The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Break The Cocoon And Become A Butterfly

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Brother Su Yu, dont worry! Sister Jingyu told me she had predicted her destination before her departure. Maybe we will meet her at an unexpected place. Her life jade plate is still intact as well! Qin Xianer said.

Surprised, Su Yu asked, Where did she go? And why did she leave?

Hearing this, Qin Xianer paused for a moment and said hesitantly, Sister Jingyu told me she must be your Tribulation of Affection. If she didnt leave, you would die. So, she chose to leave alone and tried to find a way to solve your Tribulation of Affection!

Is she my Tribulation of Affection? Su Yu was totally surprised by Xianers words.

He was surprised because he thought Xianer would be his Tribulation of Affection.

Su Yu worried about Jingyu very much. Luckily, her life jade plate was still intact, which meant her prediction which was made half a year ago was correct. Also, she was safe right now.

Xianer, I Su Yu, who felt relieved after going through great danger, decided to tell Xianer what was on his mind.

However, Qin Xianer placed her slim finger on Su Yus lips and said shyly, Dont say it! I wasnt asleep when you were talking, so I heard what you said!

What? Su Yu was surprised by her words again.

I was so glad to hear it! Qin Xianer gathered the courage to look up at Su Yus eyes affectionately, I always feel I owe you and sister Jingyu. I know both of you love each other deeply. But I still managed to become your wife! I am so selfish!

I am so happy that sister Jingyu was able to forgive me. I wont ask for any more from you. I was so happy to hear what you said that day. However, I also worry a lot about whether a selfish girl like me deserves your love!

Hearing this, Su Yu held the tearful Qin Xianer in his arms tightly as he said affectionately, What a stupid girl! Have I ever cheated you?

Xianer wiped her tears away and lowered her head. I am less beautiful, gentle and helpful than Sister Jingyu! she said. So, Brother Su Yu, did you say that because you really love me or you just wanted to console me?

It turned out she was suffering from self-abasement in her heart.

For Su Yu, Xia Jingyu was just like a precious jade which was so extraordinary. No other woman could rival her in Su Yus heart.

Jingyu was still the number one girl in his heart.

But you can rival her in one thing! Su Yu said as he wiped the tears away Qin Xianers face.

Qin Xianer looked up. What is it?

Your love for me! Su Yu said as he poked her chest with a smile.

Through her tears, Qin Xianer smiled in satisfaction. Then, she blushed and buried herself deep into Su Yus arms as she said shyly, You you touched my bosom just now

Her words reminded Su Yu who had realized his finger had touched something so soft.

After half a days break, Su Yus soul went into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

He found Sheng Ge who was idly teasing a colorful butterfly beside the nursery garden.

Su Yu was slightly surprised because he hadnt put any butterflies into this place.

Hey, Master! Good to see you! Seeing him, Sheng Ge jumped up delightedly. The colorful butterfly landed on her shoulder fondly. It seemed it liked her very much.

However, the butterfly was quite wary of Su Yu.

Whats this? Su Yu asked as he looked at the butterfly.

Sheng Ge replied blissfully, Congratulations, Master! The Chaos Multicolored Butterfly has broken out of its cocoon!

Ah! Su Yu was surprised by her words. He fixed his eyes on the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly because it was a rare ancient spiritual worm that couldnt be found anywhere in the galaxy!

They found it in the seed of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. Then, it had spun a thread that had helped Su Yu a lot.

Su Yu hadnt expected it to transform into a butterfly from a caterpillar after so many years.

Sheng Ge accompanied it when it became a butterfly by breaking its cocoon. Therefore, it was very close to Sheng Ge.

Master, it is quite powerful. It told me it can eat anything! Sheng Ge said delightedly.

Hearing that, Su Yu turned around to check the nursery garden. His face darkened. What the butterfly had said was correct!

A lot of the precious herbs, which had been in the garden for over 1,000 years, had been eaten by it.

Even the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate Tree which had lived for over 10,000 years had been devoured by the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly.

The entire nursery garden was in a mess!

Fortunately, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, which had lived for around 700 to 800 years, hadnt been gnawed by it yet.

Sheng Ge stuck out her tongue and said, You ordered me to carry out a mission last time. When I came back, the place was just like this. When the butterfly was about to eat the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, I stopped it just in time. So, I had to feed it with something else. However, thats all I could find in this valley

Blue veins appeared on Su Yus forehead. He stared at the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly angrily. You are the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly! Where is your dignity? Why have you evolved into a foodie?

Although most of the herbs in this garden were useless to Su Yu, he had transplanted these precious herbs from the Glittering Jewel Wonderland and had planned to cultivate them in his nursery garden for at least 1,000 years. He hadnt expected they would be eaten up.

Also, he hadnt expected this lazy caterpillar would have acquired so much intelligence after becoming a butterfly. It figured out the meaning of Su Yus words and angrily flapped its wings towards Su Yu.

Its angry reaction amused Su Yu. However, his expression changed abruptly the next moment.

His body of a Mortal Fairy, which was outside the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, was broken into several parts!

