The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 Exchange Of Hostages

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However, Su Yu just stood beside the Transportation Portal in front of them. But it seemed he didnt plan to go to the Water World at all.

At this time, Su Yu sent another message with the jade pendant again, Lets exchange hostages at the original place!

Mermaid City of the Water World

Zhang Yiming, who was quite angry, held the jade pendant in his hand tightly.

He had stayed in this place for half a month. During this period, he set up all kinds of traps at the meeting place. However, he was asked to go back to the original place now.

Zhang Yiming realized he was fooled no matter how stupid he was. Su Yu stayed in the World of Bi Deity all the time.

When he removed all the traps, Su Yu asked him to go back. In this way, it would be very difficult for him to set up those traps again.

He is so f*cking cunning! Zhang Yiming, who was so anxious to trample Su Yu under his feet, had to go to the World of Bi Deity alone.

In that spacious restaurant, Zhang Yiming found Su Yu who was drinking alone. It seemed Su Yu was waiting for his arrival casually.

Oh? Here you are! After a deliberate consideration, I found this place is surround by beautiful and pleasing scenery. So, I asked you to come back again. I am really sorry for the troubles! Su Yu said with a smile.

Zhang Yiming sat down and asked directly, I am here alone. And all the traps here have been removed. So, where is she? Lets trade hostages here!

Su Yu asked with a faint smile, Do you really think I could bring her to this place?

You are fooling us! Zhang Yiming stood up angrily.

Su Yu said thoughtfully, If you throw away the magical equipment you got from Crane Deity on your body, I will trade hostages with you here!

Zhang Yiming replied seriously, I dont know what you are talking about! I came here with sincerity!

Sincerity? If you really have sincerity, just open your storage space and let me check whether you have any powerful equipment you got from the Crane Deity!

Hearing that, Zhang Yiming sat down speechlessly.

His original plan was to wound Su Yu seriously and detain Su Yu with the magical equipment given by the Crane Deity if he was sure He Xianran was here.

Now, it seemed Su Yu, who had seen through his plan, moved He Xianran to somewhere else.

Therefore, Zhang Yiming didnt dare to attack Su Yu if he wanted to ensure the safety of He Xianran.

Tell me how you want to finish this transaction! Zhang Yiming asked helplessly because he didnt know what to do in front of such a crafty opponent.

Su Yu replied, Its quite simple! You give me Sacred Kylin and I give you an item!

An item? Hearing this, Zhang Yiming lit up his eyes curiously.


Su Yu placed a communication pendant on the table and switched it on. Then, He Xianrans anxious cries came out, Are you a member of the family of Crane Deity? Save me! I am trapping in a dark

Woo! Woo

It sounded as if her mouth was covered by someone. Then, a salacious voice came out, Heh! Hey! She is so tender! I bet she must be very delicious!

Hearing this, Zhang Yiming changed his expression abruptly, Stop! You are not allowed to stain her!

If He Xianran was raped, the reputation of the family of the Crane Deity would also be ruined even if she was saved afterwards.

Zhang Yiming misunderstood the words of the Evil God who wanted to devour He Xianrans soul.

What do you want? Zhang Yiming, who had almost been driven mad, asked angrily.

Su Yu said, I will leave the jade pendant to you. Then, I will leave here. Through this jade pendant, He Xianran will tell you where she is. Then, you can find her! This is the way!

Zhang Yiming refused directly, What if you kill her when we release the Sacred Kylin?

Su Yu shrugged, Why do I have to kill her? In other words, is there a reason to force me to kill her?

Hearing this, Zhang Yiming pondered a while. Su Yu kidnapped He Xianran to save the Sacred Kylin.

It was useless to kill He Xianran, which could only intensify the hatred of the family of the Crane Deity.

Then, Zhang Yiming agreed by nodding his head. He had to save He Xianran first.

He snorted in his mind. No matter whether you kill He Xianran or not, you have challenged the dignity of the family of the Crane Deity! Youve offended all the members of this family! You will face the fury from an ordinary family member tothe Crane Deity!

We have to pacify this world with the blood of rascals like you!

This is not only the fury of the Crane Deity, but also the will of 100 deities of the entire alliance!

Kill Su Yu to warn the rascals. This is the irresistible trend of the Great Eastern Alliance!

So, Su Yu must die!

Zhang Yiming released Sacred Kylin from the storage bag on his belt. After coming out from the storage bag, Sacred Kylin rushed towards Su Yu as he shed bitter tears, Young man, Ive heard you saved me by kidnapping the descendant of a deity. I, I am so moved. I really want to cry now! I love you so muchHey! Hey! Dont go! Let me give you a kiss of loveOuch! Easy! Easy!

Su Yu darkened his face as he pressed Sacred Kylin on the table with one finger. Then, he said calmly, Just take it back. We dont want this Sacred Kylin!

Zhang Yiming,

Su Yu placed the jade pendant on the table and left the restaurant with Sacred Kylin. After walking around in this place for several times, they left when they confirmed nobody was following them.

Zhang Yiming shouted at the jade pendant in his hand anxiously, Miss He, where are you?

He Xianran replied as she cried miserably, I dont know! This place is so dark!

