The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127 Board The Ship Subtly

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Along with a deafening dull sound, He Xianran’s strength of Mortal Fairy was penetrated by the golden light beam, which landed on her chest heavily.

He Xianran cried miserably as she stepped back. Her cold face was full of terror.

A Stage Two Mortal Fairy was defeated by a Stage One All Creation young man!

She wouldn’t believe it if she didn’t try it herself.

“Let’s go!” He Xianran turned around and jumped onto the ship. The rest young Mortal Fairies also retreated by following her.

Mo Tianxuan didn’t chase them. It seemed she was worrying about something.

Su Yu didn’t chase them either because he had more urgent thing to deal with now.

The All Access Boat was about to arrive.

Now, they could hear the horn of the ship from afar. The horn was used to remind the passengers who was about to leave to prepare themselves.

Sacred Kylin said, “That’s enough! After all, she is the descendant of the Crane Deity who is a Demonic God. If you kill her, Crane Deity won’t let it go at that easily!”

Then, the Sacred Kylin took out the boat ticket and the world of Martial Art Tower from his mouth and said, “Just get ready to board the ship. Ms. Mo and I will go into your Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl…”

However, before he could finish his words, a strand of white light appeared in front of them suddenly.

It was so fast that even Mo Tianxuan, a Stage Three Mortal Fairy, didn’t have time to react. When she realized something was wrong, she yelled as she attacked with her sword. Meanwhile, she grabbed back something from the void.

Then, they heard a groan and found several white feathers which were stained by red and golden blood.

The next moment, He Xianran, who was covering her bleeding right arm, appeared on the prow of the big ship with a cold smile.

In her right hand, Su Yu saw a palm-sized small creature. That’s the Sacred Kylin!

She captured the Sacred Kylin!

Even worse, the boat ticket was still in Sacred Kylin’s hand.

He Xianran stared at Mo Tianxuan vigilantly. When she saw the Martial Art Tower in Mo Tianxuan’s hand, she darkened her face.

He Xianran captured Sacred Kylin with the extraordinary skill of Crane Deity.

She planned to seize the boat ticket and the Martial Art Tower when she captured Sacred Kylin.

However, this woman in black robe managed to conceal her real level of Stage Three Mortal Fairy. She wounded He Xianran and grabbed back the most important Martial Art Tower.

He Xianran stared at Su Yu and Mo Tianxuan coldly. But she didn’t want to trade the world of Martial Art Tower with the Sacred Kylin. She gave an order to her followers, “Leave here and inform the nearest Senluo Law Enforcing Team! Without the boat ticket, they are not able to leave the world of Jiuzhou Continent!”

He Xianran didn’t want to spare the life of Su Yu and Mo Tianxuan. She tried to mobilize all strength to eliminate both of them once for all!

What a vicious woman! Su Yu and Mo Tianxuan had nothing to against her. But He Xianran insisted on killing them!

When the big ship was sailing away, Su Yu and Mo Tianxuan were not able to board it because this place was filled with Wild Beasts when the ship left.

Without the boat ticket, they were not able to leave this place. Then, they would be killed by members of other Senluo Law Enforcing Teams summoned here by He Xianran.

Mo Tianxuan said as chilly light flashed in her eyes, “Crane Deity? You really have a good daughter!”

Su Yu raised his eyebrows, “Do you have a method to catch up with them?”

“No!” Mo Tianxuan said angrily. Then, she sat down on the ground with her legs folded as if she was about to fight desperately with those who were summoned here by He Xianran.

Seeing this, Su Yu was quite disappointed. Mo Tianxuan was very powerful. However, she revealed her real level at the last moment. Their enemies would definitely take precautionary measures against her!

Also, Su Yu didn’t know how the Sacred Kylin was now.

Although Sacred Kylin was captured, Su Yu saw clearly that he threw out the world of Martial Art Tower at the last moment. In this way, Mo Tianxuan managed to take it back.

The world of Jiuzhou Continent was the life of the Sacred Kylin. He would rather lose his last Celestial Energy Sphere than lose the world of Jiuzhou Continent in the Martial Art Tower.

“Sacred Kylin…” Su Yu murmured with concern. As the deity of the Jiuzhou Continent, the Sacred Kylin cared deeply about the Jiuzhou Continent after his death. Su Yu would never leave Sacred Kylin for dead!

The longer Sacred Kylin was imprisoned by their enemy, the greater danger he would face.

So, they had to find He Xianran as soon as possible. But they were not able to leave the Jiuzhou Continent without that boat ticket!

Woo! Woo—

The horn of the All Access Boat was clearer. They could barely see a gigantic ship was sailing towards them slowly.

This ship was 100 times larger than the ship of He Xianran.

Looking from afar, it was just like a city floating in the sky.

The ship arrived. But they didn’t have a ticket!

If the ship couldn’t sense the aura of a ticket, it would leave the Jiuzhou Continent without hesitation.

A moment later, the horn of the ship faded away. Su Yu was quite anxious at this time. Ticket! I need a ticket…

Suddenly, an idea occurred to Su Yu like a flash of lightning.

Then, he took out a scroll painting from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl immediately. After opening the scroll, an extremely beautiful woman could be seen on the painting.

The scroll was very old. But the aura of this scroll was very obvious.

Mo Tianxuan said as she stared at Su Yu, “Why do you take it out? It is not a ticket…”

Before she could finish her words, they heard the horn of the ship, which was fading away, became clearer again!

Then, a gigantic shadow came closer after passing through the dense fog.

It was a jade white ship. On its hull, the words of “All Access” could be seen.

