The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 Abduction Of The Diety

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Pedestrians passing by are used to the strangeness of the rest around them and live in harmony with one another.

Su Yu was amazed. In the end. In the hundred gods alliance, not just the human race, but the communion of the various races are here.

Because of the hundred gods, most of the gods are not of the human races, but alien races, and it is common sense that many alien races are created.

Like God Kylin, instead of creating unicorns, she created human races, but she is the rare few that did so.

When Su Yu was walking in downtown, he suddenly felt a vague atmosphere behind him, and he could not help but slightly tickle: Sure enough; you are here!


Su Yu flickered, disappeared in the nearest alley, leaving a lingering atmosphere in the air.

The person who chased after him looked at him for a moment and immediately crushed her jade and closely followed him.

This chase, from the start, had been about two full months.

She didnt catch up immediately but chose to follow secretly. Wherever Su Yu went, he followed closely, crushing a piece of jade everywhere he went.

In this way, he followed Su Yu across the entire Cavern World and came to the World of Water God deeper inside the alliance.

The World of Water God consists of more than ninety-nine percent of underwater worlds, and all living beings live in water.

The water here is very special. Even if other creatures enter the water, they can breathe freely, walk, and practice as if they were on land. Except for a little discomfort that they may feel, which is not a big deal, everything else is the same.

Su Yu is full of curiosity as he walked around in the World of Water God, and strange mermaids can be seen everywhere. There are males and females, old and thin, beautiful and ugly. Of course, there are many human races.

There is nothing strange in such a big world! Leaving the World of Water God, Su Yu could not help but sigh as he walked outside.

Do you think that although the world is big, it is no coincidence that we meet, you Jiuzhou savage? A cold voice came coldly.


An empty space cracked open, and as the seawater poured in with a delicate figure emerging from it.

Immediately afterward, successive space cracks appeared around Su Yu, and there were no less than hundreds of dust fairies strongmen surrounding him.

Hundreds of dust fairies came, but the shriveled old man was missing.

Coincidental? You sent someone to follow me for so long, and then pretend for it to be a chance encounter here? The mischief of Miss Crane Diety; I will have to give it to you. I am a mere countryman and this is a game only a city dweller like you will play. Su Yu smiled lightly.

The Crane Diety didnt mind it, and smiled coldly: I admire you very much, but can I still laugh now? Do you think that I will only arrest you and not kill for the sake of the Martial Arts Tower?

She didnt mean to negotiate with Su Yu.

The situation has changed, I would rather kill you than have the Martial Arts Tower! Crane Diety said coldly, Kill him!

With a single order, hundreds of powerful men in the dust fairy realm, surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside, surrounded Su Yu like a tide of flood.

First, they remove the obstacle and then look for Martial Arts Tower, Crane Diety knows exactly what she should do.

A surround siege? Su Yu looked around and said.

Crane Deity sneered. In times of life and death, where is the need to speak of fairness? Real savage, so ignorant and outdated.

No, I mean, isnt it more interesting for everyone who besieged to actually be besieged themselves? Su Yu smiled slightly. His smile was ever more brilliant.

Crane Diety frowned, and it seemed that Su Yu had expected from the beginning that she would follow the goods and eventually find him. Even more so, he expected that she would choose to ambush him.

You dont have to pretend; is your tower hidden somewhere nearby? Otherwise, the Cavern world in my body will not be sensing it and giving off reaction! Crane Diety shouted, seeming to see through Su Yus scheme.

She decided that Martial Arts Tower was not beside Su Yu, so she chose to ambush.

Otherwise, had Su Yu releases the souls of the Martial Arts Tower world, and even though one hundred dust fairies should not be afraid of a declining Cavern World creature, it is very easy for Su Yu to escape if the situation becomes chaotic.

It is true that Martial Arts Tower was indeed hidden by Su Yu, but it was hidden in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

In addition, he also does not plan to let the souls of the Martial Arts Tower World die for Su Yu in vain.

Who told you that I only have one Cavern World? Su Yu said lightly. The green light on his right arm flashed, and several figures appeared in turn.

Mo Tianxuan, Jian Wusheng, Ghost Prisons Great Emperor, and Duanxian Cliffmaster!

Each of them is the top dust fairy in Jiuzhou, especially the Duanxian Cliffmaster. He has the ultimate cultivation of the four. Even the descendants of the demon god like the Central Prefectures King, he can fight with him for five days and five nights alone. Their combat power is incredible.

The four of them, when joined forces to fight against a hundred dust fairies, was nothing but a tiger entering the lair of wolves.

To ask, how many sheeps can hold back a tiger?

The rest, I will leave it to the four of you, I will deal with that woman. Su Yu said and he stepped forward and took the first move.

Crane Diety was surprised. How could there be so many masters in the declining mainland of Jiuzhou? In particular, the Duanxuan Cliff master gave her a sense of extreme depression, which seemed to be stronger than that of the poisonous dragon.

The mainland of Jiuzhou is indeed declining, and the dust fairy born is mostly unsatisfactory, and its strength is mediocre.

However, the four of them are not the dust fairy born in Jiuzhou!

The Demon Mo Tianxuan had already explained the current situation to them whilst in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. They learned that God Kylin was arrested, and they were willing to contribute to try to save her.

