The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Secret Liaison

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The law enforcers are having a grand-scale redeployment, searching for this person with all their might.

Among the Senluo Law Enforcers that rank from sixtieth onward, ten have joined the investigation.

Yang Tai listened quietly, and asked, What about the Crane Deitys family?

No news of activity so far, theyre quietly awaiting the kidnappers message.

What about the Crane Deity himself?

No action taken as well.

Yang Tai shifted his gaze from the secret book, and remarked placidly, Silence is a soundless power, the Crane Deitys family is enraged.

Alright, what about that brat? Has his hiding spot been discovered?

ErmHes, hes on an excursion.

Yang Tais eyes glinted with surprise. Are you sure?

Yes, that man is traveling the divine region with his wife. But every time he shows up, he leaves in a short while. The law enforcers have missed their target time and time again, because he has no destination at all, thats totally a deliberate act.

Hearing that Su Yu did not bother to keep a low profile, but had been traveling the world instead, Yang Tai was disappointed.

He has committed such a great act of abducting a deitys descendant upon disembarking, I thought theres something special about him, and it turns out that hes just a brave man without strategies. Its such a waste of my time to have paid him attention.

The elder pitied Su Yu secretly. According to the merchant ships that returned, this man had encountered the young master midway, and had gained his favor, who ordered him to be taken care of once they came ashore.

However, before the All Access Chamber of Commerce could take care of him, he had committed such a ground-shaking actabducting a deitys descendant!

The young master had almost forgotten about this person, but had started paying attention to him again after the matter.

It was obvious that the young master admired him for his swift and decisive style of dealing with matters.

Who would have thought that this man was a careless and impetuous one.

You dont have to collect his news anymore. Yang Tai had lost interest in Su Yu.

Right when the elder was about to excuse himself, Yang Tai set down the book in his hand suddenly. With a frown, he said, Better to let me have a look at the solid information first, I keep having the feeling that he isnt a reckless man.

Before long, a thick pile of documents appeared in front of him.

Details about Su Yu throughout the past two months were recorded so meticulously it was almost outrageous.

Where he went at what point of time, what he was wearing, what he had eaten, whom he had spoken with, how far he had trod and flown, and even how many times he had kissed Xian-er, were all jotted down with fine details.

The bits and pieces of information that seemed trivial were ordinary to Yang Tai. What was business? Information was business!

The intelligence network of the All Access Chamber of Commerce covered every nook and cranny of the divine region, there were intelligence stations everywhere, from the big cities to the villages of commoners.

That was the basis of the long-standing glory and monopoly of the divine regions wealth enjoyed by the All Access Chamber of Commerce.

Yang Tai flipped through the documents very speedily, lines and lines of trifle information were reflected in his pupils.

Half an hour later, Yang Tai closed his eyes slowly. When he opened them again, there was a serene smile on his lips. I really have belittled him.

Please enlighten me, young master. The elder was baffled. Could such a reckless man who pompously paraded himself have hidden something?

Yang Tai pointed at the documents with a finger, and said laughingly, Firstly, theres someone missing around him, and someone else has come!

Mo Tianxuan was missing, but Qin Xian-er, who had never appeared before, had come into the picture.

We could infer that, he either has a portable cavern world, or has a certain foundation in the divine region.

Where did the missing black-dressed lady go? This is the blind spot!

Secondly, the places he went have a common characteristic!

The elder pondered, but could not figure out what the similarity was.

That is, eight of the famous cities he went to have the capacity of building Divine Bone Ships, while the other two are known for trading information Hehe, he appears to be traveling, when in fact, he is preparing means of retreat for himself!

The elder was surprised. Could he really be thinking that he can afford a Divine Bone Ship that traverses galaxies? Putting aside the price, none of the cities would sell Divine Bone Ships, because that is against the rules set by the hundred Gods. He cant possibly purchase a Divine Bone Ship.

Yang Tai chortled and said, Hes smarter than you! Of course the Divine Bone Ship cant be bought, but the spare parts of the Divine Bone Ship can!

He doesnt have the blueprint and the master craftsman to build the Divine Bone Ship The elder couldnt go on anymore, because Su Yu had also been to two other places that traded information.

Those places were equivalent to gray regions. As long as the price was high enough, obtaining a blueprint and an equipment-crafting master wasnt exactly unfeasible.

How about money? As an outsider, how can he acquire such powerful financial capability? Even I cant manage to gather all the money to purchase a Divine Bone Ship with my whole life, let alone him.

Yang Tais fingers were whisking the papers very blithely, he said, Coincidentally, I saw a summary about the capital flow of the auction houses in various regions, and much to my surprise, I found out that the Ghost Gods third son has returned.

He is wantonly selling universal spiritual treasures of great vintages, with a hundred years being the shortest and a thousand years the longest. Theres even the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, aged a full thousand years, and a single stretch of the bamboo was sold at ten million Divine Coins!

All the other materials added up also made him earn over 30 million Divine Coins, in total, he had made more than 40 million Divine Coins.

40, 40 million? The elders hands trembled and his eyes turned red. Divine Coins were the standardized currency of the Great Eastern Alliance, a single Divine Coin could be only exchanged with a million crystals.

As far as he was concerned, 40 million was a colossal figure that he would never be able to earn in his entire lifetime!

With 40 million Divine Coins, hehe, take a guess, how many Divine Bone Ships can he purchase? Yang Tai smiled placidly.

