The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Nine Dragons Body

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Kill intent was flashing in Su Yu’s eyes. For him, there was no law enforcers who was completely righteous in this world.

As a Senluo Law Enforcer, He Xianran and her followers who tried to rob a world from Sacred Kylin, were just like those rascals who were wandering outside the Star River.


3 young men sneered coldly as they jumped down with strength of Mortal Fairy.

One of them walked towards Su Yu. At the same time, 2 green wings could be seen behind his back vaguely. It seemed this one was not a human being.

Is he a demon? Su Yu murmured in his mind.


The young Mortal Fairy took out a shackle and dropped it in front of Su Yu’s feet. Then, he said calmly as he looked at somewhere else, “Lock yourself up! Don’t force me to hurt you!”

For him, a Stage One All Creation expert was not worthy of being treated seriously by him at all.

To his surprise, he felt a gust of energy was flying towards him rapidly.

The young Mortal Fairy, who was quite responsive, defended himself with him palm by colliding with the one who attacked him directly before turning his head back.

When the young Mortal Fairy turned around and saw the one who attacked him, he was slightly surprised, “What? How dare you attack me?”

The young Mortal Fairy didn’t expect a Stage One All Creation expert dared to attack a Mortal Fairy.

He smiled hideously. Then, the young Mortal Fairy tried to ruin Su Yu’s hand with the strength of Mortal Fairy.

However, when their hands touched, the young Mortal Fairy found the palm of his opponent was covered by a layer of golden scale. Then, a gust of horrible golden strength gushed out from that palm.

The young Mortal Fairy’s strength of Mortal Fairy was scattered like a plume of clouds. The golden light beam penetrated his palm and flew out from his shoulder after smashing his arm. If he didn’t dodge the attack in time, his head would also have been pierced by the golden light.

Nevertheless, the right arm of the young Mortal Fairy had been totally ruined.

As followers of He Xianran, these young Mortal Fairies were not members of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team. However, they had carried out a lot of dangerous tasks, which toughened their strength and responsiveness effectively.

The next moment, he tore open the void with his left land and jumped into the void immediately. Then, he appeared in a safe place instantly.

Now, he started to restore his right arm with the strength of Mortal Fairy.

During this period, the young Mortal Fairy fixed his eyes on Su Yu. His reaction revealed his extensive experience in combat.

Now, contempt had disappeared from his face completely. He stared at Su Yu’s arm which was covered by scales seriously. Then, he said calmly, “You got Real Spirit Dragon Veins in your body, right? I underestimated you! But this fight will end now!”


The young Mortal Fairy appeared in front of Su Yu instantly and attacked with his finger.

This time, the young Mortal Fairy concentrated 70% of his strength of Mortal Fairy in his finger. Apparently, he tried to defeat Su Yu once for all.

At this moment, most of his strength was concentrated on his finger. Su Yu would be seriously wounded unless he could dodge this attack.

Su Yu said calmly, “Two Dragons Body!”

He didn’t use a lot of strength of the Real Spirit Dragon Veins during the fight with the Central Prefecture’s King. At that time, he was a peak Mortal Fairy who was able to defeat the Central Prefecture’s King with the strength of one dragon.

Now, Su Yu was just an All Creation expert. Therefore, he had to fight with the strength of Nine Dragons Body.

When the Two Dragons Body was activated, 2 powerful golden veins appeared on his 2 arms.

Then, he punched out with the horrible strength in his arms.

Bang! Along with a dull sound, the young Mortal Fairy, who was knocked back for several steps, changed his expression.

“Your Real Spirit Dragon Veins are extraordinary!” The young Mortal Fairy realized he really underestimated Su Yu.

“Fine! I haven’t fought in full strength for a long time!” The young Mortal Fairy whipped his aching finger as he took a breath. All strength of Mortal Fairy was raging in his body.

Then, the aura of the young Mortal Fairy was totally changed. He shouted in a low voice, “Monster Subduing Ring!”

Instantly, all his strength of Mortal Fairy was turned to a light ring in his palm. Then, he threw out the ring towards Su Yu’s chest.

Su Yu said calmly, “Three Dragons Body!”

The large golden dragon vein on his chest was lit up and shot out a dazzling golden light beam.

Meanwhile, Su Yu threw out another 2 golden light beams with his 2 fists. Then, the 3 light beams formed a large light beam as they flew towards his opponent.

The light ring of the young Mortal Fairy was crushed by the light beam instantly.

The young Mortal Fairy was totally surprised, “What kind of dragon veins are in your body?”

He knew the dragon veins of a peak Mortal Fairy couldn’t be so powerful.

It was impossible for him to know these dragon veins came from a divine dragon who was a Prospective Deity.

Su Yu didn’t answer but murmured in a low voice, “Four Dragons Body!”

Then, another dazzling golden light beam gushed out from his right leg.

The next moment, 4 golden light beams landed on the chest of the young Mortal Fairy heavily.

Although he tried to defend himself with his strength of Mortal Fairy, the golden light beams destroyed his defense and smashed his chest directly.

Without any hesitation, Su Yu smashed the body of the young Mortal Fairy with his 2 palms. The young Mortal Fairy’s soul managed to escape in time.

He Xianran, who was about to walk into her cabin, said by furrowing her eyebrows slightly, “What?”

Then, she turned around and looked at the fight coldly.

When she saw Su Yu, she was quite angry. She didn’t expect an All Creation young man could smash the body of his follower.

