, signaling that he should be at peace with what was to happen.

The Central Prefectures King was reassured by such an action.

This law enforcer, most likely bribed by the land of the gods, had come to rescue him now!

As long as he was sent back to the Alliance, they would let him go, and then tell the outside world that the Central Prefectures King had escaped from them without any proof of what had happened.

As for the investigation? Hmm, the world was without the protection of gods, so who would pursue law enforcement in such a place? All those who could join the ranks of law enforcement were the elites of the Eastern Alliance. Of these elites, nine out of ten came from the family of the gods. Although they might not be direct descendants of the gods, they had already cultivated many elites amongst them and created such a large family, so who would dare to rebel against them?

With this in mind, the Central Prefectures Kings anger dissipated, and he sneered as he walked past Su Yu. Sneering and smiling, he said, Su Yu, Su Yu, Jiuzhous water is deep. You, this maggot, cant possibly create any waves! Ha Haha!

The Central Prefectures King walked over to the law enforcer in a victorious manner.

However, after taking just a few steps, his back suddenly felt cold. This was followed by the sensation of his flesh being burned, and then his soul was torn apart.

He looked down at his chest and saw that a sharp golden arrow had entered his back and exited his body from the front.

The amazing power contained in the Celestial Destroying Arrow was raging inside his body, quickly destroying his physical form and even his soul.

His pupils gradually enlarged, and he turned his head to look. Su Yu was slowly pulling on the bow in his palm, and the Celestial Destroying Arrow had disappeared.

You you dare to kill me The Central Prefectures King had never expected that Su Yu would dare to take any action in front of the law enforcer.

As his eyes gradually blurred, the Central Prefectures King felt a deep sense of anger. Just as he thought he had the chance to escape, it was all but ended by Su Yu

The resentment and hate he felt turned into cursed vicious words. Su Yu! I curse you with a curse of death most painful! The land of the Gods will not let you go! My father and mother will never spare you!

Curse of the demon! At the last moment, the Central Prefectures King opened his mouth and spewed out a spit of blood. In it, the power of the demon god was condensed into a mark of the demon head, and it instantly moved towards Su Yus chest.

Su Yu could not escape it, and his chest was heavily imprinted with the blood splatter.

He did not have the time to check his condition. With a flash of cold and golden light, he had killed the Central Prefectures King.

Coupled with his soul, the man had been totally destroyed.

Stuck in a dark hall miles away, a thousand-footed ghost in an ancient red robe suddenly showed shock on his face, followed by anger. He howled. Who killed my child? Who!

The divine power that runs through the years and stars and traverses throughout the dark cave world was contained in the howling roar that came from him

In another bright and peaceful world, a beautiful-looking woman suddenly covered her chest, her eyes filled with sadness and anger.

My son is dead? I sent the law enforcement officers to intervene! Why did he die? Who did it?

Su Yu had killed the Central Prefectures King without hesitation. Using just one hand, he utilized the hidden treasure on him to create a space vortex. The remaining treasure stored there were blasted away and left behind no trace. All the treasures in it were burned by Su Yu, leaving nothing of the Central Prefectures King in this world. Everything was erased, in case he was ever resurrected.

If Su Yu had known that, in the heavens and earth, no one except for Su Yu himself had the ability to resurrect another soul, even the gods. Then, he would not have been so careful.

The law enforcement official who was close at hand was taken completely by surprise. He had never imagined that anyone would dare to kill the Central Prefectures King in front of him!

By the time he finally reacted, Su Yu had already destroyed the Central Prefectures King, leaving nothing behind, not even a trace of his soul!

Youre looking for death!!! the law enforcer roared in fury. He screamed from the very core of his soul. Kneel down before me!

He was utterly furious. This task had been personally ordered by the master in his clan, but he had failed in his mission. How severely would he be punished when he returned?

He shuddered just thinking about how his master would treat him if he didnt apprehend Su Yu and return with him.

Go away! It was Su Yu who answered him.


Even in the heyday of law enforcement, he was no match for a Mortal Fairy, let alone a mere soul?

Law enforcers relied on their status to scare people across the cavern world.

However, in the world of Jiuzhou, the gods had been gone for almost an eternity. No one had taught the creatures residing in Jiuzhou how the outside world operated. The law enforcers and the Great Eastern Alliance were completely unknown here.

Under such circumstances, a second-tier dust fairy acting all big and boastful in front of a Spire Mortal Fairies was simply courting death!

