The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Boarding Inspection

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Troublesome? It is not considered to be. Su Yu touched his nose, and in a flash, jumped off the boat in front of the two dust fairies.

When Su Yu made his move, golden light was released, slaughtering the magical crows of multiple layers, one of which was a siege of Dust Fairy Realm who besieged the Elder of the Dust Fairy. he was stabbed by three golden lights directly and died on the spot, screaming.

Then, it is the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture. The nine rounds of the dark sun are like a grinding disk. It swept across the entire area and it was burnt to crisp.

As a smart and highly developed Demonic Crow, he immediately escaped once his task is completed.

The people who were surrounded on all sides were immediately saved.

Many people were grateful, but when they looked at Su Yu and saw that his single attack could severely injure the two dust fairies on board, they were stunned.

Wait, everythingsfine?

Lets all go up. Su Yu stared at the crowd of Demonic Crows in front of him. He stepped on the body of Demonic crows without looking back and rushed to the old dust fairy.

Under the wreath of the nine dragons, all these Demonic crows have lost their lives.

The old dust fairy, having been rescued, was overjoyed. He retreated to Su Yus side before bowing down and said. Thank you for your help. I, your senior, have no idea how to repay you uh

He looked up and determined that this person was indeed Su Yu, he was stunned as well. He thought it was a senior on the boat who saw the unbalanced power play and disembarked to help, but how could it be someone of his standards?

At the time of him preparing his counterattack, Su Yu was already at the forefront of the battle.

Although the boy was fierce in his attacks, he was also surrounded by enemies.

The King of the Demonic Crows involved him in difficulty in getting out quickly. He got deeper and deeper in the encirclement and nevertheless continued. Without the King of the Demonic Crows to intervene, the other ordinary crows would have been able to take him on as well.

With such a thought, from Su Yus sword box, out flew the three Tianzhu Silver Bamboo Swords.

Now that they have arrived at the Domain of All Creations, the realm of the soul has moved beyond a major realm and once again started to perform the Tri-Solar Sword Formation. They seemed to have fully mastered the formation and its power can be displayed to the fullest.

Brother, dont get involved now, get away quickly! Su Yus loud voice penetrated the crew group, and the three-handed Tianzhu Silver Bamboo Sword submerged into the void, quickly arranging around the center of the Demonic Crow King.

At the same time, Su Yu plunged through the Devil Crows and opened up a path through the group.

The boy with a hammer has long noticed that he is in danger, but no one can help him. He cant get away at all and was feeling anxious about his situation. Suddenly, Su Yu appeared and intervened.

A tunnel was opened behind him. As for the Demonic Crow King

Suddenly, a muffled sound came from behind and the Demonic Crow King suddenly made a fierce and screaming sound. Three blood holes flashed across his body.

Only three silver swords emerged at this time.

With his eyes brightened by what he saw, the boy holding his hammer screamed, Good swordplay! Sharp, with the power of the void, a rare sight in the cavern world.

While the Demonic Crow King was wounded, the hammer-bearing boy was like a phantom and quickly withdrew from the siege. grinned at Su Yu and said. Thank you for your help, I am Yang Tai.

Su Yu nodded slightly, and returned to the soft ladder first, and then boarded the ship without any further incident.

Yang Tai took the initiative to talk and merely got a cold response from Su Yu. He couldnt help but touched his nose and said, This kid is not from the Alliance, I dont know him at all.

With a smile, Yang Tai went to the battlefield with a hammer.

Until they saw his face clearly, the two Dust Fairies in a soft state were immediately startled. They had a shocked expression and wanted to be polite, but were instead stopped by Yang Tais hand gesture. Come on, what kind of courtesy is this? Isnt I your master decisive enough on this matter?

The two dust fairies sweated buckets, visible on their foreheads. They appeared rather weak.

Well, the passenger who interfered was an outsider. When we get ashore, please do take care of him. Do it well. Hehe, hum hum. Yang Tai said that with a weird expression on his face.

Yes, young master. The two dust fairies did not dare to breathe and have a feeling of regret in their hearts. It had been known that their young master was performing the task here in the area, and they should have come in to put on a performance to assist him. Instead, this glory was given cheaply to Su Yu.

However, the command from the young master, they did not dare to not act on it.

After killing the Demonic Crow, Su Yu returned to the cabin without any further incident. This is an unfamiliar place and he did not want to talk to strangers too much so as not to expose any unnecessary information. After all, he was also being followed by a law enforcement team.

Four months are needed to reach the alliance.

Senluos law enforcement team wants to catch up with them, but that will take at least two months. If he uses this time and practice well, he may have the chance to successfully rescue God Kylin.

As soon as he thought about it, in Su Yus mind emerged a mysterious array of formation patterns, and a finger-sized snake emerged from it. Its body was surging with magic power, a trait only possible for something from the Realm of Demons.

This [Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art] is indeed mystical. Upon successfully practicing it, it becomes a summoning skill in the end. Within a two-month exploration, Su Yu discovered the essence of what the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art is. He can now control the strength of the creatures summoned by his will.

If he needed something strong, the nine-headed dragon can come immediately, and for something weaker, will be this small snake in front of him.

They are all living beings. After half an hour, they will be summoned back by the formation method.

It seems that this magic was created by the Demon Buddha of the human race. This, however, is likely a fake story. It is more likely that he accidentally got this magic work, but he claimed to have created it himself. Su Yu played with the little snake for a while and then turned to put it back.

Soon after, Su Yu thought a little and took out the bluestone board

The third realm of the Style of Sky Gaze, the phantom soul realm, has been cultivated for a while by now. Now that they had broken through the Domain of All Creations and the soul strength soars, and it should be able to cultivate much further and into bigger realms.