“What are you waiting for?” She said in a low voice. Then, another 3 young Mortal Fairies at the prow jumped off from the ship immediately.

Seeing that, Sacred Kylin changed his expression slightly, “Ms. Mo, Su Yu is in danger now!”

Mo Tianxuan replied calmly, “Don’t worry! He won’t die!”

Then, she forced back 2 young Mortal Fairies who were rushing towards them by slashing out her sword.

Inexplicably, Mo Tianxuan, who was powerful enough to kill those 2 young Mortal Fairies, didn’t do that.

Those 2 young Mortal Fairies, who didn’t realize this truth, thought this woman in black robe was quite weak.

3 young Mortal Fairies were rushing towards Su Yu at the same time. Although all of them were just Stage One Mortal Fairies, Su Yu was no longer a peak Mortal Fairy now!

“Five Dragons Body! Activate!”

“Six Dragons Body! Activate!”

“Seven Dragons Body! Activate!”

Su Yu activated the Seven Dragons Body. Now, his body was covered by dazzling golden light. A gust of engorged dragon strength was rolling in his Meridians.

The 3 young Mortal Fairies, who didn’t dare to underestimate him, attacked with all their strength.

Their cooperation was pretty good. 2 of them performed close combat with Su Yu. The rest one attacked Su Yu with a crossbow which was a low-grade fairy artifact from a distance.

7 golden light beams gushed out from Su Yu’s body. 3 of them flew towards the Mortal Fairy who was attacking with the crossbow. The rest 4 light beams attacked the 2 Mortal Fairies who were trying to flank Su Yu from 2 directions.


The 2 young Mortal Fairies who were very close to Su Yu shattered the 2 golden light beams and tried to attack Su Yu’s vital parts. Apparently, they tried to kill Su Yu.

Seeing this, Su Yu smiled.

“Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art!” Su Yu shouted in a low voice. Then, an enormous array with complicated patterns appeared above the head of the young Mortal Fairy on the left side of Su Yu.

Then, a gust of aura which could terrify Mortal Fairies gushed out from the array. When people heard the dragon roar in it, they felt their heart missed a beat.

After that, a beam of black light appeared in the array. The next moment, the young Mortal Fairy under the array disappeared directly.

A gigantic demonic dragon, which was over tens of thousands of meters long, appeared in the place where the young Mortal Fairy used to stand just now.

This demonic dragon was extraordinarily large!

On its neck, people saw 9 dragon heads!

That young Mortal Fairy was being gnawed by the 9 heads at the same time. Instantly, he was torn into small pieces. Even his soul was also devoured.

Su Yu was also surprised. The demonic dragon he summoned before was just formed by demonic energy. However, it seems the demonic dragon in front of him…was an alive dragon!

“The nine-headed demonic dragon of the demon realm! Are you a member of the Demon Clan?” He Xianran squinted her eyes because she sensed something dangerous.

Even Su Yu didn’t understand how he could summon the nine-headed demonic dragon in the demon realm directly when he acquired the highest level of this technique.

He couldn’t help but to remember the words of Yun Yazi. This technique was far more complicated than Su Yu expected.

However, it was not a good time for him to consider this issue. The young Mortal Fairy on the right side of Su Yu attacked by clenching his teeth after being stunned for a short while.

Su Yu snorted. Then, 9 black blazing suns appeared on his right arm.

Then, he attacked with his right palm to throw out the 9 black blazing suns!


The young Mortal Fairy was burnt to ashes before he could cry miserably.

After killing 2 Mortal Fairies, Su Yu appeared in front of the Mortal Fairy with the crossbow instantly.

The young Mortal Fairy was doing his best to defend himself from the 3 golden light beams. When he saw Su Yu appeared in front of him after killing 2 Mortal Fairies, he was totally terrified and stepped back immediately as he shouted in terror, “Lady Xianran, help me!”

Su Yu snorted as he shot out 7 golden light beams, which gathered together and flew towards that Mortal Fairy rapidly.

When the light beam was about to catch up with that Mortal Fairy, a strand of white light appeared. He Xianran, who was standing at the prow, lifted her feather cape. Then, she appeared in front of the young Mortal Fairy and started to wave her arms up and down like a graceful crane.

Faintly, people could see a white crane was flapping its wings.

When the wings were flapped, a gust of magnificent strength of Mortal Fairy flew towards the incoming light beam like many waves.

This strength of Mortal Fairy was not very powerful. But it could shatter the light beam continuously under the regulation of the wings. At last, the entire light beam disappeared in front of this strength of Mortal Fairy.

Then, the remaining strength of Mortal Fairy continued to fly towards Su Yu.

Su Yu realized the subtlety of this strength when he tried to defend himself. Before he could resolve the first wave of the strength, the second wave had arrived. At last, he would be knocked down by the overlapped strength of Mortal Fairy.

So, he had to break her strength of Mortal Fairy forcibly before the strength was overlapped.

“Eight Dragons Body! Activate!” Su Yu shouted in a low voice. Then, a strand of golden light beam gushed out from his left eye.

However, it seemed it was still not enough!

“Nine Dragons Body! Activate!” Then, the right eye of Su Yu was covered by golden light.

All the 8 dragon veins in Su Yu’s body had been activated.

Instantly, the entire body of Su Yu was wrapped up by dazzling golden light. Then, he shouted and shot out 9 golden light beams at the same time.

This was the real strength of the Nine Dragons Body!