The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 The Senluo Law Enforcement

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Two other people were also on the boat.

One of them was Han Xuan who looked very sad. The other one wasGu Taixu!

Senior Brother, how was our Master killed? Who killed him? Han Xuan asked. She had been captured by Qin Xianer and her Cultivation Deity bloodline had been taken away. After that, Zhan Wushuang appeared and saved her.

In surprise, Gu Taixu replied, Brother Zhan, was our Master killed by those two extraterrestrial experts?

He remembered that the Central Prefectures City had been destroyed by one sword. If Zhan Wushuang hadnt sensed the attack and taken him away in advance, he would have died in that city.

Standing at the prow of the boat, Zhan Wushuang snorted as he placed his hands behind his back. Our master was killed because he was too weak! I dont think we should avenge him!

Both of them had been hiding in the Land of the Far West and didnt know what had happened in the outside world.

Zhan Wushuang knew who killed the Central Prefectures King, but he didnt want to avenge his master.

For Zhan Wushuang, the Central Prefectures King was killed because he was defeated. So, Zhan Wushuang didnt feel sorry about the death of the Central Prefectures King at all.

Lets leave here now! I found this boat in the Land of the Far West when I was ten. I hid it here till now! As trusted followers of the Central Prefectures King, we cant stay in the Jiuzhou Continent anymore. Im afraid we will be found by them if we dont leave here immediately! Zhan Wushuang said.

Han Xuan said nothing but grasped the side of the boat tightly. Actually, she was not very sad. When Qin Xianer forced her to acquire the Jade Maiden Heavenly Frost Art to the top level, she understood the intention of the Central Prefectures King. She knew she was just a tool for him.

She was sad because someone she was familiar with died.

Without any ties to the Jiuzhou Continent, Han Xuan was indifferent about the death of the Central Prefectures King.

Gu Taixu clenched his teeth resentfully. What a pity! he said. I obtained the Body of Nine Spirits with great difficulty. I really want to fight Su Yu, and I really hate to let him go in this way!

Hearing this, Zhan Wushuang glanced at Gu Taixu and shook his head slightly. I suggest you avoid any conflict with him!

What? Gu Taixu looked at Zhan Wushuang in surprise. I have reached the level of All Creations! Wont I be able to defeat Su Yu now?

Since both of you have no objection, lets leave here now! Gu Taixu activated the small boat and prepared to leave.

However, a large cloud of dense fog gushed the area. It had driven away a lot of Wild Beasts.

Zhan Wushuang narrowed his eyes and saw an enormous ship sail out of the fog, crushing many Wild Beasts. Then, the big ship stopped in front of them.

On the prow of the big ship stood a pretty woman who was wearing a cape made of green feathers. The woman looked quite aloof and arrogant.

A lot of young men who were wearing the same clothes were standing reverently behind the woman.

All the young men were as powerful as the prefecture kings of the Jiuzhou Continent.

Zhan Wushuang was surprised by the woman. He could see her, but he was not able to sense her on the ship.

All people of the Jiuzhou world, this is the Senluo Law Enforcing Team. We came here to investigate the case of a missing law enforcer. Before we come to a conclusion, no creature in this world is allowed to leave!

Half a day passed quickly.

The Sacred Kylin started the journey nervously.

A pillar that reached the sky rose up from deep underground. Apart from the desolate western continent, the other continents were all affected.

Su Yu was surprised by the pillar of the central continent. It was not located in the Central Prefecture but the outer sanctum of the Red Blood Palace!

This pillar was very familiar to Su Yu because it was the stone pillar with the pattern of carp leaping over a dragon that had been on the gate outside the outer sanctum.

Su Yu was quite surprised. Now, he knew why the outer sanctum attached so much importance to that pillar. When the army of the Ghost Clan appeared, Mo Tianxuan had destroyed the outer sanctum but didnt touch that stone pillar.

So, this was the answer!

Four skyscraping pillars, which looked like a dragon claw, lifted up the entire Jiuzhou Continent.

Instantly, the space around the Jiuzhou Continent was crushed. The entire world was collapsing.

Deep in the sky, a gigantic tower appeared. The Jiuzhou Continent was brought into a pitch-dark hole at the bottom of the tower made by the four pillars.

All creatures on the Jiuzhou Continent werent aware of the abrupt change on this continent. However, they were surprised when day suddenly became night.

When the entire Jiuzhou Continent went into the world of Martial Art Tower, those creatures could see light again.

Did a solar eclipse just take place?

This is so weird! Why did the sky turn dark for a short while?

Many people were talking about this sudden change. However, those who lived at the edge of the continents were totally shocked.

Ah! What? Why has the sea disappeared? How could such a large continent appear in front of us?

Hey! Look! Whats that beast? Why havent I seen it before?

Now, the entire Jiuzhou Continent had been moved into the world of the Martial Art Tower.

Su Yu also moved the four families and factions into his Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

To his surprise, Mo Tianxuan was rejected by the world of the Martial Art Tower.

What are you looking at? Mo Tianxuan said as she jutted her white chin forward defiantly.

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, It seems you have to go into my Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl if you want to leave the Jiuzhou Continent! Is it really a good time for you to act arrogantly in front of me?

