The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124 Big Trouble

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Su Yu calmed down. The life jade plate of Xia Jingyu was intact, which meant she had safely made it through the Tribulation of Affection.

Despite this, Su Yu still worried about Xia Jingyu because he was unable to see her at this moment.

Jingyu, where are you? Su Yu murmured.

Ahem, ahem the Evil God said as it interrupted Su Yus thoughts at this inappropriate time. Young man, I really appreciate the souls you brought to me, including the souls of four Mortal Fairies!

Su Yu had promised the Evil God that if he agreed to help Su Yu realize the Nine Dragons Body, Su Yu would provide him with souls, including souls of Mortal Fairies!

This time, Su Yu had brought the souls of four Mortal Fairies to him.

Normally, I would be thanking you. However, one of the four Mortal Fairy souls you brought me this time was too dangerous for me to devour! the Evil God said in a perplexed tone.

Hearing this, Su Yu was slightly stunned. Which one?

The soul of the law enforcer you captured! the Evil God said seriously. Why did you capture a law enforcer from the Great Eastern Alliance? Do you know you are in big trouble now?

Su Yu was surprised by what he heard. For him, those so-called law enforcers were people who maintained order for the alliance. Why couldnt he kill them?

From the law enforcers behavior, Su Yu knew that he would be in big trouble if the law enforcer was alive.

The Evil God knew what was on Su Yus mind according to his expression and sighed. Alas! Young man, come in and lets talk. Since you are about to leave the Jiuzhou Continent, let me tell you something you should know. Otherwise, you will make big trouble for yourself without even realizing!

Hearing that, Su Yu went into the Soul Space. He was shocked by what he saw.

The Evil God was so frail now and was only as large as a drop of blood!

Su Yu remembered that the Evil God had used his divine strength to help him to accelerate the refining of the Cultivation Deitys bloodline seven days ago.

Did that mean that the Evil God was weakened to this size because he had lost that divine strength?

Su Yu let out a cru as he stared at the drop of blood.

Hah! Hah! If you want to express your gratitude, just say it! the Evil God said as he laughed. Su Yus grateful stare made him uncomfortable. Dont worry! he continued. The three Mortal Fairy souls you brought to me are enough for me to reach a higher level. Actually, I got good luck out of misfortune!

However, it was impossible for the Evil God to predict the result of the fight between Su Yu and the Central Prefectures King at that time. Also, he didnt know whether Su Yu would bring him the souls of Mortal Fairies even if he was victorious.

Su Yu didnt know when the two of them had become frienemies.

OK! Tell me what happened! Su Yu had made clear the conditions that the four Mortal Fairies souls were in.

The souls of the three prefecture kings, which had been gnawed, were quite frail now. However, the soul of the law enforcer was still intact, which meant that the Evil God didnt dare to devour it.

Even the Evil God was terrified. Su Yu realized he had underestimated the law enforcement officials.

Can you let it go? the Evil God asked directly.

After pondering it for a while, Su Yu replied by shaking his head slowly. No! If I let him go, he will cause me a lot of problems in the future!

OK! I hope you are prepared for what I will say later! the Evil God said seriously. The Great Eastern Alliance is an alliance of many deities, which covered 1/4 of the Star River. 100 deities have joined this alliance!

100 deities? Su Yu gasped in surprise.

So, the Great Eastern Alliance is also called the Alliance of 100 Deities! These deities share the same interests. All their worlds are connected into a vast world of deities! the Evil God said.

Su Yu thought about it for a moment. Then, he said, does the Jiuzhou world of the Sacred Kylin also belong to the Great Eastern Alliance?

The Evil God replied with a smile, Yes! However, when the Sacred Kylin passed away, his world was removed from the alliance. Since then, the Jiuzhou world started to drift about in the Star River.

Those 100 deities, who always trained in isolation or traveled in other places, didnt concern themselves with the business of the alliance. However, they established 100 law enforcement teams with powerful experts in their world. One law enforcing team represents one deity. All these teams enforce the law in the vast alliance world!

Now, Su Yu started to figure out the meaning of the Evil Gods words.

You mean those law enforcers are not terrifying. However, the deities behind them are extremely powerful, arent they? Su Yu said.

The Evil God nodded his head seriously. Exactly! The law enforcers hold high positions. They are representatives of the deity behind them. Other deities have no right to punish them unless law enforcers violate the law constituted by the 100 deities!

Once a law enforcer is killed, a special group of law enforcers will be sent to investigate the case! The name of this special group is the Senluo Law Enforcing Team, and it is composed of 100 deity descendants. All of them are descendants of those deities and have divine bloodlines. They have all reached the level of Mortal Fairy! Some of them have reached the third stage of a Mortal Fairy. You can also find Stage Four Mortal Fairies among them!

It is said that the captain of the team is a Prospective Deity!

In the Great Eastern Alliance, this Senluo Law Enforcing Team is the most powerful law enforcing team and is second only to those deities! This team has the right to supervise all the other law enforcers. They also have the right to act first and report afterward!

Hearing this, Su Yu was shocked. A law enforcement team composed of 100 deity descendants could be regarded as the praetorian guards of those deities!