This was so unexpected!

Seeing that, Sheng Ge shouted immediately, Stop! What are you doing? How dare you attack my Master?

Hearing this, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly closed its beautiful wings reluctantly as it stared at Su Yu proudly.

Su Yu was surprised. He restored his body by pumping out life energy from his Heart of Eternity.

When he looked at the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly again, his heart was full of shock. This insect could destroy the body of a peak Mortal Fairy by flapping its wings! Could it destroy the soul and body of a peak Fairy by flapping its wings with all its strength?

Sheng Ge was shocked by what has just happened. She apologized anxiously, Sorry, Master! Please punish me!

Su Yu waved his hand with a smile. Hah! Hah! Hah! You didnt make any mistakes! Youve rendered outstanding service by taking such good care of the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly! After pondering it for a while, Su Yu sealed all his Mortal Fairy strength into the head of Sheng Ge before his level started to drop.

The strength of a Mortal Fairy should be enough for you to reach the level of All Creation expert!

Hearing this, Sheng Ge was overjoyed. All the strength of a peak Mortal Fairy was more than enough for her to become an All Creation expert! Maybe she could reach the level of a peak All Creation expert!

Since the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly likes you very much, please take good care of it! Su Yu said.

Sheng Ge rolled her eyes. Master, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly told me it could attack after absorbing enough energy. Just now, its attack was the result of absorbing the energy of those precious energies!

Is that so? Su Yu was not surprised. The butterflys horrible attack couldnt have come from nowhere. It was feasible that it had attacked with the energy absorbed from those precious herbs.

OK! I will leave you in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. You can place all precious items into the nursery garden. And you are responsible for the cultivation of the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly in the future!

Hearing this, Sheng Ge was overjoyed again.

Su Yu started to modify the layout of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. He placed the Supreme Growing Soil and the cottage of the nine-tailed white foxs remnant soul into a closed small space. The remaining space could be used for the other people.

He still had six days left, which was enough for him to settle them down.

When his soul returned to his body, Su Yu walked to the Ghost Clans Great Emperor with a worried frown and asked, I have a question. Could you answer it?

Hearing this, the Ghost Clans Great Emperors eyes lit up. He knew the Sacred Kylins plan. Su Yu was the one who had obtained the ship ticket. So, Su Yu would decide whether he would leave together with the Ghost Clans Great Emperor.

Please tell me what is on your mind, Mr. Su! the Ghost Clans Great Emperor replied humbly.

Su Yu said, Could you tell me why you insist on helping the Central Prefecture?

As a member of the Ghost Clan, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor had fought more bravely than many people of the Jiuzhou Continent.

Hearing this, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor replied with a wry smile, Because there is no way back for me! My father is the deity of the Ghost Clan. He has three sons, and I am the youngest. All three of us are being tested by our father. The one who passes his test will get his help to become the new deity of the Ghost Clan!

It is a pity that I am the most slow-witted one and cannot rival my two elder brothers. They are gaining recognition from my father. I have no option but to choose the most difficult task of helping the Jiuzhou Continent, which has been approved by my father because the deity of the Ghost Clan and the Sacred Kylin are old friends. However, I didnt expect the situation of the Jiuzhou Continent to be so complicated. This time, I failed to provide essential help to the Jiuzhou Continent. Im afraid I wont gain recognition from my father when I go back to my clan!

It was quite like the competition for the throne among the princes!

Why do you rely on your fathers help? You can become a deity through your own efforts! Compared to ordinary people, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor, who had a divine bloodline, would become a deity easily. Su Yu didnt understand why he insisted on obtaining the help of his father.

Hearing this, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor was quite stunned. Then, he murmured in his heart that it was never easy to become a deity! It would be quite difficult for him to become a deity even if he could get the full help from the deity of the Ghost Clan. It was almost impossible for him to become a deity alone!

However, he didnt know what to say when he saw Su Yu standing in front of him.

Su Yu had managed to reach such a high level from being an ordinary person, which was almost as difficult as becoming a deity alone!

After pondering it for a while, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor straightened out his thinking at last.

If he went back to his clan, it would be impossible for him to gain recognition from his father. So, he preferred to toughen himself in this world. If Su Yu could do that, why couldnt he?

Mr. Su, thank you for your precious advice! I will be very grateful if you could allow me to go with you!

Su Yu replied with a smile, You are welcome! You have fought for the Jiuzhou Continent for 100 years. I will definitely leave here with you!

He knew nothing about the extraterrestrial world. A son of the Deity of the Ghost Clan would be quite helpful for him.

In this way, Su Yu made arrangements for the Ghost Clan. Then, he walked to the Black and White Mortal Fairies.

Seniors Su Yu said as he was about to drop down to his knees. But the two Mortal Fairies stopped him.

Su Yu, your kowtow is too much for us! the White Mortal Fairy said with embarrassment. Su Yu had saved their lives. Also, he was the hero who had killed the Central Prefectures King, and the Great Oriental Family was counting on Su Yu to leave here. How could they accept Su Yus kowtow?