The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 A Super Battleship

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Who are you? Why are you on this ship? He Jinghong, who was totally shocked, asked angrily.

That man dropped on his knees and cried in a thrilling voice, 2 months ago, a silver-haired handsome young man told me I could make money by finishing a task for him. As long as I finish his task, he would give me 100 divine coins. He even gave me 10 divine coins as down payment!

He asked me to wear this mask and meet a person in the Star River. When I got his signal just now, I set off from the port. My lords from the family of Crane Deity, I, I really dont know how I offended you!

He Jinghong, who was extremely angry, held the mask in his hand tightly.

All the rest members of the family of Crane Deity also darkened their face after hearing that.

Now, all of them knew they had been fooled by Su Yu.

This crafty young man had been planning this in the last 2 months!

This is not Su Yu. Then, where is he now?

At the port, that old man didnt know why Su Yu was captured. Then, he said as he played with another money bag in his hand with a smile, 2 rewards for 1 task, what a windfall! Outlander, please dont blame me! Nobody will say no to money!

The next moment, a calm voice came into his ears, Sometimes a windfall is lethal!

The old man only saw the handsome face of a silver-haired young man before his soul was ruined.

Then, Su Yu picked up 2 money bags on the ground and hefted them in his hand. After that, he looked at those dumbfounded people who were still quarreling in the Star River with a smile before he disappeared in another direction.

On a small divine bone ship, a mysterious person who was wearing a black cape was waiting for Su Yu.

When Su Yu jumped onto that ship, the person took off the hood. Then, a gorgeous woman appeared in front of Su Yu.

That equipment forging expert in the black market was unreliable as expected. Luckily, you confused our enemies with that ship as a bait and asked me to prepare this ship at the same time! This gorgeous woman was Jian Wusheng!

The ship prepared by Jian Wusheng was Su Yus plan B.

Su Yu believed members of a deity family could see through his trick of building a ship secretly while he pretended to make a sightseeing tour.

So, the ship prepared by that equipment forging expert was just a bait.

He asked Jian Wusheng to prepare another divine bone ship.

When all members of the family of the Crane Deity fixed their eyes on Su Yu, nobody would pay attention to Jian Wusheng who had never appeared in this place before.

Lets leave here! They will realize they were fooled soon! Su Yu said.

The next moment, the small divine bone ship sailed into the dark Star River quietly.

In a secret chamber of the All Access Chamber of Commerce, Yang Tai was listening to the report of Su Yus action sent by an old man by sending messages at the port.

Young Master, as you expected, he was surrounded by 8 divine bone ships of the family of the Crane Deity when he had just set off from the port. It seems the family of the Crane Deity, who had seen through his plan of preparing a divine bone ship secretly, bought off that equipment forging expert in the black market!

Yang Tai commented with a confident smile, Alas! A clever man like him always looks down upon others but overestimates himself. OK, you can come back and I am not interested

Wait! Another old mans voice came in, Young Master, it seems something is wrong! The one they capturedis not that guy!

Wait! That old man said in surprise again, They have found the corpse of that equipment forging expert. Except for 2 money bags, that equipment forging expert didnt lose anything else!

Young Master, what should we do now?

Young MasterYoung Master, are you still there?

Smile could still be seen in Yang Tais face. However, he had been totally dumbfounded and his self-confidence had long gone!

After a while, Yang Tai gasped, This guyOK! I will go there personally!

Inexplicably, Yang Tai was in a bad mood. He liked clever people. But he didnt like people who was as clever as him!

Because he felt he was not able to control such a clever man!

When Yang Tai arrived at the port, members of the family of the Crane Deity were still quarreling about where to find Su Yu.

Yang Tai looked at the corpse of the equipment forging expert on the ground for a while. Then, he said thoughtfully, OK! Let me give you a test!

Tell those people that Su Yuhas already sailed into the Star River now! Direction: southwest! Yang Tai believed Su Yus plan was not a diversion. On the contrary, Su Yu should be trying to lure his enemy with his bait.

Since the fish had bitten the bait, Su Yu must have left this place.

As for the direction, Yang Tai believed the southwest was the only way to stay away from the spies of the family of the Crane Deity.

After a while, an old man asked a porter to tell those people that a silver-haired young man, who killed this equipment forging expert, ran away southwestward.

Members of the family of the Crane Deity, who were still busy quarreling with each other, were surprised after hearing this message. Then, they believed what the porter said after pondering it carefully.

Half of them continued to search for Su Yu in this area. The rest people started to chase Su Yu southwestward.

An old man asked with puzzlement, Young Master, why did you do that?

The old man didnt understand why Yang Tai, who was quite interested in Su Yu, chose to help the family of the Crane Deity.

Without the guidance of Yang Tai, members of the family of the Crane Deity might need longer time to figure out the fact.

Yang Tai replied indifferently, Nothing! I just want to test this guy!

The old man beside him got a feeling that his Young Master was trying to outwit Su Yu.