Even if he purchased a blueprint and hired a craftsman from the black market, it was enough to buy ten small-sized Divine Bone Ships!

But young master, how can you ascertain that the Ghost Gods descendant is collecting funds for him? There isnt any relation between the two, is there?

Yang Tai chortled. The Ghost Gods third son has left the Great Eastern Alliance a hundred years ago, and a hundred years later, he has come to the Great Eastern Alliance along with that brat.

Yang Tai stood up with his hands on his back, and a small smile danced on the corners of his lips. There arent many coincidences in the world!

When he finished listening, the elder inhaled a deep breath, and praised in amazement, This man really has nothing left out! He has had it all meditated during his runaway, and has even prepared the ultimate retreats, how seamless!

The elder was sincerely convinced about Su Yus scheme.

Nonetheless, Yang Tai shook his head gently. Seamless? Not exactly so, he is clever indeed, but clever people often have a common shortcomingthey tend to think highly of themselves, and belittle the rest!

The elder muttered inwardly Young master, arent you belittling him right now?

How many human elites has the divine region produced in all these eternities? Even the deities nowadays possess the wisdom they gained throughout the years. If we could realize that hes secretly crafting Divine Bone Ships and preparing for his retreat, how could you be sure that the Crane Deity couldnt?

Thats why Im saying, hes still too young, a self-styled genius.

The elder said, Young master, then we

Yang Tai paused for a moment and said, Never mind, clever people are hard to come by, therell one less clever man in the world if hes killed. You go assist him in secret, if it gets out of hand, just give up. Alright, and dont forget to keep me updated constantly about the details.

In a maple forest, Su Yu was holding Xian-ers hand, strolling amidst nature and the woods.

Xian-er was perfectly contented, this was the first time they kept each other company for so long since they knew each other. She could not help but think of Xia Jingyu. Brother Su Yu, do you think Sister Jingyu will be in the Great Eastern Alliance?

Su Yu shook his head. She isnt, if shes there, we would have received news already.

Qin Xian-er thought for a moment and said, Yes, right, Sister Jingyu is so beautiful, if she turns up, she will surely amaze the whole continent, and the honor of the first-ranking beauty will definitely be hers, and not that, whats that again? The leader of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team.

Su Yu caressed her head, amused. My Xian-er is also the first-ranking beauty of the divine region, why is your name unheard-of?

Hearing Su Yus banter, Qin Xian-er snorted softly, and gently beat his arm with her fists. But her fair, dainty face was like a cherry blossom in full bloom, extremely mesmerizing.

Su Yu had secretly tried probing for Xia Jingyus news indeed, but there wasnt any news about her presence.

Just like what Xian-er said, she was such an excellent woman, and she would not go unnoticed.

If we manage to get Sister Jingyu back, we must bring her on a world tour like this too. Xian-er leaned against Su Yus shoulder and closed her eyes in satisfaction, enjoying the breeze.

Su Yu asked, Oh? Why?

With her eyes closed, Qin Xian-er said feebly, Because Xian-er has enjoyed it already, if Sister Jingyu doesnt get to enjoy this, its not fair.

Silly girl. Su Yu was even more fond of her now.

Humans were selfish in nature, was there really a saint that was willing to share their possessions with others? Xian-er must be feeling doleful inside, she was only putting herself in a lowly position to maintain the relationship between them.

After leaving the divine region for a better and bigger world, well find Jingyu, and the three of us will travel the world from then on, how about it?

Qin Xian-er had a sweet, lovely smile on her face as she entered her dreamland.

Even a martial artist could hardly bear with it so many days of traveling.

Su Yu placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, and carried her into the martial world tenderly.

When he emerged again, the affection on Su Yus face turned into a solemn, grave look.

Its time to start the plan! Su Yus figure disappeared amidst the maple woods, leaving behind a faint remnant shadow.

After a long period of waiting, the messenger jade pendant with the Crane Deitys family finally showed signs.

Ten days later, they arrived at the designated venue, the Bi Deitys World. They were to meet in a broad restaurant to strike the deal.

However, Su Yus figure was still nowhere to be seen when the agreed time arrived.

You have brought a hundred more people than was promised, command the hidden fighters to leave. The person in charge of the deal this time was Zhang Yiming, the deputy leader of the law enforcing team established by the Crane Deity.

Seeing the message delivered through the messenger jade pendant, Zhang Yiming glanced at the surroundings with icy eyes, but did not see Su Yus figure.

He was bewildered inside, how did Su Yu ascertain that he had arranged a hundred hidden fighters in the vicinity?

But since the trick had been seen through, he could only do as the messenger jade pendant instructed, and asked all of them to leave.

A moment later, another message came, Head for the Water World, the Mermaid City.

Zhang Yiming was annoyed, but had no option other than taking his people to the Water World.

Once he left, several other hidden experts left the city as well.

In the wine inn nearest to the transmission port, Su Yu was leaning against the railing and gazing ahead. Even if the Crane Deitys family arranged hidden fighters or left with their people, they had to pass through the transmission port. This was naturally the best spot for transmission.

A day later, four or five other hidden experts received the order and headed for the Water World.

Two days later, another three.

Three days later, another two.

On the fifth day, there wasnt any more strong men leaving for the Water World.

Up until ten full days and half a month had passed, and there was no more strong men under the Crane Deity who headed for the Water World, only did Su Yu ascertain that all of the Crane Deitys people in the Bi Deitys World had evacuated.