The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128 Imputation

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However, it was only a matter of time!

When He Xianran thought she was about to marry a man who was so ugly, greedy and lascivious, she really hoped this man could die soon.

Suddenly, they heard a miserable cry in the void.

One of their underlings who was at the level of Stage One Mortal Fairy had been killed!

Here they come! He Xianran said seriously.

The one-eyed man squinted his eyes as he said seriously, It seems they are quite powerful as you said. One of them is a Stage Three Mortal Fairy. The other one, who is only an All Creation expert, is able to rival a Stage Two Mortal Fairy like you!

The next moment, they heard another miserable cry.

As expected, they are heading towards us! The one-eyed man said harshly, I havent seen people who are so reckless for a long time! I didnt expect they dare to challenge the Senluo Law Enforcing Team!

He Xianran shouted vigilantly, Cang Tieyi, Ill leave that woman who is a Stage Three Mortal Fairy to you. Lord Jing and I will handle that All Creation young man!

The name of the man who was wearing a linen robe was Cang Tieyi. He was the captain of a deitys law enforcing team. Now, he was transferred to the Senluo Law Enforcing Team temporarily to arrest Mo Tianxuan.

Cang Tieyi, who didnt agree with what He Xianran said, said as he looked at the void by furrowing his eyebrows, My lords, I think something is wrong! If they try to rob our ship, why do they kill our underlings undisguisedly? They could definitely sneak into this place and attack us directly!

His words were reasonable. He Xianran and the one-eyed man also felt something was wrong.

When they were looking around suspiciously, a white-haired gorgeous woman with purple lips and red eyes walked out of the dark void with a chilly smile.

Blood could still be seen on her lips.

Cang Tieyi, He Xianran and the one-eyed man recognized this woman immediately.

A demon!! All of them were shocked by this woman.

Heh! Heh! Heh! Thank you so much for the nourishment of the 2 Mortal Fairies you sent me. Otherwise, I wont be able to defeat you! With the nourishment from the hearts and souls of the 2 Mortal Fairies, Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy recovered over half of her energy. Now, she was walking towards the 3 of them with a cold smile.

Cang Tieyi dashed towards the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy as he shouted, Demon! How dare you act wildly in the world of human being?

As a Stage Four Mortal Fairy, Cang Tieyi toughened his skill in many combats with the Demon Clan in these years.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy knew she was facing a powerful opponent. So, she fought with Cheng Tieyi carefully.

After several rounds, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy only gained upper hand but couldnt defeat Cang Tieyi.

Get lost! Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy shouted as she forced Cang Tieyi back. Then, she dashed towards the 3 divine bone ships.

She knew she would be in great trouble if she continued to fight with these people here. If another group of law enforcer came here, it would be very difficult for her to escape.

Oh, no, she is going to rob our ships! Cang Tieyi shouted as he rushed towards the ships.

At this moment, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy had jumped onto the ship of He Xianran. Without hesitation, she attacked He Xianran with her palm.

It was impossible for He Xianran to resist the attack of a peak Mortal Fairy!

However, Cang Tieyi was too far away to save her at this moment.

At this dire moment, a strand of viciousness appeared in the eyes of He Xianran. Then, she grabbed the one-eyed man back and placed him in front of her as a shield.

He Xianran used the skill of the Crane Deity. So, the one-eyed man, who had no time to dodge, was placed in front of her to withstand the attack which would kill He Xianran.


The one-eyed mans eyes dimmed down. Before he could defend himself, his body and his soul were smashed by the palm of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy.

Then, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was about to kill He Xianran again. But she was stopped by Cang Tieyi who had approached her.

So, she had to give up the attack. After forcing back He Xianran to the ground with her sleeve, the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy sailed the ship into the Star River immediately.

When Cang Tieyi arrived at this place, it was impossible for him to catch up with the ship. So, he went back to check the one-eyed man. His body, which was thrown into the Star River by He Xianran, had been devoured by many Wild Beasts.

Fairy He, how could you Cang Tieyi looked at the woman in front of him. The viciousness in her eyes even made him shiver.

He Xianran, who had regained her graceful and elegant appearance, said calmly, October 4th, 1,003,500 the Alliance Calendar, in the world of Jiuzhou Continent, a law enforcer was killed by creatures in this world and resisted the investigation of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team. Lord Jing was killed in this chaos. The 2 suspects escaped. Need reinforcement from the alliance!

Hearing this, Cang Tieyi couldnt help but to gasp. What a vicious woman!

Su Yu was discussing with Mo Tianxuan about the plan to save the Sacred Kylin. They knew they had to be very careful in this operation. Otherwise, they would also be captured or even killed.

Su Yu had the world of Martial Art Tower. He Xianran, who tried to obtain this tower, wouldnt kill Sacred Kylin casually.

On the deck of the ship, Su Yu was looking at the vast Star River.

Most of the places in the Star River were quiet, cold and dark. Except for the Wild Beasts, no other life forms could be found in it.

Su Yu could see stars which were giving off dim light from time to time.

He knew they were not stars but worlds. Most of these worlds had been abandoned.

As the deities became more and more stronger, they would create many worlds. The old worlds would be abandoned and become an empty hull after creatures in them were moved away, like the world of the Jiuzhou Continent.

