The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Break Through to Holy King


The iceberg shattered into small pieces as the cracks increasingly spread out like cobwebs.

A sense of forboding slowly filled the air!

"He has broken through... to Holy King!" The pirate chief gasped!

"How could he have broken through so quickly?" The pirate chief was extremely startled, "The difference between Half Holy King and Holy King is greathe needs to be able to absorb a lot of spiritual energy.

"Under ordinary circumstances, a Half Holy King requires six months to absorb enough spiritual energy to become a Holy King, but... how did Su Yu absorb so much spiritual energy in such a short time?"


A vortex of seawater swirled around Su Yu's head and the abundant spiritual energy filled his veins.

"It's a legacy level cultivation technique used to amplify his spiritual energy! And, it's an excellent legacy level cultivation technique!" The pirate chief's pupils contracted. Finally, he saw the two volumes of legacy level cultivation techniques within the frozen seal, "What! There are two complete volumes of legacy level cultivation techniques!" The pirate chief was astonished!

He looked ecstatic, "Excellent! This is truly a big surprise! When I hand them over to the imperial court, I'm bound to receive many generous rewards!"

The pirate chief finally understood why Su Yu had such a rapid breakthrough to the Holy King level; when it was combined with the cold air, Sigh of Ice's activation speed became incredibly fast!

Consequently, an ordinary Half Holy King, who required six months of step-by-step progress, could achieve Holy King (as Su Yu had) in an instant! Any moment from now, Su Yu would become a Holy King and his power would skyrocket!

The pirate chief smirked, "Too bad, I won't let you get what you want!"


The pirate chief walked over step by step with much difficulty!


There were more and more cracks in the iceberg. Su Yu's Holy King force was strengthening!



Two types of sounds reverberated through the cold, silent sea; both urgent and abrupt!

The sea water surged and the cold air furled. The entire sea seemed to be following the rushing undulation of the two alternating sounds!

Whoever reached his goal first would have a new lease on life again!

If the pirate chief reached Su Yu first, he would destroy him! If Su Yu finished cultivating first, the pirate chief was done-for!





The situation was progressing rapidly; the distance between the two men was only ten feet!

The pirate chief's evil smirk deepened! He was getting closer! Death was getting stronger! He walked, step by step until they were nearly one foot apart.

The pirate chief would be able to kill him at this range!

"Su Yu! I've won!" The pirate chief's mouth cracked into a huge evil smile as he extended one finger, "In the name of the Empire of Darkness, I grant you the Doom of Darkness!"


A tongue of flame pointed straight at Su Yu, who was inside the ice!

His fate finally came to an end!

At the last moment of Su Yu's metamorphosis, he encountered the exceptional killing force of the Empire of Darkness!


The iceberg shattered as if it were made of paper.

In a flash, shards scattered everywhere. However, within the broken iceberg, a pair of violet eyes suddenly opened!

Su Yu had awoken from his metamorphisis, powerful and imposing!

His Holy King force was overwhelming; he was like a dragon leaping to the highest of heavens and breaking apart the shackles of the world!

"I, Su Yu, have finally stepped into the Holy King realm!"

With his silver hair fluttering and purple clothing, Su Yu had a new lease on life.

His mortal body had broken the chains of mortality and he had become a Holy King!

His consciousness and appearance looked completely new, as if he had shed his mortal body and changed his bones! With his handsome features and extraordinary vigor, he became an even more extraordinarily handsome man from the heavens. His eyes, deep as the galaxy, were suffused with such bright brilliance that it was hard to look straight into his gaze.

Su Yu was finally reborn!

With a completely new attitude and the elegance of a Holy King, he was finally able to stand proudly!


The attacking flame, unbothered by the seawater, stirred the currents.

Su Yu's deep and calm eyes were revealed underneath his flowing silver hair. "Everything's over..." Su Yu said calmly, while he gently extended his palm and slightly flexed his hand!


Su Yu extinguished that terrible flame with just his palm!

The pirate chief's face suddenly changed, "How? You just had your breakthrough to the First Level Lower Tier Holy King. How could you already have the spiritual energy of a First Level Upper Tier Holy King?" Suddenly, he gasped, "Did you already comprehend a little bit of Sigh of Ice? Is your spiritual energy amplified?" He was quivering deep inside!

Su Yu had actually comprehended a legacy level cultivation technique in such a short time! Such powerful insight was inhuman!

"You do not need to know!" Su Yu's expression was indifferent. A beautiful violet lotus appeared in the palm of his hand.

Exquisite and alluring, it spun gently.

"Destroy!" Su Yu commanded.


With a tremendous sound, the sea water shot straight up to the sky from the depths of the sea!

The Divine Ice Hall trembled and shook before it came rumbling down!


The pirate chief was aghast. He coughed up blood and had been thrown backward during the frightening explosion!

His fight with the sea beast had seriously injured his body, and his physical strength was less than a third of his peak conditionhe was barely comparable to a First Level Peak Holy King!

The formidable power of Purple Star Thunderbolt, after being suffused with the intense spiritual energy, had exponentially increased by a few levels!

After his breakthrough to the Holy King realm, Su Yu was even more formidable!


Without any hesitation, the pirate chief immediately fled!

"Are you running away?" Su Yu glanced back. More than ninety percent of the chill in the frozen seal had already been absorbed by Su Yu. Only a weak layer was left, and it was shattered by the surging seawater.

The cultivation techniques, which had been sealed for countless years, turned into dust and scattered.

"Thank you, my three seniors, for your grace," Su Yu bowed in respect. If they had not protected those techniques before their deaths, Su Yu would have been buried in the sea by now!

When he got up, he gazed afar at the fleeing pirate chief and his eyes turned icy.

"It's my turn to kill you now!"


