The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130 The Great Thousand Cavern Worlds

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Everyone on the deck wiped out their magic weapon, but none of them was the Cavern World.

How precious the Cavern World is; it is not something ordinary people will have in their possession.

The Crane Diety pointed to the cabin path below: “The cargo in the cabin, we have to check it and make sure there is no Cavern World inside.”

However, what this got were the two dust fairy’s indifferent objections. “If you are willing to remove your status as the messenger of the Sen Luo law enforcement team, you may then check it forcibly.”

Merchant ships, including the cargo on board, must not be inspected without the consent of the owner, or the Sen Luo law enforcement team will be fired.

Crane Diety was not upset, and flashed her eyes, saying: “Okay, I’ll follow the rules, let’s go!”

Before Xiao Xuan left, he glanced into the cabin of the ship, and there was a special secret room, which was used by the captain. Outsiders were not allowed to enter.

Alas, the captain had already been summoned to the deck, but there seems to be someone in the back room. The only thing the law enforcement officers had not checked just now was this door.

“Who’s inside? Why don’t you open the door?” Xiao Xuan came over and said coldly.

Crane Diety’s heart jumped. Secretly in her heart, she thought, could Su Yu be hiding in the back room? If caught by Xiao Xuan …

The two Dust Fairies said lightly, “Master Xiao, it’s better not to know, he doesn’t want to see you.”

“Hehe, who has such a big ego as not to appear in front of the Sen Luo Law Enforcement Team? Except for the gods, who can disobey us?” Xiao Xuan coldly.


There was a squeak and the door of the backroom opened, and a lazy voice came from within: “Well, I am not a god, and naturally I can’t disobey you. Come in if you want to check.”

This voice … Xiao Xuan and Crane Diety, even Cang Tieyi and the shriveled old man, at the same time, had a look of confusion across their faces. This voice seems very familiar.

Xiao Xuan ignored the doubt, glanced at it, but only with one glance, Xiao Xuan and Crane Diety changed their faces. Can Tieyi and the old man, as well as the more than two hundred subordinates behind them, bowed immediately.

“The law enforcement team, Cang Tieyi, pay his respects to Lord Yang!”

“The poisonous dragon of the law enforcement team, pay his respect to Lord Yang!”

The law enforcement team has a high status. Only outsiders bow down to worship them. At the moment, they are kneeling down to worship Yang Tai.

Even the murderous Xiao Xuan complied, bowing down and worshiping him. “I pay my respects to Brother Yangtai.”

Crane Diety also smiles sweetly, and expresses her emotions: “Crane Diety pay her respects to Brother Yangtai.”

There is only one possibility to make the law enforcement team, and even the two law enforcement team members so respectful.

A fellow law enforcement officer!

Whether it is an ordinary law enforcement team or a Sen Law enforcement team, there are thousands of people within them. In addition, adding their respective law enforcement officers, and their followers, and their attachments … seemingly a simple law enforcement team, will have with them, more than 100,000 members? Perhaps more than a million.

With such a huge number of people, to assign tasks, distribute items, record intelligence … Can there be no unified management organization?

The organization that manages the law enforcement team, called the Alliance Hall, has nine law enforcement officers who are responsible for managing the affairs of the entire law enforcement team.

Nine law enforcement officers, six of which are quasi-gods, who are actually in positions of power.

The remaining three will be the ones that select from the Sen Law Enforcement Team who the law enforcement officers are. They are to be the strongest three, to choose who will represent the Alliance Hall.

The three of them usually do not manage actual affairs, but their names are out there. Who dares to belittle them?

If they really have any requests, if they do so as to plead in front of the six quasi-gods, can the quasi-gods choose not to do them the favor?

Therefore, the status of the three of them is even higher, and no one is willing to offend them.

Yang Tai is the third strongest player in the law enforcement team of Sen Luo. He is a man of strength and it is difficult to meet rivals in the realm, except for the second and first players above him. The descendants of contemporary gods are the strongest, followed by him.

“Now come, check it since you are here.” Yang Tai squinted at Xiao Xuan and Crane Deity. He saw that they were almost going to cry; how would they dare to search the law enforcement officer’s bedroom?

Crane Diety said quietly: “If we knew that Brother Yangtai was on the boat, then we would not have come. Since Brother Yangtai is here, the rascal would most definitely not be here.”

Her words are loaded with meaning. In it, it is a form of justification, in case of accusations of not doing her job properly. It was also, a sort of compliment. With such a choice of words, it was a beautiful and elegant way to move forward from the situation.

However, used on Yang Tai, it was merely like the air landing on his skin, and he merely waved. “If you have nothing else, please eave.”

Crane Diety was secretly disappointed. Yang Tai was a big man in the league. His strength and status are one thing.

The most important thing, however, is that his father, All-Access Merchant God, is a big man in a rich and powerful alliance. A quarter of the wealth in the alliance is under the control of the All-Access Merchant God.

If you only think that All-Access Merchant God is a big-bellied coppery sly businessman, then you are totally wrong!

How can you control such an invincible business empire, and can live to this day without harm? Without the strength from the Star River, how can it possibly be alive till today? They would have, if without the river, been attacked by a group of hundreds of deities, and their property divided up.

All-Access Merchant God is the god of commerce, a supernatural, and amongst the hundred gods of the alliance, he is well within the top three!

