The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 112

Chapter 112: The Huge Reward

"Seal of Time!" The violet ray from Su Yu's eyes surged and time was frozen.An incorporeal purple dragon wove around the pirate chief's physical body.

The pirate chief's thoughts were still swirling around in his head, but his physical body was trapped in the space-time freeze frame.

"Worldly Ice Seal!"

The Divine Ice Threads filled the sky and sealed the pirate chief inside the iceberg once again.

Unable to move his body, he could not use his legacy level cultivation technique.


Countless strands of the Divine Ice Threads tightened like a vast net as they sliced through the ice!


Just as they were about to slice into the pirate king, however, they were stopped. The clothing on his body looked ordinary, but it was magical clothing with armored qualities.


Just as the Seal of Time wore off, the pirate chief's body was freed.

He had seen everything. His jokey, smiling expression vanished like smoke in the thin air and was replaced by a deep gloom. "Boy! You're making me mad! You used a paltry trick to try to kill me?" The pirate chief snarled.


The terrifying spiritual energy that was all over the pirate chief's body transformed into flames that expelled the cold. He then shook his body from head to toe and flicked away the countless Divine Ice Threads.


The shake traveled across the threads to Su Yu, who was struck. Blood dribbled from his lips.

"In the presence of an absolute gap between our abilities, you're unable to do anything to me! In the name of the Empire of Darkness, I'll grant you the Doom of Darkness!" The pirate chief extended his finger to shoot out a powerful tongue of raging flame.

However, as Su Yu was wiping away the blood from the corners of his mouth, he smiled expectantly, "You finally came, I waited for you for so long!"

"Who are you waiting for?" The pirate chief looked puzzled, freezing his attack.

"Don't tell me, as you chased me, didn't you realize where we were headed?" Su Yu returned his question with a question of his own.

The pirate chief looked around him. Suddenly he glanced sideways into the seawater behind him and saw that there was an ice palace!

There was a vague outline of a city with a radius of ten miles. Dim light refracted from the ice crystals.

It was a charming mirage, like a bright pearl adorning the dark seabed.

"Divine! Ice! Ancient! Kingdom!" The pirate chief yelled.

Shaking all over, the pirate chief's alarm and fury mingled together, "You... deliberately wanted to fight here, and you released the Divine Ice Ring, just so that you could attract the sea beast?"

"Yes... and, it has already arrived!" Su Yu smiled indifferently.


Several rays of black light silently shot out of the seabed!

Su Yu had already prepared for this attack.


In the nick of time, he managed to dodge in a flurry!

The pirate chief was further away and did not have Su Yu's good fortune. Amidst his alarm and fury, he had not been on guard!



With a mournful scream, the pirate chief's magical clothing was easily blown to smithereens. His abdomen had a bleeding wound and his squirming intestines were visible.

"Evil creature!" The pirate chief snarled over and over as he cupped his gut!


Numerous rays of black light were fired from the sea beast, who was hidden at bottom of the dark sea. Most of the black light was focused on the pirate chief; the sea beast could keenly sense that the pirate chief was its most life-threatening enemy.


While the pirate chief was dodging in a flurry, his shoulder blade was pierced too!

"This evil creature's looking for death!" The pirate chief fiercely glared at Su Yu, who took advantage of the situation to get far away. As much as he hated it, he would have to take care of the sea beast first before chasing after Su Yu again!


Su Yu swam like a fish. While the other two were fighting with each other, he immediately dived into the ruins of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom.

Looking around, everything within ten miles was in ruins.

Mottled by the vicissitudes of life and densely scarred by time, each crumbling pillar and broken stone told the story of a catastrophic event from long ago.

Who was the owner of the palm? Why were so many civilizations destroyed by him?

Su Yu was puzzled. Suddenly, a remnant of the palace greeted his eyes.

Because of geographical causes, both sides of the building had born the powerful force from that tremendous palm. The middle portion was able to escape mostly unharmed. So even though more than half of the building had collapsed, a small section remained.

"The Divine Ice Hall!" Su Yu's pupils dilated!

Based on what those pirates had said, the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom had a well-preserved and intact Divine Ice Hall, where the strong men of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom had once cultivated their techniques!

Most of it was still here! Watched over by the sea beast for years, no one had entered. But the sea beast was currently held back by the pirate chief, now was Su Yu's chance!


Without hesitation, Su Yu dived into the Divine Ice Hall.


Su Yu gasped the moment he entered. It was so cold! The Divine Ice Threads had never made him cold, but this place, full of chill, made him shiver!