Su Yu and Mo Tianxuan were used to quarreling with each other in this way. Both of them looked at each other. Neither wanted to give way.

Ahem! This is not a good time to flirt! The ship is about to leave. What are you waiting for here? the Sacred Kylin said as he stood in the sky with a small tower in his mouth. It was the Martial Art Tower which contained the entire Jiuzhou Continent.

Flirt? Mo Tianxuan said as she grinned at the Sacred Kylin.

Seeing that, the Sacred Kylin trembled a bit and said timidly, Anyway, just hurry up! We have planned everything for 100 years, and this is the make-or-break moment! Lets go to the Land of Far West first!

Su Yu nodded his head. He dashed towards the Land of Far West together with the Sacred Kylin and Mo Tianxuan.

Now, the entire Jiuzhou Continent had become a pitch-black void except for the places occupied by the Wild Beasts and the Star River.

From now on, the world of Jiuzhou Continent would be an empty shell.

As soon as they arrived at the Land of the Far West, Su Yu immediately began to frown.

Something is wrong! When I came here last time, this place was full of Wild Beasts! Why cant I sense energy waves of any life form now? Su Yu, who had a Heart of Eternity, had an extraordinary perception for life.

Mo Tianxuan, who was a Stage Three Mortal Fairy, didnt sense the problem in this place. However, Su Yu managed to sense it easily.

The Sacred Kylin also frowned. Right! I also have a weird feeling. The Land of the Far West is different this time!

Hearing this, Mo Tianxuan became more vigilant. She narrowed her eyes to look around carefully. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she shouted, Who is over there? Show yourself!

Crack! Crack! Crack

The sound of trees being pushed down came closer to them.

Just then, they saw an enormous ship sailing towards them out of the dense fog.

A small black boat was hung on the side of the big ship.

The next moment, they saw a young woman who was wearing a cape made of feathers. Behind her were several powerful young men at the level of Mortal Fairy.

Three other people stood on the stern of the ship. They were Zhan Wushuang, Gu Taixu and Han Xuan who had been arrested.

The enormous ship approached, putting great pressure on Su Yu, the Sacred Kylin, and Mo Tianxuan.

We have been waiting for you for a while! The woman who was wearing a feather cape stood at the prow and looked at Su Yu, Sacred Kylin and Mo Tianxuan coldly.

When she saw the Sacred Kylin, she seemed as if she had found what she was looking for. Wow! she said. The deity of Jiuzhou Continent is here! Only you are able to move the entire continent! I greet you, Senior! My name is He Xianran, and I am the descendant of the Crane Deity!

She called the Sacred Kylin senior as she stood there with her hands behind her back. Apparently, she didnt respect him at all.

Those young men standing behind her smiled sarcastically.

Lady Xianran, you will scare this deity away if you call him senior!

Hah-hah-hah! I guess he is quite happy to hear that. He died 10,000 years ago, but someone still knows him now!

He Xianran waved her hand to silence those young men with a faint smile.

Seeing this, the Sacred Kylins face darkened. He Xianran continued to say calmly, Sacred Kylin, I am member No. 80 of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team. I have come here to investigate the case of a missing law enforcement officer. I hope you can be cooperative!

As a time-honored deity, the Sacred Kylin was quite magnanimous. He didnt reply angrily but said coldly, You mean the law enforcer Qin Kuo? Ive sensed two strange auras, but I dont know when and where he was captured!

He Xianrans black eyes flashed, and she said harshly, Sacred Kylin, do you think I would wait here aimlessly as you moved away the entire continent?

Are you going to confiscate the world of the Martial Art Tower? the Sacred Kylin asked warily.

He Xianran replied with a smile, No! Since all creatures are in the world of the Martial Art Tower. I guess the suspect is also in it! So, we have to take away the Martial Art Tower and interrogate all the creatures in it. When we finish everything, we will return it to you!

The Sacred Kylin clearly understood that it would be impossible for him to take it back once it was taken away by the Senluo Law Enforcing Team. Nobody would take a deity who died 10,000 years seriously.

Maybe He Xianran was trying to take possession of the Jiuzhou Continent in this way.

They had just eliminated the Central Prefectures King. Now, they had to face the challenge of He Xianran.

And the identity of He Xianran was more troublesome!

You can carry out your investigation! But are you really going to interrogate all creatures in it? You could name the suspect, and I will bring it to you from the tower! The Sacred Kylin tried his utmost to defend the world of the Martial Art Tower.

However, to his surprise, He Xianran agreed by nodding her head. As a junior, I should show due respect to the Sacred Kylin. Otherwise, my father will punish me because of my rudeness to a former deity of the alliance!

I think there are three suspects! He Xianran said with a smile.

Hearing this, the Sacred Kylins eyes lit up. Who are they?

He Xianran replied calmly, You, and the two people beside you!

The Sacred Kylin was totally annoyed after hearing that.

This was totally outrageous!

If the three of them were arrested, the world of the Martial Art Tower would still be taken away!

Lock them up. I will interrogate them when we go back to the alliance. Oh, by the way, check their belongings carefully and dont miss anything! He Xianran said calmly as she arranged her hair coquettishly. Then, she turned around and walked towards the cabin gracefully.