With that, Su Yu immediately fell into the realization.

Time passes in a flash and two months flew by.

The All-Access Merchant Ship, as always, sails peacefully in the silent Star River.

Yang Tai and the old dust fairy have visited him in the meantime. However, as he was in retreat, he did not see them.

On this day, a large ship from the depths of Star River came by, churning with it huge wind and waves. The size of the hull was not inferior to that of a merchant ship.

On both sides of the hull, majestic dust fairies, hundreds of them, neatly-dressed and appeared strong, stood by. On the bow, there were two more young men, one man and one woman, and another two hundred men.

The leader of one hundred of them is Cang Tieyi, and the leader of the other one hundred is a shriveled old man. He looked around with two eyes, but he did not dare to look at the crane fairy in front of him. This seems to be the Dust Fairy Realm!

For those two hundred people, there is only one dust fairy realm and everything else pales in comparison to it.

The woman is a crane fairy, and the man is a cold-looking, strong fairy who emits an aura that suggests he is indeed powerful and of top status.

The one-eyed dragon, the son of the god of the sky, caused a wave in the alliance by throwing a stone in the calm lake and causing splashes and ripples.

Since the establishment of the alliance, within the jurisdiction of the alliance, the law enforcement agents of Sun Luo have sometimes faltered. This is, for example, when they encountered the demons.

However, this time around, they did not falter at the hands of the Demons, but at the hands of humans!

His death, enraged Sun Luo, the law enforcement messenger himself!

Even more offended is the Jing Deity!

There are not many descendants of the Jing Deity. The most complete inheritance of his blood is Jingbai.

For Jingbai, Jing Deity cultivated him as an heir to the gods. However, alas, when performing the task in Jiuzhou, he was actually killed by the human race!

Therefore, even before Sen Luos law enforcement team responded, Jing Deity has ordered the law enforcement team belonging to him to be recalled and instead ordered the Crane Diety to assist in the arrest of the perpetrators.

Midway, she encountered the law enforcement team Sen Luo, led by the murderous youth, Xiao Xuan.

Xiao Xuans ranking in the Sen Law Enforcement Team is higher than Jing Bai, and his strength is not weak at all. Rarely can he meet someone who can rival him within the Three Realms of the Dust Fairy, and with the blood of the gods running through his veins, he is indeed a strong contender and can easily win any battle.

He condensed into a huge force and in this way, chased for three months, before finally catching up with the All-Access merchant ship passing through Jiuzhou that day.

Sen Luo Law Enforcement Team is here, the merchant ship must stop and is now under inspection!

The two elders of the Dust Fairy changed their faces slightly, and looked at them. The two law enforcement teams were aggressive, and they couldnt help looking at each other and hurried back to the cabin. Master, the law enforcement team is here. Why dont you go out, take a look, and let them, board?

Yang Tai was lazing around in the cabin and said. Im too lazy to deal with them, um, stop the ship and let them check. The law enforcement team of Sen Luo appears, and they will not stop until they find their target.

They obeyed the instruction and the merchant ship stopped.

The giant ship of the Sen Luo Law Enforcement Team also approached and two hundred law enforcement officers rushed in and surrounded the merchant ship like a flood.

Sen Luo law enforcement team; arrested the suspects! First, notify all people who boarded the ship to stand on the deck, and be investigated! Second, get the account book of the base, we have to check the list of people that have been disembarked along the way.

If so requested, merchant ships naturally cooperate.

Not long after, people and account books arrived.

There is no disembarkation record on the account book, so he must be still on the ship. Crane Dietys eyes narrowed, and she looked coldly at the more than 300 people.

She glanced around for a long while but there is no sign of Su Yu and Mo Tian Xuan.

She also then brought in a master who knows all the mysterious skills and formations that can possibly be used for disguise, but she did not find anyone who did so.

Law enforcement officers, check all cabins!

She waited for them to check but alas, they found nothing.

Where is he? the Crane Diety frowned, and said, Sir, this is a cunning human being. Im afraid that he realized that we will come after him regardless and have already figured out a way to hide from us.

Xiao Xuan stared at Cran Diety and said coldly, I hope everything you said is true!

When he is staring at her like this, Crane Dietys heart was empty, but her face had to pretend to be calm. Jing Bais death is indeed related to them. I can confirm it! They must be on the boat.

If it is someone else, why cant they see a person when he is on board, and cannot find a dead body when he is dead? Obviously, he was on the boat but cannot be found alive. Thus, perhaps the Crane Diety does not necessarily know where they are hiding.

But knowing that Su Yu is holding the Martial Arts Tower in his hand, wouldnt it be easy for him to hide in this manner?

As long as Su Yu hides in the Martial Arts Tower, he disappears.

Therefore, when you find the Martial Arts Tower, you will find Su Yu as well!

However, the Crane Diety did not dare to speak of the existence of the Martial Arts Tower. For one, she coveted Martial Arts Tower. Also, she did not dare to let Su Yu be caught by Xiao Xuan. Under interrogation, these matters are likely to be exposed. If so, she will arouse the greatest amount of suspicion, which is not good for her at all.

Once the gods are angry, it will be difficult for the Crane Diety to resist the pressure from them as well.

Therefore, she had to be cautious, and she must kill Su Yu ahead of time while quietly getting the Martial Arts Tower at the same time.

I suspect there is a small Cavern world where the suspects are hidden. Take out your magic weapon, we have to check every one of them; one by one! Crane Diety shouted.