The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 Stage One All Creations

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Looking at the goddess who was engrossed in performing her sorcery, Su Yu was truly speechlessSo what about her self-restraint as a goddess? And her decorum? What was the matter with this bold, carefree and neighborly Tree Goddess?

Su Yu felt that the enchanting imagination he had about an elegant, gentle, and reserved Tree Goddess had gone down the drain in an instant.

Hey, young man, Im done! The Tree Goddess simply weaved several signs and declared good-humoredly.

So fast? Su Yu reached out to detect beyond the divine realm, and his lips twitched.

Was there any trace of underground lava? Where were the Ancient Bronze Tree Men? Even the surface of the land was scraped off, let alone the trees, leaving behind a humongous, profound pit that was ten thousand feet deep.

Even the Original Form of the Ancient Bronze Tree God, the boundless, gargantuan tree whose roots covered the entire underground domain had disappeared without a trace.

All that was left of the Desolate Evil Jungle in the past now was a small, golden-yellow tree that was suspended in the Void.

Where are they? Su Yu questioned with surprise.

The young girl blinked, and replied with a look that seemed as if she was looking at an idiot, Of course back into my cavern world, where else do you think they could be?


Su Yu wasnt sure whether to criticize.

Alright, take me away now. The Tree Goddess did not treat herself as a guest lodging under another persons roof at all. Instead, she was like a haughty pet, hurrying Su Yu to bring her back home quickly.

Su Yus mind was cluttered. He left the divine realm and withdrew the small golden-yellow tree in the air into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

The moment he placed it inside, Su Yus soul attached in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl was instantly startled by a shriek of surprise.

Ah! So much Supreme Growing Soil, wahahaha, Im rich now! From now on this place will be my home, Ill fight against whoever tries to evict me!

Wow! The Penta-colored Butterfly of Chaos! It looks like its worth an awful lot, how about making it into a specimen?

Hey, the little ghost girl over there, serve me tea! What, how dare you refuse? Dont go, are you bullying me for not being able to stand? Humph!

As he heard the chaos and commotion going on inside the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, Su Yus face darkened. Was that the king of some mountain that had run down from some bandits den?

Right when Su Yu was about to return to the Central Prefecture, the Tree Goddesss voice sounded in his ears, Young man, you have to careful with the curse imprint on you.

Su Yu was slightly afraid. Before his demise, the Central Prefectures King had crafted a curse with all of his Godly Demonic Power and imprinted it on Su Yus chest.

Due to the nature of the Godly Demonic Power, even the Milky Way Star Sand failed to remove it.

The origin of the Godly Demonic Power seems to be a terrific demonic God, if he finds you by trailing this imprint, youll die really fast, the Tree Goddess taunted.

Su Yu asked, Isnt this curse used to harm my Original Form?

Of course not, this is an identification imprint crafted from the Godly Demonic Power, as long as youre present in a certain area around the demonic God, hell be able to sense your presence.

Su Yu was dispirited, he asked in a deep voice, From how far away can he sense this imprint?

Not far, perhaps from half a galaxy away, unfortunately, youre within his detectable area, the Tree Goddess gloated, I think hes on his way here for you.

What? Su Yus face became solemn all of a sudden!

But rest assured, I have sealed up your imprint already. Unless hes face to face with you, he wont be able to sense your presence, the Tree Goddess added.

Su Yus glanced at it with his Transparent Eye and did not see the imprint with the demon skull. It was concealed by a piece of a golden leaf.

When did she do it? He did not notice it at all! Su Yu could not help but feel inwardly awed.

Even for a Mortal Fairy at his Peak, when he was standing before a deity, even ones that couldnt stand, he would be just like a vulnerable infant?

Yep, the chest muscles are sturdy, Im just not sure if its sturdy down there too, a voice ridiculed.

Su Yus face went red, and he gritted his teeth in rage. You are ascum among peopleamong trees!

Peals of laughter that sounded like tinkling bells answered him.

Upon returning to the Central Prefecture in a despondent mood, Su Yu assessed his current plight once again.

The father of the Central Prefectures King, a deity who was called terrific by another deity, had cast his eyes upon him. Despite having the Tree Goddess, oh, the female scum, covering up for him, it was still extremely precarious.

On his journey back, Su Yus cultivation finally slid from the level of Peak Mortal Fairy and was further regressing at an ever faster speed.

It would eventually return to the initial cultivation, ninth-grade fairy.

Apart from that, there was no big deal.

All he needed to do was quietly wait for six days, the day the continent relocated, and he could board the ship and leave.

What Su Yu didnt know was, his accidental move had raised a considerable commotion in the galaxy.

In the vast, desolate and dark galaxy, countless wild beasts roamed, devouring all living creatures that walked out from the cavern world.

Outside the Jiuzhou cavern world, a small, fiery red boat floated in silence.

There were two people on board. One of them of a youth who had entered Jiuzhou to enforce the law with the arrogant law enforcers, who had a fair complexion and an air of elegance and politeness.

At the moment, he was sitting on the boat with his face full of sorrow, as he hung his head low and stared at the body of the arrogant youth.

The soul was gone, leaving behind an empty shell of the body.

Meng Ke, have you guys encountered any powerful individuals in the Jiuzhou cavern world? Opposite to him sat a glum-faced, middle-aged man clad in a hemp garment, his cultivation had attained the terrifying fourth state of Mortal Fairy!