Do you dare hurt me? The law enforcer was furious.

Su Yu stared at him coldly. I dont care where you come from and who you are, but this demon is trying to sell Jiuzhou and killing him is my duty! You didnt assist me to bring him down, but instead made me your enemy the moment you arrived. Now that I have killed him, you have the intention of killing me!

So, what I want to know now is this are you a law enforcer or a demon! Su Yu walked towards the law enforcer.

The law enforcer was angry. Except for the gods, who else dared to not fear the law enforcer?

As a law enforcer, I have supreme privileges. What are your qualifications to question me? The law enforcer stood up. Coldly, he said, Ill teach you first. What is a law enforcer? Such savage ignorance


As soon as his voice dropped, Su Yus figure moved like the wind, and his hand landed on the law enforcers face. He tumbled onto the ground.

Well, this is the law enforcer, ignorant and fearless! Su Yu stepped on his chest, leaving him unable to move. Tell me, Su Yu asked, what is your relationship with the Central Prefectures King? I dont believe it that you came here so coincidentally, The timing is too perfect. You did not appear early or late, but when he was about to be killed, saying you had to return with him!

The law enforcer was furious. He wanted to teach this boy the concept of the law enforcer, but he had come under attack instead.

His eyes were almost congested with anger. Biting his teeth hard, he uttered. I will never


This time, Su Yu stepped on his face with one foot and pushed half of his face into the ground.

You havent figured out the situation. You think I wont kill you? Su Yu said lightly.

His words finally caused the law enforcer to tremble. He vaguely remembered, though that it seemed to be many years ago, the fact that a law enforcer had been executed in a deserted world, killed by ignorant savages.

Suddenly, the law enforcement officer burst into a cold sweat.

He was accustomed to the prestige given by the people around him. Now that he had awakened from that fairytale and had gone back to reality, he had a feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

However, asking him to surrender to a savage was simply too ridiculous.

Hmm, you just wait! I will never let you go! The law enforcement officer replied coldly and retrieved a fiery red jade pendant from around his waist.

The jade broke apart suddenly, and a gushing force of space teleportation emerged, wrapping around the law enforcers body.

His plan was to get the news back to the family as soon as possible to let his master know.

As for how to deal with the savage in front of him, he thought of his master and a pleasurable feeling enveloped him. If Su Yu fell into his masters hands, he would wish he had never been born!

However, Su Yu sneered at him. It seems that you are thinking about other things, but do you really think you can escape?

A pair of eyes in which ripples were diffusing met the eyes of the law enforcer.

Suddenly, the law enforcer was drawn into the soul space before the space teleport could take place.

Just then, the God Kylin, Mo Tianxuan and others also rushed to the final battlefield.

As far as they could see, there was no trace of the Central Prefectures King.

Hes dead? the Kylin tried to ask.

Su Yu nodded. Yes, hes dead.

Although everyone knew the result, they could not help but get excited, and at the same time, they were deeply tired.

Dormant for a hundred years, they had finally completed their great cause: killing the Central Prefectures King.

They had worked so hard, day and night, and they had finally succeeded.

Moreover, Su Yu had been extremely ruthless, uprooting the party members of Central Prefectures King one by one, clearing the filth altogether, and bringing peace to Jiuzhou.

However, only Su Yu knew that Jiuzhou would not be at peace just yet.

The threat facing the people of Jiuzhou was far more than the Central Prefectures King alone.

Seniors, you all have a rest. Su Yu looked at the crowd. Those who were seriously injured and had lost their bodies had not yet had time to recuperate.

The God Kylin pursed his lips and said, Yes, go for it! You all have worked hard for a hundred years.

The Ghost Prisons Great Emperor paused for a while but finally stopped talking and repaired his flesh on the spot.

He also supported Mo Tianxuan, who was seriously injured, to repair her body and helped her to heal.

Brother Su Yu, Ill wait for you, Qin Xianer said to him. She looked at Su Yu with two bright eyes, her heart filled with sweetness and pride.

Waiting for the others to leave, Su Yu said, You have something to tell me?

The God Kylin changed his attitude and said, Yes, there is an important thing to discuss with you.

Tell me, Su Yu said, looking at his body. The realm of the dust fairy peak was showing signs of decline.

We cant keep Jiuzhou any longer, the God Kylin said matter of factly, stunning Su Yu.