The deities at the tail end of the ranking system; they became gods with the help of the All-Access Merchant God. They have to pay him respect every time they meet him!

The family of idle gods and other gods also fully relied on the commercial empire of the All-Access Merchant God, to say nothing else. Breaking the business road would be enough to isolate the opponent’s Cavern World from the alliance.

No one can match its transcendent status.

Therefore, in the eyes of many goddesses, Yang Tai is the best golden turtle they can get.

When you marry into the All-Access Merchant’s family you are flying into the sky and becoming a god for free.

Alas, Yang Tai himself is an uninformed clog. Except for fighting and killing, he is not very interested in women and the like, or at least, Crane Diety can’t excite his interest.

But she knew very well that, as a descendant of the All-Access Merchant God, would Yang Tai be as dull as his appearance?

The other side of Yang Tai is an extremely intelligent man who is proficient in calculations and terribly meticulous. She faintly heard from her father that Yang Tai is a terribly clever child. When it comes to planning and strategy, only his father, the All-Access Merchant God, is above him.

In desperation, Crane Diety can only retreat with Xiao Xuan.

Whilst waiting for the law enforcement boat to leave, Yang Tai calmly said, “Investigate what happened in the Jiuzhou Cavern World, and check who got on board.”

“Yes.” The two old elder Dust Fairies replied and respectfully retreated.

Two months later, the ship and arrived at the Great Eastern Alliance.

Standing on the ship, looking far away, there are bright lights upfront, one after another, dazzling the entire area. They were very close to each other and even clustered together. Together, they illuminated the entire dark galaxy.

This is the Milky Way that you see when you look up from the mainland of Jiuzhou!

A river-like wonder of the Cavern World, formed by hundreds of Cavern Worlds.

If you look closely, you will find that each Cavern World is tightly connected, and the world barriers between them are opened, all connected together.

Standing in the starry sky, you can clearly see the vast expanse of Divine Continent.

Every huge merchant ship is as huge as the Jiuzhou Cavern World, and they were constantly entering and leaving the Divine Continent.

The commercial ship that Su Yu was riding on, compared to it, was nothing more than a very small ship.

Merchant ships docked, and the cargoes in the cabins were successively removed and continuously transported in all directions.

Hiding onshore, hundreds of law enforcement officers hidden in the secret, watched the whereabouts of the goods closely.

Every time a batch of goods is transported, a law enforcement member keeps up quietly, always keeping his sight on the goods for a good half a minute.

In a wine shop somewhere, the corner of Crane Diety’s mouth is frosty, like a cat that catches mice, and it is full of drama. “How can he possibly escape from my palm?”

She had long anticipated that Su Yu would load the Martial Arts Tower into a certain cargo, and he would hide in Martial Arts Tower, so as to avoid the search by law enforcement officers and successfully reach the Alliance mainland.

Standing respectfully behind her, was the shriveled old man.

“Poison Dragon, is everything done?” Crane Diety said coldly.

Poison Dragon said: “Miss, rest assured, all of them are done! I have cultivated these law enforcement officers and followers by myself. They are loyal to the Crane Diety and will never leak the news out. We must be able to kill off those two people from Jiuzhou and take the Martial Arts Tower before the rest of the Sen Luo Law Enforcement Officers arrive. ”

Crane Diety flashed a cold glance and said. “The person who killed Jing Bai that day, has that issued been settled?”

The poisonous dragon said: “Miss, please rest assured, they can’t speak of it any further. However, there is only one person, which is slightly tricky.”

“You mean, Cang Tieyi?” Crane Diety looked cold, with a thorn in her heart.

“Exactly, he belongs to the Book Deity. There a law enforcement team formed by the Book Deity, and he is the leader of the team. In addition, his strength is very high. If we fail to kill him, it will cause him to escape. Not only will this offend the Jing Diety, but the Book Diety will also be offended as well.”

Crane Diety said coldly: “I know, so all the more I should kill him! The Book Diety is bright and well-known, once known as the gentleman’s god. Once he knows of this, he will definitely speak up about Jing Bai!”

After speaking, Crane Diety took out a bottle of black powder. “This is the poison prepared by the Poison Diety. It is more than enough to kill him!”

Poison Diety? The poison dragon scratched his face. Although he was known as a poison dragon, how could he dare to compare himself with the Deity who poisoned him with poison?

However, with this bottle of black powder, the death of Cang Tieyi is inevitable.

A month passed, and a batch of goods arrived at Book Diety’s World.

This batch of goods was ordered by a small shop. When the shop owner opened it and took out a large number of refined elixir materials, he found a small bronze tower.

The shop assistant opened it and didn’t care much and set it aside. When he put the materials into the warehouse and came back, he suddenly found that the tower was missing.

Walking in the bustling market, Su Yu couldn’t help sighing.

The Cavern World of the Alliance was the central fork of all the Cavern worlds. Thus, the auras of the major worlds are evenly distributed in all regions.

Any of these Alliance Cavern Worlds is far better than the prosperity of Jiuzhou, so the prosperity of the aura has made Su Yu from Jiuzhou feel like a villager entering the city.

Look at the streets, there are all kinds of creatures, not just humans, but also beautiful girls with cats and they look cute and stupid at the same time. There are also giant rock, as well as human-like creatures such as sparrows and crocodiles. There seems to be no human who was walking in downtown.