Swish! Swish! Swish

Many experts of the family of the Crane Deity arrived after receiving the message from Zhang Yiming.

Deputy team leader, we will catch up with that little bastard and kill him!

Zhang Yiming stopped them by waving his hand, No! We dont know whether his underling is beside Miss He now. If we annoy Su Yu, Miss He might be killed. The loss will outweigh the gain!

Then, what should we do now?

Lets find Miss He through the clue provided by her. As for that guy, humph! Do you think he can run away?

Many people witnessed the things happened in this place. Soon, the news was spread out.

In the All Access Chamber of Commerce, an old man gave a detailed report about Su Yus action to Yang Tai. Then, Yang Tai said approvingly, Heh! Heh! Interesting! His strategy is pretty good!

Most of the factions showed their support to the Crane Deity by expressing their hatred of Su Yu.

This man is so crafty! I hope the Crane Deity could calm down. Anyway, his health condition is going from bad to worse now!

A lot of people are talking about this issue! The family of the Crane Deity is being teased by a wild boy!

Humph! This unhealthy tendency must be stopped. Otherwise, he will set a bad example for the unruly people in the Great Eastern Alliance. All the descendants of the deities will be in danger!

These words revealed the conflicts between the deity families and ordinary Martial Artists in this world.

The deity families were quite nervous while the ordinary Martial Artists were very happy to see that.

It was almost impossible for Martial Artists from the poor families to become a deity because it was unacceptable for those deity families who controlled most good resources of this world.

Some Martial Artists from the poor families were even killed by the deity families with all kinds of fabricated excuses when they tried to become a deity.

Therefore, Martial Artists from the poor families didnt like those deity families at all.

However, ordinary Martial Artists could do nothing about this situation because this world was controlled by those deity families.

Now, when they heard Su Yu, an ordinary Martial Artist from an abandoned world, managed to tease the family of the Crane Deity, they were quite delighted and even cheered for Su Yu secretly.

Su Yu reached the edge of the world of the Bi Deity through transportation. The largest port of the Great Eastern Alliance, which was used by 80% of the s, was in this place.

On a small divine bone ship which had already been prepared, an old man said with a smile as he rubbed his palms, The ship is ready now. Could you

The old man was an equipment forging expect hired by Su Yu in the black market. Su Yu asked him to prepare a divine bone ship.

Su Yu threw out a white card, which was like the bank card in his previous life. It could be used to withdraw divine money in the fixed financial agencies of the Great Eastern Alliance.

The old man received the card and checked the sum in it. Then, he said with a smile, Good luck!

Then, he disappeared immediately.

Su Yu jumped onto the ship and found it was quite easy to drive it. This ship could sail by absorbing the energy in the Star River automatically after leaving the continent. People on this ship only needed to control the direction.

When the divine bone ship left the continent and sailed into the Star River, Su Yu escaped successfully.

Su Yu managed to save the Sacred Kylin with a lot of well-prepared plans and careful operations.

However, 4 ships at the same size rushed up from the Star River and stopped in front of Su Yu as if they were waiting for him.

At the same time, another 4 ships sailed out from the port and stopped behind Su Yus ship.

Now, Su Yu was surrounded by 8 ships.

On each ship, over 10 powerful experts from the family of the Crane Deity were standing. After looking at these people carefully, Su Yu couldnt help but to gasp.

Among these experts, the weakest one had reached the level of Stage Two Mortal Fairy. Su Yu also found 10 Stage Four Mortal Fairy in these people.

Two young men, who had the bloodline of the Crane Deity, were staring at Su Yu coldly.

Apparently, these 2 men were 2 descendants of the Crane Deity.

The man with a hooked nose who was wearing a green robe was He Jinghong who was the eldest son of the Crane Deity. This man was quite vicious and gifted. The purity of the Crane Deitys bloodline in his body was only second to that of He Xianran.

The other man, who was a little bit plump, looked quite honest. In his eyes, a strand of self-abasement could be seen. His name was He Ruchu. Compared to his elder brother and his younger sister He Xianran, he was less gifted. The Crane Deity didnt attach any importance on him. So, he was dispensable in the family of the Crane Deity.

Both of them were ordered to ambush Su Yu at this place.

Humph! On your knees and surrender now! He Jinghong shouted coldly.

In front of dozens of Mortal Fairies, Su Yu dropped on his knees and asked for mercy, The familyof the Crane Deity? Please spare my life! I didnt do anything wrong!

What? Hearing this, those experts changed their expression in surprise.

He Ruchu rushed up to check Su Yu who was kneeling on the ground carefully. Suddenly, he found an item which was made from a special material on Su Yus face.

When He Ruchu was about to say something, He Jinghong walked up and pushed He Ruchu aside. He Ruchu, who was quite clumsy, almost dropped into the Star River.

He Ruchus helter-skelter action was quite ridiculous. However, nobody saw a stand of viciousness flashed in his eyes. When he looked up, his face was full of panic.

He Jinghong snorted as he glanced at his useless younger brother. Then, he tore the item down from Su Yus face.

It was a high-grade mask which couldnt be seen through by Mortal Fairies.

After tearing down the mask, they saw a strange and scared face.

This man was not Su Yu at all!