The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 The Kidnapper Robber

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She had the soul of a deitys descendant after all. One reckless move, and she could have escaped.

Youre planning to trade me for the God Kylin? The realization of Su Yus intention struck He Xianran suddenly.

He had never thought of running away all this time, he was only pretending to be running for his life, when in fact, he was laying a trap to capture her alive as an exchange for the God Kylin.

As she stared at Su Yus profound eyes, He Xianran suddenly got the feeling that the Jiuzhou savage whom she had to deal with, had the calmness and wisdom that surpassed that of ordinary people.

The moment she was caught, the rest of the 200 Mortal Fairies started to fear, and they stopped.

Su Yu did not bother to shun, he suppressed her soul into the Soul Dimension right before their eyes, and said, Go back and find someone who can negotiate, about the exchange for God Kylin Erm, I suggest you to find someone who values her.

Despite the bitter looks on their faces, the 200 Mortal Fairies understood what Su Yus last sentence meant.

The Crane Deity had several heirs, if the favored hair He Xianran was dead, the other heirs would gain an opportunity.

Thus, if they were the ones that came to negotiate for the exchange of God Kylin, it would bring harm to He Xianran instead.

How do we get in touch with you? A Mortal Fairy asked.

Su Yu hurled forth a messenger jade pendant, and said, This jade pendant can only receive but not deliver messages, thus Ill be the only one giving you information.

As for where to meet, when to trade, and how many people you could bring, it all depends on my wish, unless you do not want to see He Xianran alive!

Besides, if any mishaps happen to God Kylin, He Xianran has to pay double the price. So, dont even think of finding my weaknesses or mistakes by means of soul-searching or something!

A few Mortal Fairies with meticulous minds could not help but inhale a cold sharp breath. This totally dauntless kidnapper really ishe really is exceptionally calm.

If they were to rescue He Xianran unscathed, not only should they not abuse God Kylin the slightest bit, they even had to reinforce the defence to make sure that God Kylin wasnt secretly harmed by those heirs of the Crane Deity that harbored malicious intentions.

The 200 Mortal Fairies were on tenterhooks, as they hurried back immediately.

Once the crowd was dispersed, the Severed Fairy Cliff Master stared at Su Yu and said, This is a deal that will make you suffer great loss by doing that.

Even if God Kylin was saved, abducting a deitys descendant in this territory governed by the hundred Gods was an act that had challenged the baseline of the deities in a certain sense, and was an absolute taboo.

Putting aside how the Crane Deity would take his revenge, the rest of the deities wouldnt really accept Su Yu anymore.

He would lose his dwelling before he could even gain a foothold in the Great Eastern Alliance.

Without a doubt, this was a trade that would make him lose his hard-earned capital.

Su Yu laughed and said, Some things cant be weighed with gains and losses, without God Kylin, will I even exist now as someone from the Jiuzhou cavern world?

The Severed Fairy Cliff Master cast a deep gaze on Su Yu, and flashed a small smile after a long while. Youre not a qualified businessman, but youre certainly a qualified man with responsibility, very great!

Wuxie had a great insight, once you have your own children in the future, I will not interfere, you can be in charge of teaching them. If I have any great-great-grandchildren, Ill send them to be taught by you as well, and if I have any

Erm Cliff Master, have you taken your medicines today?

After packing up, all of them left, cleaning up the scents they left behind along the way, until they arrived at a inconspicuous range of mountains.

Abducting a deitys descendant is a huge matter after all, you have to be fully prepared, the Severed Fairy Cliff Master said. Gongsun Wuxie was standing beside him, her mouth pouting in anger. Her body was sealed, she could listen and see but not talk and move.

At the moment, she was glaring angrily at her father, who did not let her speak and budge. She then glared Su Yu who did not help her, and lastly at Qin Xian-er, who was smiling and snuggling beside Su Yu.

The sweet and shy look on her face made Gongsun Wuxie so anxious that she kept stamping her feet, and her lungs were at the brink of exploding in fury. But her father intended to keep her sealed.

The Severed Fairy Cliff Master laughed bitterly. If he didnt keep her sealed, once this belligerent little devil found out about Qin Xian-ers existence, she would probably turn the world upside down.

On the other hand, if he did not keep her sealed, he was afraid that she would not agree to leave Su Yu.

I have my plans, thank you so much for your help, senior. Su Yu paid his respect with cupped fists.

The Severed Fairy Cliff Master wasnt a creature of Jiuzhou, he did not have the obligation to venture everywhere with Su Yu for God Kylin.

Su Yu had taken the initiative to suggest the father and daughter to leave.

Haih The Severed Fairy Cliff Master looked remorseful. I still have wishes in this life that I shall fulfill, otherwise, why would I mind being your partner in crime?

Su Yu replied with some sorrow, Dont be sorry, Cliff Master. I already have a comprehensive plan that doesnt necessarily require martial power. Just go ahead and do what you want to, Cliff Master.

Su Yu could not help but recall the profound hatred that flickered across his eyes, when they were on the Severed Fairy Cliff Master the other day.

He just wasnt sure if his hatred was meant for the Great Eastern Alliance.

How regretful, the Severed Fairy Cliff Master sighed, as he stepped into the Void along with Gongsun Wuxie, and said, If there is a chance, I hope we could meet up.


After seeing off the Central Prefectures King, the look on Su Yus face grew somber all of a sudden.

He spoke lightly of it, but abducting a deitys descendant was no minor matter. The final situation into which things would develop wasnt something that Su Yu could handle.