Now, Su Yus divine bone ship was sailing in the endless Star River.

Behind them, the continent had disappeared. They could only see the dazzling light of the continent in the sky.

It seems we have escaped successfully! Jian Wusheng said as she let out a sigh of relief.

Su Yu said by shaking his head, We cant let our guard down until we really escape from them!

Hearing this, Jian Wusheng turned around and said seriously, Im afraid what you said is right!

At this moment, 4 divine bone ships were sailing towards their ship rapidly from behind.

Vaguely, they could see people who were wearing badge of the family of the Crane Deity were standing on those ships.

Su Yu sighed, I didnt expect people of a deity family could be so smart that they could catch up with us in such a short time!

However, Su Yu was not surprised and just said calmly, Lets pick up speed and sail northward!

He Ruchu, who was still in the port, received a message from his elder brother suddenly, Come here and try to intercept him. Weve found him in the southwest!

Hearing that, He Ruchu nodded his head as he dashed out together with his underlings immediately.

Seeing this, confident smile appeared in Yang Tais face again. It seemed everything was under his control.

Wait! That guy changed his direction! Just sail northward to intercept them! He Jinghong sent a message to He Ruchu excitedly.

Yang Tai stopped smiling and started to think over it carefully. Why does he choose to sail northward?

His sudden change of direction will make his escape more difficult because He Ruchu, who is to the north of him, could intercept him easily.

Prepare a ship and lets go there to have a look! Yang Tai said seriously.

Hearing this, the old man, who didnt dare to disobey Yang Tais order, sighed. Soon, he brought here a high-grade divine bone ship. Then, they started to sail northward.

In the Star River, 1 divine bone ship was being chased by 4 divine bone ships closely.

Like a hunter who was about to capture his prey, He Jinghong shouted as he laughed delightedly, You cant escape this time!

Escape? Su Yu smiled after hearing that.

Half a day later, the 4 ships were so close to Su Yus ship. At this moment, another 4 ships of the family of the Crane Deity appeared in front of Su Yus ship.

It seemed Su Yu had been completely surrounded and had nowhere to escape.

He Jinghong smiled ferociously. He knew he would be rewarded substantially if he could capture Su Yu.

However, his heart was filled with regrets because he really hoped Su Yu could kill his younger sister He Xianran. He Jinghong would be happier if his younger sister was killed.

As usual, He Ruchu was ordering his underlings to prevent Su Yu from running away awkwardly.

Now, Su Yu was about to be captured by members of the Crane Deitys family.

Yang Tai, who saw this scene from afar, smiled satisfactorily.

Suddenly, a big bang came in. Then, a divine bone ship beside He Jinghongs ship was blasted. Then, all the experts on that ship fell into the Star River.

The Wild Beasts hiding in the Star River rushed up immediately. Instantly, 3 experts of the family of the Crane Deity were devoured.

The rest people jumped onto the nearby ships in terror.

Before they could take a breath, another divine bone ship was blasted again.

This time, they were fully prepared. So, the destruction of the ship didnt cause serious casualties.

Now, all of them were totally terrified and had almost forgotten the existence of Su Yu.

He Jinghong looked around vigilantly. Then, he found a big object hiding in the mist.

Then, that thing rushed out from the mist and surprised all of them.

It was a brand-new black battleship, which was designed to attack other ships in the Star River.

On both sides of this battleship, there were 100 pitch-dark holes.

A curl of smoke was flying out from a hole.

He Jinghongs eye pupils constricted as he felt his body was frozen in terror.

This kind of battleship was invincible in the Star River. After being attacked by this kind of ship, only deities could stay alive.

Martial Artists were not able to cross the Star River. So, all the fights in the Star River were won by this kind of powerful battleship.

Of course, the family of the Crane Deity also had battleships. But nobody could chase an outlander with a battleship!

In front of such a big ship, even 80 unarmed small divine bone ships would be sunk directly, let alone they only have 8 ships.

Yang Tai, who was standing at a distance, clenched his fists seriously.

What Su Yu prepared was not 1 ship or 2 ships. He prepared3 ships!

Moreover, the third ship was a battleship which surprised him completely.

Yang Tai remembered Su Yu obtained a lot of divine coins which were enough to build 10 small divine bone ships.

It seemed the first 2 ships were only used to puzzle his enemies. The battleship was Su Yus trump card.

Su Yu didnt want to escape but tried to lure members of the family of the Crane Deity to this place. Then, he would eliminate all of them with this battleship.

It seemed Yang Tai guided the members of the family of the Crane Deity into the trap set up by Su Yu!

Yang Tai realized Su Yu had completely outwitted him, which frustrated him a lot.

Then, Su Yus small divine bone ship sailed through the ships of the family of the Crane Deity leisurely. At this moment, the ships of the Crane Deitys family were being aimed at by 100 cannons. Therefore, all people on these ships didnt dare to move at all!