Then, a long rope ladder was dropped down in front of Su Yu.

Mo Tianxuan stared at the scroll painting in Su Yu’s hand curiously. This is definitely not a ticket! How could it summon the ship?

“Just get into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl!” When Mo Tianxuan went into the Nine Jade Spiritual Peral, Su Yu boarded the ship through the rope ladder.

2 Stage Two Mortal Fairies were guarding the entrance. After glancing at Su Yu expressionlessly, they took back the rope ladder and didn’t check Su Yu’s ticket.

The ship had an array to detect the tickets. So, nobody checked tickets seriously. When the guards were in a bad mood, maybe they could check the tickets. When they were in a good mood, they didn’t check the tickets at all because the array on the ship hadn’t found any fake ticket till now.

Su Yu let out a sigh of relief secretly. If those guards really wanted to check his ticket, it would be quite difficult for him to explain how he board the ship with that scroll painting.

When Sacred Kylin showed the ticket to Su Yu, he felt the aura of the ticket was quite familiar.

Just now, Su Yu, who had quick wits in an emergency, remembered the portrait of Xia Jingyu had same aura with the ticket of the ship.

This scroll painting was found by a deputy Region Master of the Heavenly Knife Region in the Land of Far West accidentally.

But why did it have the same aura with the ticket of the All Access Boat?

Sacred Kylin told him that the ticket couldn’t be replicated because a kind of special material was used in the ticket.

Does it mean the scroll painting was also made from the same material?

In front of so many people on the ship, Su Yu was not able to check the scroll painting immediately. So, he walked into a cabin by looking steadily forward.

There were a lot of empty cabins on this ship, which could be used by passengers for free. Su Yu chose a larger cabin and walked into it.

When he walked into the cabin, he took out Mo Tianxuan immediately.

“What do you know about this ship?” Su Yu asked directly.

Mo Tianxuan knew it was not a good time to quarrel with Su Yu. So, she said, “This ship will arrive at the Great Eastern Alliance after 6 months!”

Hearing this, Su Yu lit up his eyes, “If they intercept this ship, will the owner of this ship give us to them?”

Mo Tianxuan replied without hesitation, “Sure! The Senluo Law Enforcing Team has the right to arrest anyone. If they try to arrest us on this ship, the owner of this ship won’t stop them!”

Su Yu asked again, “Then, is there anything on this ship the Senluo Law Enforcing Team has no right to take away?”

Mo Tianxuan was stunned a bit by his question. Then, she said, “The Senluo Law Enforcing Team is only allowed to take away people on this ship. The merchant ship is an important belt to connect the Great Eastern Alliance and the rest worlds in the Star River. Even the deities don’t dare to ask their descendants to harass the business of the merchant ship. So, they are not allowed to dispose anything on the ship except for people. Any violation of this rule will result in the deprivation of the membership of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team!”

Is that so? Su Yu started to think over it after hearing her words.

One month later

The Land of Far West in the world of Jiuzhou Continent which had become an empty hull

He Xianran returned together with a big ship and a small boat.

On the small boat, Meng Ke and a middle-aged man who was wearing a linen robe.

Another Senluo Law Enforcer and his underlings were standing on the big ship.

It was a short, fat and ugly young man who was in his 20s. He was not able to open her left eye because of a sarcoma on his face. So, he could only use his right eye.

However, this young man was quite powerful because he had reached the level of Stage Three Mortal Fairy.

The middle-aged man in linen robe was a Stage Four Mortal Fairy. Together with He Xianran who was a Stage Two Mortal Fairy and around 10 underlings who were at the level of Stage One Mortal Fairy, this team was quite powerful.

“Where is he?” He Xianran asked as she scanned the Land of Far West. But she didn’t sense the aura of Su Yu and Mo Tianxuan at all.

The one-eyed young man said in a hoarse voice, “Fairy He, are you sure they don’t have a boat ticket?”

He Xianran nodded her head after hearing that, “I have searched the soul of the Sacred Kylin. He only has 1 ticket which has been obtained by me! Moreover, there is no other divine bone boats which could sail across the Star River.

He Xianran lit up her eyes as she looked at the shattered void, “Send all underlings to search the entire world of Jiuzhou Continent! It is highly possible that they are hiding in the void!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

All their underlings rushed out. Now, only He Xianran, the one-eyed young man and the middle-aged man in linen robe were still on the ship.

The one-eyed young man complimented, “Fairy He, you are so smart and so skillful in startle the snakes by beating the grass! You sent your underlings to startle them. It is highly possible that they will try to escape by robbing our ships. In this way, we could stay here to wait for windfalls!”

“Lord Jing, you flattered me. This is just a small trick which doesn’t deserve your praise!” He Xianran replied in a respectful but vigilant way.

This man was the No. 70 member of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team. More importantly, his father had entered the top 50 among the 100 deities of the alliance.

Crane Deity, who was the father of He Xianran, relied on Jing Deity who was the father of this Lord Jing.

So, she had to treat him reverently.

“You flattered me! I have admired you for a long time, Fairy He…” the one-eyed man said as he approached He Xianran, so that he could smell the fragrance on her body. Then, he said intoxicatedly, “I suggest we could find a quiet place to enjoy the wine and moon after handling this issue. Is it OK for you?”

Actually, He Xianran didn’t like this man at all. He tried to pursue her long ago. The Jing Deity also suggested to enhance the relationship of the 2 families through the marriage between his son and He Xianran. Crane Deity was also interested in this marriage. However, the 2 families hadn’t reached an agreement yet.