Meng Ke said, Commander, Ive returned immediately upon receiving your order, I grabbed the soul of the Withered Bones Demonic God and teleported back on the boat.

I have not investigated the strong men of the Jiuzhou cavern world in-depth, but along the way of capture, I have indeed sensed the presence of several Mortal Fairies, with the highest cultivation among them being only the second state of Mortal Fairy.

The middle-aged man shook his head in equanimity. Impossible, even if besieged by many second-state Mortal Fairies, Qin Kuo wouldnt have escaped even with his soul. In the Jiuzhou cavern world, there must be powerful individuals at the absolute peak who are stronger than I am!

Meng Ke was stupefied. What makes you say so? In that Jiuzhou cavern world, deities have perished for ten thousand years, the living creatures in it live and die on their own. Theoretically speaking, it should be getting weaker and weaker, how could there be entities with cultivation above you?

The middle-aged man sighed. While you crossed worlds and executed your mission, I sensed the two undulation waves of Peak Mortal Fairies. Despite their faintness due to the isolation of the cavern world, it cant be wrong! Even Qin Kuos soul did not escape. He has most likely fallen into the hands of the two Peak Mortal Fairies.

HissIn such a declined cavern world, Peak Mortal Fairies still exist? Meng Ke gasped lightly. He felt fortunate that while enforcing laws in Jiuzhou, he had kept a very low profile. Otherwise, he would have roused the wrath the two Peak Mortal Fairies. Qin Kuo was the best lesson.

The middle-aged man cast a cold glance into the dark depths of the galaxy and sneered. Why do you think so few of the dozens of boats hidden in the vicinity when we came are left then? They were all frightened off by the two undulation waves of the Peak Mortal Fairies!

That was also the reason the man had delivered an urgent message to summon Meng Ke back.

The seemingly depraved Jiuzhou cavern world was, in fact, a swamp with giant crocodiles lying in ambush!

But what about Qin Kuo? Perishing in the process of enforcing laws as a law enforcer, we cant absolve from the responsibility as his colleagues. Worse still, he came from the Qin Family, Meng Ke said.

The middle-aged man heaved a deep sigh. What more can we do? I have asked for instructions from the Senluo law enforcers who are the nearest to this place. Theyll deal with the matter. We just have to observe quietly.

Upon hearing about the Senluo law enforcers, the muscles on Meng Kes face shuddered.

The law enforcers of the alliance were divided into many categories, and most were like them, whose primary mission was to eradicate the infiltrating demons. Anyone among them as a powerful individual, who led a couple of slightly weaker ones in their execution of a mission.

However, a small minority of law enforcers had unique identities, who were in charge of other unique missions.

An example being the Senluo law enforcers, who were emissaries that overrode the ordinary law enforcers. Their mission was to handle emergencies, and they had the power to take charge of any missions of the law-enforcing squads, and punished the squad members who broke the rules, even if it meant acting first and reporting later!

The ordinary law enforcers were kept silent out of fear for this particular law-enforcing team.

Very, very well, let them handle the matter, Meng Ke said. He caught a glimpse of the fine drops of nervous sweat on the middle-aged mans forehead.

Su Yu, who was quietly training, had revived five people on the first day. That was the limit of the Divine Palm of Life.

They were Gang Dalei, An Yurou, and her pupil, Zi Donglai, and his daughter, respectively.

On the second day, it was the Fengming Cabinet Mistress, Long Juexin, Lin Yunhe, Qiu Ningshui, and Elder Liao.

On each subsequent day, Su Yu would revive a batch of people.

Until the sixth day, he had revived 30 people, all of his old friends in the past had come back to life.

It was the day Su Yu felt most satisfied throughout the six days.

If only he had acquired the reviving ability earlier, Revered Master Li Guang in the past could have been revived, too, couldnt he?

Su Yu observed Guang Dalei closely for a while. Su Yu was befuddled that apart from his golden skeleton, there was nothing unique about him.

After the revival, Su Yu sent them to the Zhenlong City, and it raised a massive commotion.

How did the dead imperial figures come back to life? Despite their stupefaction, they understood the privileged power of being a Peak Mortal Fairy.

At their level, Peak Mortal Fairies were totally out of their reach. After all, they were extremely mysterious figures.

Having set down the heavy rock in his heart, only did Su Yu have the mood to check on his own condition.

After six full days, Su Yus cultivation had deteriorated to Stage One All Creations.

He had retained this state for an entire day and had not undergone any change and was just pondering about it.

Hehe, brat, congratulations, you have pulled through the Three-Nine Ordeals, and have completely skipped the Almighty levels, the long-gone voice of the Evil God sounded in his mind.

Su Yu was taken aback. The Three-Nine Ordeals are over? Impossible, there are three more days until the ordeal of relationships! How could it have finished in advance?

Should be the girl who had a crush on you, since the ordeal has manifested upon her, and she has left, the ordeal has gone by itself, the Evil God blabbered.

Su Yu was in deep thoughts. Will ordeals disappear on their own?

The Evil God shook its head. Of course ordeals wont disappear, I only said that it had left you, I did not say that it disappeared.

Su Yu gasped in shock and terror. Youre saying that the ordeal has been shifted onto Xia Jingyu?

Thats the only explanation. The Evil God had an envious look on its face. Its difficult enough to find a woman who will be infatuated with you and even risk her life for you, but you have two of such women, what a blessed man you are.