However, when Crane Diety found that Su Yu was alone and by himself, she looked slightly relieved. If it was for him instead, he would use the blood of the gods to kill her. That would have sufficed.

The purpose of her trip is just for Su Yu. If there is no proof of his death, Jing Bais death cannot be said to be avenged.

Su Yu didnt know his place and took the initiative to find her instead. This made the Crane Diety happy beyond words. It saved her the trouble to find him instead.

The courage is commendable, but also foolish! Crane Diety sneered, and a white crane ghost image appeared behind her. This figure flashed with white light and shadow and immediately flew towards Su Yu.

Everything happened between a great number of sparks. Amongst the four individuals release from the Cavern World, it was only the Duanxuan Cliffmaster that would clearly make out the path that the Crane Diety was taking.

The Crane Diety had a strong intention to kill, so she must aiming for Su Yus body, ready to shred it into pieces.

However, she suddenly found out that Su Yu was staring at her and laughing. The Crane Dietys heart was a little stunned, and her heartbeat seemed to miss half a beat.

Can he keep up with me? Crane Dietys mind flashed with such a thought that she didnt want to believe.

It wasnt until Su Yu surging the light of the nine veins and the nine beams of light concentrate as one, emerging from his chest, that Crane Diety all but annihilated her thought on having luck. The other partys speed increased, not only in his thinking but even in his action. His speed was so fast that it even manages to catch up to her own!


In a critical moment, Crane Diety spreads her wings, as if mimicking a shadow puppet, and started swirling around at an incredible angle, passing through the nine beams of light.

Although leaving a handful of red and half yellow blood and large white feathers behind, she did not hurt herself at all.

Gradually, Su Yus accelerated state of time disappeared, and he took advantage of the opportunity of her feeling optimistic to slowly slip away.

Crane Diety looked at him with a stunning glance, and watched Su Yus whole body fluctuating in time, knowing in her heart what is going on, and said coldly: Unexpectedly, you still have the piece of time accelerator on you! There are no more than four pieces in this world that can do this. To think that you, a savage from Jiuzhou, hold one, is really uncomfortable.


As the words left her lips, Crane Diety shot suddenly, and once again turned into a white shadow and passed by Su Yu.

She is attacking to determine if Su Yu still has such a charm.

Now it seems, he does not!

Glancing at him with murderous eyes: Your end is here!


A white shadow rushed to Su Yu immediately and did not leave Su Yu any time for further consideration at all of what to do.

However, her strike failed.

The place supposedly struck by the palm of her hand is an afterimage.

She was just shocked, and suddenly there was a warning sign behind her. Thinking about it, Crane Diety once again used the figures agility to flip over to avoid this blow. At the same time, she looked back and found an unbelievable scene!

She saw that behind Su Yu, there was actually a white crane, exactly the same as the crane of the blood of her descendants!

It was not even passingly alike, even the breath emitted is exactly the same!

Suddenly, Crane Diety thought whether she had a son who inherited the same bloodline as her.

But soon, she noticed that Su Yus eyes twinkled with a fascinating light, like a spar for recording images, and was burning in all directions.

You, did you imitate the ability of my blood of the divine origin? Crane Diety took in a long breath!

Imitating the pupil technique, Crane Diety is no stranger to this. The Great Eastern Alliance is so vast that there are always such strange things.

However, the power of the blood of the descendants of the gods comes from the blood, so how can it be imitated?

Yet, Su Yu is able to do just this!


Su Yu also turned into a white light and rushed to Crane Diety in an instant, and the body instantly opened up.

Crane Dietys face changed drastically. Her proud speed was imitated. Where is there a slight advantage for her to emerge victorious now?

In horror, she turned around, but she could not get rid of Su Yu at all. Alas, she could only grit her teeth and turned to exert the power of the wave dust fairy to dissolve the nine beams of light.

Alas, the nine beams of light combined, and penetrated directly into the waves, and penetrated the body of Crane Diety.

With a scream, Crane Diety was frightened in her heart. She opened avoid with her backhand and fled into it.

However, before she could step in, there is a white shadow in front of her.

Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art! With a cold voice, Crane Diety was hit head-on by a lightning-fast nine-headed dragon.

How can the injured Crane Diety resist such an attack?

The ground trembled fiercely. Each of the nine heads of dragons bite on a part of the Crane Diety and slammed her to the ground.

The strength of the bite of the demon dragons mouth bites directly through Crane Dietys body, and together with the fierce impact on the ground, the strong impact crushes the body of Crane Diety.


A soul body suddenly flew out of Crane Dietys body, trying to escape.

But just before it can leave, the nine-headed dragon showed a disdainful look, and the giant tail swept across, directly sweeping Crane Dietys soul to the ground, and her soul uttered a heartbreaking moan.

Su Yu flew over and stared indifferently at her.

Crane Diety was full of resentment and calmness: You dare not kill me!

Killing her, would the Crane God let him go? An alien from a run-down Cavern World, which deity will actually stand up for him against the Crane God and Crane Diety?

Once he kills her, the entire Great Eastern Alliance will have no place for Su Yu.

Su Yu said lightly. Kill you? Thats not my plan.

After all the words, Su Yu took the black ink-like chain from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and entangled her soul. This is the chain used against the Central Prefectures King. It contains extremely evil spirits, and it is best to restrain the soul of the Crane Diety.