What plans do you have? Mo Tianxuan asked. Things had turned out this way, and they had not means of retreat.

Su Yu cast a look at Mo Tianxuan. Su Yu had also persuaded her to leave, but she insisted on rescuing God Kylin first.

Yes! Heres something that I hope you could do, which is very dangerous in nature, even I cant predict the outcome. Su Yu retrieved a letter, along with a jade pendant.

Mo Tianxuan said, Dangerous? Tell me about it.

I want you to deliver the letter and the messenger jade pendant to Su Yu disclosed through telepathy.

Upon hearing him, Mo Tianxuan was stunned. Are you sure about sending them to him? The risk is way too tremendous!

Since we abducted the deitys descendant, the risk has gone out of our control. If thats the case, why not wreak a bigger havoc, and gain a chance of survival from it?

Mo Tianxuan pondered for a moment, and nodded slowly. Fine, leave this to me!


She tore through the Void right away, and left just like that.

Haha, traveling with you is full of surprises indeed. You havent been back to the Great Eastern Alliance for long, yet youre doing such a big thing. As the third son of the Ghost God, the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison understood the meaning behind abducting a deitys descendant more than anyone.

That was a major thing that would absolutely alarm the entire divine region, unprecedented since time immemorial!

But that was what made it fascinating!

I have a task for you, and youre the only suitable candidate for it, Su Yu said, and took out a Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo aged a thousand years from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

The greatest divine bamboo of Jiuzhou, even in the divine region, it is a treasure that isnt commonly seen, better still it has been cultivated for a thousand years, hence having extravagant price.

With my ordinary status, selling this bamboo rashly will bring me endless trouble. Therefore, you need to use the identity of the Ghost Gods descendant to sell it.

After more than half a year, this Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo had reached a maturity of a thousand years.

You need funding? The Great Emperor of Ghost Prison queried in surprise. Su Yu couldnt even secure his footing now, and still he was thinking of making money?

Yes, I need lots and lots of money. This Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo is merely for testing, I will continuously put universal spiritual items of great vintages for sale.

The Great Emperor of Ghost Prison contemplated for a while, but did not hesitate for long. Even though his father would acknowledge it once he displayed the identity of the Ghost Gods descendant, but what about it?

He might as well take on a great adventure with Su Yu, since he wasnt really valued by his father.

Having the Ghost Gods descendant auctioning valuable items would truly save loads of troubles. Su Yu had had it figured out very thoughtfully.

He passed a messenger jade pendant to the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison. After sending him off, Su Yu said to Jian Wusheng, Heres a task, that needs to be assigned to you.

Jian Wusheng nodded. She had respected God Kylin all along, and had no reason to refuse helping him.

Su Yu passed the message through telepathy, secretly. After listening to it, Jian Wushengs eyes gleamed. There was a praising look on her gentle face as she said, Theres give and take in your strategy, that was a thorough consideration. Leave this matter to me.

Jian Wusheng turned and left. After two steps, she stopped and turned back, casting a profound look at Su Yu. I have a question, and a matter to tell you.

My question is, amidst the debris of the Red Blood Palace, were you the one who became a deity?

Su Yu thought for a moment, and shook his head. Nope.

It wasnt that he did not trust Jian Wusheng, but Su Yu couldnt tell outsiders about aiding a deity-to-be. The more they knew, the greater the possibility of being exposed.

Once exposed, it would be a calamity to the people around Su Yu. Countless influences, and even deities, would capture the ones close to Su Yu. They would be interrogated about Su Yus whereabouts with cruel punishments, threatened and bribed.

So he might as well not tell anyone.

Jian Wusheng looked slightly disappointed. She went on and said, What I want to tell you is that, my daughter has also come to the Great Eastern Alliance, I can feel that she has come for you.

Su Yu did not speak, he quietly waited for her to finish her words.

After a long hesitation, Jian Wusheng said with complicated emotions, If possible, please do not harm her.

Was it Bing Wuxin, or Bing Wuqing? Or both of them?

I understand, Su Yu replied. He had never hurt Bing Wuqing before, because any harm inflicted upon her would reflect on Bing Wuxin.

Watching Jian Wusheng leave, Qin Xian-er tilted her head in curiosity. What does Brother Su Yu want me to do? Could you have called me out to purposely provoke that little girl?

As she recalled the way Gongsun Wuxies face was flushed red yet unable to move and speak, Qin Xian-er could not help but chuckle.

Ermlittle girl? She is older than you though. Su Yu took a glance at Qin Xian-ers petite figure, which wasnt any bigger than Gongsun Wuxie in fact, and laughed inwardly. He didnt know from where Qin Xian-er got the confidence to call her a little girl.

I didnt call you out to do anything, just accompany me to go sight-see the amazing mountains and rivers of the divine region, Su Yu said.

Qin Xian-er was a little stunned. At such a critical point of time, Su Yu was planning to go on an excursion with her?

After making sure that Su Yu wasnt kidding, Qin Xian-er felt delighted despite her worries. She held Su Yus arm with her hand, and began the excursion with her face beaming.

Su Yu was sightseeing and having fun for real. Two full months had passed, and they had traveled nearly half of the divine region.

They hadnt missed out any famous cities and tourist spots.

Inside a silent training room in the All Access Chamber of Commerce, Yang Tai listened quietly to the reporting of a Peak Mortal Fairy elder.

How did the various parties respond? Yang Tai flipped through a book of secret cultivation techniques, and asked randomly.

The elder said, The civil society is abuzz with news about the abduction of a deitys descendant, it is the first time in the eternity.