After he broke through to the Holy King level, his speed had skyrocketed! The pirate chief was also badly wounded, he was far from peak condition.

The two men streaked across the sky, a hunter and his prey.

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!"



What was left of the pirate chief's right arm was blown off. He screamed in agony. "Su Yu! We can talk things over, there's no need for you to be so persistent in your pursuit to kill me!" he begged.

"You never gave me a chance to talk things over, why should I be charitable to you?" Su Yu's expression was calm and indifferent. He had been hunted by this person, how could he forgive him?

The pirate chief looked distressed and remorseful. He clenched his teeth, held his seriously injured body together, and fled across the sea.

Countless sea beasts looked on in alarm at a purple-clad man who leaped across thousands of miles of territorial waters so as to chase and kill the fearsome Sea Wolves Pirates Chief!

That silver-haired, purple-clad figure was like a supreme king!

After half a day of pursuit, Su Yu finally caught up to the pirate chief!

"Ah! I'm going to take you down with me!" The pirate chief had gone to great lengths to escape and there was still no way out. He now only wished to bring Su Yu with him in death!

Su Yu looked indifferent, "You're not even qualified to take me down with you!"

The sparkling violet lotus rotated in his palm and floated down.

The thunder suddenly rolled, startling the heavens far away!


A blood-curdling screech echoed through the skies.

The pirate chief's chest exploded. His eyes, which had a reluctant look, became empty and lifeless.

A Second Level Holy King of his generation and a silver robed guard of the Empire of Darkness, thus fell.

Su Yu was apathetic; he just took the jade token from his waist, as well as the legacy level cultivation technique volume.

Five Dragon Blaze was a top-notch legacy level cultivation technique! It was a remnant volume and contained up to two stages.

Su Yu thought back about this cultivation technique with its intense flame. The flame was resistant to water and ice; the power was clearly extraordinary.

Su Yu coveted it, but after pondering for a long while, he suppressed his desire.

He was unsuited for any fire-based cultivation techniques. If he forced this cultivation, it would only be harmful to him.

But it was precious without a doubt!

If he were to hand it over to the Hundred Vassal Clans, they would most likely agree to any of his wishes.

With a flash in his eyes, Su Yu left immediately to seek a secluded island reef so that he could sit and cultivate.

Since he had just entered the Holy King realm, he needed to urgently consolidate his strength.

And, after absorbing a lot of cold air, he needed to comprehend the ice-based techniques a little more.

Taking this opportunity, he had to seize the time to comprehend the remnant volume of Glazed Ice Flame, and the complete volumes of Icy Divine Wings and Sigh of Ice.

There was also Purple Star Thunderbolt; he only needed one last bit of comprehension to reach Top Class!

With his Holy Decree still only saint grade, he wanted to push just the small bit further to get it into the next realm.

During his seclusion, a drastic change occurred within a thousand square oceanic miles!

A few days later, three strong individuals from the Liuxian Faction appeared next to the body of the pirate chief! One of them was the Deputy Clan Master of the External Affairs Division, Qin Gang; his ability was of a Level Four Holy King!

Behind him were two cold-faced men clad in black, their abilities reached the Level Three Holy King. They were the law enforcement disciples of the Law Enforcement Tribunal!

Qin Gang looked baffled, "What do you think?"

The law enforcement disciples also looked shocked.

"The identity of this body is, without a doubt, our targetthe Sea Wolves Pirate Chief! A Second Level Lower Tier Holy King!" the law enforcement disciple on the left declared.

However, they all knew that his identity was not the important point. The crucial point was that he had been slain!

"It looks like he was hunted to exhaustion, defeated, and killed!" another law enforcement disciple said with a slightly shaken voice.

Qin Gang was very grave, "Rumors said that he had cultivated a powerful legacy level cultivation technique, an ordinary Level Two Holy King could not even kill him! And yet, he was hunted and killed! How fearsome is his killer's ability?"

The two law enforcement disciples were deeply awed by the mention of a legacy level cultivation technique Even though they were Level Three Holy Kings, they never had the opportunity to encounter a legacy level cultivation technique before!

Only a few months ago, Qin Gang had managed to receive Han Zhi's favor through Xi Ruolan, and was lucky enough to read through a legacy level cultivation technique!

Yet here, such a powerful pirate chief was actually being hunted to death!

Who was this deity that had hunted him down?!

Qin Gang pondered for a moment before he issued his order, "We will bring back his corpse and hand it over to the faction to verify his background. Huh, you robbed us of our Liuxian Faction disciples and now you're dead!"

The two law enforcement disciples immediately preserved the body.

"Deputy Clan Master Qin, where is Clan Master Xi? Besides Su Yu and Liu Guang, we have summoned all the other disciples. It's time for us to return to the faction."

"We will go to that island and wait quietly. Clan Master Xi has another important matter," Qin Gang said calmly.

Somewhere in the open sea, with her delicate body sparkling against the waters, Xi Ruolan's pale hand suddenly caught something in the water, like a dragonfly lightly touching a ripple!

A fish appeared in her pale hand.

Flexing her fingers, the fish spat out a jade pendant from its mouth.

Xi Ruolan's hand grasped the jade pendant and her pretty eyes had a slightly frosty look, "You took precautions in advance and put the jade pendant into the belly of a fish to guard against me killing you? How cunning! You wasted so much of my time!"

If Su Yu was here, he would rejoice in his foresight. Otherwise, he would have perhaps encountered Xi Ruolan alone in the uninhabited sea.

The outcome could have been bad; no one would have been able to help him!

"Are you dead, or are you fleeing for your life?" Xi Ruolan whispered.

Little could she imagine that, within some island reef, a huge expanse of ice had emerged!

A formidable, icy power, accompanied by a joyful whistling sound, solidified the entire island reef!