Both the Icy Heart Core and Divine Ice Ring absorbed the chillit was only thanks to them that Su Yu was able to exist in this great hall.

Here, even if the pirate chief were to rush in with his Second Level Holy King ability, he would turn into an ice sculpture!

Among all the dangers Su Yu had faced, this palace was one of the worst!

Su Yu carefully moved forward to ensure that his Icy Heart Core and Divine Ice Ring could withstand the chill. In case he reached a spot where the chill was too cold and heavy, he could immediately retreat.

"It's not advisable to stay here for long!" Su Yu gazed around. Even if he had an ice-cold body, he still could not stay here for too long.

The interior of the hall was destroyed, everything had crumbled over time.

Suddenly, Su Yu caught a glimpse of something among the broken wall debris. Surprisingly there were three well-preserved and intact corpses!

They sat cross-legged in a circle. It appeared as if they were in the middle of a close discussion until the annihilating power of that divine palm before it extinguished their lives.

After years of erosion, the three bodies were only left with pure white bones. All their clothing had eroded. There was nothing else on their bodies. Even if there were treasures before, they had also presumably eroded over time.

Su Yu was secretly disappointed.

Suddenly, he glimpsed from the corner of his eye several things sealed underneath a thin layer of ice within the sitting circle of the three bodies.

That ice emitted an unprecedented chilliness. Su Yu only took one look and immediately felt a cold pain in his eyes.

"HissWhat a terrible chill!"

Prior to their deaths, most of the ice was created by the three predecessors in a nick of time to protect the things within it.

Therefore, they were able to avoid the years of erosion and had stayed preserved.

Su Yu looked through the ice layer. He vaguely saw two volumes of cultivation techniques.

Thump, thump

Su Yu's heart could not help but start beating wildly!

"They are legacy level cultivation techniques! Two complete volumes!"

At the Liuxian Faction, a remnant volume of a legacy level cultivation technique was considered extremely rare. Many of the Holy Kings did not get the chance to hold one.

The powerful Hundred Vassal Clans did not even have a remnant volume of a legacy level cultivation technique.

Here, there were two complete volumes of legacy level cultivation techniques!

Based on what Su Yu knew, only those who were in the powerful, upper tiers of the Dragon Realm were able to cultivate a complete volume of a legacy level cultivation technique! And often, only those of the Elder rank were qualified to read through the complete legacy level cultivation technique!

Similarly, strong individuals like the hall masters and core disciples of the lower Dragon Realms could still cultivate the remnant volumes.

How could Su Yu not be tempted?

Upon closer examination, the two volumes of Legacy level cultivation techniques were still fully in use. It looked like, at that time, these three people were cultivating together and discussing their experiences. When faced with their deaths, they had used a protection cultivation technique to seal and freeze the books.

Thump, thump

Even with Su Yu's calm nature, it was still hard to refrain from the excitement within. Breathing deeply, Su Yu suppressed the impulse to break the frozen seal and take the cultivation techniques.

The cultivation techniques had only survived until now thanks to the ice seal. If he shattered the ice, they could shatter along with it.

So, Su Yu could only stay here and memorize them on the spot.

"Space-time manipulation!" With two hundred times the speed of time, Su Yu penetrated the frozen seal and stared hard to memorize.

Su Yu spent ten hours fully memorizing the two volumes of the legacy level cultivation techniques. Both his eyes, due to the long period of staring at the frozen seal, were unexpectedly frozen!

By using the Icy Heart Core and Divine Ice Ring, he was able to absorb the chill with great efforts. Though he was able to gradually alleviate the freezing, there was still a faint stinging sensation which hurt his eyes and made it difficult to keep them open.

Even so, Su Yu's face was brimming with indescribable delight!

One of the cultivation techniques was a movement technique, known as Icy Divine Wings. It was divided into three stages with each stage divided into Lower Class, Upper Class, and Top Class.

When each stage of the cultivation was complete (up to Top Class), the power of ice within the body of the user would take shape in the form of a pair of icy divine wings. They would be as fast as the speed of light, surpassing all.

At every stage, the icy divine wings would have a different form. As one moved higher in each stage, the shape of the divine wings would become more extraordinary and refined.

Legend had it that cultivating up to Stage Three Top Class could allow the user to transform the wings into a supernatural form. One would be able to cover ten thousand miles in a day and surpass any strong individuals of the Dragon Realm. Their speed was comparable to that of a celestial immortal!

Su Yu was excited; Floating Light Shadow was quickly becoming too slow for Su Yu, otherwise, he would not have been pursued by the pirate chief!

Icy Divine Wings had arrived just on time!