In the past several million years, numerous worlds had been abandoned. Now, they were drifting in the Star River. Because they couldnt be ruined, more and more abandoned worlds were left in the Star River. They could only provide dim light to this dark place like stars.

In front of such a vast Star River, Su Yu exclaimed how insignificant one creature was in this universe.

Woo! Woo

Suddenly, the horn of the ship came in.

Su Yu was not surprised because the ship would stop in a world monthly.

A sailor on the ship told him the route to the world of the Jiuzhou Continent would be canceled after 10 years, just like the other worlds which were abandoned gradually.

The world they stopped at now, which was almost as large as the Jiuzhou Continent, was quite dim.

The brightness of a world in the Star River could be used to judge the flourishing degree of it. The brighter a world was, the more flourishing it would be and vice versa.

When the ship approached this world, people on the ship could smell dense smell of blood. The Mortal Fairy sailors who were standing at the entrance of the rope ladder started to guard the ship vigilantly against any unexpected creatures.

The rope ladder was the only entrance to board the ship. All the rest places on the ship were isolated by arrays set up by a deity. Nothing could board the ship from these places unless a deity tried to board the ship forcibly However, a deity, who was powerful enough to cross the Star River, didnt need the divine bone ships at all.

The blood smell also went into Su Yus nostrils. So, he couldnt help but to frown. Although most of the blood smell were from human being, he could still sense the aura of demons in this smell.

It seemed the Jiuzhou Continent was not the only world which suffered from the Demon Clan.

Alas! This is another world plagued by the demons! I guess it is the world of Shan Deity who passed away 3,000 years ago, right? It was also ruined at last! An old Mortal Fairy who was guarding the rope ladder sighed.

Right! Now, more and more abandoned worlds were slaughtered by the Demon Clan. They are more and more rampant recently, which is quite worrying! These Mortal Fairy sailors had seen too many worlds like this as they travelled with the ship.


A lot of people rushed out of the exit of the world. Behind them, a swarm of horrible black crows, which were full of demonic energy were chasing them.

These birds were the big demonic crows in the realm of demons. It was very difficult to defeat these birds which were blood-thirsty, ferocious and deft.

Among these crows, a giant demonic crow, which was a Stage Four Mortal Fairy, was extraordinarily powerful. Its body was wrapped by pitch-dark flames, which made it quite horrible.

The 2 Mortal Fairies who were guarding the rope ladder changed their expression, A demonic crow which is at the level of peak Mortal Fairy! Gasp! I guess the demon which controls it must be more powerful!

The demonic crows, which were quite wild and intractable, only obeyed the order of someone who were more powerful than them. So, a horrible demon should be behind these crows.

Among those human beings who were retreating as they defended themselves against those demonic crows, a young man attracted the attention of Su Yu.

This young man was fighting against that demonic crow at the level of the peak Mortal Fairy alone with his hammer.

He could crush a lot of demonic crows with his hammer easily. Without his protection, the rest people would have already been torn up.

Board the ship now! The young man with the hammer shouted without turning around as he fought back those demonic crows.

The survivors took out their tickets and were about to board the ship.

Now, there were less than 300 survivors left. All of them were quite powerful. Among them, the most powerful experts had reached the level of Stage One Mortal Fairy. While the weakest had also reached the level of Divine Master. All of them were the remaining creatures of this abandoned world.

When the rope ladder was dropped down, they started to board the ship.

However, the young man with a hammer was outnumbered by the demonic crows. The next moment, countless demonic crows had arrived at the rope ladder.

Those people who hadnt boarded the ship were killed immediately. The Mortal Fairies who were guarding the rope ladder did nothing although they really wanted to help them. Their task was to prevent any unexpected creatures from boarding the ship.

As more and more people were killed by the demonic crows, an old Stage One Mortal Fairy turned around and started to fight against those demonic crows.

Just board the ship! Ill hold them back! The old Mortal Fairy said resolutely as he fought against those demonic crows with his strength of Mortal Fairy.

However, he was facing several demonic crows which were at the level of Stage One Mortal Fairy and many crows at the level of peak All Creation. So, the old Mortal Fairy was not hold them back for a long time. Soon, he was surrounded by many demonic crows. More and more wounds appeared on his body as he lost the strength of Mortal Fairy rapidly. Maybe he would be devoured by the demonic crows in a short while.

At the same time, the rest demonic crows started to attack those who hadnt board the ship.

Many people cried miserably. Although they did their best to defend themselves, they were not able to rival those demonic crows at all!

Su Yu sighed in his heart. If Sacred Kylin didnt seal the entrance of the Jiuzhou Continent before his death, the creatures on the Jiuzhou Continent would have been wiped out by the demons like these people.

Seniors, if I go down to help them, could I go back to the ship afterwards? Su Yu asked. He didnt have a ticket. It would be very troublesome if he was not able to board the ship again after getting off the ship.

The 2 old Mortal Fairies felt relieved when they heard Su Yus words. However, they rejected Su Yu politely, Theoretically, you cant. But you can go back to the ship again because we can testify for you. However, please dont do that. They appreciate your kindness. But you can only make trouble for them if you get off the ship