If one law enforcer disappears, a small group of Senluo Law Enforcers will begin an investigation. As deity descendants, all of them have obtained special skills from their bloodlines. If they know you killed that law enforcer, things will end badly for you because they are even more dangerous than the Central Prefectures King!

Su Yu looked worried by the Evil Gods words. He hadnt expected to offend so many powerful enemies!

So, are you still going to kill him? the Evil God asked seriously.

Su Yu thought over it for a while. Then, he asked, I have kidnapped him, so if I let him go, how will the Senluo Law Enforcing Team punish me?

The Evil God was speechless for a while. Then, he said in a low voice, Those who repent their error of imprisoning law enforcers will be imprisoned for 100 years. Among them, those who behave well could be released!

100 years? There was no difference between this punishment and the death penalty! The law enforcers whom one had imprisoned could kill the one who imprisoned him as easily as killing an ant!

Also, it seemed the law enforcer captured by Su Yu was quite narrow-minded.

Su Yu would be killed no matter whether he was captured by the law enforcement team or he surrendered himself voluntarily. So, it should be quite easy to make a decision now.

Just eat his soul and dont leave any trace! Su Yu said. His eyes were full of ferocity.

Hearing this, the Evil God sighed. As expected, you are asking me to eat him. OK! Dont worry! I will get rid of it! But you should prepare yourself for all possible consequences. Those deity descendants, who have all kinds of special abilities, might see through your trick!

Su Yu went back to the outside world. He was quite frustrated.

The Senluo Law Enforcing Team!


Just then, the Sacred Kylin walked up and said, Hey! Your level has been stabilized. You have now reached the level of All Creation expert, havent you?

I didnt expect You are not the first one who crossed the Tribulation of Three Nines in my world. However, Ive never seen a man who could reach the level of All Creation expert directly before! the Sacred Kylin said in surprise as he walked around Su Yu,

Hearing this, Su Yu smiled. Just now, all his vital energy, which had been turned to the strength of All Creation, was being saved in a small figure inside his belly.

The small figure looked quite like Su Yu. Now, it was sitting in his belly quietly.

It must be the primordial spirit of an All Creation Old Monster!

His vast Dantian had been replaced by this vivid primordial spirit!

However, Su Yu found eight holes in his primordial spirit, which worried him a great deal. Did it mean that his rapid progress had caused problems in his primordial spirit?

What? An Eight-Aperture Primordial Spirit? It seemed the Sacred Kylin, who was looking at Su Yu carefully, had found something. He was totally surprised.

An Eight-Aperture Primordial Spirit? Hearing this, Su Yu calmed down. It didnt seem to be a bad thing.

You can always surprise me! Tell me, how big was your Dantian when you were at the Fairy Realm? the Sacred Kylin asked in surprise.

After pondering it for a while, Su Yu replied, I remember my Dantian was 80 times larger than the average level of the Dantian of an ordinary Stage Nine Fairy!

80 times! The Sacred Kylin stuck out his tongue. No wonder you could have the Eight-Aperture Primordial Spirit! My God! Only the top 10 worlds could create primordial spirits with multiple apertures! I didnt expect one could be created in my world!

Are primordial spirits different from each other? Su Yu asked.

Hearing this, the Sacred Kylin rolled his eyes. Of course! An aperture is a passage to absorb vital energy between the heaven and the earth and turn it into the strength of All Creation. It could also halve the time of training! An ordinary All Creation Old Monster only has one aperture. Only a few All Creation Old Monsters have two apertures. An All Creation Old Monster who has three apertures could be regarded as a genius. Those who have four apertures are the most powerful heaven rulers! In my world, only Zhan Wushuang has five apertures!

Su Yu asked, Was Zhan Wushuang created by your Celestial Energy Sphere? Why is he so powerful?

Hearing this, the Sacred Kylin shouted, You were born in a small world created by me! You have eight apertures! How could you doubt the origin of someone who has five apertures?

The Sacred Kylin stared angrily at Su Yu.

However, it is just my speculation. I dont know how many apertures he will have when he reaches the level of All Creation expert!

Hasnt he reached the level of All Creation? Su Yu had a vague memory that Zhan Wushuang was suppressing his level. Did it mean he was trying to obtain a primordial spirit with many apertures by increasing the fetal crystals of a divine master like me?

Then, Su Yu remembered another person who also suppressed his level.

In half a day, the All Access Boat will arrive in Jiuzhou. Just prepare yourself. When the ship arrives, I will move the entire continent. Then, you should board the ship and leave here. We should all make these preparations quickly!

Su Yu nodded his head. Then, he gathered the Ghost Clan, the Great Oriental Family, and the Severed Fairy Cliff, so that they could go into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl one after another.

The Sacred Kylin was also waiting patiently for the ship. He had broken the partitions in the Martial Art Tower and made it into a world that was far larger than the Jiuzhou Continent. When the ship arrived, he would move the Jiuzhou Continent into this new world.

All of them were busy preparing everything.

In a dark corner of the Land of Far West, Zhan Wushuang, who was wearing golden armor, was standing on a small black boat that was full of divine aura. The boat seemed to be made from the bones of deities and could sail across the Star River.