The second volume was Sigh of Ice, an extremely rare and excellent legacy level cultivation technique which could amplify one's spiritual energy!

The whole Liuxian Faction only had one remnant legacy level volume, the Thousand Thread Mantra; and here, right before his eyes, was a complete volume of Sigh of Ice!

Sigh of Ice was also divided into three stages; every stage could increase the body's spiritual energy by one-fold! After the Stage Three Top Class, one's spiritual energy would be three times more powerful than another person from the same realm!

Thousand Thread Mantra could, at most, amplify energy by only one-fold!

Sigh of Ice's effect was wholly three times more powerful than Thousand Thread Mantra's!

Su Yu read the cultivation requirements, "This is only suitable for martial artists with ice-based cultivation experience, and it is to be combined with cold air for faster cultivation."

To be combined with cold air? Su Yu closed his eyes. Suddenly, he darted toward the strange and terrifyingly frozen seal!

The cold air, created by the three predecessors before their deaths, contained a chill that surpassed any cold that Su Yu had encountered in his life. If he could make use of it to cultivate...


"Hehehe... you little piece of crap! So, this is where you are!" A nasty laugh suddenly came from behind!

Su Yu abruptly stiffened. When he looked back, his heart sank!

The pirate chief was badly mangled!

His right shoulder and what was left of his right arm was a mangled mess of blood and bone. The flesh on his torso, shoulder blade, and chin were all gone.

His right eye was ruined by the black raysonly a dark hole dripping blood remained!

His remaining left eye was bursting with murderous rage!

"I want you dead!" The pirate chief's incomparable rancor and hatred were as deep as the sea. Having lost his lower lip, he let out a terrible roar as blood sprayed everywhere!



The moment he entered the palace the fierce cold froze both of his feet.

Su Yu could barely survive with the double absorption of his Icy Heart Core and Divine Ice Ring. How was the pirate chief able to use his physical body to enter?

The chief growled, "Scram!" His body was ablaze with flames which expelled the chill!

He went as far as to disregard his own life as he forcibly depleted his spiritual energy to move into the hall.

Although it was extremely difficult to take each step, his murderous rage drove him to kill Su Yu at any cost. His fury pushed him forward.

As his heart shrank and trembled, Su Yu felt his killing intent. The pirate chief was persistent, like an aggrieved ghost who would not rest in peace until he killed Su Yu.

"I want you dead!" The pirate chief bellowed venomously as he took two more steps forward!

What should Su Yu do?! Su Yu did not have any power to fight back, he would be killed on the spot!

A Second Level Holy King would crush him!

It was a life or death crisishis life was in danger!

At the last second, Su Yu's eyes embodied a decisive look, "I'll fight back!"

If he failed, then today's sea burial would reduce him to a bag of bleached bones!

If he was successful, like a fish becoming a dragon, he would break through the shackles of martial arts and be transformed into a Holy King!

With a rumble in his heart, Su Yu turned around and placed his palm on top of the frozen seal!

At the same time, he swiftly activated Sigh of Ice and frantically swallowed the cold air!

If he was successful, Su Yu could break through to become a Holy King!

However, the frozen seal was made of exceptional ice. It suddenly invaded Su Yu's limbs and bones! Almost instantaneously, Su Yu was transformed into an ice sculpture from inside out!

His breath was extinguished on the spot!

The pirate chief gasped, "What a scary chill!" He went numbeven his breath was taken by the cold!

Gazing at the dead Su Yu, the pirate chief sneered bitterly, "I had thought you would die in my hands, but instead you died in the hands of the ice you love so dearly"

The pirate chief slowly turned around to leave. He sneered without turning back, "Worthless insect, the one who's forever buried in the sea, is you!"

However, he had not taken a single step when he heard a strange sound.


It sounded like the trembling beat of a drum.

Thump, thump

It rumbled like a roll of thunder in the summer rain!

Thump, thump, thump

In a split second, it sounded like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses, marching and stamping through ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains, had arrived!

Thump, thump, thump, thump

The silent seabed suddenly trembled with the sounds of howling winds and torrential rain.

That... was the sound of a beating heart!

Looking back with a stiff expression, the pirate chief's pupils contracted!

There was an ice-cold heart rapidly beating in Su Yu's chest. It looked as if it was going to jump out of him.

Su Yu began to fully absorb the surrounding chill as if he was a whale swallowing krill!

Just like the powerful vitality of a caterpillar breaking its cocoon to be reborn and transformed into a fluttering butterfly, Su Yu slowly opened his eyes and shook the ice encasing him!